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france twenty four dot com. boris johnson is the new british prime minister he pledges t to tatake the u. k. out to the e. . on october the thirty first note if so box the box tops with me he says. and that was the first and the demonstration to ststop but promises caught in london johnson was on his way to see the queenn. john t the rooms that it's on te could be deployed in hong kong the city authorities requeuested support. maintaining publilic order. the somometimes violent protest. what will the call to testify to congreress says his report in no
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way exonerates? us president donald trump of allegations o of russian ininterference i is twenty sixtn election. thank you very m mh f for joinig us you watching from. twenty four your names in the key jobs in the county t to the new a british prime minister elect sell lists some of them for you dominic rob. has been nanamed as foreign secretetary pretty patel ass the home secretary - -- interioior minister and that such it job it named as the chancellor of the exchchequer or financee ministe. boris johnson took over as britain's prime minisister this wednesday succeeding theresa may with a promise to takeke the country out of the eururopean union on october the thirty first no a school bus he said. on his way to see the queen. at buckingham palace climate protest to stop his official vehicle and police escort these were unprecedented scenes in the brititish c capital. johnson a divisive figure in the u. k. and what are very divisive times later outside ten downing street johnson revealed yet another persona his.
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delivery which is usually bonding and disarming taking on a more statesmanlike ad he's a very much fixed on the eq and the issue of breaks it. the trigger with this. i need a day for the united kingdom and its third leader in three years. what's going on at the moment seven just make decisions to be made. things to be done we need to move forward i just. hope is a complete re thinking about breaks it is going to be better than whatever to reserve my is done. the reason may be for her fall kicked off the intricate choreography around behind david to boris johnson. feeling her final point minister's questions in parliament. she paid farewell to number ten downing street shortly after those protesters tried to make themselves heard. i want to thank my husband philip. please be my greatest support -- and my closest companion. i think the odds of that is i
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think not. as may headed to buckingham palace to tender her resignation to the queen and advise the british monarch to accept a replacemement. lace protesters was still very ch in evididence. the fatal decision on three six should be given to everyone via people school. suit to the e. on the daday that portions of comes right minister our where the minding to be cared.. it wasn't jujust breaks is only the police have to sweep environmental activisists from e incoming prime ministers p prof. is he too headed for the palestinian the queen. it wasn't long before johnson was back at downing street vowing to plow aheadad with the cools the champion three years ago. a cheering crowd oracle and the backgrounds. begin to fulfill the repeated promises of parliament. to the people. and come out to the e. u.. on october the thirty first no it's all box. and we will do a new deal.
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a better deal. we will maximize the opportunities of brexit. johnson may have made his priorities clear in his speech but he also seemed to hedges bets saying it was vital to prepare to crush out of the e. with ninety a little. it's been already a very eventful day with some. fifteen members of the cabinet sacked -- by ed johnson -- paper tyson's most of the coming of course -- on his side on the issue of breaks it but a populous been obseserving mattes force in london. well the latest on that from inside to downing street is that things have c considerably cartn down. of about four bucks an hour there was a growing number of protest is i can't repeat thehe language in the slogans that they were using but he's a say i think it's a four letter word it begins with f. a and it's not polite. against boris against the conservatives -- courting them f. t the tories -- i'm so cleary there was smoke flies pink ones of treated one picture of people
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want. to look at not someone sure this footage of the standoff between an increasing numbeber of protesters anti brings a protest as voicing a that concern that frustration -- the d disclosure- that anger. the new prime minister boris johnson a replacing at theresa may and suddenly they would be happy with some of the very briggs it's brick city is the talk now -- as a result of this very ruthless a reshuffle fifteen out of twenty three people ministers have lost. their jobs -- and heads h have indeed rolled i think thehe stockings were performed i think somemewhat like three's a mate n parliament when the offices -- within the parliamentary building -- the hirings with don as people came up the street with big smiles not many comments coming out. yes we know who the new -- chunks of the exchequer sajid javid rewarded for his. loyalty his backing of boris although he was a contender -- in the prime ministerial.
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race -- but of course he was beaten -- very comfortably -- vine up boris johnson -- so that standoff has now finished but perhaps a sign of things to come and a message being given -- from these people these protests is that they aren't going to reappear as and when they see fit in a course that protest try to stop bryce johnson as he was about to become prime minister and i'm going to see the queuee- on the miles it t sounds like te place will have -- that joe. to put but really that the big message -- is stop the self doubt -- we will get to deal a better deal -- i'm we will prepare a in case we didn't get to deal up for a new deal that is the message loud and clear. from the new british prime minister breaks it will happen do or die as he said before by the thirty first of october we wanting you deal. the factories are we ready to messages we ready -- the country will be ready that the ports
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will b be ready that was the message that was hammered again and again and the criticism of his predecessor. when he said of the three years of self doubt -- have stopped and really when we look at the new appointments dominic rob express except the tree as nenew foreign secretary -- ben wallace the former security minister who is now the defense secretary these all really. loyal people -- and breaks it i- so that is being described as a new deal competent. expended poppea that johnson the naming approach breaks it cap that's as as was expected. and thatt just remind you becaue he b becomes prime minister havg succeeded theresa may the has been no general election -- in the u. k. boris johnson chosen by members of the conservative party t the grass roots members. next here. on fronts. twenty four a threat from china to the protesters in n hong kong bebeijing is announcnced the ciy authorities can call for chinese military to be deployed to maintain order. this in the wake of the mass
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protests over the n now shelllld extradition little. but sasaid and b bruised. twenty three year old calvinn so says e had just finishehed work at a restauaurant l lights on sunday night when he e was b brutally attacked by suspected tried members in the town of yen long. in northwest hong kong. he says that they mistakenly believed him to be a pro democracy protests that. so it's just one of dozens who were also left injured that evening.. the others at a nearby train station. going what are the what a guy explain to them t that i justst don't off wowork. i'm still wearing thehe work shs not your target. or else the not to beat me but they didn't listen all with their along. the hobby in dole's tween the time outside the shopping mall when i was hit. and the attack inside the west rail station which was quite a while. there was no one to stop them. my confidence in the police is going down a lot. so isn't the only one he's leveling criticism at the
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embattled hong kong police forc. it's under mounting pressure over accusations of reacting too slowly to the incidents. speaking the day after the string of vigilante attacks pro beijing lawmaker regina ipp defended the police. he's been on the extreme pressure in the past few weeks and they have they acactually or stressed. so i think you have to l lk at speed -- the alleged slowly slowly the police response in a broader context. hong kong's recent pro democracy protests began on june ninth in response to a now suspended bill that would have allllowed extradition to maininland china. inin some cases they have attrtracted more than a a millin people. the key opposition figure and brushes been jailed for thirty days from the critical lexi in the valley has been convicted of urging a protest against the disqualification of opposition candidates. in upcoming elections his spokeswoman put this to use on the valdez twitter feed. the only course of an arrested many times and targeted by the
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authorities to stop in running for office he said expended sentences for embezzlement chargess that he is denied. and coldd politicallyly motivatd and trumped up. by the russian authorities. that's the moment that many people have been waiting for problem mada khel to face questions before the us congress seventy four year old former fbi chief. veteran prosecutors said under oath that his report did not exonerate president donald trump will again declined to accuse the us president of any crime.. for the crowd has more from washington. president donald trump and the white house are pretty much convinced that these hearings here on capitol hill for robert miller in front of the judiciary and intelligence committees in the house of representatives. well first of all an embarrassment and a disaster for democrats and the former special counsel robert muller. so that is one side that's digging in the white house and the president thahat is but the
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other side is also digging in because democrats believe that they did get something out of these hearings. headline material they believe first of all with the former special counsel robert muller saying that the president was not exonerated in his report contrary to what the president himself has been saying multiple times that he believed he had been completely exonerated by this report. secondly another headline coming out of these hearings here on capitol hill. the former special counsel robert mululler saying that the presidentt could be indicted one he is out of office that is something you will hear quite a lot about from democrats especially leading. up to the presidential election in twenty twenty so both sides very much digging in but not getting any closer really. to what some democrats a minority it must be said of democrats in the house of representatives might have wanted out of this. proof that they could move on to impeachment proceedings those seem very very unlikely as they did before these hearings that
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needle hasn't shifted really. in that direction one thing is for soul from what we saw from robert mula and those over five hours in fact close to six hours he spent here. being grilled by republicans and democrats on capitol hill isn't he the former special counsel he'll be happy this will be over now. the crown of the head in washington. paris is brace for its hottest day it's predicted to happen tomorrow. totoday well that was hit that kind of high. it's incrediblbly hot here witha heat wave isn't just restricted to france. it's the same scene all across the continent your children cool off in belgium of which saw record temperatures wednesday.. with the government issuing its first ever code red weather alert. it's almost forty degrees keeping the kids at home is not an option. playing in a fountain was not an option for six hundred eurostar passengers who got stuck f for o hours in the heat when their train broke down outside of brussels.
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the neighboring netherlands also broke keep records wednesday and is set to break them again on thursday. whenen temperatures from franceo germany c climb over forty degrs celsius over o one hundred and four degrees fahrenheit? these are particularly vulnerable to the heat a phenomenon known as the urbaban heat island. in part because by asphalt and concrete which absorb energy during the day and re admitted at night preventing the error from cooling down. to help sleepless parisians the french capital has left select parks open overnight. chcheck we open it up for our office. system is the down south in italyy sweltering tourists have been cooling off the traditional way with gelato. while up north in the uk the londons use animals have been enjoying frozen treats off their own defense alwayss and i saw a we've been encouraging us in to swim more in the pool to help cool down. europe's latest heatwavave is caused by the same weather
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pattern that brbrought hot air flowing up from north africa last month. making it the hottest june on record. and the temperatures in excess of forty degree celsius predicted over the next twenty four hours he and paris while the heat wave. is a threatening further damage to the cathedral of notre dam. five course damaged -- vaulted ceiling is. at increasing risk of collapse because of the extreme heat. the circles get out to the extensive damage caused by the fire back in april. not a gum under threat again. this time from the searing temperatures gripping france. with full costs is p predicting recordrd heieights of araround y two celsiuius in paris on thursy the architect in charge of the cathedrals reconstruction is worried. as i speak the votes could very well collapse because since the fifteenth of april we haven't been able to access them. the cathedral stern rules a stilll saturated with water sprarayed b by firefighghters ay battle to contain the fire that
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devastated at an april. fear is that the heaeat wave cod drive the wheels too fast causing them to fall apart. one was a sick -- o once i fear is that the joints of the masonry as thehey dry out lose that coconsistency. occasion on the structural qualities. and then all of a sudden of all could give way. that would be unlnlike other pas of the cathedral x. but still haven't been able to acaccess te vaulted ceilining. workmen have fixed within supporting notches in place on the notre dame's twenty eight but tresses. that working to stabilize the cathedral structure before reconstruction work come again. prpresident m michael has set te five yeaear deadline to rebuilid the eight hundred year old cathedral. many experer have criticizedd dt as unrealistic. in the course of watching old elements in the situation at notre dam and of course the weather. predicted to reach new highs over the next twenty y four hous from when you stay with us you
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watching from. twenty four france is a country of paradoxes on the one hand were known for a strong feminist figures like semen the before and see monday. on the other hand france still has a long way to go to women have really quality in the workplace and in politics and then there's the fallout of the me t too movement which has been very divisive in a country where the old fashioned concept. of male gallantry still very present join us for this edition ofof french connection's class where w we look at women's righs in france . again it's a quality is guaranteed under the french constitution all citizens are equal before the law but in practice gender ineququality is
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everywhere and this despite the fact that when you look at statistics young french women have a lot going for them they do comparatively better in school. and they get more diplomas but things get a bit tougher when they get into the work force gender inequality is strong. in fact the word sexism was only entered into the french labor code in. twenty fifteen in france like in many other countries there is a ten nations but narrowing gender pay gap for the same job with similar qualifications and education french women are paid on average 15% less than french man. had to be fair that is slightly better than the european union average and much better than in the united states where women on average earn 25% less than their male counterparts onn top of the gender pay gap there is a glass ceiling when it comes to top.. executive positions in c cpanies thouough cracks are starting to appear in two thousand eleven lawmakers said that major french companies have to have at least
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40% of women. on their boards though as of yet many companies don't meet that target regardless that's one of many laws that have been put in place here in france over the past decades to promote women'ns rightsts. elsewhere in the world the plight of french women radically changed during the twentieth centuryy. in nineteen forty four they finally obtain the right to vote twenty four years after women in america and fifty one years after the first woman voted in new zealand. more progress came in nineteen sixty five when married women obtained the right to work and open a bank account without the permission of their husbands. in nineteen sixty seven the legalization of the contraceptive pill and now a seismic change. the french womomen's libereratin movement was born in the wake of the may nineteen sixty eight uprising. with the mission of fighting the patriaiarchy and legalizingg abortion whihich did become legl in nineteen seventy five thanks to a law championed by semen fate.
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in the year two thousand a law was voted to tackle sexism in politics. since all political parties must include equal numbers of men and women on electoral lists and parties thatat don't are finine. finally in two thousand thirteen the government o overturned in over two hundred year oldd ban n per region women wearing trousers. better late than never. like elsewhere around the world the me too movement got a lot of attention here in france tens of thousands of women flooded social media with personal accounts of rape and harassment they use the hashtag. me too but also the more explicit hashtag battles football which means to squeal on your page but need to also had a sort of french resistance if you like e that got a lotot f medidia attention in january two thousand eighteen one hundred high profile women published an open letter. in french daily news mold in defense of in the back the bill for three days the freedom to pester which they say it's just part of the game of love.
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the women who signed this letter including french cinema icon catherine dinner called me to a puritan patronizing witch hunt fueled by hatred of men and that treated women like children and abroad people were quick to point out that this was just cultural of course there would be this kind. of reaction in france were flirting the national pastime but itit's mucuch more complicad than that flow you want to find out more from france twenty fours and again. to findnd out more about the impact of the me too movement here in france i'm joined by and that young who's the host of the 51% on friends twenty four which focuses on women and women reshaping the world. and we're here to very symbolic place it's the same on the boardwalk audio visual center which is a focused on producing and collelecting documentaries about women's rights now. annette here in france like elsewhere the me too movement went viral but accordingng to
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recent polls french people feel like it didn't actually change anything why wasas the impact so different here in france i think it says a lot about the f french culture and the way in which me. and women in the relationship between men and women -- is viewed primarily because it's the culture here which you've spoken about before of seduction of gallantry. all finos -- being flirtatious and as a result the notion all inappropriate behavior has really been front and center if you like a people's minds particularly in the workplace. and in other parts of society and i think for french society in general it's been a hard one to wrap their heads around it we haven't as many heads roll -- here and francis say in the united states which is that french resistance come from. i think it counts but what i was just saying about the the pride that french people haven't they
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cultural traditions and as a result. there is a sense among certain quarters of society that we roll grown ups here we will realize that sexuality is an integral part of life. and it's just accept it for what it is i would argue however. that their innate shrinking minority that they riesel so a generational shift between older women and younger women is a very different view sexism i call it a dividing line if you live between people age thirty five in a bomb in thirty five and under. and if it's thirty five and under that you're more likely to speak english you're more likely to have lived or studied abroad you've been exposed to other cultures as such. beyond the hexagon and therefore you mall open to the idea of equality perhaps in the anglo saxon way that we see it do you think that this drive for more equality. between men and women does that compromised freedom perhaps sexual freedom.
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i would argue knows but that's probably because i'm australian and and living here it's something that i believe very strongly that this country has a long way to go. in terms of reaching equality and parity attitudes are starting to change we arere witnessing not on the additional revolution but a gentle revolution there are more women than ever in the work force there more women than ever at university. there are more women than if -- you have independent fininancial means and what does that mean at the end of the day it means they have power. and we're starting to see that women are finding their voice and therefore they have the ability to change things and as far as we see it. on the 51% that indeed is a good thing well it certainly is a good thing thank you s so much d that and if you haven't yet do check out the 51% it's great. to and that mentioned that women are finding a voice to call out inappropriate behavior because if you ask french women harassment happens on a daily basis to a varying degree. a few years ago a study came out
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saying 20% of french -- women had been harassed at leastst one in the workplace and for those who speak out nearly all of them lose their jobs so as you can imagine most don't and it happens in pupublic as well a survey by the company that runs the paris metro. found that 1100% of female passengers hadad experienced harassment at least once it't's definitely happen to me this happened to me. too inin a bid to crack down on street harassment the government passed a law making cackling and lewd comments a crime a crime punishable by on the spot fines of a minimum of ninety year as the critics say it's often hard to catch the people red handed. in any event though it's indicative of a deeper social change that's under way with more and more women saying. enough is enough. on top of calling out for aspen in the streets and in the workplace many french women are challenging gendered social roles which remain strong in france for instance when it
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comes to domestic towards or raising children french women carry the weight. off and on top of a full time job. is actually a an expression in french for this it's called leshondra marked on the mental load recently the concept went viral on social media after a french feminists name e emma mae a comic book about it. but what exactly is this mental load considered the concept that a shot was multi loose on the group. the mobile to the body. c. as new face a false absbsentn just life and found on all set to manages a computer is awful and you should. too is on those political a iss- none the sizzle bubble symbol on pga.. curricula from the film through his s dislike to the poor fishermann was chris what i dont want to set the rules on them -- something because i thought a
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shovel that. local. service o on its own ways of all his mother so give six you've only those missile disposal maker. global by your for the second one says had to on a six is off one up online.. as account as it is was about a family. of quality affect fantasy -- at at least see families with a semi truck on trouble spots we took a more traditional. may -- trusting what she will possibly parcels issues may lead to some but the many of you s sd
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in your quesestions about womens rights in france like janet she says i'm curious to know about the laws surrounding legal consent in france what might be surprising to people abroad but in france. there is no legal age of sexual consent now the g government had wanteded to fix it at fifteen years old but backed down and here's where it gets tricky because in france it's illegal for an adult. to have sex with someone under the age of fifteen but lawmakers admit the possibility that a minor is capable of consenting to having sex in that means the cases that could be considered as statutory rape in other countries. can be sentenced as a sold
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