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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  July 29, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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07/29/19 07/29/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now!w! >> donalald trump has tweeeetede than 43,000 times. he hasas insulted thousands of peoplele, manyny different typef people. but when he tweets about infestation, it is about black and brown people. amy: president trump is facing widespread condemnation after describing baltimore as a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess." trump's racist remark came in an attack on congressman elijah cummings, one of the most prominent afrirican-american
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lawmakers in washington. we will go to baltimore for response. then to russia where a leading opposition figure has been hospitalized after possibly being poisoned in jail. this came as police in moscow arrested nearly 1400 opposition protesters in the largest crackdown in a decade. >> i came because i want opposition candidates were being blocked from taking part in the election to be allowed to do so. it is a big problem because there are very few were the faces to it represent our interests. i am here for freedom of speech and choice. amy: and we will look at a historic protest in colombia held to condemn the surge of lethal attacks on indigenous and environmental leaders in recent years. >> stop with the systematic murder of men and women, of indigenous people, of afro
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colombians, farmers, and students. right - -- who the are defending their right to live on the territories, for biodiversity to be respected. amy: all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. baltimore residents are to thing the city after president from described baltimore as a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess as he engaged in a twitter attack against house oversight chair elisha cummings, one of the most prominent african-american lawmakers in washington. trump tweeted that cummings' district is "considered the worst in the usa" and "no human being would want to live there." trump's attacks came after fox news ran a story about baltimore and after cummings criticized the conditions of immigration jails along the mexican border. an editorial in the baltimore sun saturday was titled "better to have a few rats than to be one."
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on saturday, cnn anchor victor blackwell choked up on air when discussing t trump's comments about his hometown. >> the president says about --gressman cummings district amy: blackwell chokes up. want tono humanan would live there. you know who did, mr. president? i did. from the day i was brought home from the hospital to the day i left for college, and a lot of people i care about still do. ,here are challenges, no doubt but people are proud of their community. amy: vicictor blackwell noted tt trump frequently used the dehumanizing word "infested" when describing people of color. we'll have more on this story after headlines. in northern california, gunmen killed three people and wounded at least 15 others at the annual
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gilroy garlic festival the sunday. gunman was also killed at the scene by police, who say they are on the hunt for a second suspect. one of the victims of sunday's attack was a six-year-olold boy. meanwhile, in new york city, at least onone person died and another 11 werere injured aftera shooting at a popular block party in brownsville, brooklyn, saturday. the annual summer event draws people to the neighborhood from out of state for m musical performances and otherer fefestivities. police say they are looking for two suspects. in a 4-5 ruling, the supreme court friday allowed trump to move ahead with the use of $2.5 billion of military funds to build his wall on the u.s.-mexico border after he declared a national emergency in february. last month, a federal judge halted the move, saying trump does not have the authority to circumvent congress to appropriate the funds required for construction. in a statement, the aclu responded by saying -- "border communities, the environment, and our constitution's separation of powers will be permanently harmed should trump get away with pillaging military funds for a xenophobic border wall congress denied."
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meanwhile, in a surprise move, the trump administration and the guatemalan government signed what the white house says is a safe third country agreement friday, despite widespread condemnation of the plan by human rights experts and injunctions by a guatemalan court that halted the agreement court that halted the agreement from going ahead without approval from congress. the agreement would require asylum-seekers who journey through guatemala en route to the united states to apply for asylum in guatemala instead of at the u.s.-mexico border. it would primarily affect hondurans and seven torrents. the signing of the deal took place following threats from trump last week to impose tariffs and other penalties on guatemala. legal challenges are expected in both the u.s. and guatemala. on saturday, hundreds of guatemalans gathered outside the presidential palace protesting the agreement and demanding the resignatation of president jimmy morales. president trump announced that sunday dan coats, the director of national intelligence, has resigned. coats and trump have clashed over mueller's investigation and trump's frequent attacks on
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intelligence a agencies. earlier this month, coats appointed shelby pierson as a new election security czar. trump said he would nominate texas congressman and staunch ally john ratcliffe to replace coats. trump was reportedly pleased by ratcliffe's questioning during last week's house judiciary hearing with robert mueller, in which ratcliffe tells the former special counsel, "nowhere does it say that you were to conclusively determine donald trump's innocence or t that the special counsel report should determine whether or not to exonerate him." brazil's far-right president jair bolsonaro threatened journalist glenn greenwald with possible imprisonment saturday following recent reporting by greenwald's news websitete the intercept implicating justice minister sergio moro in a possible plot to smear and convict former brazilian president luiz inacio lula da silva. speakingng to a reporter, bolsonaro said greenwald could not be deported because he was married to a brazilian but that he might be imprisoned instead. journalists and press freedom activists blasted bolsonaro's threats and greenwald responded via twitter -- "conontrary to w what the preset
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says, he is not yet a dictator. he doesn't have the power to order people to stop. to detain someone, you need to present evidence t to a court showing that a crime was committed. that evidence does not exist." to see our interview with the pulitztzer prize winning glenn greenwald on the intercept's expose of sergio moro and the "operation car wash" scandal, go to in more news from brazil, government data shows that -- the assault came as new government data shows that deforestation in amazon is dramatically increased since bolsonaro took office, losing more than 1300 square miles of forest cover, a 39% increase over the same period last year. the drastic change is due to bolsonaro's rolling back of regulations and punitive measures on illegal logging. in may, a group of former brazilian environment ministers warned, "we're facing the risk of runaway deforestation in the amazon." one former minister said that
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brazil was becoming an exterminator of the future. in moscow, police responded to an opposition protests saturday by arresting nearly 1400 people and beating back demonstrators with batons. the protest was organized to denounce the recent barring of opposition candidates from running in an upcoming election for moscow city council and followed a similar protest a week earlier which brought out an estimated 20,000 people. meanwhile, one of russia's most prominent opposition figures, alexei navalny, has been hospitalized after reportedly suffering an acute allergic reaction in jail. he was arrested wednesday and sentenced to 30 days in jail. navalny's doctor said he may have been exposed to some toxic agent. we'll have more on the protests in russia later in the broadcast. and hong kong, police deployed tear gas and rubber bullets against pro-democracy protesters at a mass demonstration that shook the semi-autonomous territory for the eighth straight week. police say they arrested 49 protesters sunday. protests started to demand the
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withdrawal of an extradition bill that would have sent people from hong kong to mainland china to face charges, but demands quickly grew for the resignation of hong kong's leader carrie lam, an investigation into violence against demonstrators and pro-independence reforms. in afghanistan, at least 20 people were killed and 50 others wounded sunday after suicide bombers targeted the offices of a leading vice presidential candidate in the capital kabul. the blasts preceded an hours-long gun battle that saw more than 150 civilians forced toto evacuate a four-s-story ofe building. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which targeted amrullah saleh, afghanistan's former intelligence chief and running mate to president ashraf ghani, who's seeking another term in elections s scheduled for september 28. in libya, the yuan backed government of national accords as an attack by renegade general saturday killed five medical workers and wounded seven others at a field hospital outside tripoli, the latest deadly assault on libya's capital city by forces loyal to former libyan general who already controls
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much of the eastern libya. in bahrain, a 22-year-old activist died sunday after taking part in protests against the execution of two men despite calls from human rights groups and the united nations to halt their killings. the young man's cause of death is unknown though activists say there were clashes with police there were clashes with police during saturday's protests. local authorities have said he died of natural causes. the two executed men were convicted in a mass trial on terror charges last year but human rights experts say confessions were obtained through torture. speaking to al jazeera, a bahraini activist linked the timing of the executions to the recent announcement of the u.s. government that it was reinstating the federal death penalty. maryam alkhawaja said -- "gulf states always feel they need a green light to commit the violence they commit. if the u.s. is going to start federal executions again, the bahrain government feels it has the green light to do the same." meanwhile, in britain, an acactivist who staged a prototet agaiainst the exututions fdaday night on the roooof of the bahraini embassy in london,
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bahrnimbasn ndnd, reedly had rescu by itispoce afte was the bahritfor ghts andeacy, wch orgized e acti, thmbassy stafrs tried to throw the monstrator offf d th he ul heard screaming teing apprehended. brh authies y they are not abo verifyfyt accot. ban the unit states, t ice partnt aved the ridaof-me rintn t tcritics say ulcrease cl one llfor ers decreasi comonstice pameaithey ly aroe al after ll somheirssets toreed t telle-tv pvidish network e a newiress twork. 13orneys gener a the strictcoluia areuing lock the $26 blion merge senator and 20 candidate "this merg will co thous job reduce ge a furthe competi ia sector tt dly needs it need antitrust reto with therage to stand upo monopolies
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house judiciarchaiai jer naeraihe wl petion a feral judge get access former speci counsel robert muler's cret jur even as himmittee ay condersheer they will uerke ieach proceedis agt t esidt trum dlerlso said that laakers stavaccess tall the mchn as eay as ts week, to el his ttimony. 107 house demoats have said ey wou bacanmpchnt inquiry. tha's just 11 sht a rity oe decratic ca. d colombia,onrars took to thetree to o otest hal attas on nous and envonme leader s si in 2016 co over 400 marights aivt av killedor tirork cbati il min dg trfiing,nd lan restitutn ca. th is an actt >> stop th t selective and
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systematurdeofctivt, anmef womenof iigens people, of afr colombis, who a and stude defending the right ivon ththr tertoesfor the right pe agreent tbe be respepeed, respected. ame ll havre ler in e oadcast. 22-year-n has become the rst lon in t t de f. is the youn cyclist t- toe france. heyoun co win the ce i 1 yrs. thistory is notororne ride forn entir uny,gannal said d e e me of headline th is mocracy no,, e war and pee rert. i'm y good president um facing widead outgefter scribingalmores a infested ms."t andodt umde the rark a tweet mmin, e ofhehe mostah
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promenenenrican-erican lawmakers inasngto trp tweete balmore is "csided e worst thea"nd "noan d to ve." cumm, who chairs the house mmonrsight and refo, s reprend mar's senth rict which ines parts of baltore sie 19. t's initiatweeame afr fox news r a stobout ltore d afr ings itized theondis of immigriojails along e mexican border. officialre and maryenounced the eside's mas. the balte n responde blishi an itorial tled mexican border e one.ave a w ratshan on saturury,tor blel discussed tmp's cobout homow baimore. >> ieste usually reserd r refencesoodents and insects, but we've sn e presidt ioked inftiono ititize lawmaks re. you see a patrn here?
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naldrumpweetore an ,000 times he h ited ousand people. but whe tweetsboof people. instatio, it is aboublac anbrowpeop infested, he saymu of the presidensa autonsman cummgstrict -- y:lackll thechokp. humld wn live there yoow w did, redent did. from theay was bug hom from the hosto t i left f college, and a lot of people car abo sti d the are chleesno doubt lere proud of thr coy. n'wa to und sehteousbut people nd go work trey care for theirilies,hey tir childo edge giance to fg st lik
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ople whoe i distr of congssmen w sport y, sir. ell on airn frar vict turday. trump respded t widead criticismy cu coressemr of esha tweet on ia trumunled a rastttkaer on four ogressive rerewomen color, teg emgok to the cme infestedlaceom which they congressmembs aynaressley, alexandriacacaco, rashtlb.nd ilhan omar. all four are u.scizens, and th t four were born in the ited states. gnoto balmo wre we joed by two guts. yeiswhiteais an commicatn anafricaand afriamantut lolaniversity marylaand balt oa caradio show in yvon lovisirr r blic policr leaders of a beautiful struggle. now!me you both to decrac , let's sta with
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your rnse s attackn ltim "nhumawoulwant to li one oththin i this important in png trump twee in rsive ise live ocieased 's fr step thhings ump sa in hitwts are held b in th ericanlecte nsciousness. tions oferrity that stand t from li fos beinue medals,ing to benferior, ierently theay that show uin presentis of black pple asatlogical. i think it i important ites eeits t toote' at is expressing i cietalfat his n ptnal in t senhat he beeves w,t maeptionale
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exesitn e y th thinare dstravef o in, al beliethatnimates thstitns ovi rcumance a parlarl ack folks in themun's is talkin abo eeriee the feel o by w of lies and rhec that do't deemhem as h h beis. so he is capulating be belves the tngs overtlthanut of subconscioelve that inpeeates l rin civil ciety. y: ke se-whihead yr this in e atasicto a blackwell,o moving pointed ou his commentary h ow on cnn, you gk tsee en he es theord "infested" wi pple of color, liohoh he taed andal nfesti. talkbout the squthe
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ngremeof color s they shod go backo thr ime fested cntries - course, they a fm theni th,n talking abtr of "we wod have a w ratshe baltimi be one. trske back toald timehen bckeowere cagozed ain subhun. ininstomhing you don't nt, somethin despicable, someth that you tget rid ofanusing parculaguag and brown pe iinglack that is not ne to a tim thats how k pe hin cagodn thisount. whwhe supre and white naonm. weake a back a lile her. wean talk t how gny the jss we called ia bus atio inwaa, andhereas a note
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infesti. thiss the rm you use wher tng about peoe at are tinoritin pulaononpulation want, nocoidered to be in way equal to or supr to thominanmari. donald trumps not ging us new w nguage. is t su. its momo frustti anything els becse what haunleashed in thisoury, wh he ilowed to have haenwhate is g ok to ithis notion n saythe deep-os thinabou thehings you probab say aoukitchen bl you c them ou loud. you can w tbrown peop you don't belongere. e is remins his this since thawhite men, some whitmite par bieve ericonelon t peopl o look kehem. th is w we arfigh agai s wha real tt is
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ains hearand soul of whathi country isoing tok le dona trumpane remove offi, buwhat he ueashed wi raiunless wghit une very end y: psident ton-ila and seordvisored kuser passed this anowom 9000 renenunitand been calledlumlord yland, ny mice infted. e coany i se for00 de vlations. ca you tala little a th? >>his noonh jared kushand eip9000 un but i thiaseay 17 deiotis, theharken back to a time t people th are poin finge dish are the peo perpetuanghe steotype of the ja kususeron rk tean the area.a. trumpasald on an urban
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nooly to come to bal ot just e baltim upinto pnt your finger something to attack.aught. a coming uwith alaelp aman cities inch ltimorne of man d usa policyndlan r banenal and for goi forward. atonald trumis doi and what jared ker h don is lyed to the lem. it h made baimore the cente and taken ouououoff wha re i i which ishat ssman elijah cums ll be this we ce ain, whatonalrump is inis takg chce t direct us awayrom whate shou bfod - wch his peachmt,etti him out of officigurt exac kinguta.oingch is the instead we areen oursveand doinamigns t rendhe world thare partf erica and w are portanat we matter. again, it ja poli that has ce a y ave us fend, ve a sp ck, have
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ave as ht, ime. amy: ianto g white hou achi of stf mi mulvanpeaking ndayn s's face theation. host margarenan quesoned mulvaney about dond trump' coents >>humainul want to >>hen dold tru attackslele- >> thieing pceived as do you understand wh >> i uerand whbu e't mean it is rist. amy: dayvon ve,f you could reon d at the same time e s twtiti up thug tod, th prprident nts e ahea wi pouri billions an bill alionf dollarsrs to a a won the sth infrasucrefhiuntr >>o a le of gs. artilarly e pas"no mabeing d want to live erewhhat sp to is th tt i ithiety,
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ain, talng but sysm of racismwe're talking aut t fact that notis of humanity have often bnved f whe folks. thathiteks have ae toonstruct univershich eir llectinterest is iverand centl. and so the idea at no hun being woulnt to livehe is part ts ke owhobiaspect or ojected oacpe. are buinany ways, ks i e counities eeriencr gagen nyf the behaviors thatcrimize. this notioof a dru dler, ght? and a kind of soetal is black men. whenou t about of the whe m thasellugs colle campuses s t zed the same y are no becae, aineictive inst a undoosnormalv
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rmore, partirly in rmf l ofhe invtmts that tresidentas made as it res t so-calledorder curiri, i thin portt to undstandhat manistatio extension of the steof white supcy e ideaf besecure from the crinalizedignts that o thenited stat bd right frene that u look at birtof a the fi major fm in t nation that was filmeinhe acan, a white rson ind a ackface, a blackan a bre. one of the ntrastor with ha rapi. so we'realng abo langgehereside and t t nservatis use ou grants. we from the ayok of ite
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premacy thathacterizes nhentlyas crimalanrenly er inhery pathogic. somethingt the doctor whitehead saithat inmportant. is inosomethg that is ergi o o nhere. thishetoc d is discourse is pt and parcf a society that is run uch y at al ker to ablto ve properties entry black lks levelf coem becaust is jt thry nare of the soety that we the em of ite sremacy anthe evaingotio of institutions in su aay that thot only impact b ople, but ase are see with the migrant cris or the in texas polics as well. am por whitead assume ts ke a little elected ofals o yoime crici eair toto
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wo on your cy, not to ntn her tiesun cotry. >> what isntesting, amy,s atn my radiohow today w tal ahis everyd. wealout ouritns iwrong with t cy. we worto ph to our politicis accountable. wa crisis, dewi thee ingituati in scols, lkg about e stof violence and iou ighborod, ant to h eet theans' f re. at this mo can'do that. callimoment we nn ouour politicis becae what the presidens donepuus all s defense mode er have toalout how w're all baltore. hope ove pa thi moment and as hens his len som else -- becau we knowalr'plplbos focus on somhing, use race as
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oopsta it,heor ge inttive and whi ' defdi tom i i laughi entnce to h h nt taet hopopis use this momen talk autt wean d-- and i an we alllectivel all s in baltireomall e baime, all of eove potianwere wking for ment t up wi a aa sttegyhow we c movthe cityorwa ow dn loveeaders a beautiful strug we' orons rht he inhi it to continue to do thha rdorcause imorel surv we can deal with the ls fromom orwand b better.we can tell want to tha bot r beinwith dvolove -kayela unsity a wisehitehead oloyola
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ivsityndayvon lo of a autiful rule. stay wus ♪sibrk]
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amy: ts isemoccy n i'm amy goodn. turn w toussia, whe ce imosc used viol rce to sp an opposition oteson satday. nearly 1400eople wereoued up in at h been descbeas the rgest ss arresin russian a cade. ominsiti figuresia'most ex nalnyhas be hospalized aft suffeng an ace allerg rction in j ve bn exposed to sxic agt.y was reed wedny ahofury's jail.ntenceto 3da satuay's protest s orni to denounce re barriri runninupco eleidat from for moowcouncil. presrs spo o against the electis authorits.
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e are here s thae independcaidates for whom would be allowedo participate in theleio they should ket in -- and people decidfor emselves who will represent that is . amy'reoid by samuel eene, direor of e ssia inute at kini's lle london his book, -autred with me rob ijust ia."lous p a divedeopl t he is the ar moscow inovent: power &ppition pi's ia." samuel greene, welcome to mocracy w! >> we ally have not seen ythi quite on thcale bere think lyear or so we haveeea tendency tard or an incrse infrontation.
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obously, tppositiois frusated th'ot able tn th ballot. 'rere able toet the cotutial rigs th are guared to themn n rmssf purchapending in elections. fac theighto symbol alsouaraby tpres wch i tition. the vernas bned momo probut w've also seen at os ptest that they have beemoreretly brging out the rt poce a few month ago wused to see coup dozenaybe ce ndred le being ctedway in police ns. nuers d we a seea lot mo vlee. weaw bron bone weaw blo. we saw ts being thwn you sheideooure jus owing ear. theris carly a fairly viciouresponse. response is not provok. therotesters to atent a ki the l i that
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protest were not secony e vernmentut thewereng nothinmore thanccupyi a publicicpace. did s wngr disrtion ofropertor ckrowing othatt thing. y: tk k ouwh i happen aksksalny thaihe was cal for they. otes osaturday and nowt isot clehat s hapned him. >> it at all clea -- percally dragge off. w gone for peopleo rte n ununnctioned otest. fairamr with thidrill, a lotf oppositionures and russiare these ys. prott, draggedff- sorry, ith to aospita
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what wasalled a severe alleic react thport w the was swling around hiface and his ctors ca outthe hospal, s person dtors cao th hospil to che o him. they we not alacss. thk werleo him or teiew him th cloor, b notore than at. their r po is it does not seem to be an agic rction. their g iy somed of themicathat hasehow ented h sm. ofrs peopl jn amy docr is cag r shshts and ery tng aroun to bsted. hospal and back joke. foop don't know w aleksei lnys, iyou coul explain whatis relatiip wputi >>t n a relatnship. he h been obably the most print opposition leader in russiain tast mar wave
4:35 pm
oftest ainst p immers in 2011, 22. hea la andn ght a coecti and an ght coon campaigner ha ilt a k of activis ou the country, both to r intoublioffial ilung the pridentlf am a bu manyin t sm, a to contelections for offic oi up fr things keystem, city council as we havcoming the mosw city coun electionn septemr, right up tohe presidency. navaasarrefrom running in the presintl eltion in 2018,, wutonnnalee in a ce tweetyou wrot can yoexain?
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role inheussian caltem, aleast snderstand it, is tmake em work fotheeoe at e top of the sm. so the are a lotf porful intest in the economy and bureauy and serity servicesho themsvee legitimate witthe avere ianiten w w sheas sortliving oeah of thcountry at a te when ny ruians are not dery wellwhhere'growing lity, ann. e i me thol syst butortant t tmage the tionh the ruian peopri of the rsianlire n whathaveeenininrentons as the eh
4:37 pm
stagnated r the laixr years so,e'veeen clinal incomes f ordinary russians. weave seen put'sull gures decline. we're seeing a majorif respnts say the courys adedn the wron direc thatauses so nervousne am etes in of wh their ierests.syem in anso hy have wand to aig those es come ifis gng toave you llthe e of the willut t fcef te he athe ser of ei interes and not beeticento use olen if need be maging e lationipitthe opsion and pps with e blice broay. amy: canou alslk about the last aust,ozs ofonent lgbtq
4:38 pm
lgbt aivists we ed during botesin burke stki up for seal mities what happened h? we n' know. it is littleiniscentf somef the conveions you we jushaving wh your guess around baltimo t climate of racinhe unid atat. rof hs caaigning auild aarge h legitacy ound the of issues thre mili i t twof america -- filiaihinko amerer voters. ere'en lot of punitiv legislation buthere also belot of rhetoric, whic hasmpowereople who
4:39 pm
are homopbi inclito use violence eel th can act w impunity. sn incrng lels of vleemonggbt activis anmemberof theltra beq --il gbgomnityneneral because ofhe sa associed with ithinghe police not gog iestigate with anrisns. 're notik rtely, ever to know what haenthis cas you mention the comrison with btimo. what efftoesredent have's deference to puti pin and ranin genera thatapappen, lgestn es deca, al 1400 peop arre tr ds not eaagainst athe tetnst baltimore sayi no human wod
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want to live there. the krein is okg approv o sappval frowash. it waseallcable of doing the sortsf thingsheoba was in office and u. sta partment and thehite house criticms ossia. what ink ds matter is makes ive dlt, if coit gen -- theheer it states, its aies in places- tme up wi se spseo russia that wou reay t or provide moral sport tho whwould lilio see a ffe r the anythg, i think it is dengthrussn opsi ao e who fiting f constitutiol rits in the country.
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y: professen lococal these arsts around people ing for represeatn in moscow city uncil. russia tay snint i >>here a couple of rst ll, moowoes have thlaest concation of onupporters in couny. if the isnyarof sswhe they're lely to gesome headwayn ectio, srobablbloi to b moscow. thepseatn on othe seen aot. posit's efrts conctrated in moow as a resu w tosee it i think a
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gement od to se mbolicictori, t also as way demonrate tvors y beorroadlyt they cahave an imct. ink thoblem for th position in russia is t couns well governed. ey understand e veof corrupti and the o dysfunn, b most ia ult believe at if you wereo ecsody ee tha druch d ch in ou lis o the w the count is the skorheitn is amallcale, toegin to demonstrate to pple at ons actuattean can bring mehafor e good ginhat, themlas en able to abea to engineer an imovemt in russnsivelihoods over the last five ix years oso thk th aoncerned about
4:43 pm
thability of the opposition to emple.tind o in thebsen oposive onomicnda om the kremlin, i tt this poi the're ry running on the oa viab alttive, so at wldook like anting alternativro emergin even if it nly symbolic and at the local leve amy: suel greethank you fobeinwith us dictor of , the runsti aking' colleg rilousitics ofivided ia." lyome back, cbi. more tha40have beerdered recent yes. stayith us. ♪music k]
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amy:erforminghour democracy no studios. you can go to mocrowrg to see the full inrview and music. 'm amgood
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on fda tens of tusands demonsators oko th reets more than0 ties well a.sto proteur of lethaattacks on indigenous viroental les dari marchround e inin016,he colbian government and farc rebe sign histoc acac move mbia frdfter lf century oard conf. buncen,ve 500 rits aists -- ny the afro-ln unity -- have beenle rgetet their work ing ilgal midrug traffig, and eir all caes. during friy'ss bizati, protesrs carried signs adin "thout leader thcan beo peace" and "no re bloodshed." this is tivist g >>p withelecve and sysyematicurdeofctist, men, women, ofndigenous ople, coloms, rms, atudent
4:46 pm
o are fending the gh on thr teres, th rit ofiodirsity e reecte theea agreent toe respected. amy: fd's protestsame ter hearreing video viral shing a ung y scing incoolably men downis mother.unn shoot the child's motheras the rewn communictiv a l pilar hurto, w advocated for the rits of landless p she was lled ie nortrn provcecordoba st mon. in veo, the ild can seen screami in grief his ther's corp. washgtonc., where w're joinedy is gilo murill heerd as ected govnoof promintlafroolombian departnt of oco. w the ministeof vironmt sustainable develoent inoloma from 20-2018. fellt thcent for lat eran and latinudieat
4:47 pm
an uversy. he w one of oswho pres osi colombian ss to the united stat home in washingtgt, d.c. luis gilbemullo, welco democra! can youxpinhy you're t t stree friand were o in yo country combia proteing e aths moran00 activ in colombiar last two yes? >> good d inmy, thk yofor th oortunity to step to the s, a rityans we em last ju 26, including here in whingn where under the leadershf the combi n rights committee here in -hington we we to expss because of tgef the kiingssocial leaders in comb. move eirenaonalnthatds t
4:48 pm
mmuny. st of e leadthate vinmental ads, commuty ts.rsleadghng ananwhat hapd to mar moved e untry. allentotree to re say we e support the lears, soly withocads,ndgainst assassinations ando callg for theonsciousne of lbin society a the intenana immunity. -- colbi sociend olence that has been. affecting thenit'r a longime d couny's that nt to bencded are mmunity erfor pee cae thosare couny's that need bic
4:49 pm
servrves from the stete-- educion, health, justice, t aco dece js.ortutyo have isshyany cties afro combians and indius a demandinghe governme t implent pease agreementecse thiis e bause this is commy's to be integrated e deep dividef ll me et whos kling the actist socialeader the envirmeal? thrighng psident of the untry clclmsurdeave opped. we're talng about more tn 400 the last w ars since theea accwasied. people are ing kied cause theyreemannghe basic ghts. particulahe r thave their itories.e free
4:50 pm
causus only one mb, amy, at what is h i combia partiin ter in coloma, obig laowners havike 50% t land. rur0% othe entire nd in lomb belgs 2f oducve unit -- belgso .4% produun. inlity hh. thiss onne e. so these ldeemanding accendfo emple the stusuotheurtmata coiao cceslanoid and basi s svis, as id. mething th ihaeninis crteinombibeusf
4:51 pm
hose whore conct to tottsoal lders aoery oid implemtationth peacpress. this is wh we are ful implentatif e peace procs. anindditioto that, t end the killgs osocial l lde. it is noreasthnus of killingsech thesethehe avoidis preous. llings is so ful plentation of t peace process. the peace procs has some provisn pro soc aders. fopl tre's a national e coy.aleaders in conved regly bn has b n cugovernment. c y you tk about thle the u utetates in its
4:52 pm
pport r lon vernme this goebackays, just rump. the ro of f ths. and ao u.s. corporatiti u ha bn rtular concerned abouq dendi e use of monsant herbicide to deroy coca cps. ell, it is very important say the.s. veme has bnsuorng thf this srted witama adminiraon. however, there's s lot presre und t trump odministrationo go bk emis o onoca eraon thouyi atttion tohe prisio the peace agreemt. rrgornnt b bk tohe umatn with rndup t
4:53 pm
eradice coca imany are. this figatn lrea bay constitutionalcou's. the nstution court ruhey d o weeko. what we are yi ithe aroac is an s to bbannedcolombia beuse oe n health, enviro an'realking ab spring withupn s tmazon sin. 're tking about theprin couny'in those areas colombian indigenousmunies,ur unieit is not efctive. in 26 d 20 w the coloia fat aasf the
4:54 pm
size of rhode islane at rhodeslann the un st. xiultivaon so to adate onarea o coca,oueed to arou5 ctorof ca. tirnk iat reg inclatn of united fumation th roundup is w. amy: ocoserounp nsantore facingve la i t unid states arnd p get sick using roundup rdy hcide's. can lkrom colao jair bsonaro's brazil as he thats to and wt effect thisas on pele of colombia ell,shg on for the azon, his effor t
4:55 pm
curtaihis efforts fight ilga -- gainst ilgaloggin etc.? or suld say curtailed effortto fig illal loggg. eryit ike the azonon i imant fo brazil and d r countries like combiaho so importanthentire world. it i keyo ficlate change. d in aion t, we're talking abouanrea h tremendousiversi, e most divearean the wod. defestaon is ge cllenge. bausef the ase we takinbrher governo crease defortan 10% last yr. however, a bzil, the policy is very differt.
4:56 pm
bolsonaro ia er of imate cha memberf s cabin, d e' promong aol olicy to increase the exploitaon, increase the lgi in the on basinand that i cating ously a climate for creasi dramaticall deforestation ama this is ver irresponsible r the enti regio analso in addition hat, weakeng thimplementionf districtrotect the rhtof orories,f indige commies,s,f roescein couniies torote t vital ecosystem of eir world. terms the unite wereiting t unite atndntrieso define two, to reall
4:57 pm
otecthe amazian ban because of -- i think the uni ss nes to ge mo priity tohe otonf fort in the amy: in th minute, iave ait it was a little rd to t in touch wityou erday afternoon, n't know if it wabecause of wwas happing is, 22-year-old eganernal ha becohe f colbian to the toure fr. ie youngestid to win e ra in 110 s. iss whate said. it is ireredible. its incrediblele. i don't knowhat s. it iunbelievable.tou i ththk i need a c coue ofof das tttn. amamy: accdio ththbb ererl's s viy s resoted espeallyith coloians fm most bkgroununds, manyom frfrom the samdeprived, lalaeldigeno areas of the ifance of win?
4:58 pm
we celebrad the entire d ware very happy. we celebrad e en cause icrible, ase said. he ia le model for the entire cmuty in cocoloia rticularlyur committees, ndigenous scendents r,ural comnities. the hope to in toy andlso as the ro mel t show that onlyim t have -- thth will fa obacles, but it is possible. headissie. th entircolombia celebrad his is momen pri f lombia for the lin erican reg we vy happy and celeing. amy: luiuilbtourlo, twice governor and fr
4:59 pm
nierndnt nable dopme in combia. thitor ourho he w outside theolom a bachelor to e un stes house on friday along with so
5:00 pm
♪ thank you for joining us on nhk "newsline." i am we begin in japan where the gogovernment says the threat fr north korea is incncreasing as pyongyang is trying to develop more sophisticated weapons. the warning comes as tokyo says it has identified two projectiles fired by the north last week. >> translator: the government concluded the


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