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best thing you can take to any day. thank you and you live from paris some frustrated for the headlines this hour. us president donald trump files his third national security adviser according to a presidential tweets iran hope john fulton was let go because trump disagreed strongly wiwith many of his proposals. a week before elections in israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu vows to annex part of the west bank palestinian leaders say it will destroy any future hopes for peace. and islands gets trade spain gets foreign policy and the netherlands gets the fight against climate change you commission president festive underlined names had changed.
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now be approved by the european parliament . first us president donald trump has fired his third national security adviser john bolton was best known for his hawkish stance on iran trump wrote on twitttter that both and services were no longer required since said that he strongly disagreed. with many of his suggestions will shortly afterwards bolton himself tweeted to insist that he had in fact resigned shortly after that 6% mike pompeii it gave a press conference in which he defended his trump's decision to fire his colleague. i don't talk about the inner workings of how how this all goes we all give our candidate if there were many times in basketball than i disagree that's to be sure. but that's
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true for lots of lots of people who with whom i interact my missions that is always to make sure as i run the department of state is to deliver america's diplomacy. and to work with the team whether it's a treasury for the president's staff to make sure we get good outcomes i don't i don't i know everyone's talked about this for an awfully long time there were definitely places in bass and i. pululled and i. had difffferent views about t how we shshould proceceed. learn gambio has more on that now from washingtonon. clearly happy he was smiling alongside her secretary stedman new chin then you were not. but they did not have a good relationship with with john bolton and they were clearly clears out with hit with the news of his departure they are being played corey about whether they were aware of it out prior to this process called friends or prior to the president's reading about it but- they were clearly please. hold has very few friends left in t this white house. and in
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many think you know that. this is our bedrooms imitation of the taliban to cocome to the us itit's just gotot the peacece dl that was sort of the final straw and that there was. you know very. a lot of disagreement betwewe the president and his national security adviser that took place last night the details of their song clear what it does. to a big argument and then you step i'm bulls insists he offered his resigignation. trump says he fired him so i guess we're gonna have sort of a he said she said through the press for awhile. he said the speculation on is that a john bolton is someone who is and has been for a long time very whole case where is president trump is someone who wants to. campaign at next year and say i'm the one that ends america's. wars and it is that at the center of all of this. donald trump is also just at the time a president who likes to have people around him who gets along well with. and h he and jumbled never have that kind
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of. friendly relationship thahat you h had with othther. membersf his administration so it you know in some ways it's probably as simple as that. does music go on brag that he had it. you know would y you like to represent all sorry it also. you know been biting him on foreign affairs and- that he could temper john bolton's hawkisish medicine. you know there's plenty of events. were you sort of jokes about this i mean you know. so it's a ridiculed are jumbled. but then and there really should start at this hour is specially over. ovov syria a and john boltonon s really out of it. really i am glad to p push within the white house to keep troopops in syria where as you mentioned donalald trump wawanted to pull out as part of his cacampaign proromis. to remove us and u. s. troops. from wherever theyey're stationd around t the world he r really wants an isolationist policy hee campmpaigned on endiding americs you know what what forever wars
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she. . wants americanan troops e as. but no o action rampiping up bubut he will be asked you knoww whatat he done to fill this promomise. and i think you know having someoeone like jojohn bon robust a and more aggressivemore amererican foreigngn p policy. s it doesnsn't sort ofof suppopord he is. inin sync with the president's woworldview. lauren gambino that in washington now israel's prime minister has made a controversial election promise one week before a re run of the fight that was held in the spring. benjamin netanyahu says that if he is reelected next week he'll annexed the jordan valley that's territory inside the west bank along the border with jordan. a palestitinian official says the move will destroy chances of peace netanyahu says he will hold off revealing more detail until after the us peace plan is announced technician. without him there. when it's clear that the trump plan will apparently come before us very
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soon in the immediate fututure.i also to receive from you actutually a mandate to enact israeli sovereignty over a all the settlements. out of respect for president trumump and i also have great trust in our friendship i will wait to impose israeli sovereignty over all the settlements. after thehe presentation of the president's diplomatic plan but the only thing with the mutual innocent. the new president of the eu commission as head of underlying has name tag team the thirteen women and fourteen men represent every even in the states the nominations must first be approved by the in the new parliament if they do they three moderate westjet will stay on as competition commissioner. islands phil hogan will oversee trades and spain's you said borel. will be the foreign policy chief yet at least t has more. the member states gave her a list of candidates and with that germany's us the level delay and have built higher team the commission. the conservative already back to the top job as
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president w working directly under her three executive vice presidents. the netherlands france tenements a specialist will tackle climate. denmark's mugger activists day yeah a centrist keeps hopefully on competition should also be looking into the e. u.'s digital strategy. that v. as the oldest on rough guesstimate center right takes on inclusive economy. non executiveve vice presidencies includede spain's . seveven borel who will be replacing federica mogherini as the blocks top diplomat. czech republic greece slovakia. and croatia to have obtained he rolls. among the eighteen others irishsh nominee phil hagn takes a the trait means he'll be these top negotiator when trade talks the trigger to with the u. k. post brexit. former french defense minister cv kalau will be heading industry that she faces a fake job scandal and accusations of improper lobbying fun. for my italian prime minister poly
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gentoo laney takes over the economy. is likely to be questioned a conflict of interest either as a county commissioner he'd be in charge of making sure his nativist elite complies with easy budget rules. with thirteen women and fourteen men wonderland team is the most gender balanced cabinet to date one notable absence this year there is a british commission on. the u. k. informs the commission that it wouldn't be nominated one as it expects to leave the e. u. on october thirty first one day before the new commission stocks to watch. these job postings on set in stone yet today first they have. to go through a confirmation hearings at the e. parliament. well someone i'm joined set from brussels by our correspondent david keating and that dave whether any big surprises in one the lines proposed lineup. yeah that combination of the digital affairs vice presidency with the commissioner for
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competition role was very surprising it was so surprising that it elicited a gasp from the journalists in the press conference when it was announced. that's because the complete competition commissioner is usually seen as something that's supposed to be separate from all the other portfolios it's supposed to be neutral non political by combining it with that vice presidency role it's clear that vanderlei and views competition in a very. different way because it will be so close to her as an executive vice president will be administering at other factors combined with tact also suggest that if hehe was going to be going after the us tech giants even more than they already have. a commission investigators she already has been the comompetitionon commissioner for the past five years and she's at some really significant investigations against tech giant companies like google like facebobook like microsoft and so i'm sure this was not welcome news in silicon valley today the other interesting thing was the creation of. a new position the
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so called vice president for protecting our european way of life that's been given to margaritas seen us the greek commissioner formerly the spokesperson for the commission itit really unclear what that is supposed to be in previous drafts he was supposed to be the commissioner for defense. now he's thiss and we'rere told he's dealing with migration it's attracted a lot of controversy here in brussels today becauause people say i its apaping the languguage of the popupulace far rigight saying tt migrants threaten the european way of life. and how likely is it dies in the e. u. parliament will approve all of these nominations. . i would put the odds of this collegege as it iss beinggpproved by the european parliament at about 0% b because the european parliamentt always likes to claim a scalp. no matttter w who the nominee is se they w want to demomonstrate thr power so i would say at least one of these nominees will be rejected. they'll be sent back to the commission at their back to their country and the country will have to nominate someone else now given the big
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humiliation that the parliament suffered in july. having their spits in n kind of a process for selecting the commissioion presesident rejected by member states i have a feeling theyy might a actually tryy to reject two. maybe even threeee of these nomiminees now the most likely nominee for rejection is the hungarian nominee he's been put in charge of enlargement. something that reallyy isn't expected to be a big issue over the next five years because no in large amounts of the you are expected during that time. but he was really instrumental in instituting the rule of law dismantling that's taken place and hungry under viktor orban. and members of the european parliament are very keeeen to ad send hungry a message by rejectining him poland's nominie mighght be rejectete for the sae reason he's been put in charge of agriculture. and of course as the package mentioned we've had these new revelations about franance's commission any. still he grew lard so depending onn how that investigation goes if it goes anywhere she could be. the nominee it rejected by the parliament so we'll have to see
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those hearings will take place over the next month or so before the first of november when this college is expected to take office. thank you very much dave heating there in brussels. a french mps are to begin debating extending medically assisted reproductive rights to all women and there will be a vote later this month. here in france is currently illegal for anyone other than married women to seek fertility treatments such as of yet. single women and lesbian couples have often traveled abroad for trereatment. it's a controversial issue here wed there was widespread backlash to president false all loans move to legalize gay marriage back inn twenty thirteen joining me to discuss is about he gashes researcht ththe cnrs institute. now and that does seem to be. much less resistance at to these proposals as compared to the widespread opposition we soar to the gay marriage law do you agree with that and d why do you ththink thatat is. so good eveng
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yes i would agree with that even though think let's wait and see what's s going to happen in the in ththe following month. after the discussions on just begun in the in n the parliamen. i think our society at large has quite involved very quickly. indeed on this topic in the rececent years and d doet see the desire for a child. with their dicks pressed by apple's heterosexual homosexual couples or singlgle p persons as something. controversial i speak of the majority but of cocourse there is a minority tht considers still today and you can be maybe very active. that's her she's entitled t t meanan go intorivate affairsrs f persons and into for many choices. and that probably this minority will demonstrate again but i don't know sorry to be able to gather a locked off
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recognition. today if thehe door is pasta and when w we have that vote and- to what extent would bring from into line with the rest of europe because we'veve had a lot abobout frenchh women hahaving to go to a- elsewhere n europe at to spain for example to get this kind of trtreatment. half h how does fronts compared to other countries in europe. well first i must say that are you don't have to be married as a couple in france today for oranges several years to get to next is to reproductive technologies with a social support. in fact if we consider consulate data out a consolidated data sorry about the guidelines or the legal framework boats reproductive technologies in europe. we see that the situation is extremely diverse and it's very hard to exexplain. according to read jut factors social factors economical factory story coal why such and such country are more liberal in terms also an
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excess of bondholders. so i think that phones would not join. a general trend in europe because of f these situations to gain are very very. some countries are have a load buy low an excess to married couple non married couples that there was sexual or homosexual couples some other countries not i told some of them i next on the nation's soul there is everything in europe. but you cannot imamagine in terms of guidelines or legagal fraramewok about reproductive technologies. and sold fronts will bee i think one case among others but certaininly to tool o end up. i think thatt you would stop the moves toward belgium single women or homosexualss for female couples and itt just to clarify t the lower in france. a woman has to be on the married or in a civil partnership that is recognized by the s state and packs as they call it herere in
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france. to have access to reproductive i is michael no no no it's just sorry is just a stable relationshihip d doesn't have to be a senior in yoyour bx or it doesn't. have to be just a heterosexual relationship you're just. once more liberal in this on this point on this matter. what about that and then the t. full span diners how is that going to change under this needle. well there are several issues related to the server to this matter i think that first of all there has been an ongoing and a very you know w interesting debate about the anonymity of donor was comparisons witith. mostly rule experienceses in other
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countrtries i think thatt t thee will bee an excess if it is they're alwayss voted. for people that are eighteen years old and more. to there whahat is called for his yeah okay maybe i don't know hohow this is s gog to be said told you there would be a kind of nationonal of.f. national pass the tool access to one's origigins or if youou o the person will havave to o come back to the hospital where it was conceived. this is to be establishehed. and i i'm a new tvs certainly is going to be. sorry to be a are to be discscussed and the other point also i think that doeses not realally. the i know any tests such but still of there will be an information or what his plan is to discuss about to know
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that makes compulsory and information about jenna to disease. so it doesn't relate to the identity of the person but still i think that in somee otherr points t to be taken into consideration. not again i thank. you very much a deferral explaining all of that so that's my guy that. well the head of french football has come under fire from l. g. b. t. grapes after he told referees to refrainn from stopping matches because off hydrophobic chantingg in the stanands. now and get it said it was a mistake to stop the game if fans were holding offensive banners shouting anti gay slogans he adddded that that was not the case for racist abuse during which matches must be stopped immediately. yet at the polls. french f football execututives that the show must go on even if there are homophobic chance coming from the stands. yeah this is staunch desiree to make sure that everyone in the stands can be in a dignified friendly and family environment. but i'm not interested in stopping matches.
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your telling referees to note on the stock market image. yes it's a mistake. i would stop games for recess chinese. since the new season kicked off in august there've been more than twenty homopbibic incidedents duringng domestic football games new rules introduced by francis professional league allow referees to hold games in the event of discrimination. several matches will hold its sincee thehe delelights of previously said that thousands of fans shouldn't be punished for the misbehavior of a few. several rights groups have cooled for the executive to resign including. the co president of sos before via. we have to be unflinching when it comes to homophobia condemning homophobic comments and behavior and stadiums doesn't ruin footballs image homophobia ruins footballs image. look at the statements directly contradict the current government zero tolerance policy both the gender equality minister and the sports minister have repeated that
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dedesigned to stamp out him the fabia in stadiums rocks that i'm not i see now new adage cheese day that look that distinction between. racism and homophobia was floored. as his visit she's now committees that was in the studio in case you're gonna talk us through apple holding it says annual events and as always it's been on biting you small friends gadgets but there's a- bit of aa change of focus t this years and yeahah absolutely this high profile unveiling. has become something of a tradition in silicon valley and ceo tim cook took center stage to show off the new iphone eleven upgraded ipad and apple watch. but this year the showstoppers w were services a new sububscription based gaming system andnd the long awaited challenger to netflix and hulu apppple t tv p. that video streaming service will launch in a hundred coununtries on november first fr about f five dollarss a month. t marks a reaeal shift for t the h giant which is seen weweakening demand for its traditional staples. iphone shipmenents are believed to have dropped 25% this year so far. analysts say
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that apple is also trying to shield itself from thee impact of the ongoing trade war between washington and beijing. i phones and i pads are mostly assembled in china and those that are sold ininhe us wilill e hit with fresh herbs in. mid december. if the two sides don't reach a ceasefire by. i would break that uncertainty higher than ever the car industry's once again raising concerns about the effect on its business. jobs could be cut in supply chains interrupted across europe. if you can eat you don't reach an exit deal. consumers could see prices rising. the boss of psa has said that a no deal brags it would be as damaging as head on train crash clear rush reports. the newest wave of market ready electric cars are dominating the frankfurt motor show this year. but behind the sleek displays is an auto industry grappling with uncertainty stemming in large part from breaks it. and no deal scenario could lead to the reimposition of terrorists in carmakers told
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france twenty four this could hurt production. no matter how far in advance they prepare. we've taken precautions in our it systems we've taken precautions of course also to ensure a frictionless traits of parts across the channel but in case terrorists would. fly we would have to increase prices and that would mean potentially cuts in production. a no deal breaks it wouldn't only threaten production potential new border checks and terrorists could also slammed sales as well as the whole auto supply chain which sources millions of parts from different countries across the world. we need a cheheck or landrover. twenty to twenty five million pounds a day. deliver on time at the assemblyy lines in order to produce a vehicle and if you don't have the one polish wherever from we don't produce of vehicles. a hard brags it would snarl production and salales at t a european level but it would
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particularly affffect the inindustry in the uk. several large companies like honda and nissan have announced plans to close plants in the uk. overall production in the country has already fallen by a fifth in the first half of twenty nineteen. and experts say the worst may be yet to come. another hot topic in frankfort is here's ththe environment ass manufacturers race to meet strict new targets on carbon emissions. while new electric or hybrid vehicles were unveiled inside greenpeace activists were among those protesting outside the motor show. volkswagen in particular in the spotlight since its emissions cheating scandal in twenty fifteen. provoked germany's biggest industrial scandal in recent memory. meanwhile the german government is open the door to popoible stimulus measures as the economy teeters on the edge of recession. gdp in the eurozone's largest economy contracted slightly in the second quarter. for years berlin has focused on maintaining a balanced budget with no new spending. and it's
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been reluctant to act to boost growth. with economists and politicians warning that the economic slowdown could deepen or spread the finance minister said billions of euros could be spent if needed. this is from my point of view. it's vital that we laid the foundation. with the solidity of recent years i'm the salinity intended for the next budget. so that we can act in an economically difficult situation. in another church we were in a position to counter an economic crisis with many many billions of euros should the crisis actually. breakouts in germany. he's also placed. the ticket on the day's trading action now slight gains for the major european indices can count only slightly above the flat line here in paris. investors will be watching the european central banks meeting later this week will be hoping for some stimulus to boost the sluggish pace of economic growth across the block. wallstreet meanwhile has turned downwards textures a sliding pulling the nasdaq down about
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half a percentage point there ford motors is down nearly three percent. after a credit rating downgrade. moving on from the days of the business headlines now. qual a has dropped a lawsuit against the us government twitch accusative arbitrary and unlawful detention of equipment. two years ago us authorities and sees a shipment of telecoms gear and they have yet to explain why. chinese companies at the material had now beenn returneded. always locked in a broader dispute the trump administration just threatening to block it from the development of global five g. networks on security grounds. the saudi energy giant arm co says it's ready to make its stock markeket debut soooon bute timing will be up to the government. c. o. m. nasser told reporters the two stage stock quotation was still i in the workrk inspected to be the biggest ipo in history and is part of riyadh's plan to reduce its dependence on oil revenue. well it's a pleasure ways have continued their strike for a second day. nearly all of its
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eight hundred fifty flights have been canceled on each monday and tuesday. affecting some two hundred and two hundred thousand passengers. pilots unions have been fighting for higher pay and they're threatening more strict the end of this month if talks are. in the united states an e. cigarette maker has been slammed by federal health authorities for pitching its products as a safafer alternatie to smoking. the food and drug administration tolol t tool to surrender documents about its marketing and to stop making unproven claims about the safety of e. cigarettes. tool is the best selling a cigarette company in the united states. the firm says it will cooperate fully with the fda's instructions. the side effects of vaping do remain unproven although it has been linked to five deaths in the united states. governor of the us state of new york is now the latest proposed a baban on flavavored e. cigarettes. at michigan of course or pass a ban. just on wednesday well sann francisco reaeally led the way banning sales of the cigarettes. earlier this year. that's what we're jewel is based it was a bit of a
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controversial move at but- health authorities really trying to work out the possible impact. of this new trend yeah a lot of unanswered questions even though it is seventy gaining popularity around the world isn't i it kayay thahank u very much
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