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online and on social media conference twenty four. yeah but its use welcome to a line from piracy on france twenty four i'm margot with even now and syllabi on midnight paris time with all the main world news and analylysis thesese. are the main world n news headlines. nine eleven remember eighteen years on that ceremonies held. sorry let's begin with that the latestst on the brakes it then. it is said just been released from. captive pages ordered to be released by the mps that. prepare this in britain friend no deal price remains at a low level low chance of child for
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threatening a patent drug and food supplies this according to. documents released just moments ago it's all the background of the operation yellow homalea which show warned of the possibility off public disorder. in the wake of a disorderly breaks it. nine eleven remanded eighteen years on ceremonies are held in new york and virginia survivors of the sharing their stories. many had health issues linked to the attack with a special report coming up. justin trudeau's call the federal election for october the twenty first the economy and the climate of the key issues. for many canadians to faces a tough contest with his conservative rivals . thank
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you very much for being with us let's bring the brereaking stories it's arriving here the documents that to mps in the uk ordered to be released. have arrived on the desks that is just a b breaking in the end usr apps at the moment it over leads to a something known as operation the yellowhammer which apparently is the planning. for a new deal of breaks it warning of publblic disorder in t the u. k. in sucha scscenario apparenently the documents that sasay that preparedness in the uk for. a no deal breaks it remains at a low level i would love jams attic channel pulled so threatening to have a very negative impact on the supplies of the drugs essential medicines. and fooood supplies old according to these up. okay government assessments as people outside the governmental. something that brings his logical project fi is saying this this is coming from actual government sources.
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i will be going to the as soon as we can explore. what this is about to find out more to the story. of course the- more pressure on boris johnson at the u. k.. prime minisister whos on. an extremely a different defected in a difficult status circumstances as straight now there's been another blow. to his plans. he said very data studies court ruling that the uk prime minister's decision to suspend parliament last two months befefore. do you kay is due to leave the- walls. tend toto avoid scrutiny the government immmmediately said it would d appeal as the politicacl opposition demanded first the suspension will prorogation and we called lawmakers back to the parliament. the wheels of justice trying to roll back boris johnsons best affects in a unanimous verdict scottish judges ruled that the british prime minister's move to suspend parliament before the thirty first of october was an
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illegal attempt to stymie and fees. i was given by the government. to the queen to parole parliament from nine september fourteenth october was unlawful and that therefore the propagation itself is unlawful. i have a timing an earlier ruling the decision is a victory for the seventy five mm pc mounds of the legal challenge. the outcome has been welcomed by others including dominate. the prominent rebebels conservative mp told from twenty four that judges clearly believee johnson intended to mimislead parliliaments. the inintention was to trtry to make sure parliament wasn't sitting at an inconvenient time for the government. and that he's a highly improper way of conducting business in the sususpension of parliament was for a very long period much longer than is usual. he's a demanding to go back to work immediately the government has refused to lift the suspension it's launching an appeal next
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tuesday with the supreme court the country's highest legal authority. the supreme court will also had two other legal challenges to prior occasion it's strange that three day hearing on the seventeenth of september to decide on all three appeals together. so that's the developments are coming from the u. k. the latest on operation at yellowhammer that's the planning for the doe deal brags to whistle the field in the press couple days ago. and the u. k. and now the documents that the mps of cool full to be released appararently show thats a premise in britain f for that no deal breaks it should happen that way i remains at a low level and most people e seem to predicting that. the only kind of out. it seems to be out on the table this present moment in time and certainly the outcome that's a promise to boris johnson appears to be pushing for a given the way he's handling matters right now. consider rap and painful toto each. grief as spoken to a
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sea of france twenty four you can season two in full. to twenty fifteen. paris time he's the insightt into the e situatin of course that comes out before. this latest revelation about the documents have been released witcher. actually predictingng a drug and food shortages as well as public disorder in the u. k. keep your costs will. development some will have a more analysis very shortly. next the united states has remember the victims of the nine eleven terror attack.k. sermones that were held at ground zero in n new york on mot of the victims of the attack lost their lives. it's eighteen years since the events that shook the world launched conflicts that are still shaping. where we are today on how another stormy took place in virginia over three thousand people of course were killed most of them died. and the president donald trump attended a ceremony that was held at the white house. reporter jessica loomis urei has this from new york. this ceremony is about
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remembering those who died and about solidarity really but but this year a differerent tone was struck one of division really when one a man who got up to speak that he lost his mother in the nine eleven attacks but used his platform that today in two muslim congresswoman. l. had mon el president trump has that in the post but criticized her essentially sayingg that she's unpatriotic and even suggesting that she loves al qaeda wrongly i might say that but that's what this man was also a at suggesting that sent the turn struck at this ceremony is somewhat. reflecting the turn across this country where we're seeing more and more i hate s speech in particular towards muslims now here at the united nations well all i am right now the tool today on this nine eleven anniversary but was all about how the trump administration
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could have possibly have thought that it might be a good idea. to try to schedule talks on u. s. soil with the taliban all in the week all o of the anniversary of nine. eleven those two and being canceled. limits your ad that joined the site a little early yet from new york where of course the main commemoration. of remembering the victims of nine eleven has been taking place. eleven twenty four hours on the scene said the sacking of john bolton the us still trying to come to terms with the- dismissal of presesident trump's cute visor on national s securiy john bololton version of eventss is still that he resigned. although the a t tweet preresidt trump's and clearly implied the opposite observers are expecting a changing tone now. on the question of irann in particular meeting between the us and the rainy president. still possibly on the horizon something that would be unthinkable what has been unthinkable since nineteen seventy nine. did you want on kill all. he was viewed as the most hawkikish member off the trump administratation o on ira.
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and now j john b bolton has been shown the door. while his departure may signal a shift in stance from washington. yeah ron is keeping the door to diplomacy shocked for now only could you. americans have to realize that war mongering onto warmongers are not to their benefits. hi i'm'm jack they should notot only abandon war mongering but also abandon their maximum pressure policy. the response from iran's president comes following tuesday statement from the u. s. treasury secretary standing alongside the secretary of state stephen minu chin insisted that sanctions on iran would remain in place. we've done more sanctions on iran than anybody and it's absolutely working now the president has made clear he he's happy to take a meeting with no pre conditions but we are maintaining the maximum pressure can. last year the united states pulled out of the nuclear deal with iran and re impose crippling sanctions the
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u. s. also took aim at iran's bringing t t r running to con me to its knees. would force its leaders to talk and while the campaign a maximum pressure set to remain in place donald trurup isn't t pulling g out a face to face it could happen. yeah no problem with. iran should straighten out because frankly they're veryy bad position rigit now. and they should straighten it out because they could spread it out very soon. donald trump and haas andhra honey will both be in new york for the un general assembly at the end of the month. it remains to be seen it back channel efforts to get the two leaders to o tal. bearar fruit. let's hear live from paris justin trudeau colder an election. a federal election canada's prime minister is seeking a second term in office he faces a stern challenge. from the conservative contend that andrew hsia key issues a set to be the economy. and the climate change a course on the floor and we kiss is a more real.
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this race is going to beat me up read by two people and that is going to o be justin trudeau from the liberal party. and anders year f from the conservative government soo what we're e expecting is ass aj at just introduce going to be campaigning. on two s six first of all his record his track record as so basasically he's going to be defefending all of the e decisions. thahat he has e all throughghout these that thee couple of years that he's b bee. at the helm of canada so he has had. some big ups and downs i know that he's an international language about here in canadada he has been highly criticized for.r. on this. he has. . pro he profile itself as this a big advocatete of clyde against climate change. but not t too long ago he e just invested billions of dollars into buying a portion of the trans mountain pipeline in verery controversia. per a project here in canada that will basically see a out pipeline run basically acrosss
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the country and of course that has had a lot of people who are. you know who thought of beating him and his out green. sort of support to. askining themselves questions in there that day and there's- the s snc lavalin scandal so a a corruptin scandal data b basically blamemd justin trudeau. for pressure.e. the attorney general to. just do things against the law to support this companynyn order. according to o him to save canadianan. so he's gonna be cah in on that it is a b b of a battle of for andrerew scheer as well because justin trudeau will be. talkingng to a woman trying to tap canadians that it is. not a leaeader because. well the conservatives have had just. all statements that have been put out there when it comes to
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for example. same sex marriage or abortion it's so true is going to be campaigning on values. gloria because the who joined a servilia from canada co should be falling all developments throughout the campaign justin trudeau declaring the federal election. coming up for october the twenty first. thanks to live in paris tens of thoususands of catalan separatists gathered d n barcelonona calling for a break away from spain. and the release of their jailed leaders the annual pro independence from becomes a defining moment the regional and national politics and turmoil. in the much awaited court verdict on a botched bid for independence expected early next month the former catalan president. call as push them on now electcted your and he is still in exile to avoid jail nine out o of twelve hisis closese aides are currently behind bars. the unilateral declaration of independence of october twenty seventeen. giants catalan floods in the sea of people flood the streets of barcelona called in for independence. this year's tiada comes at a
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defining moment head of a final ruling by spain's supreme court on twelve separatist leaders over the failed bid for independence in twenty seventeen. the line is president vows to continue the struggle. was on. the goal of achieving independence remains at the heart of our political action. we demand the release of our colleagues we will exercise again any rights denied to us starting with the right to self determination. torres spake among protesters on the street and not the main rally. organizes wanted to keep politicians. two years after the failed independence bush the separatist movement remains deeply divided. some like former leader call this bridge the monstrosity of pushing a hardline while others are more open to dialogue with madrid or say we show that exercising our right to self determination is the only way to claim the social civil and political
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rights which have been systematically denied to us. there are many people who don't know which way to go their spanish as well as consul. and some prefer to stay with in spain but i think if the jailed leaders get tough sentences more people will join all calls. police estimate wednesdays ten out at six hundred thousand. a shop drop from last year in around one million people took to the streets to mark the tiara. can't land that independence of course would be year old developments on that the polls saying that the mood at that is change a little bit less for brush you see lots of people on the street. seeking certainly to have a more influence on how they run their lives but to change the mood a little bit for you beforee we head o on to businessss. andnd e images go to show you i think in many ways will just speak for themselves it looks like in my speech seen what will look in here is a surfer form. for dogs. we go taking the second
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like a duck to water perhaps is when they go back with that in there with you get the extra points self for the it wasn't clear this will take place in. yes you guessed it californinia where else. all those pampered pooches said getting out. on the- on the surface looking good is not a fancy might. ohst chances of f ing that s she's nt very keeeen on the sea but the echo. really some dogs that. really born to it in that california begin will notot of course if it develops over issue this which is like two because- that's basically apply from. some not. take me to join the saddam the latest update on the fate of boeing's seven three seven max. yes mark the chief executive of boeing believes that that beleaguered fleet could be phased back into the service before the end of this year dennis number was speaking to investors who of course have been worried about the financial impact of the safety s sndal. planes have been grounded around the world since the second deadly crash
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in march engineers have been trying to fix an automated software problem which is been blamed for causing the two accidents. remarking regulators have yet to give the green light up safety agency has said it will carry out its own checks for letting the planes fly again. pilots have also called for more comprehensive traiaining on simulalators rathr than tablets. for getting back into the skies. rockchip model has been scaled back newberg said he remained confident it wouldn't be shut down altogether. injures rose three with 6% duncan stock exchange has made an unexpected bid to buy its counterpart in london. the cash and shares deal would be worth around thirty two billion pounds if it goes through the merger could reinforce hong kong's position as a gateway between mainland china and the west. there are a number of hurdles london stock exchange is currently in the process o of acquiring the data anantrading group were e nished if that would have to be canceled in ordeder for the new deal to gogo ahead. recent political turmoil in hong kong and concerns about a bigger
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chinese presence i in london alo raise red flags. that's good the uncertainty surrounding the uk's future ties with the european union. post for exact. that brings us to look at the day's trading action we saw gains for the major european indices. shares of the loc group were up about 6% it's part of the hundred companies that belong to fifty one hundred. so that added to overall gains their- investors looking to the european central bank on thursday to see if it will release a new stimulus measures. to close higher as well the dow jones jumping two hundred points. shares of apple were up 3% after its latest product release. america's central bank will then be meeting a week later. donald trump once again raising pressure on the fed to cut interest rates for the second time this year. his tweets on wednesday morning described the bay the bank's governors as naive bone heads. with the new coalition and a fresh mandate italy's prime minister has asked europe for more time to reduce. the country's debt. to the becomes a met with members of the incoming european
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commission in brussels on wednesday. with just weeks to go before the deadline to submit a new budget. last year's spending plan sparked a clash in quincy said well he wouldd try to meet you ruleses. you hope for more flexibility this time around there russia ports. then they moved on but i mean. giuseppe conta is on the offensive with the new coalition and a fresh mandate the italian prime minister travel to brussels on wednesday to meet with the leaders. but even with the new european commission getting ready to take the helm in brussels into decidedly less euro skeptic government back in rome conta is still facing the same old problem italy's debt he's asked to the e. u. for more time to address the issue. you know so that the way that it will soon our target is to reduce the debt. my lord what side if we want to achieve this through economic growth and productive investments. under eu rules countries are limiteded to deficits of 3% of gdp. italy
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has struggleded to balance that regulation with it spending planss a and its debt currently stands at a hundred and 32% of gdp the second highest rate in the eurozone after greece. brussels is constant calling on romeme to reduce its deficit and ththerefore its debt. and while cocontent has more wiggle room n public spending with his new coalition compared to the outgoing populist government. the prime you're still has a tough month the hat. he has to submit a balanced budget to brbrussels in the comining week. if it's rejected italy could face an automatic sales tax hike of twenty three billion euros in january. a move that would anger italian voters and further weaken the country's economy. the forormer prime minister of i italy powell gento loni is expected to be in charge of the use economic affairs in the new commission a mark that could improve ties between roman brussels it could also mean a lot more scrutiny. on his. colleagues back in rome let's see how that plays out in the coming weeks and months and
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i know as soon as it develops you will not only tell us but tell us what it means and that's the important thing we tried on us we love about you. kate thank you very much indeed. okay movie with all the business. great to see you. that's closest to you. james screen revved up ready to go start with the a controversy. over homophobia in french football i'm i'm ashamed to say that when i was a young man going to football matches homophobic chance races chance will with the north right and it's at the time they shocked me and things have changed right but that changed enough rice i suppose as donald trump puts a locker room. can a locker room class right after this or to do what's it if there was a disgrace. it is great yeah people can you know yeah that that that that tells what you got in any case it's got a lot of it's been getting a lot of traction online. so it essentially it's because it no lacrosse the head of the french football federatioion came up with that this statement yesterday i'm home for the chance is that with the french won the french to broadcasters
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on twitter homophobic chance in football stadiums i will not stop marches in the case that you have these on for my- chance. but i would stop. i'm not sure i would agree too much is being called off in the case of racist chants so. that triggered a lot of responses mark because people think of course that you knknow those two things shohould be treated as te equally appalling this is the man leading french h for. life how can you have an attitude that so entrenched in nineteen seventies culture right and hope to tate french football on to the next stage it's unbelievable but it's been dominating i think a lot of french yeah for the last couple days and tomorrow i think some sort of common position will bee announced. notably the sports minister roxana mererry s see no i hope i press secretary the clintons personal you think and e's rumaninians of rice he said look his position on the difference different different states the response to home for me johnson. is a real mistake
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so we can expect to pay they were forever. on first pride in sports australia of course this is the thing i suppose it and you trend in sports around the world over the last number of years where it doesn't encouraging people who are l. g. b. t. in order for us to come out and talk about it and to not. feel bass at that is as much culture would prevent them from doing so this is an australian account talk about i think. racism homophobia both apparent and should be called as equally changing this requires institutional change which starts with leaders of all sports i think they're talking there but no well they got. a couple of cartoons in this regard this one picking up on that should this is that to kind of couple sitting at home watching a i suppose a football match and she says. do you think this home for being the world football and he says. well if it is. if it is the case why are all these nancy but- i don't think it is the case because all of these nancy
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boy football players have. all these crazy hair cuts. so it is a bit of it's been humor i mean i'm not sure it's. its celebrations that right right. into that so that's what i call to some of the- folders. aren't as busy look like they could be. anywhere. no moving to iran. okay so we will open with a couple more that's one side yet think that one's going to rumble rumble season definitely control the season of the football in iran. this is very sad stuff mark at. this was a case of self self immolation.. in iran now sit at the heart was her it will let me let me get this right her name was to heart could i call they already. and she's become known as blue girl that's the hash tag was trending talking but- she died of. self or wounds calls by having server selection of why did she do the harsh she did that market to draw attention to the fact that women are not allowed into football stadiums in iran. and she's not can dressed as a man. and was risking six month prison sentence for not i mean this is the kind of three
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illustrates. extent to which women's lives are infringed. by. yeah polls in. tragic smokehouse nine i it's so it's got it's got a a globalal respoe gary linineker f for example. hw off the side and help with a woman can't enter a football stadium. paul pogba strength in person finding friends of progress. to hart could i already. am this is a candle and a message in in far seat that was shared on. i'm the captain of the iranian football teams instagram accounts today was not as most bitter wind. for national team he said we scored two goals in one game in the field. but we didn't win we lost because the heart is not with us any. more it was a huge response is good right that that's- it he not she still. and. that that is not. really a very significant after the big response. this this account here. i'll just quickly readers on instagram as well. she said is often far it so that a like minded nice the car. business amongst men so that they will know that without the presencnce of women. they will remain in darkness it is absolutely horrific what's she's done and
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it's terrific that circumstances the push to do that. absolutely dreadful. absolutely which c changing totopics again. here in france official portraits of the president continued to be used as a form of protest. this was during the g. seven so much you remember i'm into. side down ally cats right. this would be seven so much at that this was a protest in in nearby by young. people think i'm attraction environmental action frances insufficient many michael needs to do more. and so this was the way the kind of protest you'd stealing. portraits official portraits which you haven't every tunnel and that's all the president. turned upside downn to a very much a very provocative gesture. asian people were in court. today and wanted to. theieir support to. they did it again n mark durining during t e courtt case. thehey had tweeeetd images of himself. hololding the portrait can during thehe actua. truck casese that was actually trying to rob them of the locals. so i suppose that someone to the french of a of a tradition of protest i think that's a good example of. a we discussed this at him in getting into the town holes to get thosese photos to boston and
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elements o of cooperation yes i suppose. acting on the security of those places but not every town hall in france i suppose would be. would have stopped the birds like the president's. party unscrew them off. the wall it's just my that does it in french. ever ever ever ever culture ingenious in their protests yes and so they can that clean up their act and sins of homophobia. james thank you very m much indeed separate decisions letters are you watch thanks againin. to the one only came into thee business thank you very much. and that ththings you've watatching too because of thatat you it's not
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