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tv   Al Jazeera English Newshour  LINKTV  September 13, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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♪ announcer:r: this is al jazeera. anchor: hello. live"al jazeera newshour" from london. a new storm in the bahamas, as it struggles to pick up the pieces after hurricane dorian. action to stop sexual violence in south africa, where it is estimated a woman is raped every 36 seconds. the egyptian businessman with theo accusing presiden
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presi. accusing the president of wasting millions on villas and palaces. basketball world cup final. ♪ hello. , anothero the program storm is heading towards the bahamas and the potential of ,ore heavy rain as strong winds a storm with a 90% chance of growing into a tropical storm in the next 48 hours. it threatens to hamper the search for the 1300 people still missing and disrupt the clear up. a warning has been issued for
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the northwestern bahamas, including two islands devastated by the category five hurricane. one in five are homeless, thousands are sleeping in shelters. son and his wife, two young kids. it is one of those things. life goes on. god for life. i say, i have to keep moving. i have to pick up the pieces bit by bit, one day at a time. van so we me in the could make it up here, and i thank god that my brother is alive. he is well. i get to hold him again.
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i am thankful for my brother. only, so imy one and had to make sure he is ok. anchor: we are joined live from nassau. some survivors showing remarkable resilience in the face of this destruction to the lives and livelihood. tell us more about how people are coping. building behind me has become a to run for a home for 1200 people -- a temporal rare, --e for 12 hundred people temporary home for 1200 people. we can't film inside. that seems fair enough. these people have been through a great deal over the last week or
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so. there is good news. there is 1300 people missing, but there is good news. that number has not changed over the last 24 hours, but new communication equipment is getting into the two islands, and that means they will get better information to measure the support and the number of missing people might go down. this potential tropical storm on the edge of the bahamas is causing real concern. takeath at the moment will it away from the islands, so heavy rain and wind, but nowhere near as bad as two weeks ago. the concern is many are dipping in temporary shelter. some shelters would succumb to the bad weather. i have been with the prime minister in the last hour. weather willng the move away from the islands, and
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many people will be safe, so obviously that is what they are hoping for. anchor: people are just a category five hurricane. to some of these effortst areas, relief with food, water, and shelter being deployed, but how badly could this be disrupted by another hurricane? rebuilding work has already started and could be put on hold because of what is at this stage a tropical storm, but hurricane dorian might have done it bahamas a favor because led to temperatures in the water that fuels some of
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these hurricanes and makes them supercharged, so by dropping below what you normally expect this year, the tropical storm might not be as strong. we have been speaking to the u.n. secretary-general, visiting the people at this center. he said the world really needs to pay attention to what is happening here. he said the storms are becoming supercharged because of changes in the climate. says what i want world leaders to do is to come up with plann, not speeches, but a . he says there needs to be a change or we will see many more like this. the places that can least afford it will suffer. he said this is a warning to the world and they need to start paying attention.
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anchor: thank you very much. , hundredser top story of women in south africa have been protesting, demanding more be done to stop sexual violence. it is estimated a woman is raped on average every 36 seconds in south africa. president admitted his nation is facing a crisis and has pledged making the sex registry public and making public transport safer. president admitted his nation is facing acrime figuresn 50,000 cases of sexual assault ,n south africa, including rape a four .6% increase in 12 months. perfemale murder rate is 12 100,000, more than 4.5 times worse than the global average. that makes south africa the fourth most dangerous nation in the world tha.
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demonstrators in johannesburg were urging businesses and government to do more to combat gender-based violence. reporter: organizers have handed over memorandum to the johannesburg stock exchange, demanding corporate south africa , that businesses listed on the stock exchange contribute to percent of profits to a fund dealing with gender-based violence. they say it is time for businesses in this country, along with the government, to do their part to fight gender-based violence. they say not enough is being done. the protests are taking place in the economic hub of south africa , the richest square-mile in africa. this is where they say decisions are made, and the government should take notice now, and they are targeting businesses in this country. we have spoken to survivors of sexual assault who say they have been raped a number of times and
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there has been very little assistance and support. on the one in eight south african women report instances of sexual assault. they say the problem is within a system that does not support him. women here in men as well are pleading for help to deal with what they are calling a national crisis. activists and program manager with action aid joins us now via skype from johannesburg. there getting a sense of scale of this crisis in the country. we are looking at protests. . the new proposed measures on the offenders registry and efforts to make public transport safer go far enough? >> hi. thank you so much. they are a measure. ofing an open register , and the safety
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of transport is a huge issue, so that would be a positive measure. what we are asking for and demanding is far more. you just read the statistics. pervasiveness the of gender-based violence is of epic proportions at the moment. we require a concerted, directed effort that is far greater than those two measures alone could possibly provide. anchor: what about harsher penalties for perpetrators? could that serve as a deterrent? >> it could serve as a deterrent, but, once again, harsher penalties, maybe not , let me saylties
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one of the things in south africa at the moment is less than 6% of perpetrators in facing any sort of criminal charges, so harsher penalties would mean conviction rates for all perpetrators of gender-based violence, and sentences that are quite comparative to the crime itself. at the moment, the rates are so low that it is not a deterrent at all. even that would be something that could be one of the positive things that could come out of this. anchor: how would you describe the way in which please handle such cases in the event they are actually reported? it has been a challenge with our legal system. it is one of the areas recognized as quite weak, and sometimes by the police themselves.
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another site of secondary victimization for victims of gender-based violence. i think that area as well can be strengthened. not just the policing, but the criminal justice system itself seems to support the perpetrator more than the victim, because the journey a perpetrator has traveled to access and find justice come if at all they do. anchor: thank you for shedding some light on this for us. the program manager with action aid, thank you. >> thank you so much. anchor: pakistan's prime minister has told kashmir raise thehe will decision to strip autonomy next week. it has been more than a month since india evoked the regions status, causing fury in pakistan.
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almost 4000 people have been arrested in protests. one person was at the rally for us. reporter: thousands of people have gathered at a local stadium here. the capitalal of pakistani-administered kashmir. the prime minister wants to show the people of pakistan stand shoulder to shoulder with their kashmiri brothers on the other set of the line, also known as the line of control. the prime minister addressing the united nations general assembly within the next few days, he will be highlighting the plight of millions of kashmiris who remain in a state of lockdown. >> the western world is not paying attention to what is happening in indian administered kashmir.
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,mong the 1.2 5 billion muslims millions will take up guns and retaliation. >> the prime ministers speaking to al jazeera also said that pakistan would go to any limits to support the people of kashmir and there just struggle. the message from the people is clear, they stand steadfast with the people of kashmir, and you can hear the people to express their point of view when it comes to this issue. rightse working on human , speak for the human rights of kashmir. we are not animals. our mothers, brothers, and sisters are under the brutality of the indian army. they are the lowest level of humanity. why is the world silent on this crime? >> we the females of pakistan administered kashmir are not
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weak and we stand with our sisters and brothers of indian administered kashmir. we will liberate kashmir, and with god's will, kashmir will get its independence. >> the signal from pakistan is clear that pakistan will not back down, no matter what happens. anchor: you can watch the interview that was mentioned there on talk to al jazeera on saturday, 4:30 gmt. still ahead from this newshour from london. >> we have one shot to make donald trump a one term president. unity as plea for democrats clashed in the latest presidential debate. ablic transport grinds to halt in the french capital as workers strike from a forcing millions to get on the bicycles. the top ranked rugby team in the world gets a traditional welcome in japan ahead of the world cup.
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details later in sports. ♪ anchor: turkey's president has threatened to open the gates into your were syrian refugees unless the european union supplies more aid. president recep tayyip erdogan has criticized the amount of help, saying his government has far, $40 billion so and said ankara may host a summit with france, germany, and russia to discuss the conflict in syria and the refugee crisis there. causing a storm in his native egypt, by posting videos on social media detailing corruption by president abdel fattah el-sisi and an army general who worked as a military contractor for 15 years, saying they wasted mains of dollars on
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villas, hotels, and the seaside palace. he is posting from spain. the videos have attracted more than one million views. >> wife spend a huge amount of money building these houses? was he staying in a one bedroom apartment? of course not. did notlem was sisi want to sleep in the same home is another man's wife. he has taken correction to a new level. palace five villas in a for the president in cairo. i built a home in alexandria for the sisi family, despite there being an official residence in the same compound. the modifications demanded by his wife cost more than $1.5 million. the army ordered me to build a 125 million dollar hotel in cairo. withr: let's discuss this the chair of the egyptian community association and the u.k.
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accusations of corruption in egypt are nothing new and perhaps will come as a great surprise to many egyptians inside and outside the country, but why do you suppose these videos have sparked so much interest and fascination? >> because these videos come from an insider and expose the tip of the iceberg of the scale of the corruption of high-ranking military members in egypt. it is very serious blow to the details,me to see such probably hundreds of millions of dollars spent on palaces, villas , commissions, money siphoned abroad. in ank it is terrible country very poor like egypt, where people probably eat garbage. anchor: we have not seen documented proof or evidence of
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these allegations. he has not provided that. companylso emerged his is owed some money by the government over the infrastructure projects, so perhaps he has, there might be a motive they. he has some monetary interests. does that deserve some consideration of carson? -- for caution? but the fact he has given names, addresses, details, and facts, this should be looked judiciary, police, the government are not willing to take action, just degrading what he says, but not addressing the facts, which seems true for everybody listening, including
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myself. anchor: should this online campaign continue, might the government take some serious measures to block internet access in the country? >> i would not be surprised. i don't know how much limitations they can do. i fear for the life of the contractor who exposed this. seems there is shock inside the military high ranks in egypt , and some have been arrested because egypt, you cannot know information. i cannot clarify things, and problem, but for egyptians, most of them know because he has given facts. we know there are corruption, money being stolen from the country and being taken abroad, but we never know how much her
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who, but he mentioned the name of generals, many generals, which is disturbing in the country. anchor: thank you. >> thank you. anchor: some news from tunisia twoanchor: days before the presl election. a candidate has been refused release in his corruption trial. his lawyer announced the courts decision on the final day of campaigning, despite allegations of tax fraud and money laundering, he is still eating opinion polls. voters cast ballots on sunday with 26 candidates to choose from. we have more from tunis. electing they will be a new president sunday. thousands of people eight years ago came out into the streets, demanding change. they managed to get rid of what they call the dictator, the man in charge of this country for over 20 years, but many people will tell you that even though
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there is some form of democracy when it comes to the politics, that nothing has changed on the ground, the economy, unemployment, endemic corruption from also security issues. we have been talking to the people on the streets of the capital to see what they have to say. i am not with this candidate or that candidate, but i hope economically and socially that we will improve. i am a young daughter and i don't have a job. i graduated three or four years ago. >> we need something new, really new, not just lies and promises. we love tunisia. we don't want them to win the chair and stay in the same problems. they must be doers. reporter: friday is the last day of campaigning, saturday a day of silence, then sunday, 26 candidates up for public vote.
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if any get 50%, they will be the outright winner, but there is the expectation that will be a second runoff between the two top winners in november. before that, parliamentary elections to select the government and prime minister. everything is up in the air. of question is will the face tunisia changer with these politicians bring something new to the table? people we have been speaking to say that is what they want and what they expect. anchor: the opposition democrats who hoped to take on donald trump are back on the campaign trail after their latest debate. with elizabethed warren and bernie sanders, but retained his front runner status amongst the 10 leading candidates. rob reynolds reports. reporter: there were shopper exchanges as the candidates debated health care, criminal justice, race relations, and more.
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strongly,came out attacking his rivals for government run universal health care. >> nobody has said how much it is going to cost. reporter: he clashed with senator bernie sanders. >> for a socialist, you have more confidence in corporate america than i do. >> let's be clear, in the united states of america, we are spinning twice as much per capita on health care as canadians or any other major country on earth. --orter: pouille on castro julian castro produce guests -- gasps when he questioned joe biden's memory. >> are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? bickering,mid the senator cory booker appealed for unity. >> we have one shot to make donald trump a one term president. and we cannot lose it by the way
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we talk about each other or demonize and degrade each other. we can walk and chew gum at the same time. reporter: the candidates were united in denouncing president trump for inflaming racial tensions. supremacist white in the white house that poses a mortal threat to people of color across his country. reporter: climate change was another area of general agreement, with candidates promising to rejoin the paris climate agreement. time, yousis of our know that movie the day after tomorrow? it is today. we have seen a warming and our world like never before. floodingtting dusting in the midwest in houston and fires in the west. reporter: they discussed gun-control measures. beto o'rourke, whose hometown of el paso is still grieving following a mass shooting last month was cheered loudly for that vowed assault rifle's. yes, we will take your
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ar 15, your ak-47. senator kamala harris said trump or some responsibility for the el paso shooting. trigger,n't pull the but certainly the ammunition. smacker: sanders had a down on trump's china trade work. >> trump thinks that trade policy is a tweet at 3:00 a.m. >> there did not seem to be any standout winners or losers. reporter: senator cory booker may have revived his flagging campaign with an eloquent performance, seeming more energetic than past debates from although he did seem to ramble at times. well-wornpeated themes of democratic socialism, brought elizabeth warren disappeared from sight for long stretches of time during the debate.
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the next democratic debate will be held on october 15 in ohio. felicity huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in prison for her part in a university admission scandal. the star pleaded guilty in may to paying $15,000 to fix her daughter's entrance exam score. she is one of 50 people charged over the scam. she was also fined $30,000 and given 250 hours of community service. she says she accepts the decision and deserves her punishment. much more still had this hour. roads turn into rivers after two days of torrential rain caused severe flooding across southeast pain. rising sea levels prompt a radical proposal from indonesia's president. he wants to move the capital to the island of borneo. japan's olympic organizers test a new way of keeping the fans
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cool at the tokyo summer games. ♪ ♪ the weather has been severe in eastern spain. that circulation has beenn poundingng eastern spain. reached t the upper valalley. i think it will keep in spain for saturday, before it moves on. saturday night to sunday might expand the risk to spain. the rest of europe is quiet. scandinavia and the british isles was the, cloudy.
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it is consistent with the change of season. maybeeastern spain, nearby northwest africa would be affected. there is a wind keeping things warm. as the rain moves away in the low fills in, temperatures remain in the low 30's and algeria. south of this, much of africa is quiet. the rains are going south. some big showers and south sudan and places to the west. ♪ ♪ anchor: welcome back. a quick look at the headline stories. two weeks after hurricane dorian, another storm is bearing down on the northern bahamas,
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disrupting the search for missing. hundreds of women have protested in south africa, demanding more be done to stop sexual violence. pakistan's prime minister has promised kashmir residents he will raise the decision to strip the autonomy of the use generalist emily next week. fighters have surrendered in afghanistan, saying they are ready to live under government control. it is the second significant surrender in 10 days. we have more from kabul. reporter: the fighters surrendered in the north of afghanistan close to the border. they walked into the governor's compound and handed over their weapons. they said they were now prepared to live under the law of the afghan government, but also said they had been subjected to
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intensive aerial bombardment and a big ground offensive by the afghan army and they suffered more casualties. whether or not the surrender is genuine remains to be seen. this significant, because is the second surrender of taliban fighters in the last 10 days. 150 taliban and perhaps some isil fighters gave up for similar reasons. it shows the campaign may be affecting morale in that area. president trump promised the campaign would continue in the taliban was being hit harder than ever before. they say also they are taking territory and inflicting casualties on the afghan army. of afghanistan said at least 2000 taliban fighters had been killed in the last week. the taliban say they are inflicting casualties and that is not the case. the fighting has intensified
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since the abrupt cancellation of talks by president trump. there is no prospect of talks being resumed in the near future , so this violence and these campaigns and fighting on the ground and there will continue and there will be more casualties. anchor: an investigation underway into what caused the fire at a hospital in brazil that killed at least 11 people. patients were evacuated as flame spread to the building in rio de janeiro. we now have this report. reporter: the streets outside the hospital transformed into a makeshift field clinic. doctors and firefighters rescuing patients from the burning building, some already desperately ill in intensive care when the fire took hold. >> many people wanted to jump out. there was lots of smoke and many people were screaming. nurses, medics were trying to get everyone out to evacuate. they worked quickly while the
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firefighters were on their way. reporter: panic spread with the flames and smoke, blocking exits below. outside, patient set in wheelchairs or stretchers, or mattresses on the pavement, still attached to medical equipment. the doctors decided which were the most vulnerable and needed to be transferred first. distraught family members waited for information. >> my mother is inside. >> q have no idea and can't imagine the relief -- you have no idea and can't imagine the relief of knowing he is alive. thank god he is fine. >> not everyone received good news. firefighters search through the night to recover the bodies of those who cannot get out in time. zimbabwe, robert mugabe will be buried at a national shrine in the capital. thousands have been paying their
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respects to a man seeing as the countries founding father. his death leaves many questions unanswered and an economy in crisis. we have more. brother used older to stand opposite the parliament building every day, calling for robert mcgarvey to step down, saying he had failed as a leader. four years ago he was bundled into a car and has not been seen since. he believes the people working for the government took his brother. he was one of many critical of the government who have mysteriously disappeared over the years. named lot of people were because they have not found closure. independence,ince there are thousands of individuals who have been reported missing on political
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grounds since robert mugabe came into power. those issues are not resolved. knowter: he does not whether he is alive or dead. removedbert mugabe was in 2017, they ask him where he was. he said he knew nothing about it. it is one of many unanswered questions. in the 1980's, thousands were murdered in one province for allegedly trying to remove robert mugabe from power. he calls that period that moment of madness, but it is the state of the economy, once a prosperous nation in 1980, now struggling with soaring inflation and high unemployment. not basic services are readily available, including water. >> all of these children are going to school without bathing. basically searching water
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all day. electricity. when the electricity comes, then we will fetch water once in a while. reporter: robert mugabe was a polarizing figure. there was controversy over when and where his body would be buried. now the family since his final resting place will be here. it is an important national shrine. mcgarvey -- next to her is it empty grave reserve for the countries founding father. family members will have their own private event to say goodbyes. while some praise robert mugabe's policies, others allegations of human rights abuses and disappearances in a ruined economy. a massive strike brought
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harris public transferred to a halt as workers protested against pension reforms. closed,e 16 metro lines while buses and trams were also impacted. we report on this now from the french capital. most of the metros and train services close, people sought alternative ways. the biggest strike in the french capital in more than a decade force travel chaos and frustration for commuters. >> the idea is to strike a protest using methods that don't prevent others from going to work. >> i thought it would be busy and delayed. reporter: transport workers are protesting against the plan pension reforms. the french government wants to streamline the pension system to
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make it fair and financially sustainable. >> we will build a truly system, which gives everyone the same rights, whether they are workers, shopkeepers, researchers, civil servants, doctors, or entrepreneurs. reporter: system, which gives these transport workers are worried their pensions could be reduced or they could be forced to work longer. att people in france retire 62, but some transport workers can retire in the 50's. >> our pension scheme is sacred. we accepted jobs for shiftwork. we have a responsible for safety, but now they want to take a rights away. >> we are being asked to take on difficult working conditions while losing what little compensation we had. reporter: many people in france regard the state public pension scheme as a pillar of the french social system. previous presidents who tried to reform it have backed down after public opposition.
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wasrming the pension system one of emmanuel macron's campaign promises, but it is fraught with risk. opinion polls suggest his popularity is finally on arise after a difficult year domestic, because of the yellow vests protest from so he will have to tread carefully. french people believe the system is no longer viable for the coming decade, but emmanuel macron has gained in popularity since his good results in european elections from so he has momentum. reporter: the government will draw up proposed pension reforms after lengthy consultations with trade union leaders and the public, a strategy the president may be gambling on to give them the green light to continue with his sweeping reform agenda. it won't be easy. workers from other sectors are planning similar strikes in the coming weeks. days of torrential
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rain have caused severe flooding across southeastern spain, at least four people have died and hundreds of evacuated in two regions where roads turned into rivers and cars were swept away. water poursood through this area on the mediterranean coast, a seaside town popular with tourists in a region battered by storms and heavy rain. deluge canof the be seen from the air with buildings and landscapes swamped by the downpours. overnight, emergency teams work to evacuate people. incommunicadon since this morning. the storm flooded off the streets. it seemed like a river. i have never seen anything like that. the water almost got inside. reporter: the morning brought no
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respite. a man's car had come trapped on a motorway that looked more like a river and a road. >> he was holding on to traffic signal. since we were talking to him and not responding, we jumped in get him out. reporter: the army has been cold and to help people in the worst affected towns and villages, and work is underway to clear the debris. this should be holiday season for this part of spain, but there have been record-breaking levels of rain, and more is expected. greater turned bird has joined white house demonstrators holdingngton, d.c., banners and giving speeches, demanding political leaders addressed the political crisis pitch she arrived in the u.s. after a two-week transatlantic journey. we have more from washington.
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her climate strikes every friday, preferring to protest outside swedish parliament for urgent action rather than attend school that has been a global phenomenon, and she joined students in the washington dc area for their strike outside the white house. for everygrateful single one of you. i am so proud of you. it is a lot more than anyone had expected. i was in the back, i didn't see anything. this is very overwhelming. never give up. we will continue. see you next week on september 20. [applause] >> she said this is a per cursor to the friday, september 20, not
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just students walking out of class, but adults walking out of the workplaces, demanding action on climate change in the days before a un summit in new york. anchor: plans underweight to move indonesia's capital to borneo. jakarta is a city steadily sinking into the sea. there are concerns about with the move to borneo would mean for the people who live there. reporter: this largely untouched part of the country will become the new capital of indonesia, if the president has his way. it is in stark contrast to jakarta, heavy traffic, smog, and sinking. the pressure to move his rising from along with sea levels, which means the city of tinman people could be underwater within the next 30 years. this is where the city's relocation may end up, borneo
5:44 pm
island, known for its forests and rare wildlife. for beingas chosen less prone to earthquakes and floods, there are concerns it will threaten conservation efforts. activists say mining and logging have damaged some areas. >> the new capital here will destroy the ecosystem. it will cause destruction, raise the temperature, risk for inspired, and will create a water shortage during the drought season. reporter: moving the capital has been discussed for decades, but recently resurrected by president joko widodo. billion, one of the largest single infrastructure projects. the plan is to build the city on land between the two largest cities. they will be connected by this 99 kilometer long road. the first stage of construction will be around this land.
5:45 pm
there will be a presidential palace, militaries, housing for schools. elsewhere, businesses and offices to meet the demands of the city's new population. while the new capital is welcomed by many indonesians, villages fear they will be for southland they have lived on for generations. >> we worry about the legality of our land. only 20% of us have a legal document saying it belongs to us. foreigners have been coming here. it is causing tension in the community. reporter: government leaders and jakarta say the exact site of the new city has not been revealed to avoid property speculation. don't need to ask people when we want to move the capital. it is up the government to decide from as long as we don't destroy the environment or harm anybody. reporter: while plans are in the early stages, the first construction is expected to be complete by 2024.
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moving an entire capital city will be a delicate balancing act , preserving the natural habitat, while building their vision for a new concrete jungle. still ahead, hong kong's pro-democracy protests take a new twist as they collide with an ancient chinese festival. a lead after day one at the cup. ♪ ♪
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♪ ishor: the lunar festival one of the most important celebrations in the chinese calendar. this year, the event takes place against the backdrop against months of protests in hong kong. we have this report. reporter: people here say the full moon brings prosperity and a brighter future, but the lunar moon rules over a different hong
5:48 pm
kong this year, and the alebration has taken on different feel. many people are coming with a different message, remembering those most affected by the proposed extradition bill that sparked the initial street protests. >> today we have a memorial for those people who died. reporter: the protests show no sign of ending, despite the police crackdown and increase violence at demonstrations. people continue to vent her frustration at what they see as mainland china's growing influence on hong kong. the protest is more sober than usual, but the sense of discontent is still quite present here. it is being
5:49 pm
integrated in almost every single facet of hong kong society. the controversial extradition bill was withdrawn last week, but critics of carrie lam and her administration say this was too little, too late. >> we are here because what the government has done. the withdrawal of the extradition bill is not enough. >> previous celebrations were about family. now it is about standing with the people of hong kong. reporter: the festival brings families together to celebrate. they are seen about the system in their fight for personal liberty. dreamer ♪say i am a anchor: time now for sports. day twon fought hard on . -- anglin fought hard on day two. six wickets, steve smith, low
5:50 pm
score of the series is 80. play.lia, 225'4" close of 78 of the lead going into day three. i was will lead the draw with a straight dunning enough to retain it. >> it will mean a lot for the team. even our own personal game, we still have a lot. >> pakistan won't shift the upcoming home series against sri lanka to a new venue. some players opted out of to the team was warned of a possible terrorist threat. they will play the first of 31-day matches in two weeks. pakistan is still hoping their opponents will change their minds. the board has made a tremendous effort. pakistan has successfully hosted
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andwest indies, sri lanka, the super league as it tries to win back confidence to restart international cricket at home. the council and other cricket boards should support pakistan from because pakistan is supported other cricket boards in their hour of need. reporter: international cricket at home. europe leads the u.s. after the first days play in the cup. this competition is similar to the ryder cup from except it is for women golfers. they maintain their slender advantage after the afternoon. other playersed in an otherwise even afternoon session. today,as a good dynamic playing alongside a new superstar of europe, an absolute itasure today, and hopefully
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will rub off on her, and you don't have to play perfect golf. this is a tough golf course. absolute pleasure to get the points on the board. reporter: spain have reached the finals in the world cup after a victory over austrian beijing. at one point, the austrians led by 11 points, but the spaniards forced a double-overtime thriller. added 19 and 12 assists as spain came through, 95-88. they will take on argentina in sunday's final. the game-high 28 points as they breezed past france and argentina's first final since 2002. it was also the end of the line for the french when they beat the reigning champion the u.s. in the quarterfinals. fixtures,ek of
5:53 pm
liverpool on saturday in the image premier league hosting newcastle united and other matches. josie will visit another place and norwich. before that, everyone will be watching and field. they must not underestimate newcastle. >> the boys are still the same hungry bunch of good football players they were before and i am happy about that. crazy,le will fight like like they did against another team. reporter: the spanish leak also returns with real madrid in action. there are several problems ahead of this match. as many as eight players are sidelined with injuries. they should have one player available. the belgian join the club for $110 million, but has yet to make his first appearance.
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he has been complaining about lack of preparation time after the international break. it is complicated. we know the situation. we are not comfortable about it, but that is the way it is. they had 15 days, where some players only join this week. one or two every day until today. we have three players who were trained only one day. it does not matter. we are ready and thinking about the game now. reporter: we are a week away from the start of the rugby world cup in japan. ♪ ireland and the traditional sermon earlier on was there. organizers will hold ceremonies like these for all of the teams taking part. ireland will open their campaign against scotland on september
5:55 pm
22, and the going in as the worlds's top-ranked team. us we were gonna be world number one going into the world cup, people would have laughed at us. it shows how things can change. one finished driver has extended his lead on day two of the rally of turkey. he is ahead by 17.7 seconds with the halfway stage. the driver leads the world champion. another driver suffered a puncture on his toyota. that is all. anchor: thank you. famousern french town is for the successful invasion of england in 1066, but now it has a new tapestry depicting game of thrones. 30 stitchers produce this modern
5:56 pm
work. thes 87 meters and depicts entire plot line of the 73 episode saga, inspired by the original 11 century embroidery. now you don't have to buy the box set. that is an impressive piece of work, isn't it? that is it for newshour. i will he was a few minutes. ♪
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