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to live from paris hilton fronts at twenty four on the day the fronts said the of what to a presidential. france mourns the former president jacque chirac is laid to rest. world leaders to present a solemn mass that sense of peace. interment taking place. with close family at montana symmetry. which one is the address for the visits the scene of the factory five in room one king dollars just as fears of local people of the contamination but says the scientists say there's nothing poisonous. overwhelming smell let's be left behind. and the diesel day trial opens around
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four hundred and fifty thousand people. worldwide taking action against a bald spot. over the alleged manipulation of data on the because they basically in the last they pledged a lot less than they did on the roads . thank you very much for being with us there's a day of national mourning here in france in ana and the memory of jack jack. twice president of france he died last thursday at the age of eighty six after a lengthy illness world leaders and close family makes that a solemn mass. at the church of sense of peace in paris jack chirac was interred later at malpan ask next to his late daughter in a private ceremony.
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it was the kind of send off that only a few a given. jacque chirac was one of those people. in the courtyard of his own value to he was given full military honors. as emmanuel my call in the armed forces paying tribute to the man who served as president for twelve years. this is where france owners its heroes and also whwhen fulully informed upon to rest. afterr a moment of silence the coffin was taken through the streets of paris the city wishing rarack was may y yet for r eighteen ye. not long later the hearse pulled up outside the church of sense of peace. wait crowns and candid to say good bye. along with she rexex family world leaders past and present to pay seats in the church. among them russian president vladimir putin lebanese prime minister saad hariri and former us
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president bill clinton. most of france's political class was also there including the country's former presidents. they lookeked o on as she rex cocoughing was brought inside te church for the start of the memorial service. et evasion our former presidents it does remind supported by his wife down and that some of my true love of his. last season the it is a palace that's an agricultural like a could you.. outside thehe crowd watched on giant screens and reflected on sheer x. legacy. shoot okay single i was fortunate enough to meet him he was a very good man kind man it all always remember him with long as- he was close to the french people he came to depose your policy. after the ceremony chirac's coughing was then taken on its last journey through paris to it's final resting place montana symmetry. enter hilly with the a roundup of the day
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of mourning for jacket she rocco reporter james andre full of the cortege and this and this this from outside the cemetery. as a shack is not buriried here in the mall by naa symmetry in central paris alongside his daughter loss she iraq. she was the shacks eldest daughter whoho died in two thousand sixteen after having back to anorexia for decades disease that indeed jack shark referred to once an interview as the tragedy of his life in any case this is where. it used to be buried in the ceremony took place in very strict intimacy that was the desire of sex acts family by the general public was kept. outside but several dozen people did that choose to be here opposite the symmetry to see that has passed by and to pay final respects to as check check this former president. that to add that has become extremely popular yeah in france he is the french his
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favorite president alongside gin odd to go now. i had to the same level when it comes to the fifth republic. tims andre how reporters outside the symmetry of mantan asks a very famous. place of many of personalities in frerench society. and of course the latest too bad that the late president jack shellac. whom the world b becaue it came to pay their last respects was the former us president bill clinton he had thisis to say to a reporterer about. check she rack the man the politician the state. what a good r representative. for france he was because he was. always upbeat always positive. always very french very protective of french interest winter weather brought people together not drove them apart i mean look who came today he tried to bring people together you had a special relationship with him you knew. each other very well you were friends remember an anecdote special
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between you and president shock i remember more than you want no i remember. i remember him holding up. a hillary button in two thousand seven in his lectures presidentnt. zero at te time that was a pretty risky deal let's say it's pretty mild compared to what is going on in american politics today well i love greece's i don't care if anybody knows this is my friend. he was that way and i remember he took me to say let me louis the first time. i remember all the other things he did that were the first time in and it was all. personal didndn't have much to o do with politics i'm- i'm all for people being national tom from to be an american. but inclusivive nationalism works better than exclusive nationalism in a world full of complex problemss the crossss national borders and that's what we're dealing with. so anyway i think we. the second
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was old. jacques cousteau around all like heaven. after plugging along but in in this is it's an interesting thing because we don't agree on everything politically but these are where people of the route left people on the right should be able to agree. the diverse groups make better decisions alone geniuses. and that science. is a better guide to making environmental p policy in tryrying to preserve the species than just. blatant self interest or you know ideological bent. and. so up mimisha rock a alike in manila . the words of the former us presidenent tell bill c clinton thatat remembering his friendshp without the late jack chirac who was laid to rest in paris after a solemn ceremony at cents apiece and then a private interment at the cemetery in
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montparnasse let's get some perspective now on the lifetimes and legacy of jack chirac which michael smith associate professor of french. and francophone studies at the university of nottingham p poll thank you once again for joining us we was apprereciated your timime your analysis jacque chirac for you. what does he mean to francois his legacy be. well it's interesting that you format to full of bill clinton. bill clintnton wants conjecture like the comeback kid. and one of the things that said the really sticks in my mind about *-*- like was he's he's stick ability he's he's- not just the longevity but the number of defeats he overcame. but i think the one with thinking about his legacy it is the- it is that that kind of continuity in a political regime you know the old very often. politicians come and go but there is something to be said for longevity even if. the judgment of chirac's presidencies is
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pretty makes timing the other will which unitieses missed when he was president between ninety five. and two thousand seven in two thousand and two he's almost elected by default because of the way that the two thousand two presidential election ran. but i think that he's legacy is that he very much carries on the tradition of an independent and can bill clinton a leech this. independent frogs but not one these. that was belligerent lee independent but making sure that people understood that they would different. ways of reading world world politics. will the iraq war be possibly the thing that people remember him for france's refusal to back. the us and the uk going into iraq. yeah i think so internationally that's the thing that he's remembered for of course you know that was that was very prominent in that is the that remarkable speech that he's some. his foreign
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minister dominique de villepin amamazed at the united nations are really extraordinary i mean if people want to you to look at that on on you chew but so are the school bring moment in the history of the- of the united nations so that's- that's kind of what we focus on from out so late. but in some way in sort of roles that were whole ralph about the things that he did it that was successful all the things that were less successful so you know one of those for e example rhys was r reducing ththe presidential term to fall use. us tended to be overlooked in the loss to the last few days we've been idolizing he's he's legacy but sir certainly i would i would agree with you that the scene from the outside that that refusal to go back into iraq. for a second time because they're clearly french intelligence was telling chirac the things that the- the britain and the us will claim. just the evidence and seem to be that was very clear. it was
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that shack shack who w wanted an international news channel for france which is why. myself my colleagues a here now because he was the man behind whahat became. fronts twenty four. but the thing i'd like to put to you pull it is another aspect of what sure acted. a which was getting fronts to face up to its role. in the holocaust around at the jews get in france to face to the fact that it was complicit in many ways. what happened in sending. out jews from france to auschwitz. yes absolutely i mean there was there was a whole period off the second world war was shelled the gore. and get a kind of tried to d. culpable is the french about the things that happen in said. that wasn't a friend she was this vichy regime. and that was not employed and so that kind of you know it pushes all to one side and she hike. despite the fact that he was in some ways a goalie starting we can we can debate his of the deaths of his go to some but- that he comes along in the nineteen nineties has no we- we call push this. to one side we have to accept.
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that it was the french state that was responsible for this and you know many historians who were already flanking the fact that the- the legislation the anti jewish legislationon te anti semitic legislation was put there. by a few she long before. before the third reich was demanding deportations that. that that role for all this was something that that ship hike. was was willing to face up. to and on it was an important moment. pulls with we could talk a lot more but sadly at times against us thank you as o of the- time. thank you for those of reflections on the life times and lexi of shake shack. who's been buried in paris today thank you very much indeed. i will have more on the day of mourning which is still taking place across. here in france throughout the cell life in paris park. next the frerench primime ministete made a visit o of s solidarity to remote to the scenee of the massive factory fireman investigations on the way to the coals of the fire.
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at the little briristles site didisputes six smoke of enormity that been concerns about just what kind of particles may have been in the dark cloudsds givivn off by the fierce flames. less money and we offer the stood at the scene it's john was there was no evidence the poisonous substances have been deposited on the area. honestly for the knowledge that was a foul smell but he said there was nothing toxic. i'm not saying the smells on some comfortable i'm only relaying the results of the test would say that the smiles on dangerous but that they are uncomfortrtable that's what the results tell us. the food was sold his abilities the results of a number of analysis still need to be delivered as we- have it we cannot give any conclusive results. for those analysis and done once they are we will communicate. all the fifindings we have r real summer there is used to. naturalist at roughly for the sea now of the out fire that the cleanup is happening the- investigation is under way people still very concerned about what she was given off. at that's a- site of
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course the promise to promising complete transparency. at any investigation there is an investigation which continues. next the us house of representatives committees that this monday that a subpoena have been sent to the president donald trump's let rudy giuliani. seeking documents in the impeachment enquiring well the picture inquirer has wild us president t to such an extent these warning they'll be civil war if he's forced out. trump on twitter as at a pararaphrasea pasta who pulled his impeachment will cools the civil w war. meanwhile the uss majority senate leader mitch mcconnell. said that that he would have no choice but to hold the trial if t the house of representatives decides to impeach the president the case the call centers on a phone call trump may two cranes president. on the whistleblower reportedly trying to leverage nearly four hundred million dollars in approve you estate. in exchange for political favors. digging dirt on the political rifle. we'll.
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continue to follow developments in this case. the rebels who control yemen's capital sanaa reported to have released hundreds of prisoners it's been described as a unilateral means. united nations says it hopes will help revive the peace process. the international committee of the red cross so which facilitated the release said two hundred ninety. in manyny n nionals transferred from sun up back to their homes. since civil conflict escalated in twenty fifteen to you and says seven thousand people have been killed more to say that figure is much higher. many thousands of died of preventable illnesses into money tradition. because destruction to food supply networks of this millions on the brink of famine. female journalist in morocco's been sentenced to years in prison for having an abortion and having sex outside marriage. twenty eight year old hot job awry suny unknown feminist journalist has condemned the child is politically motivated. the colleges to carry out the procedures been sent down to
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two years a new cisco a year and a medical section eight months. hi jerry suny sudanese boyfriend has also been jailed for. type of bubusiness and i'm pleased to announce can't really see a clean catch my books log is facing another long and costly legal battle about diesel gate on its home turf absolutely more than four hundred thousand people have joined germany's first. class first class action lawsuit they say volkswagen deliberately harm consumers by installing missions cheating software i in millllions of its do diesel vehicles. allowing them to pollute more than was legal. the case is likely to grind on for years and could make it harder for the car maker to turn the page. on a scandal that has damaged both its bottom line. and it's browned. listing corneil reports. it may be four years since the diesel gate scandal erupted but german automaker volkswagen is still paying the price today. since it emerged in twenty fifteen of the company had installed software to reduce emissions in lab tests. both slogans have to
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shell out tens of billions of euros. in compass in damage control compensation buybackcks. and investments into the group's new strategy. overall the companies spend some thirty billion euros in fines and compensation to owners and dealers. the majority after pleading guilty to a u. s. criminal case in march twenty seventeen. there have also been large settlements in australia and canada. the automaker has also been forced to dive more quickly into its transition to electric vehicles in an effort to shed its image of a heavy polluter. the this summer volkswagen aired a one minute forty five second ads during nba finals in the united states highlighting its push for vehicles powered b by green ergy. a and claimiming that t in the darknkness of the scandal te company found the light. this. sign. but the company's image is still far from what it once was small customers in europe
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seem to have regained trust in the german automaker us sales have yet to return to pre crisis levels. unemployment in the euro zone has fallen to its lowest level since two thousand and eight. the official unemployment rate for the nineteen member bloc hit seven point 4% in august down from seven point five the previous month. the data could help offset concernss abobout broader weakness in the eurozone especially in the manufacturing sector. earlier this month the european central bank a re launched a stimulus program in an effort to boost stagnating growth. separately britain's office for national statistics confirm that the uk economy contracted point 2% in the second quarter. ahead of the october thirty first birds that deadline. it means the economy would officially be in recession if you continue declining from july to september. business optimism about the future meanwhile has dropped its lowest level since before the twenty y sixteen referendumum. you can finance minister said the government was preparing for all possible outcomes. insulate the economy
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from any for exit shock. i understand that the uncertainty around breaks it can be challenging. but our step change in preparations has made a deal out come more likely adding new old a no deal outcome more manageable. working closely with the bank of england we're ready to drool on the full armor of economic policy if needed. second is trading action now makes clothes f for the major eururopn indices forty one hundred dropping just below the flat line in london the checkout gained two thirds of a percentage point here in paris the docks a little bit less in frankfort. wall street closed higher with the tech sector outperforming the dow jones rose a hundred points to wrap upup a rather rocky third quartr ought to focus on trade issues as a top us adviser denied chinese claims the beijing was allowing morore internatitional investment in its economy. h hih level talks betweween american
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and chinese negotiators are set for early october. moving on some of the day's other business headlines now. excel airways has officially halted all of its flights as of monday afternoon. ten days after it stopped selling tickets. . thati had not received any takeover offersrs this weekend a new cout heararing on the airline's futue is set for wednesday. slovenia's flagship carrier i drea airlines has also filed for bankruptcy it's license has been revoked in all planes grounded. ten thousand passengegers have alrlready been affefected. the slovenian government ruleded out s support for a draft saying its financial situation was even worse than anticipated. boeing is revamping its safety protocols amid growing criticism of hohow it handles to deadly crashes. american aviation giant set a new unit with the set up to oversee possible problems and complaints. seven thirty seven next fleet has been grounded around the world since march. courses to deadly crashes more killing threeee hundred andnd fy
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six people but i'm still trying to work on a fix to the software thahat appears to have called. kate thank you very much indeed can we do that with all of this thank you. that's the closest to you and james waiting with meme much goodd evening to you you've taken a look back at some of the most significant images from. the at ceremonies today this day morning here in france for francis former president jacque chirac. yes it was a national day of mourning said many many images out that but one photograph t that paparticularly struck me just because of its simplicity ready was this one from inside the church. the sounds of peace church where the funeral mass was heleld and it just has to be the coffin being carried down the aisle. and it's the way the light hits it a really highlighting it out rather than the rest of the congregation how would that when you take a closer look at it you do not to something. that proves this really is a twenty first century at funeral because you will see that some of the congregation at this lady here alright she carrying
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i'm- holding aloft the mobile phones in order to take a photograph. of the lady that asians yes absolutely i know just this at the time windows broken live on television that was more than just this one person i'm not tryingo single her outut. but a lot of people f the wondering whether reading this is the thing to do it is a kind of natural reaction now whatever you see something big and important to capture with your mobile phone. is it really the right thing to do out of a funeral questions perhaps maybe austin the decorum and thought if you want my opinion no it's not. well in in the echo the indy perhaps caught up in the moment a look at it another striking image from today came from a tv journalist by the name of normal society ate. at she went along to some little piece very early this morning before and i think i was on the way a captured this image of the morning light streaming through the windows and she office whether this. could help left immense sob as the months out of the french people because say nothing could and her thoughts are witith planet t chirac at the widow of course objection rack who was not able
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to attend that service oct sounds of peace. and she walls action early at a ceremony at lease on the lead which is not open to the cameras. and it has raised a lot of questions about. this is simone veil on that occasion. but those close to her saying that she is very weakak. and that this. loss of her husband of sixty three years. unsurprisinglgly has hit extremely h hard. now with that in mind that you might be a little shocked. to find that look of his young. is reporting with this image it appears to be the only french media to be doing side. we were told that the entitlement the burial of jacques chirac. it would be done in the strictest of privacy that montana symmetry.
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but here they have an image of the coffin being loaded into the ground. i don't know whether it was captured by a drone or whether this was a photographer and a building. opposite but it does seem like an immense intrusion into my with that was supposed to be. strictly privavate one wonders what is the public interest defense in taking g a photograph i. as a journalist don't think- the reas. it's in a different state at showing nobody else appears to have picked up on it a sudden when i was searching around to see if anyone else is using it. it does look as if it's just that one outlet. i'm you could say that's importation lot of people are saying. that the grave itself is very much. in good taste. this is a photograph of it taken in the early hours of this morning before the end time it happens. and you can see it has simply the words. jacque chirac and his. year of birth year of death. no mention of the fact that he is the president award the prize to from. i am. feeling this belies the fact that he was very down to a- a- a very. ordinary frenchman inn manany ways. and f
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course the fact that he's buried alongside his daughter who died back in twenty sixteen after many years battling anorexia. weedy highlights once again. how inappropriate it was to take a photograph of that barrier when it's supposed to be privatete. but meeting all. day it wasn't without compensator ready. and it was an open. seat for the bells of noted on to ring out for the first time. since that flap back in april we have the images in the sounds. for you. i am. not they were actually run by. forty four when they run out to mark the liberation of paris. so noted on once again marking an incredibly important moments in history for from. absolutely magnificent and aside david of
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c. day of a much remembrance of a man who i think will go down as one of the french political quakes. you know look it claims. that britain's prime minister on this man of a totally differentnt ilk.. a c cd face a a challenge the challenge coming from what a political rival but buckingham palace yes the strange stories that keep coming out at the brexitt the gift that keeps on giving. he knows what time it will take next but there is no claim that the queen herself could step in if boris johnson tries to take the u. k. out of the e. u. on october thirty fast without to deal. he isn't supposed to be doing it. the law has been passed to stop him box there's talk of a secret government plan and according to dominic grieve his former attorney generals and knows a bit about the little full of conservative mp as well who any got booted out of the policy because he didn't vote with the government sat just a matter of a few weeks ago. i'm he says that if mr johnson continues to ignore
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the little at he the civil service who refused to work with him and he will be out in five minutes he'll be dismissed when almost if you. thought that the queen could be the one to do this he said. so it's not a category x. claim
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