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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 16, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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"france 24." every art form. [speaking french] ." welcome to "france 24 we are live in paris. carrie lam'annouuces plans to supply. turkey's presideet except accepts an invitation from moscow. --a far-right politician to remove it. ♪
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chief executive interrupted twice as she delivered a speech laying on her policy objectives. the speech by carrie lam was an attempt to win hearts after four months of protestsshave pushed her admdministration to a brink. she announced plans to increase theecity's housing supply. for more on this, we can go to our correspondent, live in hong kong. : it was actually a very unusual day and hong kong here at the legislative council sitting for its first full session since the protests began it was unusual in the sense that despite the fact that police have predicted and expected over 1000mobilizing
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officers and having water cannons ssations, the protesters did not comome apart from a smal was mostly press and police outside. most of the disruption took place inside the chamber. carrie lam twice try to take the podium to deliver her annual policy address, and each time, she was rebuffed by hacklee from the opposition benches. the pro-democracy opposition and evenanted slogans projected the most famous of the the wall at carrie -plam as she tried to speak. the chief executive soon gave up ann delivered a prerecorded trouble like this ahead.gave the pro beijing faction then
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announced the oppositions and said it was depriving g them of the e opportunity to hear a very important policy address. democrats said they had the duty to represent the angry voice of the people offhong kong inside the legislative council. all of our you said there are no protest -- olivers, he said there were no p protestsoday, buttththe think the announcement from carrie lam today will be enenough to progate the protesters? unlikely, and she said herself that though she has to go on, she said that the measures she announced today will not alone placate the
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protesters. there will have to be more done to reach across a very deep divide in the city at the moment. most of the measures, there were 200 and all in the policy address, many of them focused on land supply. the chief executive hopes to have 10,000 new flats built over rentnt subsidies are people on public housing aiting lists. this reflects the belief within the central government in beijing and the government that hong kong has skyrocketing property prices, and the opposition said that that is not the case at all. they point out that many of the people on the streets are some of them, multiple times. they say it is anner at the encroachment of beijing and hong kong life, and the increasing authoritarianism of theehong earlier on today, one newspaper
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publishshed a survvy with 59% of hong kongers wanting the police to be restructctured. major is going to happen justhig from the measures announced today. carrie lam is talking once again she has f from much of f the lt tomomorrow, she has a facebook live event where she plans to answer questions from the public, including the protestors. has rawn derision from the pro-democracy protesters. anchor: oliver, thank you for the updaae. in other news, turkey's president has accepted an invitation from vladimir putin to visit russia in the cong days. has said erdogan turkey will never declare cease-fire, even though the united states has wwrned that
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fresh sanctions could destroy its economy. -- theill continue to security zone until we achieve our goal. this is nonnegotiable, and we will not back down, even if obstacles are put in our way. we do not negotiate with terrorists. turkee knows that negotiating wiwith thehem does not getouou anywhere. for more on how russia has steeled the% vacuum left, we have >> our reporter reporting. russian >> russian president continued his tour in the united arab emirates, visiting country's traditionally allied to the united states, just as russia confirmed its dominance as a powerbroker in the syrian dominance. >> we are intensely
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internationalith issues including the situatton in syria, libya, yemen, and the europe gulf. russia u.s. troops gone, has moved in to fill the void. rrssian troops are now patrolling. tuesdaa, moscow's envoy for syria released a statement saying, nobody wants this typepe of clash to happen. we have always urged turkey to shoo restraintnt and i've alwlws considered any kind of military operation on syrian erritory to be unacceptable. >> if the russians are the main powerbrokekees and the diplomatc the russian open, army and turkish army are incontact. they are in contact with the syrians, ss by% mitigating betweethe e tw sides, they will
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try to fight any type of accident on the ground.. >> russia is laying down ground utin's envoy for syria should onlyturkey be a allowed f five to 10 kiloms into syria's safe zone. he also added that turkey cannot have soldiers in syria permanently. it is anotter reminder that russia is the only world power left in syria. since intervening in the country's civil waa in 2015, it pas helped assad reccaim mucc of the country from rebels. now, ttrkey's invasion of syria moscow with ad chance to finish the task. russia to accomplish h its long assad a all of the foforeign bos
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back. >> i in addition toto t the main players, russia has open communication with others who have a stake in the syrian conflict including iran, saudi arabia, and israel, making it a key player of how the conflict may develop. anchor: propaganda images have been released from north korea showing leader kim jong-un winter through a major policy announcement at kim ong-un's own deadline stalled nuclear talks with united states approaches. staff back once again in the spotlight and headscarf back once france.n the spotlight in someone said it was undesirable and france societyy ed from wearing
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headscarves in school since 2004, but now there is a battle of whether that ban should be extended to moththees on school trips. >> a woman is peemitted to wear her veil when she accompanies a school trip, but nobody has the right to proselytize, and the authority can and must intervene if it s the case. for my part, i do not think it is necessary today to create a law on mothers accomompanying children on school trips. >> the debate flareded up aftera member of a rally party posted a video of him confronting a woman wearing a head scarf. she was accompanying kurt sign% in other peoples to a regional his reaction because that widespreaddoutrage, but the controversy also exposed to divisions within macron's ruling party. >> i have no problem with a
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veiled woman participating in a school outing. eexclusivity allows that oman o intermix with other women. >> it is not s sometting to -pencourage. >> a hot button issue in france, debate treads the line between state secularism and religious individuality. called on emmanuel they ask howwfar that >> two weeks agogo and negotiations in brussels have so far failed tt reach any breakthrough. talks are underway this wednesday and it ill tackle issues ranging from brexit to syria.
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ahead of that, the ffench president will be holding talks with chancellor angela merkel for a united front. >> british and e eu negotiators insisted they are closeeto a deal, but stilll no cigar. thatitial indications are negotiations are moving in the right direction, but whether we will be able to conclude or revise, or withdraw the unclear.%-on thursday, >> talks between officials have intensified in recent days with the irish backstop still the main sticking point. the eu's chief brexit negotiator had given the two sides until midnight tuesday to reach an agreement on a finalized legal text. only then could the draft we put forward in time for approval for
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a two-day meeting starting on thursday. the summit is seen as a last with the deal ahead of the october 31st deadline. even then, hurdles remain. prime minister johnson must also get any new deal approved by lawmakers if he hopes to avoid another deeay. he is relying on support from both conservatives and the .emocratic unionists though the head of the latter has suggested that they are support is not a foreggne conclusion. we do want to get a deal, but it has to be a deal that respects northern within the united kingdom, and hat there is to be consent, and that is in accordance with the belfast agreement, so there has to bee consent. >> either way, observers are expecting a major showdown for this weekend'ssemergency parliaments meeting which will be the body's first saturday sitting in 37 ears. anchor: time to get your reminder for the top stories
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here live from paris. -pcarrie lam announces plans to increase hong kong's housing supply after a speech laying out her policy objectives was interrupted not once, but twice. accepts anesident invitation to moscow. president erdogan announcing he will never declare cease-fire and northeest to syria despite the threat of u.s. sanctions. the muslim heedscarf back in the spotlight in francc after a far-right politician asked a woman accompanying hhr son on a school trip to remove it. dutch familyf her were found in a seller of a farmhouse, waiting for the end of time. according to media reports, the family was discovered after one of them escaped and saw to help. dutch authorities have taken a man who paid rent on the farmhouse into custody. >> in a concealed room underneath the secludeded house, dutch police found a family. they believeved the five sibllns
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aged between 18 and 25, and their bed ridden father had b bn living here for the past nine years. news came as a shock to neighbors. >> we always thought that one man was living in the houss. he was renovating the place. we had no idea. >> authorities acted on a tipoff on sunday evening, the eldest son reached out for help at a nearby cafe. >> i could immediately see that he was confused. pe had l long, straggl hair, a a dirty bearard, and dirty clothe. it did not make sense. theocal media reported that family may have apocalyptic beefefs. ththey lived entntely off of thr pl o of land where they kept a goat. police are investigating whether the the now grown up were kept against their will >>. many questions remain, and we do not yet have the the answers.
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>> the six occupants have been re-housed and have been given medical treatment. city in the french capital holding an exhibition unlike anyone that you have ever seen. it features everything you want to know about spying, and a number of intelligenceeagencies have signed off, and visitors do not just get to watch but are handed a mission of their own. take a look. >> a secret codode for the operatioion is i isotope. -p>> if you have evever dreamedf newoming aaspy, the exhibit is prooably the closest1 yoo will ever get to your >> we believe a low intensity nuclear test has just been carried out. >> has someone stolen top-secret data from france's nuclear facilities, to find out, you will have to collect information, tap phones, analyze satellite images, tail suspects. >> watch out.
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the target is getting on the platform. >> you learn how to search facilities, find hidden cameras, and microphones. you have to browwe the room with this device, and i just six top french intelligence services are a part of the experience. >> we are not revealing state secrets, but we are showing people how intelligence ssrvices work. >> to make the expprience authentic, the producers o of french tvtv series, the b bureas pitched in. they worked on the script, sequences --% filmed sequences, and a real life crisis rououte eeoughhto akeu feel like a part of the team, but once your mission is done, do not contact the bureau. >> you can count on us.
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we will keep you updated on thte datata you colollected. anchor: t time next are the business you news. >> hi. anchor: a draft budget for next year, it is sent to brussels for approve of. cracking down on t tax evaders. and there are f fears that it could trigger a r recession. it will l need to get the eu's approval. it is a difficult balancing act of give-and-take. for italy that cancels a new sales tax that would have rates 23 billion ragging the country into recession. tax evadrs are over as they will be the ones to make up the shortfall.
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the government estimatetes the black market costs the state 109 billion euros every year. transactions above 2000 euroo in cash will be raise an extra 3 billion euros. following in france's footsteps, digital companies that have global revenues of our seven out of 50 million euros with about 5.5 million euros of that generated in italy will be subject to a 3% levy on incoming transactions. breaks for the middle class wiil cost of. budget, there is a trk to lower it by 0.1%.
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getting siiiined off by the european commission is not a given. last time, for the first time ever, the european union rejected it. >> meaeanwhile, chinese tech git huawei says it again tomorrow to gain more customers despite u.s. sanctions. it reported a 24% to gain revenue for the first in nine months to $86 billion. with the profit margin growing -- huawon has proposed ei says it is removing american components from its products. let's chk k in othee date's trading action,, and e european
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markets lookingg s subdued for midday. france'e's vax is up about 3/10 of 1%. the british pound came off of a five-month high eached overnight. as brussels has yet to achieve a breakthrough. here are the figures exchangege rate for the britisih pound just a a ttle whilele ago. has unveiled a rarange of new producucts inclug itits latesttsmaphonone, theepel 4 starting at just under $800.0. the phphon has a radar and facil recognition features so ththuser cacan unlock i it. crcritics say google is tryinino steer users more and more to artifificiaa intelligence. >> i did i it.
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>> with thee wave of a hand, google's pixel 4 springsgs to atntntion. >> motion sensor will power down and turn it back on when youway, approach your phone. swipe to plalay a song. wave hello to pikachu. >> google hopes to launch will make it's hard ware more lucratative. also pixel anand a nenew pixel go laptop. ticket foris a big assets for consumers in every facet of their lives. >> they are really trying to and all ofes go out the e network in your r home is googlele based. >> the harardware e on google
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software, it is getting more software users where the real money is. but first, the brand has to coconvince consumersrs that thtr data is safe. google's smart speakers will now come with physical switches to turn off the mics. new faciall4's recognition features will not be sent back to google. but the corporation's usc has always been the abibility to tailor i its services to its to do that, it needs data. earlier, europeaean markets are rather subdued today as negotiators in brussels continue their talks over brexit . for more on investor sentiment, let's cross over to london to speak to a senior market analyst. craig, thank you for joining us.
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the clock is ticking towards a crucial eu summit but still no breakthrough. his optimism fading for it -- is optimism fading for a possible deal? craig: it is difficult to say. conflicting messages from various sources, and a lot of which is being attributed to thinkle vonnie, but they it could be impossible. it is difficult to say exactly where we are heading right now. more of the voices we aae hearing seems to suggest that we are heading for an extension one way or another. there could be agreed later over the course, but we aae still not sure what s clearly very iitense talks happening, and we are seeing lots s of fluccuatios in the c currency. yesterday the
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international monetary fund downgraded its global economic outlook to the recent level in howfinanciil crisis, and has the reaction been so far? craig: if we look at things like oil markets and the reactions are probably a little bit more -psevere. oil prices right now are very reeards to global economic oil going forward. so we stave a little bit of a drop-off in oil priies. market sentiment has not been to deterred, though. we are seeing a lower global growth. numbernian -- iranian would like to see a contraction that is very severe, but when iiposed on the imposed on the t
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is very much keeping in the direction n of travel that we ee huge sururprises f from the imi. just morr confirrationon that te headed. >> thank you for your analysis. anchor: thank you ercu
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