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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 25, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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and welcome to "live from paris." in annette young. eu ministers are meeting in brussels to decide what kind of brbrexit delayed to grand after mp boris johnson calls for an election.
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anotheria is facing round of power blackouts over the weekend thanks to hot and dry conditions. and amid election unrest and disputed results, bolivia's a fourth teterm. but we begin in brussels where eu ambassadors are meeting to xitcuss what length of bre extension to grant the u.k., considering prime minister boris johnson's call for an early election. france has been arguing for a
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shorter extension to the october 31 deadline to read in the meantime, boris johnson is pushing for a snap election to end the deadlock, but opposition leader jeremy corbyn says he will not support the vote until is off therexit table. >> we have agreed in principle and the intention is to take this decision by procedure. let's get more from dave keating. dave, are we expect thing a detailed position from today's meeting? it sounds like we are just getting the contours of a decision. what i am hearing is they have agreed in principle to an extension. an extension will happen here they have almost that. their aspiration is to not have
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to hold a summit next week at the european council to discuss that. they can do it by written procedure. anywe are not expecting indication today of how long that extension should be. most eu member states think the three-month extension asked for in the request boris johnson sent is appropriate's, but -- we may some others end up with a date of november 15, which would be automatically , 2020ed until january 21 if there is no agreement at that time. but do not expect an agreement on a decision until monday or tuesday. that is because they want to wait and see if the british parliament will hold an election.
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holdut the commitmtment to an election, france and other countries are really holding firm on this. they cannot grant along extension for no reason. see either a sesecond referendum or a a general electn in the u.k. to grant that long of a time. what would the eu expepect from the three-month extensnsion if, indeed, i it was grgranted? dave: really, they just want this resolved. most of the eu 27, they want british parliament to agree to oris johnson's deal. -- boris johnson's deal. they worked very long and hard on that. essentially the eu and boris johnson are on the same side here. at the same time, there is sympathy for those in the u.k. who want to see a second referendum. notconsensus here is it was
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democratically appropriate, not the right question, people were the right question, people were not given enough information. i would not expect the eu to stand in the way of a second referendum. long as the seconond referendum is needed, but basically, the feeling here i is the same as in ththe u.k.. they wanant this to bebever with so they can move on to other issues. the fastest way for thahat would be forhehe british parlilient to agrereto boris johnson's deal. if i it has to be some other wa, the eu wilill not make accommodations f for it. everyonene will c certain not o make that. but each extension neneeds to be for a specific reason. an election would be enough of a reason. dave keating reporting from brussels. another news, rallies continue
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across iraq. two people of died. this as iraqi police fired live shots into the air and dozens of canisters to disperse people. it covered the capital bridge with thick, while -- pick, white whiteck, white -- thick, smoke. the demonstrations quickly turned deadly as security forces cracked down. staying in the region, lebanese protesters and have taken to the streets and they say they are not planning to stop demonstrations until their commands are, indeed, met.
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weeklong rallies, demanding a complete overhaul of the thetical system has forced country to a standstill. protests have entered their second week in lebanon. protesters arere outraged by wht they see as a corrupt ruling class. >> i have five children. i am hungry. own a business. what do they want us to do? to steal? to loot the country? no. we will keep protecting the country. by carrying out acts of civil disobedience, blocking roads, protesting across lebanon. reporter: earlier in the day the president pleaded with protesters to end the protest, which have brought hundreds of thousands of people on the streets. >> my call to demonstrators -- i
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am ready to meet your representatives who know your concerns so i can listen to your specific demands. will discuss what we can do together to memeet your objectis with out causing chaos. the demonstrations continue in spite of reforms implemented by the lebanese government. it wasn't attempt to reassure donors. the largely peaceful protests walking walkingnvolved
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roads throughout lebanon, paralyzing the country, schools, and the public walking roads throughout lebanon, paralyzing the country, schools, and the public locations would stay closed on friday and reopen when the situation stabilizes. annette: moving on, two major wildfires in california have forced thousands to flee. some 50,000 ordered to evacuate their homes north of los angeles where fires have destroyed numerous properties. the entire community is flfleeting. james wilson has the story. fire and blackouts in the historic winemaking regigion of san francisco. they are banging on the doors, telling people to leave their homes. chest but i know people who lost their houses in this one and it's a real big reality check. similar things in seneca rita in the south of the state as wind over 60 kilometers per hour pushed the fire.
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some half a million people have experienced lockout as the largest such was the provider, pacific gas & electric company, cut power. say california's wildfire season is getting longer because of climate change. gavin newsom agrees. he also thinks that corporate mismanagement plays a role. governor newsom: as relates to pg&e, it's about dog eat dog capitalism meeting climate change. it's about corporate greed meeting climate change. it's about decades of mismanagement. it's about focusing on shareholders and evidence over you and members of the public. it's a story about t greed. reporter: other power outages are expected this weekend.
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nations ise united suspending its special mission to investigate human rights following a week of street protests. the nation' as president try to ease questions i and announcing a plan -- by announcing a plan to end a highly unpopular state of emergency and nighttime curfews. thousands of demonstrators punctuate the , withthof santiago curfews in place andnd a statetf emergencncy declared, a hard lie drawn to managage the d dissent. this is a possible change in tactics from the president, with a levevel of reforms. chest but i have signed and sent to congress a project that creates a mechanism to stabilize
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energy prices. an increaseill sign in pensions which will favor almost 3 million. afterer: protests are up a hike in subway ticket prices. creative ways have been used to get the message across to in the,s, despite thosese government promimising the prproblems are too deep for a quick fix. >> i feeeel he is offeringng a solution. he is offering more benefits to institutions, but has shown for some time, they want to it -- earn more money from us. a dozen: there are over confirmed totality's. but protesters remain undeterred in their bid for change. man who isd the already latin america's longest has earned adent
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fourth term. morales has easily beaten his main opponent, but the opposition is alleging fraud and international observers are raising concerns over v voting irregularitieses. wewe have thisis rept. electoralbolivia's commission may have declared morales to the main winner, but the opposition will not rest until ththey get a sececond rou, accusing morales of fraud. runner-up issued a challenge. >> the immediate call of a second round of elections admininistered in anan independt and impartial manner. we will remain peacefully mobilized until the popular will of the people is achieved. early polls showed
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morales in the lead, but below the 10% margin needed to avoid a runoff. morales declared victory. all week, supporters of the two candidates have been protesting having clashes. ballot boxes have been set on fire. morales accused the opposition a >> they want to return to power, and not through democracy, but a coup d'etat. ones who are committing fraud. the ones of the met fraud are the ones burning electoral ballots. oforter: the organization american states, the european union and bolivia's cacatholic shirt are all calling for a runoff election as the best way
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forward. reporter: tourists have had to australia-- headed to to scale their roof. this follows a push by aboriginal australians. indeed divided australians in the wider world. we have this report. is one ofit australia's most iconic landmarks and a sacred place for indigenous all. before atourists climbing then came into effect. we came all that this way to get on the roster. i think it is sacrilegious. it's a violation against mother
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nature, first of all, and secondly, against the original indigenous people here. reporter: the permanent closure of the climb was announced two years ago and thousands of tourists have traveled to the site in recent years. the reresponse ammann auststral. this is an emotional day. i guess a majority of the feeling is knowing that people are respecting the culture, but also, a bit of sadness, knowing that there are elders on the journey who are not here to witness it. least 37 people have died while making the ascents. the aboriginal affairs minister
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expressed disappointment, likening it to climbing the australian war memorial. -- annette: it is time parents -- vicece president pence has harsh words. what did he have to o say? mike pence took the opportunity to lash out to china, takining it to test for s and militaryrecord state. --also blessed american blasted american owned sports after that brand removed sensitive merchandise from chinese stores. this is not the best timing.
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trainees president xi jinping and u.s. president donald trump arare s set to finish their trae chile in n noveerer. there e was a call to investigae c, as there were concerned about censored content. the companies said they would not remove content even if asked. they said, we are not instruments by any foreign government a a we do notot even operate in china. let's have a look at the european markekets. in europe, trading began positive, but t has declined ovr the day. the flalating around line. argegentinians will headad to te polls wiwith the country in n te middle of another economicc
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crisis. the president has struggleded to stop runaway inflation and tackle poverty.. we look k at how argentina's economy is faring ahead of the election. reporter: he took power with grand plans to kickstart argentina's economy. it they have failed to keep out o of recession. there is a f fear that the third-largest economy will default on its debt like in 2001. a major crash in august forced argentina to delay payments on its debt. more than half is owed to the international monetary fund which had a record-breaking $57 billion.
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>> before i had a place to live , but children could sleep now i go from one place to another. it is not a life.. reportrter: more than a third of the population live below the poverty line. everyday products are a luluxury for many. threean has less than dollars a day. >> its top. -- it is tough. they hope t that they cycle of economic crisis, a challenge for anyone challenge.n the argentina and has spent morore
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timeme and than any other county besides the democratic republic of congo. annette: here are top business stories free. amazon did not d do as well as t acted and third order results. -- rose year on year to 70 billion dollars. shares dropped on thurursday, wiping 8 -- wiping $80 billion from its stock market value. we work will back out of china after low pickups in the country. china's operatioions are reportedly bleeding cash. 65% are vacant. averted bankruptcy embarking on our turnaround.
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french company the gaming giant is expecting profits between 20 million and 50 million euros. sharply down from the former tatarget. you can blame expensive melons for the downfall of the japanese trade minister. he resigns a friday after accusations of vioiolating election law. he allegedly gave gifts to his in 2000 seven including expensive melons and crabs. melon can beast that during -- melon can be staggeringly expensive in japan. , two sold forear
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$24,000. you hope that will be a really nice melon if it will cost that much. annette: that was catherine bennetts with the business rep. we will leave you now. we will be back after a short break area do stay with us here on france 24. ♪ the united states, 46 years , the number ofde abortions decreasing constantly. possibility exists they could lose the right and what has become a religious issue. >> your child is about to be ripped to pieces! >> just ignore him. to aner: is the right
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abortion in the u.s. under hello.question mark >> i am the host of the 51%. we are coming toto you from the ethiopian capital addis abababa. >> [indiscernible] nation still riven with ethnic rivalry and much of the population in deeply entrenched poverty, how far can experiencetruly ethnic equalitity. -- quality? ♪
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>> france 24. >> [speaking french] ♪
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woman: dia d de los muertos, for me, is something that is very much l.a.a. different woman: it was revived by the artist community in the early seventies in los angeles through self help graphics, and so the chicana/chicano artists really had a lot to do with the shaping of what day of the dead looked like here, you know, in california and also throughohout the southwest. difffferent womaman: as peopople migrated t to united states, thy brought this hololiday with h t. different woman: in reproducing


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