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tv   DW News  LINKTV  December 9, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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♪ brent: this is dw news live from berlin. breaking the deadlock, russia and ukraine hold peace talks in paris to try to find a way to end the war in eastern ukraine. the conflict has killed 13,000 people. we will take you to the combat
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zone and take you to paris were russian and ukrainian leaders have met for the first time. russia banned from all global sporting events for the next four years including the 2020 olympics. the world anti-doping agency says moscow tried to stop drug cheats from being exposed. five people dead after new zealand's most active volcano you rubs -- volcano e erupts as tourist's exploring the volcano's surface. at least eight people are missing. supporting the protesters in hong kong. how a team of volunteers keep the supplies flowing for demonstrators who hit the streets month after month. ♪ brent: i'm brent goff.
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to her viewers on pbs in the united states interviewers around the world, welcome. the leaders of ukraine and russia have been holding one-on-one talks in paris to discuss the conflict in eastern ukraine. it is the first time in three years talks focusing on ending the war there have been held. it is the first eating between russian president vladimir putin and ukraine president vote zele. they are brokering this meeting. the conflict started in 2014 and has killed more than 13,000 people and displaced more than a million. the worst fighting has been -- ninick connolly traveled there d sends us this report. nick: close enough to see what the other side is having for lunch. that is how these ukrainian
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troops have spent the last three years, 300 meters from the sepapatists facing them. >> a whole night without a single shot. i do not remember a day like that. maybe on the first night of the cease-fire. it is strange when there is no fire at all.l. we are used to the shooting. nick: the c conflict may have fallen out of the headlines, but the shooting and the death continues. less than a 10 minutute drive away, a young woman walking with her child was severely wounded by a stray bullet last week. our guide through the trenches was in his second year of cadet school on the conflict broke out. he could hardly have imagined he would soon find himself a thousand kilometers from home fighting a trench war. >> everyone is tired of the work, as parents and wives worried about them at home. if politicians can sort this out by talking, why not? if we withdraw from here, it is not a disaster as long as our
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opponent does the same. nick: off-camera, m many soldies e more skekeptical. they do not want to give up territory gained from the separatists. president zelensky's government is convinced only a buffer line can bring peace. it is a short drive from ththe trenchches to one of thehe reg's biggest crossing points between government and separatist held territory. thousands make the journey every day, spending hours in the cold. >> we ararhoping foror peace. wewe need to resolve this war. it has been six years since it began. i am convinced it is part of ukraine. >> i do not understand what merkel and a president macron want to do. -- and p president president macron want to do.o. >> we need a united ukraine. we need anan end to all this. so people do notot have to sufur
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in these cues anymore. >> one of ukrarae's bibiggest cities is less than a half-hour drive down the r road behind me. we cannot go there. the pro-russian separatist in control o of the city are wary f ththe foreign press. resident zelensky wasas electedn a promise to bring it back to ukrainian control. back at the front line, it is quiet, at least during daylight hohours. silencee allows time to think ababout the fututure. >> i am not interested in this summit. what will happen will happen. thisis war needsds to end. i have lost so many comrades already. forgiviving the otheher side, mg peace, that is going to be tough. >> t the repercussionsns of thir
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will be felt for years to come. it is not just about the mines and grenades that litter the landscape. it is about the war in people's heads. brent: our correspondent is covering the talks tonight. how far along are they? georg: leaders are currently having dinner and hammering out the details of what will be a final declaration. it will be interesting to see what is in the declaration, to what extent will it be able to exit of the -- to resolve the conflict and revise the minsk peace accord, which has the ingredients you would need to resolve the conflict. what you really need is a choreography, which element comes first. it is clear a cease-fire has to come first. we have a cease-fire and then
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follows the withdrawal of heavy arms. the question is then, will we have elections first? and then, ukraine regaining its territory or the other way around? brent: it really is premature to talk about expectations of any significant breakthrough. would you agree? georg: absolutely. we are quite far away from a real breakthrough. it a mere three and a half years for this meeting to take place. the french president has put quite a bit of legwork into brokering a meeting like this with german chancellor angela merkel. it took a lot of convincing. there are some positive sides. there is a new president in ukraine. there has been a presenter swap -- a prisonener swap.p. some positive signs on which you can build.
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none of that is guaranteed. brent: this is the first meeting between these two presidents. president zelensky and russian president vladimir putin. who is holding the cards? georg: that is an interesting question because of course, on the one hand, you have an absolute newcomer to political bargaining. that is the ukrainian president. and then, you have the heavyweight, and thahat is vladimir putin. what you do have to acknowledge objectively is there is a lot more pressure on the ukrainian representative, the ukrainian leader, because he is walking a tight rope. on the one hand, he won support for his presidency on the back of promising to win the war. many in ukraine have gone to the streets on sunday, saying, do not sell us out.
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you bring us the peace, but do not let yourself forced into any compromises that later we could regret. brent: what about the other two leaders? french president macron and german chancellor angela merkel. what it is in it for them? georg: the french president has said a long time he would like to relink russia to europe. this conflict in ukraine has practically paralyzed relations to russia. we have seen the sanctions from europe, that you regarding -- the eu, regarding the annexation of crimea. there is a lot of fallout onto neighboring europe. the conflict is taking place on the doorstep of the eu.
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a lot of strategic interest. there is personal interest. macron would like to sell this as a big victory. brent: our correspondent georg matthes on those talks for us. pressure is part of our second story. the anti-world doping agency has banned russia from taking part in international sporting competitions for the next four years. it ruled russia should be punished for manipulative or a -- for manipulating laboratory data and deleting files linked to positive doping tests that could have identified drug cheats. it rules russia out of the upcoming tokyo olympics next year. year. >> now, she is in a gray zonene after the e world anti-dopiping agency banned russia from the upcoming summer games. >> it is one thing not to
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qualify b because you a are notl prepared. it is quite another thing when it is because you are punished for other people's mistakes. >> things will certainly not be easy for her. the world anti-doping agency has approved the recommendations of its compliance panel. pending appeal, russia is banned from internanational sporting an their sporting events for the next fouour years. >> if there is a decision being issued accordingng to the world anti-doping code, it is mandatory for the ioc. >> there is some light at the end of the tunnel for russian athletes who can show they are clean and without ties to the state-sponsored doping system. it will be allowed to compete in the olympics under a neutral banner. brent: here is a round up of the other stories making headlines around the world.
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people in beirut have been forced to find creative ways of getting around after floods paralyze parts of the lebanese capitatal. officials are blaming outdated infrastructure. sasaudi arabia says restaurantso longer need to segregate customers by six. previously, they were required to have separate entrances and eating areas for men and women. this is the latest in a series of sweeping social reforms. finland is said to get its youngest ever prime minister. 34-year-old has been nominated by the social democrats. all five parties have women at the helm. it is expected to be approved by parliament this week. it would make her the world's youngest serving prime minister. you are watching dw news. still to come, the hollywood awards season kicks off with the
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announcement of next year's golden globe nominees. we will tell you who might be destined for glory. coming up in a few moments. the baby panda born in beberlin baback in august. they have made their public debut. we are cured -- we are hearing why politics is being kept out of china's panda diplomacy. at least five people have been killed in a volcano eruption. eight others are known to be missing. the whakaari volcano erupted at 2:00 p.m. local time on monday. >> panicked tourists watch as a wall of volcanic ash threatens to envelop them.
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minutes earlier, they s stood on the volcano's age. now, they bore witness to itss might. ash cloaked survivors scramble onto boats. emergency services for grade the injured, some in critical condition, to the mainland. >> a number of helicopters made a deliberate decision to fly to the island to rescue survivors. one helicopter landed on the island and was able to transport survivors back to the mainland. two private helicopters were able to land and rescue survivors. i went to acknowledge the courageous decision made by first responders and those pilots who in their immediate
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rescue effort, made an incredibly braveve decision undr extraordinarily dangerous circumstances in an attempt to get people out. >> earlier, visitors filmed themselves on what the maori call whakaari. although fatal eruptions are rare -- >> they was not a particularly big year option. it was almost -- a big eruption. it was almost like a throat clearing. that is probably why material probably not make it to mainland new zealand. >> a throat clearing exercise. for those involved, and unforgettable reminder that nature bends to its own will. brent: those are dramatic
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pictures. let's go to carissa paramita. she is a journalist joining us from auckland new zealand. there is a report that police say there are no signs of life on the island where the eruption choke place. does that mean i it is s too dangerous to o send rescue teams ouout? cacarissa: yes. police believe anyone e o could have been taken from m the islad alalive was rescued at the timef the evacuation yesterday. they stated that based on the information they have, as of this morning, therere are no survivors on the island. flights over the volcano also found no sign of life. this morning, a navy ship is going to the island and sending up surveillance drones to find out if it is safe for a recovery team to land later today on the island. brent: we understand the white
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island is a popular destination for tourists. it is one of the most accessible volcanoes. tell us about it. carissa: questions have bebeen raised why v visitors have been allowed to comome to thehe isla. in the last weeks, a heightened alert level has been issued. it is ultimately up to tour operators decide whether to take visitors to the privately owned island. one local company stated on their website that it operates through alert levels. it added that passengers should be aware there is always a risk of eruptive activity regardless of the alert level. the levels change on a frequent basis. one volvanologist said --
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brent: that was carissa paramita speaking to me from auckland. hong kong democracy activists calls for citywide strides have gone unanswered. protesters mostly kept off the streets a day after stating their biggest antigovernment rally in months. organizers say 800,000 people joined the march on sunday. as charlotte reports, many are too scared to take part in the protest. instead, they are setting up inventive ways to support those who have lost jobs or family support because of their involvement. >> faces hididden. location concealed. only then with these hong kong entrepreneururs agreed to be filmed.
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they set up an online shshopping service that supports the pro-democracy movement. it employs protesters who have been arrested or caked out of their home for their part in the demonstrations. >> we want to provide for the teenagers and everyone involved in this movement. they should be proud of what they are doing. we will support them with a career. >> despite being a world away from the front lines, initiatives like this work in fear. the founders are volunteers save being ident -- say being identified couould jeopardize their carereers or sasafety. >> logistics manager says getting caught up in violent protesters is not an option. >> i do not have the courage to fight with them. i fell into this backup role and started this company and let them know they are not left behind in the hong kong people are supporting them. >> with this scheme, he is among
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the growing ranks of hong kongers finding inventive ways to support the cause. when you picture the protest, warehouses like this one will not be the first thing that springs to mind. far from thehe front lines, it s initiatives like this one that are quietly sustaining this movement. caleb says he hopes one day he and his team will not have to hide their identities and will feel safe to admit the role they have played. brent: here are some of the other stories making headlines. police in india have arrested the owner and manager of a factory destroyed d in a fire. the fire killed 43 people. the blaze broke out on sunday as workers were sleeping inside. it is believed it was caused by an electrical fault. calls are growingng for the mala
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prime ninister to reresign. protesteters staged a sitting -a sit and what. he is facing pressure overload religion links over the murder of a journalist. protests over emmanuel macron's pension reform policy have entered their fifth day. bus and train services have been scaled down to cope with this drug. in paris, only two of the city's metro lines are running. 9:00 a.m., traffic around the capital stretched to 600 kilometers. that is a traffic jam. the 2020 global -- 2020 golden globe nominations have been announced. netflix' net -- netflix's marriage dirty has led the way. adam driver was among the
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nonominees. there were five nods for the irishman. scorsese's work sees him nominated for best director. i have seen that. scott roxborough joins us from dw culture. netflix is changing the game and taking all the awards home. scott: they are completely dominant. they got 34 nominations. 17 in the film category. 17 in tv. they are leaving everyone in the dust. they spent an amazing amount of money. they are spending crazy amounts of money just to get awards recognition. scorsese's irishman cost at least 15 million to make. the irishman, he tried to get it made with the studios.
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they turned him down. a more interesting film is marriage story. it is sort of a intimate tale of divorce. it is a little bit like kramer versus kramer. that is the kind of movie that 20 years ago, the studios were making. they have stopped making those movies. they have turned towards the superhero movies and the blockbusters. netflix has moved into that cap. those are the movies that play into awards season and end up collecting the awards. brent: so the big studios are doing wonder woman. i just wanted to ask you, what'd you make of the irishman? scott: i loved the irishman. i thought it was a beautiful tribute to what scorsese has done to the gangster genre. the ending is a nice ending to a comment of his work that has come before. brent: any surprises in these
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nominations? scott: i thought it was surprising the nomination -- the irishman got five nominations but not one for robert deniro. another disappointment, no director nominations for female directorors. i was hoping greta gerwig would get nominated for little women. the globes decided to give their five nominations to only men. brent: you mentioned the. does what we saw with thehe goln globes give us an indication of who is going to bring an oscar home? scott: we saw last time, every globe winner went on to get the same category in the oscars. it is usually a good predictor. a good question this time will be netflix. netflix has been so dominated with the globes. the oscars has not tended to favor netflix. they do not show them in
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theaters. they do not like that policy. it attacks their business model. it will be interesting to see if they snub netflix and go for a filmlike joker. it got four filmed nominations. it has a lock on the best actor category with joaquin phoenix playing this incredible cartoon villain. it is a studio movie that has the feel of an independent martin scorsese movie. it is almost as if the studios are saying, maybe we cannot let them make all of the grown-up movies. brent: maybe they should let netflix host the oscars. we appreciate it. thank you. there is a whole lot of cute happening at the berlin zoo. twin bill be pandas born in august made their long-awaited public debut on monday with keepers revealing the bundles of for our boys.
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-- bundles of fur are boys. the zoo is keeping politics out of their names. >> it is a rare sight. media professionals enraptured. they were invited to meet these pandas one hundred days after they were born. according to chinese tradition, that is when babies should be named. the two boys, who are the property of the chinese state, mean filled dream and desire dream. china pursues pended diplomacy to deepen trusting bonds between other countries and enhance its own image. some in berlin suggested the baby should be named hong
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and kong. >> it is nice to have solidarity with them with their democracy movement. >> that would be funny, but of a slick, the chinese would never accept that. >> the chinese ambassador to germany was not amused by the suggestion. >> it is absurd and wrong. that is that. >> the little fellllows are thee first to be born in berlin. they are set to meet the public early next year. brent: just in time for winter. you are watching dw news live from berlin. after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day. stick around for that.
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. and five dead and eight missing is a volcano erupts at a popular tourist spot of museums no fine it's fine it's just and all that. says that many of the victims. florida's thirty people. it'll. houston is meeting with the ukrainian president of a lot of missile and ski for the first time as a meeting h here in paris the french president emmanuel mac on of the german chancellor angela merkel. all mediating to try and help end the war in eastern ukraine five years ago pro russian separatist lords to bid for independence they seized control of the donetsk and lugansk regions. and s


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