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dead and eight missing is a volcano erupts at a popular tourist spot of museums no fine it's fine it's just and all that. says that many of the victims. florida's thirty people. it'll. houston is meeting with the ukrainian president of a lot of missile and ski for the first time as a meeting h here in paris the french president emmanuel mac on of the german chancellor angela merkel. all mediating to try and help end the war in eastern ukraine five years ago pro russian separatist lords to bid for independence they seized control of the donetsk and lugansk regions. and since
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then thousands have been killed enemy in people have had to flee their homes we are expecting to hear yeah- from the fully this later on this evening at that joining me now in the studio it michael beach you'll keep is a global affair. less respect. for the organization for s security and cooperation. in europe the s. c. h. very much indeed for. on twenty four at the festival an engine briefly how many people have been killed in this conflict but talkers top because it seems that a lot of people in the world have forgotten about this conflict a little bit it isn't in the headlines every day. tennis how damaging it is being for you crying yeah well you know the good news is that because of these impeachment hearings this issue has come back into the for a lot of the- people testifying have mentioiod. the numbers that you just said and it's one of those conflicts in the world right now. it's going on for five years there's no end in sight in fact. on my way here i just typed in the fighting is still going on as these four leaders are meeting so the death. the destruction the displacement continues with
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horrible consequence. will head out. there is that. and have never. been in the same room together. before what will the autumn is a landscape hoping to get from this meeting a what will the- reputed be hoping to walk away with. right well soul i think come the level of donors liski came here a bit rattled and why because- before he left ukraine and even on his way here. they were quite massive demonstrations in key of. people saying no to capitulation towards russia so. they've there's a there's a lot of opposition to him doing anything anything at a all that gives any territory to russia. which doesn't bring the- you train russian border a conductor you crack and control. and also. it a lastingg cease their- attacks are meant withdrawal of all. amazed at is four. well. it was nice to come here. and say well if i come back to russia with nothing no
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one's going to say anything probably because he has no. in a viable opposition there so. put in is the type of fellow we've been watching him for a long time that it for the long game. if you can't gain anything here he'll go back to moscow and this fighting will continue so that's what we have to face a and the political situatioion has changed greatly since- the minsk agreement was signed back in at twenty six it hasn't it. i eat. for no matter how for example he is cold at to. reset relations with moscow tipsy better ties with russia and america is much weaker. as you mentioned patients at proceedings on are underway in the united states which affects washington's relationship with kiev as well. everything is up in the air right now isn't it it is and i you know i've spoken to many ukrainian didiplomats are just came from the halifax international security forum where there are that you print it. it's been just over there for example and i'm kind of feeling from the ins is. you know maybe. rethink things were just. blown it with all of the- of the white. back
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and also- angle of coal as reviewers know is going to be retiring. soon and- when he is eager for russian gas. mccrone has its own problems- i. want to reset relations with russia but he has problems here at home as well so. i think the they've they've kind of realize that so we have to toughen up and- maybe. come up with ouour own solutions to the problem. and in. what seems to be pretty disastrous timing for visor pacey had an announcement today for the world anti doping- organization- barring russia from taking part in the next two olympic games. fifa world cup of. this terrible for vision is that affect the spacing told. ananything extraordinarary and- i saw. boyd recounts putting. holding out of his limousine this more than one usually see and- you know. i think something like that really strikes at the russian hard at the russian pride. and that's something that he's going to have to go home and face because you know russians are huge sports fans and for their- athletes to be barred from. those two big events is a really really big deal i think. perhaps to a lot of people even bigger than the sanctions so he's going to have to deal with
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that somehow and- one more thing if i can i think it will serve to further- isolate russia russians i think will feel that they're more. isolated in the past and that isn't a good thing. at and of course. perhaps what could be seen as a- it is. the isn't going into this has said he is interested in gauging with the land ski. season summer donna someone he can do business with. all he had a very poor relationship with the previous year. and president portion because- at do you think they might be able to along the let's give ibm's what famous charm his. it's not his will come into play i don't think so i mean they've had two or three phone calls already they'd have had the confidence building measure in terms of the prisoner swap. there is s some despite some explosions everyday on the front line there's less off. and on so i think those positive signs have occurred and i think it is because putin hasas. s said lets try working with this new guy maybe you know they'll be some programs for it. and just funny
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just to talk a bit more about. the dangers of this war the border between ukraine russia and israel must be mine what is the world right now is. in a lot of children are at risk the four hundred kilometer front line is one of the most mind contaminated areas in the world according to unicef affecting i believe the number is about. half a million children help it's a very very dangerous place is great take a lot of effort. into contamination up not only along the front line but in the major cities as well. hi mark joe give out thank you. and date and i'm not gonna stay witith us to seee whatever agent and low to mid atlalantic you have to say i hae moved on to other. for t the momement thank you very much i will get it about what is happening. in france today because transfer what. are on strike for. the capital. the government will be unveiling the details of its controversial pension plan on.
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wednesday and despite all of this destruction. all shows that 53% o of the french stitill support strikess. well unions say private sector workers are set to benefit at the expense of those in the public sector and many fit they will have to work longer. and for small pension peter brian has its rules. the monument cruel is selling breaking killing over time it's this kind of slogan has appeared on strike his placards around phones over the last few days. we will continue until we see a result mccall needs to withdraw his retirement little. details of the reform a yet to be on failed the protest is already in our pool this set to be a transition to a system where workers accumulatate poioints towards a pension over the course of their career rather than it being calculated on the last six months before time
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and- this is coast fear over how many points you in if temporarily unemployed. on parental all sick leave and public sector employees fear the new system would mean a large cuts of f that pension. reform also points towards people having to work for longer connie train drivers can retire at fififty two a and pubc utility workers at fifty seven ththe plan would get rid of this kind of special treatment which strikers say would punish those with physically demanding jobs and low life expectancycy. the point system- or- like keep it private said in please monument cronus proved this and the unions- icing strikes one to stop what we believe is planned to give our it's a company owner. at the expense worker protection. well. in the fall i fleet is only good metal show a three month suspended prison term and ann eight thousand year
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f find for intntimidating officials investigating his funding in october last year prosecutors searched his party offices and his private home and then also was filmed shopping a police officer and telling him. hi i'm the republic. a cold snap paris has handed down its verdict it's a three month suspended prison sentence and an eight thousand euro fine fish only metal tional. too sassy seed you number two it's ridiculous this country is out of control. the justice system and the police are being manipulated by those in power. they making fools of themselves to cool w. q. the far left leader of fronts on bound has been convicted for rebellion provocation and acts of intimidation. after an incident in october last year where he pushed and verbally attacks. the authorities who was searching his party's headquarters. the search was part of two investigations swarm into the party's use of
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european parliament funds the other into the financing of mentions twenty seventeen presidential campaign. among the other defendants and p. alexi columbia was acquitted and pete best on the show was fined six thousand euros and european parliament member manuel phone call was fined seven thousand euros. mental shown has claimeded that he's te victim of politically motivated trial and he's accused the governments of trying to silence the opposition. i have in the united states to impeach president donald trump continue ahead of a vote later this week on formal charges today democrat says how the case to the house of representatives judiciary committee arguing. is extensive proof of trump's wrongdoing in his d dealings wih ukraine's president while republicans hit back calling the enquiring fanciful washington c correspondent has been good to study as well. once again at winds were a
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present and were very clearly and very and divided the democrats it with jerry nadler saying of course add that to the president of the united states put himself above the country above the constitution. a when he did that and that it was a clear case of abuse of that power the republicans a once again arguing that this is a whole a sham the whole process is flawed. insistingng n at the process but in the in vality the process intnterruptig at the proceedings many time a with the legal and procedural at tactics and we saw. that protester early on. in the hearining room and your- as saying that- arguing and that line at that republican line that this whole process- was a sham now. and he is this he is a really one of legality because you have and the two councils for both sides and
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making the case making legal case. for impeachment and against impeachment but there is no we'll a surprise at least as so far because we are at pretty much seen the same thing with being seen week after week there is. a credit card payment as being in that don't trump abused his power that the evidence is overwhelming in that case and the republicans. arguing and that the democrats have no facts this is all of them and bad there is no way and that the president should be impeached. for what they're- essentially a giving as evidence. can i go to that. one and now eight people still missing after a volcano unexpectedly erupt off the coast of new zealand's north island five people have now been confirmed dead and the number of people are still in hospital. why thailand is a popular tourist spot and most. of the victims come from abroad west tony awards. it was just
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another day on a white island tourists looking down into the smoking crater of this unique volcano located fifty. meters north of new zealand's north island. a few minutes later. may have. a boat carrying those same tererrorists spepeeding awy from the island is the volcano erupts. plumes of whitee a ash soaring into the sky while frightened visitors capture the deadly explosion. momentnts latr the boat returns in an attempt to help those who are still on the island on this s video peope are seen covered i in ash huddld near the water and waiting for help. some of them were eventually rescued by local tour guides who evacuated them on inflatable dinghies authorities believe around fifty people were on the island at the time of the explosion however the volcano is currently too unstable for rescuers to return to white island. of the experience that- we've spoken to have said it is unsafe. for us to go on to that all of. so i've got to also consider. safety of help people
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and emergency services stuff. people with injuries have been evacuated by helicopter to the town of walker tunney most people were treated at this mobile triage unit set up near the shore while the more severely injureded were taken to hospital. white island or what cari as it's known in memory is new zealand's most active cone volcano seen continuous activity over the past one hundred and fifty thousand years. the last fatal eruption here was in nineteen fourteen when twelve sulfur miners were killed. making history in finland's now son of marin is to become the world's youngest prime minister at thehe age o of thirty four she simply the center left coalition with four other parties all of which are headed by women three of whom. are under the age of thirty five ten rush has this report. age and gender set her apart from most of the world's prime ministers. but finland son a morgan says she doesn'n't wantnt
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those two factors to define her. andd a all it says i myself have never feels about my age gens up a robber about the reason cycles into politics and the things out of toss the trust of the people in the elecection. at thirty four years. maureen is set to become the world's youngest prime minister. and her cabinet will be young and female as well. maureen social democratic party leads a ruling coalition with four other parties. all of them headed by women. with three of them in their early thirties as seen in this finish journalists tweet. maureen who was raised by same sex parents entered politics at the young age of twenty seven when she was elected to her home town city council. since then she's had a swift rise and finish politics serving as a lawmaker and then as ministers of transport and communications. she was tapped by her party to replace outgoing premier ontoo ranma. stepped downn last week after a key coalition partner withdrew
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its support over his handling of a postal strike. the center left coalition took office six months ago after defeating the far right fins party by a narrow margin in april's general election. the coalition says it remains committed to its anti austerity program which calls for increased public spending. now the nominations for the seventy seventh edition of the golden globes have been announced the streaming giant netflix has several films in the running including the devil saga marriage story and losses will sayy sees the irishman they will also seen as a bellwetether ahed of the oscars and once a again this controversy with criticism of the fact that not a single female director. has made the list of nominate jim kelly a tidy has more. best motion picture drama nineteen seventeen the irishman joker. marriage story the two puffs netflix iss perhaps on course to be biggest winner of f is
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yeyear's golden globes. it's drama march. dominate the sins with six northeast. film tells the heart wrenching drama of america in the process of getting a divorce. how you doing. hot on his heels was the irish also find that flex. it was. i'm just trying to double. from what from what. i see what i've been through and through this call some of hollywood's highest. reading public. you know. we see this five missions in. it's also won a note in the best drama catats agree workikig
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phoenix and plays the joker received a best actor nomination for his chilling depiction of the classic car is a yeah yeah. we now can you see. france also received a double nomimination in the best motion picture in a foreign language category. a firstst in golden globes history. a portrait of a lady by the name is about. three golden globe nominations are often seen as a bellwether for february's academy awards. back to our top story this hour and moving towards peace is the i am off today summit here in paris attended by ukraine's president below the missile and ski and the russian president vladimir patient. and what impact is the u. s. impeachment investigation having on the summit donald t trump stands accused of f pressuring ukraine into digging up dirt on his apart is cave no longer feels it can count on precious american support. since he is
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found to do all he can to end the war in east ukraine for state folks thought. thought of the crack pulls from ukraine. the ukrainian army's main training base an american built markup village. duration u. s. instructors observe the exercises they call them the time for action support. to ensure that they have more. our laid down to protect somebody has are going to the buildings. if i can do a small little after action review. with everything that happened is registered in these u. s. supply devices. the guns used in training our laser imitation weapons the armor registers
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hits. do you grainy and say it makes all the difference consequence in the morning before if we trained with imitation weapons we had no way of regegistering his services nw we know who got hit. by home school so this allows us to do much better appraisals of our performance trainingng it seems that your job. it's easy too understand what you crave fitit is losing us assistance when you see how it has helped transform the country's military. over the course of its war with russian and russian backed forces. but it's a completely different army now. one that's capable of any kind of a battle field operations. all the same ukraine knows i it cannotot take back the occupied terrrritories by force. in an effort to keep his promise of peace presidents lynskey ordered troops to pull back from the front line at three locations the other side pulled back to. these new trenches around three kilometers from enemy lines compared to less than three hundred meters before. the woman answered from the m moment of the to pull bacack on my
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stretch of the fronontline there has been no active combat. acting stage. some residents of this sprawling mining settlement say they have heard shooting not far off even since the pull back that they have been no casualties. the town one. districtsts went up cutut f from the rest on the separatist side is nervous. marina the milk in a run the charity distributing aid to local people. thank you the withdrawal means the army's positions are now one kilometer closer to people's houses the risk is that if they get shot at civilian homes get hit. marina i is preparing the clubhouse for the festive season as best you can. she's deeply wary of the lynskey strategy. yeah anymore i can't say what the lens is thinking. i just hope that he understands that russia's the occupier and food in the aggressor. we do not accept. you might think
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everyone in ukraine sees it that way but no. on the battered homes of f the let's sy the satellite dishes are hard to miss. people here watch russian tv. privately local ukrainian officials lamented disastrous failure of communications policy with the result that many his still believe russian propaganda. this is all you cranes full plan that it was you crane that went to war with dumbass. ukraine th fella never the less believes he cranes new president sincerely wants peace. but she doubts that can be achieved. in the meantime is a local councillor she's going to do her best to keep this town alive. will last cities we had a session in the council about the question of closing the mine. s shaft all of us select the counselors are against placing. the mines. give double show exactly licia. the lotus pitzer in n crisis.
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that connected to a mine in the separatist side which abruptly closed and stop pumping water last year causing this minine to flood. today around five hundred men still work on the ground but mainly just to keep the e pumps running usually is not sure how it is on the lower levels where we were extracting coal are currently under water. the flooded though if the pope. the company only has just enoughgh pumps to stop the flood getting worse if they gave up highly toxic quarters could contaminatate the whole region. what are the price we worked out a plan to properly secure the site or- hey kat expert approval. but it hasn't yet caught financing in mumuch of te youth group t the financing around if only they had more pumps the managers say they could start extracting cold again in the mind would be at least partly able to pay for itself. in the meantime mine is the maintenance work and a paid only sporadically. yeah yes
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these men i live very close to the contact line set leased the troop pull back because been a relief. for many dififferent i'm fully common join actual clients a home. just after the lens his visit there was a bit of shooting. well let's just a tiny bit but since then. and now that it's gone quiet some thinking we have survived the worst of us how multiple times we save this mine yet let. everyone his as the orderly hope this quiet. wiwill lost and that the state wilill invest in codede again. there's no other source of employment in this town and no plan b. and that kind of a crack of losing their from ukraine and that presidents elaine ski and president putin our meeting for the first time in paris right now we are waiting to hear from them a joint press conference. is expected at to come about shortly but i'm joined hands you to buy michael but you look at the global affairs analyst and formerly of the o. s. c.
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age and that you as well kaley waiting to hear what will be said a at that press conference as we- had- in that room. these wars davis is sick of ukraine. on the infrastructure of course the desktop but- as well as we saw the room people's morale and people really what we don't like the president's lenski at. not as much as the political veteran is not an efficient is going to give away too much tonight. that's a real concern isn't it there's a lot of worry and- talk about gun. the piece that just aired is that i've bebeen to the front line many times. and does the best phrase sorry to say i can describe it is really hell on earth because there's so much damage to not only- public infrastructure but also the homes. and buildings that sort of thing and a big problem people have a lot of- screens on the rebel controlled side have to cross the front line. the heavily mined front front. at the ukrainian pensions and that can take. hours sometimes to go do that. so that's a big- a big concern especially for the elderly who live there. the other thing
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that's been happening it isn't covered very much on the rebel controlled site is russia has been doing all it. can to russified the area. russian curriculum. russian currency even reissuing rustom passports. and is go over point about also the russian propaganda on tv their self- i little w wonder that to you kno. a lot of people a are thihinking well if this area actually does come back to you quinn in control. what would be the mindset of the people and what decision will they make to. stay in part of ukraine about russia. all right and is out of the bay. isn't that was brought up in the miss codes. the h how much autonomy. is we- will get on any new peace deal. and as i said we always hear from president putin. president
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