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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  December 19, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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♪ elizabeth: i'm elizabeth puranam. this is al jazeera life from doha. coming up, the education minister named as prime m minisr following weeks of political uncertainty. ♪ leading democrats lineup their battle plan for taking on the president in the impeachment. ♪
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boris johnson delivers his brexit plan as the u.k.'s reelected prime minister. ♪ elizabeth: libby's internationally-recognized government has approved a military deal with turkey playing -- paving a role for uncle ira to play a bigger role in the civil war. turkish troops could be deployed to tripoli to defend it from a warlord. the warlord rejected a deals, saying it violated an arms embargo. we have more. libyan warring forces are on the move. here soldiers from the libyan national army go west, hoping to open a new front. they have been fighting on the outskirts of tripoli for months against the army of the government of national court. on thursday, the u.n.-backed gna
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announced it will receive greater military help from turkey. hom.ceiving support from i am not receiving any support. i provide assistance they can afford. a proxy: this is conflict that splits the middle east and north africa and beyond. the uae, saudi arabia, egypt and russia have all given greater or lesser assistance, but the fear that the government of national cord might be toppled has spurred turkey into action. >> for turkey, the interest is not libya itself. anybody who looks at a map of the mediterranean will see that potentially libya, goes into the uae orbit, is putting a maritime choke hold onto turkey. for turkey libya is the final chance to prevent this chokehold
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from taking place. reporter: although the libyan gna has ratified the security and military cooperation deal struck with turkey last month, it is not clear what kind of military support turkey might offer libya, or when. but it reinforces the turkish role in libya's future, increasing up a and cooperation -- increasing diplomatic cooperation. >> we are in continued contact with the government and continuously communicate with partners, including those in turkey, europe, other countries. our opinion is that the best solution would be a compromise between the two sides of the conflict. reporter: al jazeera asked the secretary-general's spokesman at the u.n. for his take. >> the secretary-general was very clear yesterday in his expression of his frustration at the situation in libya, the constant flouting by various
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member states of the arms embargo and the continued fighting that we are seeing around tripoli and o other placs in the country. reporter: but that fighting isn't over year it -- over yet. al jazeera. 1 libya -- elizabeth: libya is divided by two governments, the government of national accord. in the east is the tobruk-based government that is the center of power for that libyan national army. arabia,cked by saudi egypt and the united arab emirates. france is accused of providing military support. a professorence is at george washington university's elliott school of international affairs, and he explains why turkey has offered its support. >> turkey sees itself as the champion of the arab spring, and what is left from the arab
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spring. it has this geopolitical struggle going on with uae and egypt and others, and it would support the muslim brotherhood where it is under attack. the muslim brotherhood is much weaker in libya than in some neighboring states, but it is a part of the coalition of the west. and then on both sides of this struggle, turkey definitely wants the western government to hang on. it remains to be seen whether turkish troops will be sent, but the troops are less important. right now with the western government needs is technology and arms. they are not lacking manpower as much as they are lacking arms. it needs more help in the air symbolicneeds to make gains, to hold the western alliance together and to demonstrate to the international community that the west isn't going to give up soon. turkey is the only country standing up against the government, which is backed by a
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number of countries. the latest u.n. expert panel report that came out in december and is officially being released this week cites particularly uae, jordan and turkey is the biggest of debts biggest violators of the arms embargo, but russia, sudan, chad and others are supporting have to are in turkey -- are supporting turkey isd systematically supporting the west. the americans are working with the west on counterterrorism, but the west needs, both symbolically and in terms of arms, all the help it can get. elizabeth: in other news, the lebanese president has asked an academic to form a new government. is backed by hezbollah and other allies and emerged from a candidate after a withdrawal wednesday. there are already protests against the nomination. we have this report from beirut.
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tony: 24 hours ago he wasn't in the running, it on thursday this man was appointed lebanon's new prime minister, given the difficult task of leading the country out of its worst political crisis in decades. if it should focus on preventing collapse and restoring confidence in national unity consolidating understanding among all lebanese people, it is a cornerstone for the protection of the country. years ago he served as education minister. -- he has promised to, promised to be a unifying force, asking the country to bury its divisions. he is part of the old political order they want overhauled. >> we want someone who represents us. how can i say, he is not very good to anyone, of all the politicians at all the parties
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in this country. we have demands that are very clear. lebanon has suffered for months of violence and destructive street protests over government corruption, spiraling inflation in the diary economic situation. seriouson is suffering military and economic pressures and risks a social explosion. the current social revolution main -- may lead to instability. we all have to help. everyone should understand. universityhe former professor was not elected unanimously. a large, influential sunni bloc led by a former prime minister did not support him or nominate its own candidate. he was backed by the predominantly shiite has bilal -- predominantly shiite has
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ezbollah. ofmust juggle the interests outside powers including iran, syria and israel, which all play a part in the instability. accepteder mr. diab the nomination, people were still protesting, although in fewer numbers. but in sunni areas of beirut and in tripoli, there are reports of roads being blocked and tires being burned. begin talking to all parties this weekend, but it is clear not all want to listen. there is still a lot of talking to be done before hassan diab can had a new government, and that process could take months. but would it be enough to stop the violence and demonstrations? al jazeera, beirut. ♪ elizabeth: just one day after
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the impeachment of u.s. president donald trump, divisions between democrats and republicans are again in focus. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has asked fellow republicans to correct what he calls a toxic impeachment of trump. meanwhile, house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't send the case to the senate until she is convinced of a fair trial. we have this report. >> the a's and nays. >> democrats weren't unanimous .n impeaching donald trump one democrat is joining the republican party. the president expressed defiance after meeting van drew at the white house. >> it doesn't feel like impeachment. it is a phony deal. they cheapened the word impeachment. it is an ugly word, but they cheapened the word impeachment. that should never again happen to another president. we think that what they did is wrong. we think that what they did is
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unconstitutional. reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell attacked the wednesday vote in the house of representatives to impeach the president as the culmination of a long-held democratic party plan to overturn the 2016 election. >> the house vote yesterday was not some neutral judgment the democrats came to with great reluctance. end ofthe predetermined a partisan crusade that began before president trump was even nominated, let alone sworn in. reporter: mcconnell said he will take his cues from the white house as he oversees a senate trial of the president. democrats aren't happy. >> leader mcconnell claimed impeachment was motivated bipartisan rage, this from the man who said proudly, i am not impartial, i have no intention to be impartial at all in the trial of president trump.
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what hypocrisy. after wednesday's vote, nancy pelosi refused to commit to sending the articles of impeachment to the senate. some democrats argued no trial should take place unless there are guarantees of fairness. pelosi seemedday, to be speaking in terms of when the trial will occur, not if the trial will take place. >> the next thing will be when we see the process that is set forth in the senate. then we will know the number of managers that we may have to go forward. [indiscernible] we would like to see a fair process, but we will see what they have and be ready for whatever it is. reporter: democrats want to be able to call witnesses in the senate. mcconnell says he wants as swift a proceeding as possible. house democrats, making their case, the white house making their defense, only then will witnesses be considered. congress begins christmas recess
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this week. time-out in january has been set aside for impeachment. as of now it is unclear when the trial will occur. al jazeera, washington. elizabeth: as six the democratic presidential debate has just begun. seven candidates are squaring off to convince voters they are best suited to take on president trump next year. our correspondent joins us from outside the debate venue in los angeles. how prominent is the impeachment of president trump likely to be in this debate, rob? rob: it is the cloud that overshadows the entire debate. i would be very surprised if the candidates weren't discussing it very early in the debate, each trying to use the impeachment of president trump to their own advantage as they seek the democratic nomination. all the candidates who are on stage have approved of impeachment, and also approve of
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the removal of the president from office. three of them are senators, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren klobuchar, i apologize for the slip of the tongue. theyse they are senators, would be sitting in the trial of president trump, if it does come to that. the candidates seem to fall into two camps on this. the more left-wing, including warren and sanders, c trump's impeachment and presidency as a manifestation of something that is more deeply wrong in the united states, the triumph of money in politics, the ascendancy's of billionaires and corporations in power, whereas centrist candidates, including pete buttigieg, the indiana mayor, and former pro -- former
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vice president joe biden, see this as an opportunity for a candidate who will try to unite a badly-divided, badly-polarized country. pete buttigieg tweeted that he is the person to do that. earlier former vice president biden reminded his supporters in any mail, that it was present -- email, that it was president trump's pressure on the president of ukraine that started the whole thing, and biden said that shows how much president trump is afraid of him being the nominee. elizabeth: thank you, rob reynolds, live in los angeles. thel ahead, shooting at russian security headquarters. moscow says it is an act of terrorism. ♪ italy's newows over citizenship law that excludes muslims. ♪ hello, it started raining in
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centraral china. there it is. against is coming up moisture f further south. either way, a massssive rain ast spreads itself t toward shangha, and it is cold enough on the high ground for it to snow, not a lot, rain the main thing. it is more or less stationary. here in hong kong, fine, shanghai, probably wet, chengdu, look to the east end you will see the edge of the cloud. we expect to see the rain mostly in indonesia. big showers will move up into the sun than philippines and just to the east of the philippine sea, potential for development once again of a tropical cyclone. for the time, it is just a depression. one to watch, of vesely. -- obviously. showers in borneo and sumatra are not as heavy as they were, singapore still a mix in the forecast of showers, in
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northwestern india, despite clouds, that will bring snow to the very north and higher ground, it is largely slow-moving a a, and stagnant,t, poor airir quality is the ststo. ♪ elizabeth puranam . the government of libya has approved a military deal with turkey that could see turkish troops protecting turkey. egypt has rejected the agreement. education minister will be the new prime minister, backed by has belong -- backed ollah, with protesters objecting the nomination. protesters -- divisions between
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democrats and republicans deep in one day after president's impeachment. toxic been called a impeachment. but house speaker nancy pelosi won't send the case to the senate until she is convinced of a fair trial. an officers killed outside that moscow security agency. the attacker has been killed. we have this report for moscow. gunfire: a round of echoes through the streets of the russian capital. [gunfire] andle running to safety, initiating a major security operation by heavily armed special forces. according to russian media reports, a man attacked this building in the center of moscow. it is the home of the russian federal security service, fsb,
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and its communist era predecessor the kgb. the attacker then reportedly fled to a neighboring building, barricading himself inside. himrity services then shot dead. ambulances were on the scene to help several casualties. >> there were gunshots. i didn't get any closer, because it wanted to live. i hid around the corner, and watched from there. emergency services came later. before that, police officers rent to an ambulance unloaded somebody onto it quickly. i don't know for sure, but apparently he was already dead. reporter: the shooting happened on the same day vladimir putin was holding his annual showcase, screened live on russian television. thes unclear what attacker's motives might have been or whether he was acting alone.
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sirens]cy authorities are trying to establish his identity. in attack took place here front of one of the most important institutions of the country, the institution where vladimir putin worked for 16 years. this incident will be taken extremely seriously, especially since it took place during the fsbal celebration for employees, and attended by the president himself. al jazeera, moscow. elizabeth: to india, where at least three protesters have been shot and killed during a confrontation with police. aheadtionwide rally went despite a government ban. hundreds of people were detained. the new law makes it easier for non-muslims from neighboring countries to get indian citizenship. protesters say it goes against a new secular constitution. marched in the thousands across india, and with
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placards in hand they denounced the government and its new citizenship law. civil peaceful here as a society leaders, academics and people congregated at the historic red fort near the muslim quarter of the city. confrontation with the police was inevitable. [people yelling] jostling for control of the situation has been a daily battle for police and civil society since the law was passed a week ago. yelling] there was a heavy security presence, backed up by riot control personnel. this demonstrators clear about why he is here. >> the government shouldn't be doing this. it is unfair. we are equal and free. we have a right to protest. -- more: mopar
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protesters arrived, ready to be taken away by police. this lady has been saying i will go peacefully with police, and that is exactly what has been happening with protesters coming into the red fort complex here. there have been hundreds of them, protesting, arriving at barriers, arrested individually and loaded onto coaches, as you can see behind me, for processing. one by one they were loaded onto buses and driven away, each denouncing police. manyil society leader and communist party leaders were some high-profile arrests. those taken from here were released later, while others were detained. -- theree protestant were protests in over a dozen indian cities on a national day of anger called against the new immigration law. full, had their hands
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taking demonstrators away to be processed or charged. one politician from west bengal has a warning for the bjp led government. >> the politicians will only be the catalyst of the people of people. they will not accept this law. the second part is that when available opportunity comes, they will vote the bjp out. reporter: authorities are not taking any chances while the demonstrations grow. the government has banned gatherings of more than four people and cut internet and mobile services in some areas. but protesters here said they want the government to scrap the new law, and that their anger will likely go on until that happens. but it will be up to those in power do -- in power to determine how they deal with the anger and resentment in the days ahead. al jazeera, new delhi. elizabeth: pakistan's government says it wants to remove the judge who sentenced former
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president pervez musharraf to death. guiltyal court found him of high treason, suspended the constitution. the court ordered his arrest and says if the dies beforehand, his body should be dragged through the streets and hanged for three days. pervez musharraf says the verdict is politically motivated. >> i call the verdict suspicious because during the hearing of this case, the supremacy of the law was ignored from beginning to end. this case was taken up and heard by certain people on the basis of personal enmity toward me. volunteer two firefighters have been killed in australia while battling bushfires near sydney. this comes as australia experienced its hottest day ever, average temperatures reading 41.9 degrees celsius the extreme heat and strong winds are making it more dangerous for fire crews. prime minister scott morrison cut short a holiday to address
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the emergency. president says a controversial mining project on indigenous land is ready for congressional approval. riverant mines are near a where nearly 14,000 indigenous villages.e in 112 the president has promised to bring them into brazilian society, but others say it puts them at risk. italian police have arrested more than 300 people in the biggest operation in decades against the mafia. thousands of troopers took part in the raids. among thoseis detained, as well as a mayor and senior police official.
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