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party to top. the best day today at two am et. two hundred and thirty five thousand syrians are displaced in in the province in just two weeks this as government forces step up their offensive to retake the country's last rebel held stronghold. iraq's president rejects the prime m minister candididate factsts by pro irarn lawmakers and criticized by tehran backed groups hailed by protesters. into acacademics imprisoned in iran go on hunger strike t the australian and french ronnie and researchers launching that joint strike in the name of academic freedom. and things for joining us here in the france twenty four news room i'm claire us. it's being
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called a disaster area it live province in northwestern syria has come under intense bombardment in recentt weeks. as government forces b backed b by rurussia looook to retake the country'ss last rebel stroronghold. the u. . n. estims that the offensive has displaced more than two hundred and thirty five thousand people in just the past two weeks surely set bought has more. every day the number of civilians fleeing villages in houston so if it live it keeps growing. for t the past month syrian forces backeked by russia have bombed the region to retake it from rebel fighters. last week the army stepped up its offensive with the ground operation leading to more violence which us president donald trump has urged to stop. russia syria and iran are killing all on their way to killing thousands of innocent civilians in italy province
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don't do it. the province of idlib is the last still dominated by rebel fighters taking them down would allow the govovernment to control the whole country again re cleaning will allllow to re open t theman strarategic highway linking damascus to aleppo. but as the government moves forward residents flee north towards the turkish border facing the cold and rain. but a lot of the non member shall asides warplanes struck shelves on us. we took refuge no we can stay here w what she about a body tht we leftt with nothing we just let t from our homes in this gae decision abril. get it del nominate we are barelyy surviving this muds and we are suffering from the cold may god help us. a lot of a lot. turkey is currently home to some three million seven hundred thousand
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syrian refugees. it has closed its border and is calling for a new cease fire. israeli prime minister bininyamin netanyahu is claiming a huge win after scoring a landslide victory in the leadership primary of his conservative likud partyty while still dogged by a c corruption indictments the primary win strengthens netanyahu's position in the party he's dominateted for two decadades. s as he gears up f for elections n march the country's third in less than a year calling can abroad has more. for partisans of israel's right wing likud party benjamin netanyahu remains the on questionable leader. netanyahu took more than 72% of votes thursday against almost 28% for challenger gideon's are. a welcome boost for him ahead of high stakes general elections in march. this was a great
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victory because we have overcocome those who spread fake opinion polls and fake news. ththis is a great victory becaue almost all of the media with united against with the leftist parties even in this confrontation. populist rhetoric which has once again paid off for israel's longest serving prime minister his challenger quickly conceded congratulating netanyahu and promising to campaign for him in the general elections. benny gantz leader of the rival blbl and white coalition was less conciliaiatory. que fishes in te law to pay i is that the defendant netanyahu who is leading the state of israel down a path of corruption. will continue to lead likud what should i p party which one spoke of the supremacy of f laurel has elected a leader facing three indictments. who is seeking to unrivaled the rule of law and securere personal i immunity rar than address the actuaual concernsns of the israeli peopl.
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but mr because surely is a high slit. grants will be running against netanyahu for the third time on march second seeking to break and almost a year long political deadlock. this after both likud and blue and white fafailed to gain enough seats to form a government in april and again in september. the march elections will be netanyahu seventh at the head of likud a victory would allow him not just to form a government but to secure immunity from prosecution in three separate corruption cases. raising the stakes in what already promises to be a crucial election for the long time leader. demonstrators in iraq have been protesting against the government corruptionn for nearly three months now but on friday there was a rare show of support for the government. as protestors in baghdad celebrated the president's decisision to reject a prime minister candid it back to my- lawmakers. that decision however has also sparked criticism from tehran backed
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groups. iran's perceived influence in iraqi affairs is one of the many issues drawing protesters to the streetet. anda gun que and catherine pidió clifford have this report. celebrations in baghdad's terrier square. as protesters praised the president's decision to reject assigned and with donnie for prime minister candidate who was backed by program lawmakers. the anti government movement is demanding an independent candidate capable of tackling corruption he would counter arounds political and military influence in iraq. a lot let as a protester i see this as a hero rejection from the present about last. we are rejecting any figure who is not independent or who is a member of a political party anyone who participated in the political process in leadership positions. this is a clear demand by the people which was supported by the more china and the united nations and therefore we are insisting on this very strong. a day earlier a rocky president by hand side
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they rejected and the donnie to avoid quote more bloodshed. after months of protests and prepared to submbmit his he was resignation to parliament. as his refusal could be construed as a violation of the coconstitutution. what if by himselelf a war to reresign it s send the country down a path of even deeper uncertainty. as the parliament cannot by pass the presidency in designating a prime minister. now for moree on this story we cross live to baghdad to speak with is i eat all allí. a l legal expert and former you an adviser in iraq. now as i eat as we just heard on the program a rocky president of our home so he has said he would rather resign and accept a prime minister candidate backed by ron. why is he taking such a tough stance on this. well i mean i can't really read into- into all of his intentions all i can do this quote from the- from the letter that you wrote. and what- what he what what what he wrote in his letter is that- is
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that- he gives priority to civil peace. stability and to the protection of human lives. in iraq and what he's worried about apparently based on his letter. is that- by accepting the nomination of the cururrent governor of po?ela. that would lead to for the demonstrations and therefore loss of life- so i mean that's what that's what hehe's written that's not something is not really something that i'm interpreting based on. based on my impressions- you know for the look the larger political context is that a a behind the scenes is also other stuff that's going on as well- which is t that. the cururrent- circle line so largest. the largest local lines that nominated- the governor of also to the position of prime minister. also has enemies the parliament oror rivalsnd competitors for politicacal influence in the country. and some people are have- stop some analysts have- suggested start what's also happening behind the scenes that is not the president. may be engaged in political maneuvering with sat with those other alliances with utah
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undermining the of the wholole f the- clients at all but it. g. governor of also. now president's always decision has been blasted by pro iran political groups can you tell us more about that. well i mean the reason for that is i think is pretty obvious the reason why they've they've- they've denounced the president is because they want foror their candndidate to become p prime minister i mean that's that's really straightforward- they also have share these strong constitutional girls to stand on. given that the constitution is not supposed to give the president and discretion- in deciding who becomes or does not become prime minister at least on this stage- normally theoretically according to the cost to shore legally con to the constitution he's disposed to the nomination of by mister disposed to be a legal formality. and stopped for the present to decide whether or not to support that person however the present is within his rights to resign so the present has decided that currently he prefers to resign over nominating this person with that which is in is within its rights to do so. so the
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political lines that nominated de the governor of the of also is obviously very unhappily politically the right that he doesn't have discretion to- to decide who doesn't doesn't become prime ministeter at this stage but then again they don't really have much cause to complain if indeed he does resign. one of the reasons why they're upset is because now there are no in a difficult situation as well given that. now they the largest bloc in parliament that nominated de governor po?ela is put in a situation where they have to decide whether or nott they want toto accept the resignation of president and therefore have to posts that are vacant- which would make the current lookalike crisis even worse than it currently is. which is probably not much- which is probably more than many people in a rocking there at the moment a project the given the larger context so they're basically upset because they may be in the process of being outmaneuvered politically but to see what happens over the coming weeks. other maybe for more surprises that are there in store- currently i'm. the
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reason why they're upset is because our luck. there are getting their way. now what kind of prime minister candidate would protestors like to see. okay well that's s alsoa difficicult question and the reason why that is because there's no unanimity amongst protestors- what they're on the u. protesters are certainly in agreement about what it is that they don't want they don't want to another individual who comes from the former eyes all class. they don't want individuals or prime ministers who are part of the same creek of up to tickle neke statement that very clear- however what is it that they want instead there's probably not unanimity amongst them- you know there's some basis of agreement or the some basis to say that most protesters would like someone. who isn't politically affiliated- and so and others have said that they want someone who was has very strong- credentials integrity and professionalism but that by itself- it doesn't say much and it also doesn't- doesn't-
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doesn't bode well for future prime ministers capacity or- possibilities of an acting reform organizing elections in a way that's going to be are. going to be satisfactory for most people and the reason why i say that is because iraq is currently politically it's a line fields there are loads tons and tons of local parties there's many conservation parties out there. and there's a lot of hostility between them can be very difficult for anyone to manage critically if the prime minister doesn't have a political party in parliament or in government but they are compact cat him or her up- and that's all they can of all the cars you can do is rely on on the protesters. that's from the useful but it's a new dynamic that's very unpredictable that's going to be difficult to manage and so what i you know it's going to be very difficult to- it's very difficult to see that- things going to head in a positive direction at least in the short. term. all right well
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thank you so much for that analysis is i'd all ali legal expert and former you an adviser in iraq. on the line from backed. but t two academics imprisoned in iran have gone on a hunger strike to protest their detention the australian and french iranian researchers both of them women said in a letter to a human rights group that they've launched the joint hunger strike in the name of academic freedom. that story with calling camera. this is at a bitter holiday for reba delica and kylieie morore gilbe. dedetained intekron notorious ar of in prison the two academics went on hunger strike this week to protest what they call fabricated charges and inhumane conditioions. in an open letter published on christmas eve the researchers say they're striking in the name of academic freedom. we will strike on behalf of all academics and researchers across iran and the m middle eat like us have been unjustly
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imprisoned on trumped up charges and simply doing their job as researchers. a del kerr who is french iranian and more gilbert who is australian are both being held on charges of spying which they say are trumped up. the to say they're refusing not only food but also water a measure which could kill them in just days. it's a last resort against what they call psychological torture and numerous violations of their human rights. this according to a letter published by the us based center for human rights in iran which the groupup says was transmitted by an anonymous source inside the prison. more gilbert who has already been detained for fifteen months faces a ten yearr prison sentence. a delicate has been detained for seven months alolog with herer seals pool colleleage hello mekë said in a statement thursday the university expressed its shock at news of the hunger strike and calleled
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for wide international support. thanks for j joining us here on the program in france twenty four to stay tuned for more news and analysis coming up next . the animated decorations remind me of my childhood. is no longer just aboutut buying things cusustomers want a new experience andnd that's what these department store. thanks for joining us for phones the focus now is a time of year
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time for some for special. so we decided to explore some of parsis big department stores all told my guys eyes than our- way- mood about housman's a couple of internationally renowned examples but a particular appeal at this time of year. the decorations in the windows. byzantine decal la the lafayette where i am now ranks second off to the eiffel tower in terms of annual visits in numbers. as you can see that very much in the christmas spirit him further other department stores there is the prompt all just next door across town this be age three. and the ball mekë shape what is take a closer look now at the history of these monuments to shopping. which first with the business in the mid to late nineteenth century. names bring
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back memories of paris and- in the mid nineteen th century department stores developed a long signs the industrial revolution. bring customers and goods to the sixty. in eighteen fifty two alleys de bluesy kohës than in there for you. the entire shop with the ambition of turning it into a fost mode in store success with the media. in just twenty years the number of shop assistants rose from thirteen to four thousand and turnover was multiplied by a hundred a and eighty. one murder itit was the first ever modern department store it was a truly magical place with amazing service art gallery shows expected we serve refreshments to customers. it was a place fu of life you could spend the entire day here. lucy coe shookok up p the worldf reretail and introroduced a numr of innovations. for the first time goods were put on display for everyone to see and touch. she also launched mail order catalogs and began offering home delivery if he izgleda. diplomacy's customers with an overwhelmingly female. women
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frfrom affluent b backgrounds we becoming increasingly independent with ththem all at some point husband started getting worried because all of the shop assistants were men and all that. so department stores was seen as places of debauchery. is he going to do is call came up with the idea of hiring female shop assistants do we usually very young w women not too pretty so as not to make the custom is jealous. they will always dressed in black sillen. building on the success of rebel machine new buzz elder looked at the vehicle opened its doors in eighteen sixty followeded by look popppped all fifive years laterer. comompetin increased five a at the end of the nineteenth century with the arrival if somebody de and look at. one nineteen eleven department stores employees eleven thousand people and had opened branches outside of paris. consulado and its first ever bronce tool in defeated why do vinne because there's a direct train from sign azon station in paris but if you know is a popular seaside resort town lots of pulls off
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families would go there on weekends. afafter the trauma of world w war onene the grere depression bruce economic hardship forcing department stores to lower their prices. ready to wear clothing was born on t the faltan paul in nineteen thirty three consular stumble ishte a partnership with a cool. way who was one of the great fashion design is of f the early y twentieth century. the idea was to lalaunch a a line of high quality ready made clothing it was the first time you could buyuy clothes designed by pool paul a that's affordable prices. in the fifties and sixties department stores grew faster than ever driven by the rise of mass consumption. t the focus was on attracting at the bigger crowds an artificial ski slope was built on the roof of her pont all in nineteen sixty two. meanwhile the inauguration of christmas window displays quickly became an unmissable event. but by the end of the twentieth century many department stores have closed up shop others have survived
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now with a renewed focus on luxury and tourism. in terms of behind these tools the whole shopping experience the christmas decorations it's all the result of the hard work of thousands of people who we spend twenty four hours behind the scenes here at the console. is what we found out. in the momorning. and it season i clooney control department store. so fees making sure the shops legendary puppets are in good working order. ever since i was a child. is creative and artistic environment he always come here to see the window displalays thehey'll find yes te christmas displays are wonderful. well to work here. work. have a- window display
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it's already show time we came yesterday and what. they're a political animation it's impressive. really like it when you see these. you connect to view in the child. at eight thirty in the morning the story opens its doors scramble begins. send me on the ground floor france's luxury t to grab the attention of cucustomers would o up to the eieighth floor and another friend spatiality takes center stage gastronomy. with so much to choose from it's a sensory overload. every morning holes like it's fresh fisión delivered straight to his restaurant. on the menu today red mullet see actions and sisiegfried. monsters ambergris of i love being able to see our customer missile cedar
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reactions when you're eating women we have a great view of the city. a wonderful location. a member if you meet is a way they shifted the fruit and vegetable stand is haunted wa. childhood delight. teen she's getting up a special christmas desert. has a marine base the filling is soft and creamy so that when you open it the blue is really striking. and right in the middle i put tomato sauce. and she's. on the second floor it's time for a change of scenery don't. called works as a personal shopper. put another way including specialist and while we get on with his teeth. two social to the point i don't.
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he hands out envoys to clients from asia. and the gulf. especially from here in france home 260% of his customers. a mass working retail but on show business it's building relationships it's a psychological aspect to it but i wouldn't close friend changing my de. mike bapaume. hundreds of people working class the behind the scenes of the stores to put french know how on show. the oldest of the paris department stores. she which first opened its doors in eighteen seventy eight. where we had to speak now to foot wasn't out who is a specialist infantry të. thank you very much for speaking to us what you think is the secret to the success of gold my guys on n lie to the ball mekë shea where we all right now. news six hundred feet from the start has been for the stores to constantly reinvent themselves in to stay with youour time. stores that ae inviting which means renovatatig
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this or- investing a lot to make them beautiful on the magazine. also making display is having a new brands to give customers choices. also places de. that's really all part of the secret that's the kind. yeah i'm just looking around us at the clients in this particular government. i think it's fair to say a large percentage of them off for an all day. conference data that was when i women boulevard hasta men in the heart of the presion shopping area galerie lafayette and print tall 50% of their customers and their turnover is international customers. so much so that even galerie lafayette has a store that is in front of the main storor which is practically dedicated to chinese customers. there everything moves faster our staff to speak chinese customers can pay with chinese currency this way they don't spend all their time in the stores enough time to visit the eiffel tower and the arc de triomphe in other. presion monument any possible meanwhile pfizer. i think you're seeing
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these call my guys on diverse a flying that offering how the keeping up with the times. national school. i think there are two main trends for department store. the first trend is to offer more places to economist that allows customers to stay longer in the department store. that's the first tres get a second trend is that there are more andnd moe services to make life as easy as possible for customers. so you have click and collect. that's when you place an order online and you pick it up in the store. you also have personal shoppers to give you advice and to assist you they- in addition you have stylists who can do two to three hour sessions to offer you advise. them that makes them closer than ever to their customers se. a soul r reports resentedd not. doing the business model of look all my guys eyes one that can be applied. outside of franz does it work university. he is in the name. ten years ago there were rumors that the department stores were not going to survive because of the surge of the internet and e. commerce you can ask people thought. the department stores were in trouble these what they were able to reinvent themselves and every country today they're very strong. in
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fact what we see more and more especially for french department store brands. they're exporting and internationalizing someone con sick i think of galerie lafayette which opened in beijing and this year opened their second store in shanghai. he said that they'ree also opening a store luxembourg. so we see that they cross border real- some- worker- consciously frontier. and you see the landscape for these goal might as i in paris is being that's a little bit too crowded. because we could listen i di$e going to come back- they could be all the foreign competitors entering the gamame to think its a crowded market. optional i thinink it's s a good thing for parisian department stores to have competition in that competition is a growing. is it the more competition you have the more it stimulates the market. and the more develops customer demand to you'll stay on boulevard hasta many of the galerie lafayette and you have. to contact one of them was to close it would be very bad for the other contrary to what we might think that. because the area would be less of a magnet
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for customers will get any foreign competitors set up shop in. paris it's a good way yeah because they will invest in the french economy it will strengthen the competitiveness. of department stores in france
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