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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 30, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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twenty four .com. u. s. carries out airstrikes in iraq and syria turning facilities it says are tied to o any ron backd militia. the first significant military retaliation against the shia militia. turkey advavances p plans to put troops into libya sending a motion to parliament for a vote. this as france and egypt urged restraint to avoid military escalation. and another firefighter killed as bushfires
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rick ross australia extreme temperaturures topping forty degrees celsius complicating efforts to stop the plplaces. thanks much for joining us here on france twenty four i'm charlie james and we start with a d developing story we're keeping ourur eye on in the newsroom carlolos g ghosn is iny route local lebanese media is reporting that he arrived on a private plane from turkey. the former renault car boss has been under house arrest in tokyo held on for charges of corruption exactly how or why the businessman was able to leave japan is not yet clear gone was originally arrested in november twenty eighteen in tokyo he spent more than a year in jail. for being put under house arrest pending his trial. the us military has conducted strikes agagainst the could type hezbollah militia group five
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facilities were hit in response to the death of a u. s. civilian contractor. they were killed during a rocket attack on an iraqi military base. the iranian backed militia targeted has vowed revenge and the us is now on watch for reprisals. rumpus sure tells us more about the strikes in the international reaction. angry iraqi protesters. burning the american flag in response to a deadly us airstrike that killed twenty five shiite fighters near the iraqi syrian border. on the other parar of the f. walk on foreign interference with the by the u. s. way wrong has pera? a rock into a bottomless pit. we reject all violations the rock sovereignty. both politicical and military other the air strikes targeted
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cut type hezbolah a për military group backed by iran but which operates under the umbrella of the popular mobilization forces. the state sanctioned cluster of militias helps the iraqi government fight against giada's groups. iraqi prime minister abdel not the said he was warned of the strikes only thirty minutes in advance and unsuccessfully urged to the pentagon to call them off. the iraqi government has since condemned the attack as a violation of its sovereignty and said it would reconsider its relationship with the us led coalition. both moscow and tehran were also quick to criticize washington. but hello phone because despite the fact that the americans or thousands of kilometers away they've closed large said within the iraqi and syrian populations. under the guise of defending their rights. the recent actions of the americans in iraq or an acceptable. the
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air strikes marks the latest escalation in the growing conflicts between the us and iran. washington called them retaliation for a recent rocket attack which it blames on could save hezbolah. the group has denied responsibility for the attack. and vowed to hit back at the us to avenge its fafallen fighteters. the taliban is sayig dodon't belieieve t the rumors e is no d deal to reduce fighting in afghanistan over the weekend multiple media reports suggested renewed u. s. taliban talks were on the vergege of prododucing a a temporaryry tru. but t moay the insurgentss denied agreeining to any ceasefire t the talaliban have truth would require american troops to first withdraw from the coununtry. soo after more tn eighteen years of war local and international forces are bracing for another bloody winter. the leaders of france
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and egypt calling for utmost restraint to prevent escalating conflict in libya both agreed warring parties need to negotiate a a polititical solutn under you and supervivision. their ststatement folollows turh president recep tayyip erdogan expressing ready this to send troops to libya monday his government submitted a motion to parliament seeking approval for that plan. our correspondent on great just forr mortimimer with more on why everyone wants to get involved in libya. one decides to make turkey the power broker of the eastern mediterranean and by getting involvlved in libya he's demonstratining. turkey'y's abiy to project power and turkey house paul the turkish defense forces numberr hoffa million men and womom but it's got a sophisticateted apples rivaled only b by israel in n this regi. anand i think also erdrdogan haa night on-n- lydia's economic
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resourcess hee knows but when te civil war ends in libya. the libyan government to award contracts to o velop itsil and gas fields and o other one once turkikish compapanies- to e at. the front of the queue to get those contracts. dozens of bush fires are raging out of control in australia this is a heatwave has pushed temperatures over forty degreres celslsius in every state. the fires continued to claim lives as well monday a volunteer firefighter died battling a blaze in new south wales. conditions are expected to become extreme overnight with the worst fires in the state of victoria that's where catherine yet takes us. no end in sight as bush fires spread across the state of victoria tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate including those in east gippsland a popular tourist spot. evacuated
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he said t that we were all site for the nije and saying hello pains that i guess. with many areas exceeding forty degrees celsius the scorching temperatatures coupled with strong winds are helelping to fuel the flames at thunderstorms to that makes and officials warned of dangerous conditions. in our that the lightning that's coming in front of the front. is dry lightning and has the possibility of starting out the fires in other parts of the site. just on the outskirts of melbourne firirefighters have been battling to bring under control a bush fire at been dora. helicopter water bombers have been called into service officials are reminding people to stay vigilant it is unpredictable. it's dangerous out there. and people need to stay true to their local conditions and style across that good information so that i can make good decisions. since september more than four million hectares in five states have gone up in smoke an area
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roughly the size of japan. and weather conditions are not expected to improve over the next few days. a *-*- for tat diplomatic dispute heats up and bolivia it's govovernment expelled mexico's ambassador into spanish diplomats on monday but he is angry that mexico's embassy granted asylum to allies of bolivia's former president evo morales. bolivia's also accused spain of in listing a group of masked men try to extract a former morales aid. in response the spanish government declared three bolivian diplomats persona non grata giving them seventy two hours to leave the country lukas foreign minister outlined why her nation made the expulsions. is the castle rb lona clara net plata there has been a clear violation of
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bolivia sovereignty. access is from to come out to vote in the events that occurred on friday so you'll do that the city would be in this de multimedia mall he had no other optption bt to apply the vienna convention.. awesome to witithdraw fromom the bolilivian territory.. very over once you fail to rerespect the trust on protection given to them byy the bolivivian state hello tv and also leaders. it state twenty six of france's crippling transport strikes. across the country everyone is asking the same questions what will make it stop and when. the government has made some small concessions but not enough to satisfy unions an end to the strikes- con key on the state of negotiations. ballet dancers are the latest group to obtain concessions from the government get another profession that will be excluded from france's controversial pension reform plan. first it was public servants includiding gendarmerie
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police officers firefighters and prison guards because they exercise jobs considered to bebe dangerous the qualify for full reretirement benefits between te ages of fifty two and fifty seven. teaeachers for their pars willll obtain pay reaeasons to offset the effects of the reform plan on their pensions. for transport workers who have largely spearheaded the protests against the reform plan only those born after nineteen eighty or nineteen eighty five will be affecteded y the reform. . truck drivers flight attendants and pilots will be able to retire early. and the same goes for skippers. put points of contention remain the moderate cf de two union though it supports creating a universal pension system is demanding that the government scrap the so called pivot age of sixty four. the age at which retirees will obtain their full pensions. the hardline s. o. n. c. g. t. unions however refused to accept the reform plan central goal of replacing
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francés forty two separate pension schemes with a single points based system. glaciations between the relevant ministries and professional representatives have nonetheless continue throughout the holidays. the prime minister will hold another round of talks with workers and employers unions on january seventh before yet another general strike already set for january ninth. the on going strikes also continuing to harm france's ecoconomy with hotels and restaurants particularly feeling the pinch new year's eve is usually one of the biggest nights of the year for dining out. but restaurants have been struggling to attract customers this month and the number r of reseservations for t the thirty first are way down. yes again the restaurant is near empty the sad reality foror this purpose de in restaurants her over the past month. with fifty bookings the full cost for new year's eve looks more promising. but not when you
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compacto lost his one hundred and ten. normal this bill we're still hoping to get a few droppings on the nights and a few more calls between now and tuesday afternoon. and the best scenario we can get seventy customers which is a real drop from the previous year. is it than it. normally the restaurant makes 1% of its annual turnover on new year's eve. when the mold we're obviously from the bench we're facing a situation we have no control over very few people of locating france. all our employees all businesses are suffering. because of it so it's very difficult to manage. he's not to learn. hotels so a drop in bookings of 30% in december restaurants a 40% drop. this industry representatives sassan and powers that sl loss of at least two to three hundred million euros. now this is a risk that businesses will have to liquidate and close. but before that will start with lane keep the law breaking
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contracts. to make the most of a bad situation somome businesss are adopting. this hotel has will seventy five thousand euros since the start of the strike sorts ono has slashed priceses for new year's eve although norman and normally a room goes for a hundred and thirty five euros but at the moment well rented for abobo seventy to. eighty euros anything to keep it from being anti. it's restaurant on the other hand has actually picks up more reservations than usual. from people stranded in ththe capital for the holidaday. and staying here in france the latest need to scandal is shaking the nation's literary world it seemed author cabriolé matt smith is facing allegations of child sexual abuse in a new book author vanessa spring gora details her relationship with matt snuff. when she was justt fourteen and he was fifty our colleagues at princeton what have the story. it started thirty three years ago and now vanessa spring gora
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is telling all in a new book titled consent. it recounts the story of how spring borough was seduced by french writer gabrielle mats naff when she wawas foururteen and he was fify years old. math never has made no secret of itss preference for young boys and girls and duringg that time period his views went unchallelenged on tv talk shows the kingdom is an issue. thosese younger than sixty no one of my obsessions one of my accomplishments and in fact this is a book about long. but for spring gloria her affair with matt snap was synonymous with control. she says matt snap is a hunter and his young mistresses are py. if in the nineteteen seventieses a a blind alley was turned fifteen y years later things started to shift appearing on a french talk show in nineteen ninety matt snap was s called out by canadian writer denise bombard t the a- lot of optimism as nephew telell us stories of sodomizizing young girls of fourteen fifteen years old. as a fall for you so it's
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possssible that a young girl to fall for a man who has certain literary mystique b but on the other hand it's like an old man learning children with candy. but in the wake of the me too movement the allegations detailed and consent to have shocked the french literary world. on twitter france's culture minister shared support for those who've spoken out. littorina steak is not a guarantee of impunity. i give my full support to all the victims who have the courage to break the silence. matt snap has dismissssed springboards bok as a hostile need disparaging work. aim did damaging him. do stay with us here on france twenty four more news and information up next . the waste produced by an entire tokyo neighborhood ends up in the
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bottom of this page. close call board and of course plastic. the dirty greasy plastic is in no condition to be recycled. and that's a big part of japan's problem. for the thing for me. i did everything g i could to begin mixed amongst all the rubbish there's also some clean plastic that could have been recycled. for the meet the it's a shame. people should sort by waste properly so more items can be recycled. at the. hi this plastic will be incinerated as a 60% of all the plastic japan produces. the japanese are the biggest consumers of f plastic in the world up to the us is it the japanese supermarket and you'll find that just abobout all of te fresh produce vegetables fruits meats and fish. is wrapped in plastic. at the register employees place rap tightens into a plastic bag and then into another plastic bag. meal
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taken se is among the growing number of people who are battling japan's addiction to plastic. it is wrapped in three different. one is this and then the second one is it's plasticic year and then the third one is the- share it has. quite strong skins that doesn't really that good doing it's not going to you know. i don't know if i'm buying snacks are plastic. the many japanese plastic is synonymous with hygiene high quality service and even luxury the government recently said it would ban free plastic bags by twenty twenty but it's meeting with resistance from supermarket chains worried about help customers will react to the change. . is known since all. even if you make people pay for that plastic bags people he need the mister gain clues done. and look at all
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this packaging it looks so good with the plastic it's clean and attractive to shop as- the location. confronted by this mountain of plastic japan is investing more in one possible solution recycling. japanese households is supposed to follow strict recycling rules and as a result nine out of ten plastic bottles here i recycled. while when he caught these bottles will be transformed into the synthetic fabric. they will be used in cars drugs and close. some comompanies e even e football jerseys out of them. and indeed you can use these bottles to make brand new bottles with an idea. the center is setting a good example. but it's only one of two such facilities in tokyo. until last december japan sent more than a million tons of plastic waste a year to china. but china decided to put an end to importing t these toxic inexpensive imports. hashem
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original okay if i can sway struggling to find places that can handle this waste. right now japan's recycling facilities are at full capacity so we have no choice but to incinerates plastic as an emergency measure and- but it's clear we wouldn't be able to keep doing that forever the scandal more but doesn't show kicks to the que looking i can listen dhe. japan's government wants to reduce plastic. waste by 25% by twenty thirty. to achieve that it needs the private sector's help. it is one big companies like starbucks with sending this waste workrkshop at the invitation of an environmental group these emploloyees are discussing how the phone could reduce its p plastic consumptio. corporations take a very big role in towns of f the reduductn of p plastic off course at the sameme time always their excuse is about like how the consumer needs to understand the
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importance of reduction de plastics. so therefore we want to raise false elements sobel's perspectives despite these moves japan is far from becoming a plastic free country. but there might be another. solution building cities on plastic. this landfillll in southern tokyo wil soon be filled to become a site for parks forests and buildings. every part of the waste that can be recycled is r removed before it gets here. the conflict on the none of the waste that arrives at this landfill can possibly be recycled no matter how hard we try. in the mid update da. so i think that using this waste to reclaim land building an artificial island d with grass parks and harbor. really a good idea. meeting in tokyo bay plastic land is already a reality the futuristic die the area was built on waste. these young people collecting l litter on the beach probably don't realize it but they're standing on an island made of plastic.
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an advocate of culcha over color i de about face between senegal and franz is an unrelenting champion of africa on t the world stage. the only issue the founder of dhaka fashion week and the federation of african fashion these days she's also the brains behinind black fashion experience herere in paris formally known as black fashion week. this powerhouse it's all about celebrating black designed in old it's divest de. on december come up quickly use tashen as a way to bring people into this experience we really want to share it with them. it's fashion but seen in a different way it's fun and theatrical them all as there's a real confidence there none of the design is that you see here are just following trends. and that's what i love. this is a gym. do you think there's such a thing as black fashion. what
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part of a good now i don't think so at least not put like that. i think that t there iss such a a thing as a fashion that's's being informed by black culturure. that's our slogan. this isn't about cololor it's about cultlture and that's's an evolution. useragent i'm not looking for validation anymore i think that we need to stand on our own to fit to do this for ourselves if you like it get on board. if you wanna. among the design is taking pollux mimi pillars. she was born in ghanaa but moved to california with her family when she was five years old. she studied architecture at the prestigious university of buckley before making her way to new york. after number of internships she founded her own label she's extremely clear about the differences she sees between american and african fashion. everything is about- you u know the ease of the where everything is about- you know
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being able to simply putut your clothes on and be comfortable and i think in africa there's like this- kind of tradition of could tour that's always been like you know a seamstress coming in making you something very special very individual and- and i think that you know in the united states like there's a lot of. people wanting does brands of people are going a lot of the same things up a little bit different in how. you approach a style. the inspiration behind this collection. lost souls. my inspirations are definitely rooted in. what africans looked like before- colonizatation a lt of the things i'm inspired by is body art its body adornment at starkey cases that's what people did to their actual bodies- if the markings that they placed on their bodies and what i'm doing is translating them into what if we kept some of those traditions what what they look like in clothing that's very modern and up today and so- it's always a constant. you know it's a bit of telling
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my story i mean i live in america the melting pot you know i was born in ghana's everything for me is always going to be mixed together so i'm just like mixing different cultures and- yoyou know that's that's how i approach design. die liste secular lex corail also spans both continents. in the u. s. she lives in dallas texas. well in africa she still based in her home city of brazzaville in congo. în provides a platform for advocating change. only diseño we designers we love close we want to dress we want to tell them what they'll be wearing next year but we also want to tell them how they can help to improve the environment. how they can join the fight against global warming. i've actually been working with ththem into that's really fits with those aims it's called raffia. it's a big part of congolese culture and it's not so well known here. biodegradable the color is all natural and that's my message for the future we need to go back to nature. close at all
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good for the body but also for nature shows. all the money yeah i don't feel unul. nigeria design at tokyo james usually presents his menswear collection in london where he spends hafiz time the rest of it he said llegó. he only ready make the trip to paris. the best is london is the organization and it's like any thriving metropolis in the world the worst is the people they're very depressed the westleigh causes the disorganization. but the best about llegó says the people. tokyo james collections are comprised of seemingly contrasting ements lead that and still could make an appearance together said to dilemma and midwest it's a castle balancing act between sanity and whimsy. when i design my mind goes to the alpha male and a female could be straight gay. black white chinese whichever i think it's
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a universal traits in what manhood is wherever you are in the world every society has an alpha male. and the leader of the pack but it's also soft and also compassion it's he understands because to be a leader you must understand. it was the festival followed but you must understand your environment and your people in order to garner them to fully that man is very busy because he has so many people that he has lied. does he have time to worry about what he looks like. so that's what i'm here for. last but certainly not least a captivating collection from the events multi talented organize at a deadlock. ahead of her grand entrance on horseback in a slinky black dress one model is understandably a little anxious. the message here in a nutshell yeah i did that because the veterans and imagination combined with some coverage can lead to extraordinary things. as winter
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returns to siberia's northeastern region of yakutia villages on to take a crucial ritual that will keep the families from dying from says. the harvesting of ice. ten cubic meters a vi$e provide enough political water to sustain a small family for around seven months. as temperatures hit minus forty one degrees celsius time begins to run out for in the county and his team. in just a few days the ice would be too sick toto harvest. some of those what has been done not. but how does it is when the eyes become thirty to fifty centimeter thick some of the within the work becomes very physisically
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difficicult is there more to coe some of his role as. for the communities in this the coldest region of the planet. running water is a luxury availab
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12/30/19 12/30/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> if the vote were today, i believe he would win the electoral states that he would need because living out there, i will tell you, his level of support has not gone down one inch.
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