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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 3, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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france twenty four and france twenty four .com. iran called the assassisination of general soul money in act of international terrorism this is hundreds of thousands of iranians protest to demand revenge against the united states. a knife attacker south of paris kills one and leave to others in critical condition no word yet on motivation the police have opened an investigation. and australia's raging wildfires prompt one of the largest evacuation in the
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country's history more than two hundred fires are still burning with warnings of extreme danger this weekend. hello welcome to our viewers here in france and around the world i'm charlie james irana promising revenge afterr a u. s. airstrikes killed consume solo mani toronto most prominent military commander. general was targeted using a drone in baghdad on friday. the killing has reverberated across iran so the money headed delete coons force and was regarded as the second most powerful figure in the country. the overnight attack was authorized by us president donald trump who tweeted that so the money had killed or wounded thousands of americans and was plotting to kill more. retaliation is expected with america's allies in the gulf on high alert the us is sending some three thousand additional troops to the region in response. now in the wake of the assassination
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iran's foreign minister said somebody's death will only strengthen resistance against the united states. well america's actioion without anyny dodoubt as anan act of state terrorism and violalation o of iriraq's sovereieignty it is murdering persons who dedicicat their entire lives to fightiting tyranny oppressssn terror and extremism. a lotot of the pure and holy blood of custom soleimani will definitely make the tree of resistance more robust. a and make iranian peope more united it will also make u. s. policies more scandalous and less effective than ever before. in a massive public call for vengeance hundreds of thousands of your audience with out in the streets friday thousands also gathered outside general su monies helps in the city of kerr mine the town's friday imam said the resistance front well even the score with the u. s. protesters across the country expressed solidarity
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with some monies family and carried signs warning the us israel and their allies of consequences and gainsford with more on reaction. inside iran. losing a range that's felt across iran the simone has a warning for america. following the death of a rainy in general since we lend money. american they have one we've taken a step forward towards. full. is not as of now. anyway. washington's salen money had blood on his hands as the architect of iranian military policy abroad one in iran he was viewed as a strategic mastermind. for the money. send a money threaten the enemy's
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interests when hehe was alive. and his blood will keep destroying their dreams. ceremonies martyrdom will unite the resistance fronts here forces and may cause more way to prevent such cowardly actions but that's a planning. people took to the streets across iran to protest the killing. as head of the elite cons force the money was seen as the second most powerful figure in the country. they never learn a lesson from experience today they killed salah money and thousands of zola monies will come. we won't let hihis blood be wasted. has virtually money was not just a person he's a culture spread in iran iraq lebanon syria and all muslim countries they should know that so the money's martyrdom is the beginning of criminal zionist regime's downfall. iran's supreme leader has declared three days of national mourning and disappointed su the money's deputy to succeed him. we
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haven't heard the american president speak yes about salen monies killing but it's trump often does he has been using twitter to communicate his thoughts in one thread earlier today it trump said to the money was directly and indirectly responsible for the death of millions of people and that he quote should have been taken out many years ago. however secretary of state my palm pale has spoken about the strike in an interview with fox news he explained that the timing of the assassination. now was important because of the escalations it's taken place as well as the inminencia attack the custom salah money- himself was planning. the brand i think you know this- the risk of doing nothing was enormous enormous in t the shortrt term n terms o of the imminent attack the custom so the money was plotting- we don't seek war with iran. up with the same time i'm not going to stand by and watch the radiance esescalating c continue to put american lives at risk without responding in a way that disrupts defends deters. andnd
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creates- an opportunity to de escalate the situation. france's response to the general staff has been cautious. present micron h has cacalled on tehran to refrain from provocations in response to the us strike. the french junior foreign affairs minister meanwhilile d didn't directly condemned the attack. but she did say this will increase tensions. newews overload ourur priority is to stabililize the regigion us thirty dollars. so just only portions that means in the next f few hours at the highesest levels o of governmenr with foreign ministers only t t jail and presisident emmanuel macron. we're going to make contacac witith all of the partners in the region. because there are a lotot of consequencs six consequences f f peace inn the middddle east a as quite unstable region chohords fromm consnsequences for the coalition againsnst the islamic statete group. our capacity to fight terrrrorism which r remains thee primimary threat. and t this wil hahave consequences foror nucler proliferatation. as you know we are extremely vigilant on that can support it. inside the
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united states reaction to the strike has fallen much along political party lines with republicans supporting at and some democrats questioning the method and timing. international reactions are even more divided some nations say the strike is in the legal breach of sovereignty. others are defending it and again keep with a closer look. reactions to the u. s. strike that killed top iranian military commander has some soleimani paint a picture of the divided international community. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu welcome to the strike insisting the us acted well within its rights. doesn't from the money is responsible for the death of american citizens and many other innocent people he was planning more such attacks president trump deserves all the credit. for acting swiftly forcefully decisively israel stands with the united states and it's just struggle with these security in
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self defense. european leaders have widely called for restraint the berlin added that iran bears responsibility for a series of provocations that led to the u. s. strike. another yeah i'd like to remind you of the us hot sometime because in the strait of hormuz. and the saudi oil cloth. condemned the accounts of the coalition forces in iraq. and on the us embassies which half the also if you sounds regional activities the great and sunshine activity. on for the kremlin however the us strike not only carries grave consequences for peace and stability it was also illegal. only because forma invoice without a doubt we face today a manifestation of a new reality namely the killing of a representative of the government of a sovereign state. a state official in actions de lacked any legal basis we give up our lovely lowly. beijing expxpressed a similar view c calling on all
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nations to respect iraq's territorial integrity. iraq for its part also condemned the attack as a breach against its sovereignty. the speaker of the iraqi parliament who's also the country's top studio era politician urge the government. to take all steps needed to prevent such attacks. and for a regional view of reactions and potential reverberations let's cross now to our r correspondent in jerusalem yours mackellar. here is we've seen the iranian public and official signaling that israel is guilty by association because of its relationship with the united states. what's the reaction been like to that there. interestining israel didn't take part in these- assassination of custom so the money but never the less they has been at times. israel's live free use all of those on the board is in the north there was a risk assessment today intended by the- defense minister of the
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military chief of staff the security chase. and was saying that risk that hire a loose in his writing in the seas around the world and in jewish communities around the world because people remember back to nineteen ninety four- and attack you know jim heynan. still the largest terror attack on argentinian soil at a jewish communal santa eighty five people killed believed to have been masterminded by custom so the money so there is definitelyly a feeliling golf tension here and a awareness tht israel could be paying the price we so israel's prime minister. cutting shortrt a trip to europe cominin back to me to be here but i think there iss alsoso an awareness that. that this relationshihip t this tensn with iran has been ongoing for a very long t time and has not yet spilled over into war. and i think that's somehow reassurance for people here. now prime minister benjamin netanyahu he law lauded donald
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trump for killing so money and said that his nation's stands by the united states. i was only if you could tell us a little bit more about israel's own history with this man you mentioned that one attack- that he was believed to be the mastermind of. but there's a lolong history between israel into a money. yes there is that's unless one attack that stands at t the stocks of these prices see h here like i'm on myself coverered in attacking twenty twelve. in bulgaria on an israeli tour bus- and they were there are more attacks along the w way but there's also a gs de geo political relationship between the two- custom sum of money has been involved in entrenching. she i and your. right knee and rule in all the countries across the middle east. lebanon syryria- em in it now- and- he in effect he was on the ground it was his policies i think the traceced israel out of lebanon- abobout twenty years ago now. he also
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built top h hizbollah from a small militia to the largest. army in lebanon that's had a huge impact on israel because that into me alwaways role is on itits border a and very powerful with the in lebabanon. if you think of his role in syria he entrenched- ready.. the presidentt bashar al assad in fact in the since defeated osta9e all t those thing now main that syria the sorry that iriran has the right to be in serious seeking to o put militay bases veryy c close to israel. that was also the hand of custom so the money so all these things togogether. a are a long relationship a troubled relationship- and i have heard by the way that israel it was also considedering an s. assassinating. custom so the money itself. at one stage but decided was too risky. israel is no stranger to external threats- but i'm wondering areas are are people there do they seem scared. that's a good
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question they're very aware the story has led every bullish on- but today every news bulletin it's being discussed everywhere it are. all on the news but also in cafes people are very aware and you know that these primime minister benjamin netanyahu has made the relationship with the around the kino is on h his foreign policy position of his long prime ministeter sheikh so they are aware. and i donon't know if they are actually fresh and as you would be if you're waiting for incoming missile but they are aware that a missile could become immune but it might not come directly from around that it mightht come from elevenn although from syria. but thahat they could be pay back so yes they are aware. of i don't thinink there is fear actually yes. responded injures lemaire's macular thank you so much for that update. no consume solo money wawas the leader of iran's could force
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which is the foreign arm of the revolutionary guard corps and it's roughly equivalent to america special forces the group has trained pro aronian malicious across the middle east and next we give youu a clososer look at the secretive and powerful organization. established in the wake of the nineteen seventy nine islamic revolution revolutionary actually we're going to cut in there because we're going to take you to mar a lago that is donald trump's florida resort where he's speaking for the first time since the strike. direction the united states military successfully. executed a flawlesess precisioion strike thatat killed the number one. terrorist anywhere in the world. kassem saleh many. solamente was plotting. a minute and sinister attacks on american diplomats and military personnel but we caught him. in the act. and terminated him.
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under my leadership america's policy is unambiguous to terrorists who harm or intend to harm any american. we will find you we will eliminate you we will always protect our diplomats service members all americans and our allies. for years the islamic revolutionaryy guard corps adage ruthless codes force. under sola mentees leadership has targeted injured and murdered hundreds of american civilians and servicemen. the recent attacks on us targets in iraq including rocket strikes that killed an american and injured for american servicemen very badly. as well as a violent assault on our embassy in baghdad were carried out at the direction of solamente. sela mainly made the death of innocent people is sick passion. contributing to
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terrorist plots as far away as new delhi in london. todayy we remember and honor the victims of salamanders many atrocities and we take comfort in knowing that his reign of terror is over. solid mady has b been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last twenty years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago. a lot of lives would have been safe just recently solemn may lead. the brutal repression of protestors in iran. we're more than a thousand innocent civilians were tortured and killed by their own government. we took action last night to stop. a war. we did not take action to start a war. i have deep respect for the iranian people they are a remarkable people with an n incrededible
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heritage and unlimited potential. we do not seek regime change however the iranian regime's aggression in the region including the use of proxy fighters to stabilize its neighbors must end in a must end now. the future belongs to the people of iran those who seek peaceful coexistence and cooperation not the terrorist warlords who plunder their nation to finance blood shed abroad. the united states has the best military by far anywhere in the world. we have the best intelligence in the world i if americans anywhere ae threatened we have all. of those targets already fully identified and i am ready and prepared to take whatever action is necessary. and that a particular refers to iran. under my leleadership we have
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destroroyed the isisis tererritl caliphate and recently american special operations forces killed the terrorist leader known as al baghdadi. the world is a safer place without these monsters. america will always pursue the interests of good people great people great souls whwhile seeking peace harmrmonyd friendship. with all of the nations of the world thank you god bless you god bless our great military and god bless the united states of america thank you very much thank you. thank you thank you. that was us president donald trump speaking for the first time since that u. s. drone strike that killed general info so the money in a baghdad a u.. speaking there at his florida result resort mar a lago. he
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said that so the money was plotting imminent attacks on american diplomats and military personnel- he also said notably that he took this action to stop a war not start a war- now eat president t trump ran for office promising- to pull out of the iran nuclear deal and you follow through on thahat promise in may two thousand eighteen and ever sense relations have steadily declined between the two nations. in this report georgina robertson brings us a look back at the series of back and forth aggressions between the two nations. his presidency has heralded a new language of diplomomacy my fellow. straight talk and with iran increase tensions. we have e terminated a terrible terrible deal that should have never ever. been
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made in may two thousand eighteen donald trump backs out of a multi lateral deal designed to contain iran's nuclear ambitions as the us reinstated economic sanctions governments and companies from europe to asia a force to and the economic relations with iran. tensions between the two countries reached new lows over the summer offer series of attacks on oil tank is in the gugulf of oman. washington blams the attack squarely on iran and promptly sent additional troops to the region on the twenty three jun iranian forces shoot down a pilotless u. s. drone saying it was in its aspects. president trump's tweets that he was cocked and loaded minutes away from a retaliatory attack people back he says to avoid casualties. in september multiplele drone strikes major oil fields in saudi arabia crippling hoff of the kingdoms production. the us familyy points the finger to ron as the fires burned washington accuses
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tehran of attacking the world's energy supplies. in november iranian president hassan rorouhani a announces he has no choicece buto resume uranini enririchment with a n new generaration of centrifuges exceeding its stockpile of enriched uranium ions breaching its obligations under the two thousand fifteen nuclear deal. and media invesores. step in the room as of tomorrow mean improves bush does i will. order your timing i. energy organization filed down and sort. out for it all starts gas injection. at for domain gong'an jenin. the same month massive protests boil over when the government 3100% hike in fuel prices results in nationwide protests before authorities crackdown killing around one thousand five hundred people. two thousand nineteen. of a cycle of violence after the death of the us six and cook cook in a rocket attack on an iraqi military base. donald trump who does es strikes against iranian supported iraqi militias he
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blames u. s. embassies taken siege by pro iran mall and they're really to rocky troops secure the embassy the following day. donald trump says iran will pay a very big price. no to other stories making news around the world here in france a man wielding a knife killed one person and injured two others on friday. it happened in the park in the paris suburb of bills reef. the man who died was out for a walk with his wife and is said to have put himself in front of her to protect her. the attacker later fled the park and went to a shopping center where he was shot dead by police. three sep not yet provided a motive for the attack but have opened an investigation. next an update on the bush fire crisis continuing to rage across australia. the government is warning this upcoming weekend is likely to be thehe most dadangerous yet. across the country south east residents
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are bracing for even more loss and destruction. fishel's in the state of new south wales have drastically e expanded ther estimate of the amount of land at risk. of the sky filled with black and red smoke cars sat in gridlock traffic. as people are heeding calls to evacuate for more on this story david cameroon is here in studio with me he is a franco australian associatate researcher. at c. .s po university here in paris thank you so much for joining us. there has been a lot of criticism of the australian government and how its handldlig these evacucuations- people saying they're disorganized that thehere isn't. enough susupport from the government is there not a standard procedure in place for this. well i mean this is an apocalyptitic situation i mean usually there's a bush fire season but usually it's confined to. individual states- this time it's all of the states virtually- of australia. and eating with bush tries is a state responsibility on the on
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the federal census system of government. but does. thehe us for r the federal goverernment s being stronongly criticized. not so much for the evacuations are in the disorganization. there's a sense the firefighters are doing what the- capable of doing. butut behind this is the denial of climate change in the link the fourth with h the fact that. climate change is exacerbating- the situations and it was all summed up i in a- sardonic poster in front of the only book shop. i in this little vehicle cubango in you south wales- and- the sign saidid- literature on the apocalypse. is has moved to current affafairs. and so- scott morrison to the prime minister is being strongly criticized for so he. been on vacations storewide during the that the crisis and certainly the continues to refuse to make this link betweenen climate change and the situation. according to an opinion poll by
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the loading su chi de on real opinion poll. over half of australian seat climate c change the bibiggest threat to national security. three quarters of those between eighteen and forty four seat is the biggest threat to national security so there's a strong awareness about climate she's restaurant it is the continent most threatened by climate change. and it's a de it it's not coming home to is to roost so to speak- this catastrophic situation sir the gun is being criticized not so much for dealing with the present crisis. but for not deleting and not having a climate changne policy. that takes intoo accccot the didifferent lease the country's going to face in the in the coming years so it sounds like the australian public is very much has a consensus is that climate changege is responsible for that what's the australian government's official stance towards fighting climate change while it's- watered down its commitments under the paris agreement seeds tried to use. play with statistics on the
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argument is older three dot contributes one point 3% of global emissions up yes but it input couple to terms austrii is one of the top one old three- one to three other group of polluted polluters in up there the planet. is so- it with the government's position is we were not going to sacrifice economic development and economic growth on the altar of crime of the name climate change and this was fairly clear in the last elections with the labor party. head of much moral- it positive- policy on climate change much more ambitious in terms of reducining our- greenhouse gases but- pushy was who was defeated because it's a very poor and under charismatic leader. hello in a script morrison's got their primes government any has about a two seat majority so he is under threat and i would suspect when parliament returns after the eastern part of the christmas break- there will be- voted no
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confidence and they could be some political heat up here in the future. and i can imagine though that these bush fires are good. for at the economic development of australia. well in terms of your me there there there is the you know the question of destruction since kanë says you off destruction these kreativen you created craig employment- but it is re de something there. in a- dramatic because is s on any of the- twenty years or so people have died. but they were going to be hundreds if not thousands of prematuture deathss because f these particles. in the air the city of sydney my home city is blanketed in this red and black smoke- fortuny the schools are closed. but i mean the aires really literally on breathable. de camero. from sales po university thank youou so much for r your time lucia. and i'll be chat back in just a few minutes with more news so do stay with us here in france twenty four
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