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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 6, 2020 5:30am-6:00am PST

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♪ to mark theprepares fifth anniversary of the charlie hebdo terror attack's tomorrow, we will get the l latest on a nw trial starting today linked to the attacks of january 2015. the latest on the way. the trial of disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein starts today in new york. he's facing charges of rape a ad sexual assault that could get him life in jail. up, how the rising tensions in the middle east are impacting the markets with gold and oil prices surging. that's coming up in our business update.
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once upon a time in hollywood and 1917 7 the big movie winners at the golden globes last night in l.a. first our top story live from paris. ♪ >> hundreds of thousands of iranians took to the streets of tehran t today. the mass funeral honoring i ir's top geneneral qasem soleimani killed friday. soleimani was one of the country's most popular public figures, a hero of the iraran-iq war. iran's supreme leader prayed over his remains promising revenge.e. >> and emotive prayer led by supremee leader ayatatollah, a d
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-- ayatollah khomeini. amenei.nee -- can supportersn with accompanying the body of the deceased general. the funeral procession spilling over into the streets of the capital. soleimani's face on every placard and the words of revenge uttered by every mourner including his daughter. >> families of the american soldiers in the middle east have whitman's -- witnessed america's humiliation and they will spend their days waiting for the death of their children. >> following the targeted u.s. drone strike which led to soleimani's death in baghdad,
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american soldiers are firmly in the crosshairs of the iranian and iraqi officials. >> we promise to continue down martyr soleimani's path with the help of god d and we a aim to gt rid of america from the region in severalal steps. god the almighty hahas promised to get his revenge and god is the main avenger. certainly actions will be taken. >> president trump doubled down on his claim that he would target 52 iranian cultural sites if the country's leaders retaliated. official funeral for soleimani will take place to stay in his hometown. >> as tensions between iran and the united states continue, iran now says it is completely ending its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal. the iranian government said it was abandoning all restrictions
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on the enrichment of uraniumum unless u.s. sanctions are lifted. iraq's parliament has called for u.s. and other foreign troops to leave. the vote is a nonbinding one on the government but it does reflect the fears of many in iraq that the country could become engulfed in any war between iran and the u.s. our correspondent explains. huge rebuke of the uniteded states, shall be at a symbolic o one. at least for now. it may not lead immediately to the withdrawal of u.s. troops but the iraqi parliament made it very clear american soldiers were no longer welcome. it took some time for the u.s. president to finally comment on ththe news. heaiaited until ththe end of the to reporters on air force one on his way back to washington from florida. he says that he will be slapping
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a rock with some very sanctions if the u.s. troops were forced out of iraq, adding that those sanctions would make the iranian sanctions look tame in comparison. he added that iraq would have to compensate the united states for the extraordinarily expensive airbase that the u.s. built in iraq years ago. once again, it was the state department that had a much more conciliatory tone in the official statement. it also stressed that it was in the shared interest of the u.s. and iraq to stay together and fight isis and it also reiterated its comommitment to spending --- standing by a sovereign, stable and prosperous iraq. of iran's top
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general prompted mass protests in lebanon as well. mourners took to the streets crying death to america. >> death to america, cry has a lot supporters -- has below hezbollah susupportersrs. so the money was assassinated -- soleimani was assassinated by american drones. we will continue his work across the region. mastermind of middle east policy for two decades, he personally led the military
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response to the invasion of south lebanon in 2006, making him a much loved figure among the countries shia community. oure is very important for victory in this region. >> in a furious speech, the has ezbollah chief accused the united states of carrying out assassination in a to garner attempt votes for the election. we will leave vertically back to the united states. donald trump and his admininistration will realize tt they have lost both the region and the election. i iran vows vengeance, has
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hezbollah finds itself -- the money is starting to dry out as iran's economic woes worsen. hezbollah is struggling to balance its power in the beleaguered government and its identity as a resistive -- resistance movement against israel. was supported by americans. the supreme leader made us a promise and we e are already to offer our lives for the supreme leader. -- american interference from the region must be opposed. iranian involvement is support rather than interference. of today'sout ceremony is anything to go by, a significant portion of t the
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community would stand behind backers. tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of the charlie hebdo attacks here in paris. 12 people were killed and 11 hertz in those attacks that started at the offices of the satirical magazine. the first trial linked to the attacks of january 15 is getting underway today. 24 alleged terrorists on trial but as many of them fled to syria after ththe attacks, only five of them are physically in court. morris joins us from where the e trial is taking g p. tell us about what's happening there today. >> it has been dubbed a bit of a ghost trial even that so many of those implicated are dead or presumed dead in iraq and syria. an opportunity nevertheless to cast minds back to january 2015,
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the start of what would become a slew of deadly attacks here at a time when growing numbers of radicalized french citizens were leaving to the middle east. a chance to look back at some of the people who allegedly helped inspire them and help them get there. also looking back at the case of the brothers, the eldest of whom was suspected of being the ideological inspiration behind the gunman who attacked a kosher supermarket in the south of paris in the wake of the shootings at charlie hebdo. both of them are reported dead in the so-called caliphate. we will also be hearing from the parents of another man reported east.n the middle his parents saying that those captured alive should be brought france, face trial in
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in issue with which many western governments have been grappling. -- more bit part players in the focus in what is the anniversary of these attacks. perhaps more on a trial and especially -- a courtroom starting here in may. another similarly high-profile trial which will come off the back of that looking into what happened later. >> also in france this monday, it's back to school and back to work for many people after the winter break. the french president and his cabinet also getting down to work today but the fight against emmanuel macron's pension reform continues. the first meeting of the new year coming one month into france's longest transport strike in 30 years. unions have called for more days
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of wider protest this thursday and saturday. >> after a month of protests, it's the tide of french public opinion turning. 25% now say they support the strikes. another 19% say they sympathize with the movement. >> this might be a turning point in public opinion of the government's pension reforms because for the first time a minority of people support or sympathize with the strikes against them. the movement is paying for not taking a break over christmas and disrupting people's end of year holidays. still onlyrnment has managed to convince 45% of people to back their reforms. compromises it won't on its plan to raise the full retirement age 64. >> it's not taboo to talk about balance when we are in a system
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of redistribution.n. >> the polititical left is callg on president emmanuel macron to give way. >> it wouldn't be humiliating for him to withdraw this reform. to regaine a way control and open dialogue. >> the right has criticized the president's numerous concessions. >> we are going to end up with more pension schemes that we started with. sailors, air traffic controllers, ballet dancers. he has agreed to exceptions for countless groups. >> the government and unions go back to t the negotiation tableo stay ahead of wider demonstrations planned for later this week. >> in venezuela, scenes of chaos outside and inside of the building housing the national assembly. security forces violently
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blocking opposition mps including the self-proclaimed fromdent juan guaido entering a specicial session of parliament. he was expected to be reelected as head of the chamber. his rival loyal to nicolas perra.installed lewis reinstateds they guaido with the popular vote. in australia, reserve troops have been deployed across three states to try and help fight the devastating fires there. more money has been put aside to help in recovery efforts. some 2 billion australian dollars added to the bushfire recovery fund. that announcement coming from the prime minister who has been heavily criticized for the government's slow reaction to the crisis. the wildfires have destroyed an area the size of switzererland d continue to burn with ananother heatwave l looming.
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here's more from the prime minister speaking earlier. >> there's been a lot of commentary. there's been plenty of criticism. i've had the benefit of a lot of analysis on a lot of issues but i can't be distracted by that.t. and the public i know are not distracted by that. what they need us to focus on. all of us actually focusing on the needs in the communities and getting support where it needs to go. than two been more years since bombshell accusations of sexual assault by harvey weinstein came to light. now the disgraced movie moguls trial for rape is finally set to begin in new york. how one of the most powerful men in hollywood got there and the potential impact on the metoo movement. mademost 90 women have sexual assaultlt allegations against t harvey w weinstein s e october 2017. but more than two years after
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the first reports set the headlines, the disgraced hollywood producer is facing just two charges. sexually assaulting former production assistant in 2006 and raping an anonymous woman in a manhattan hotel room in 2013. more is riding on the highly anticipated trial than just weinstein's future. could provide a watershed moment for the metoo movement that was fueled by the allegations. said,weinstein's accusers this trial is critical to show the predators everywhere will be held accountable and that speaking up can bring about real change. the t trial highlights the -- cases that took place years ago. almost all the accusations that have been made have escaped prosecution. >> they want dna. they want something that
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corroborates it. these are realllly old allegatis at the defense is going to go after that. ,f it wasn't harvey w weinstein would they even be prosecuting. that's an interesting question to look at. that hisein maintains sexual relationships were consensual and is unlikely to testify in a trial that is expected to take up to two months. ifif found guilty he faces up to life in prison. >> a lighter note out of the u.s., it was a night of major upsets at the golden globes last night. hollywooda time in and world war i drama 1917 won big. globes goes to quentin tarantino, once upon a time in hollywood. last year quentin tarantino said he didn't think he would ever win a best director award but he was delighted when his movie won the award for best film at this year's golden
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globeses. >> i had a fantastic cast. it took it f from the page. cast member brad pitt also won best actor in a supporting role for his portrayal of a stuntman. joaquin phoenix scooped the award for best actor in a motion picture drama. it was also a good night for the team behind world war i epic 1917. the one best motion picture drama and the director got best director in a motion picture. in what was otherwiwise a disappppointing ninight for net, olivia c colman won an award for bebest actress in a television series for playing queen elizabeth the second. >> it's hard because everyone knows who she is and what she looks like. it's harder than playing someone who's imaginary.
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>> hbo's comedy drama succession took home best tv series. success at the golden globes is seen as good luck in the academy awards. >> you're watching france 24. iranan's supreme leader calling for harsh retaliation against the u.s. after an american airstrike killed the country's top general. hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of tehran for a second day of funeral processions to h honor the man seen as a hero in iran. the u.s. now threatening to attack iran's cultural landmarks. paris prepares to mark the fifth anniversary of the charlie hebdo terror attacks tomorrow, a new trial starting today linked to those attacks of january 2015. another trial in the u.s. of disgraced hollywood producer hollywood -- harvey weinstein. he's facing charges of rape and sexual assault that could get him life in jail.
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rising tensions in the middle east are also dampening investor appetite everywhere with the prices of oil and gold risising. >> concern that the situation could broan n into widider conflict has sent t inveorors scurrying foror safe hahaven as. the price of gold jumpeded to a seven-ye high early this monday. oil priceces rose above the $70 mark for the first timime in the months. the prices h have started coming back down. they arere currently just under $70 n n but stillll up 1.5% and wti 1.2%.. over the past year oil l prices have been quite volatile, risisg as high as $74 anan dropping below $60. geopolitical tensions in t the gulflf region have been a m majr cause of upsetet. the seizurure of a british tanar all led strait of h hormuz
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to a spike and the killing of general soleimani is the latest upset tad to the volatile oil curve. and iraq q are major oil prododucers. iran's output has been reduced toust t a t trickle bececause of u.s. sanctions. >> the middle east remains extremely influential and important in terms of being a reliable source of crude oil and natural gas to international markets. about 1/5 of the world's total oil production comes from the around thehat border strait of hormuz.. saudi arabia does have capacityy to explore by the rered sea. emirates can also export to bypass the strait of hormuz. there are opportunities for these countries to be able to
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bypass it. global l stocks have been sliding amid escalating tensions. industrial s scks in eururope ae leading the declcline. . .9%.s ftftse is dowown and the french dax is down 1.6%. >> russia has started delivering gas frfrom its new pipeleline to europe. macedoniaanand north through the neww pipeline. moscow doubling the capacity of nordstrom across the baltic sea to germany as part of i its plas to bypass ukraine in delivering gas to europe. the united states last month imposed sanctions against the companies building new russian pipelines to europe, a move sharply criticized by the european union.
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>> there's that standoff between the gogovernment andhe l lear of the national assembly. the economic crisis shows no sign o of abating. there is a new indudustry poppig up a at the border. peoeoe than 3.5 million have f fled the cocountry sisin6 and some arare findining work at border points. out b backrryrying breaking tasks of hauling baggage onto cars in a business that has been nicknamed loma taxis. >> there's a lot of traffic in the border town. venezuelans head to columbia to buy goods. in the midst of all this, those who have managed to find work helping both kinds of people. loma taxis.
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loadsds on their back for their customers crossing the border. >> i can't go any further and i don't know what life will be like.. i will be here for a while if you know what i mean. >> it's one example of the kind of work being created informal economies. his pregnant wife and children to the border town. he works from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. eight dollars a day carrying goods back and forth. >> it's a little more comfortable because he works here and we can pay the rent and eat well which is something we can't do their because the situation is so bad. arrive venezuelans lining to continue on to columbia. the town's population has increased from 66,000 to 113,000
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as more and more people come in search of a better life. u.s. andns s between the france. the french economy minister warning the trump administration against any retaliation to its new digital services tax. if f washington goes ahead with its threatened tariffs it could deeply damage relations between the countries. the u.s. has said it would impose duties of up to 100% on imports of champagne, handbags and other french products worth $2.4 billion after it foundd tht the new digital tax would harm u.s. tech companies. retaliatory measures would trigger a tit-for-tat response from france and the government would take the matter to the wto. >> nationwide protests do continue here in f france. air france says it is planning to run its entire flight schedule at least on mononday ad tuesday.
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>> that's despite calls for a strike by some crew unions. the airline company says that discussions between the government and unions so far have resulted in guarantees for flight crews future pension system and it is confident it cannot rake its entire schedule over the next two days. fetched 193sh has million yen, about $1.8 million at auction. how big is it? >> it's the second-highest price on record. at the first fish auction of the year. kimura known as the tuna king in japan bought the bluefin tuna at a much lower price than the record $3.1 million he himself set last year. --i can't imagine selling
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spending $3 million on a fish. >> it generates a lot of publicity for him. >> i will be back on the others with more headlines.
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crawford: we start with an exclusive report from myanmar. [jet passing overhead] [explosion] man: the country's military has been accused of turning its guns on another ethnic group. crawford: this time, it is the kachin people, who have been fighting for self-aututonomy for decades. i'm alex crawford in kachin state in northern myanmar, and this is "hotspots." [theme music playing] tonight, we're going to take you behind the scenes of the world's biggest and hardest-hitting stories. we get rare access to the rebel army fighting in myanmar's forgotten war. they really believe that they're going to end up being crushed. when clashes turn to tragedy...


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