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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  January 21, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> president trump's impeachment trial is underway in the u.s. and the republican majority blococks efforts to o release se department documents. >> this is not the process for a fair trial. >> democrats accused republicans of covering up evidence that the president abused his power. ♪ nick: i am nick clark. also coming up, after months of uncertainty, lebanon has a new government but unrest on the streets is not over. case of announces a
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new virus that has claimed six lives. several countries are ramping up measures to block the spread. you are watching extended coverage of president trump's impeachment trial in the u.s. senate. today is the first day of the trial and politicians have been debating the rules that will govern the remaining days and weeks of the proceedings. democrats have proposed a series of amendments and rules made out should rejectnell bids from the democrats to force the white house and state department to provide evidence. it would take a two thirds vote to convince to remove term from office but the amendments need a simple majority to pass. democrats continue to push for -- the calling the cover current rules a cover-up. chuck schumer: i sent a memo to
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the desk to subpoena records and documents. support senator schumer's amendment, which would ensure a fair trial based on a full evidentiary record. the senate can remedy president trump's unprecedented cover-up by taking a straightforward step . it can ask for key evidence that the president has improperly blocked. senator schumer's amendment does just that. nick: republicans are refusing to allow any amendment. they say democrats request to add new evidence is proof that the impeachment case is flawed. >> the first thing has managers done upon arriving in the chamber after waiting 33 days is to say, actually, we need more evidence. we are not ready to present our case. we need to have subpoenas and do more discovery because we do not have the evidence we need to support our case.
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this is stunning. it is a stunning admission of the inadequate and broken process that the house democrats ran in the impeachment inquiry that failed to compile a record to support their charges. it is stunning that they do not have the evidence they need to support their case and that they do not really have a case. nick: our correspondent is following the events from capitol hill. a good time to sum up where we are heading. reporter: right now, dinner. a third amendment is being discussed now in the senate. the first that democrats proposed, to get documents from the white house about interactions or discussions about ukraine failed. the republicans united and said no they will not ask for the documents. secondly, state department documents were requested by the democrats. diplomats text messages, things like that.
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what did they think was going on. mike pompeo, how deep was he in this. that failed. discussing whether to get documents from the office from a department of the government that dispenses the money congress appropriated for ukraine military aid. the democrats want to get the documents to find out what ombons were given to the about why the ad was being withheld -- aid was being withheld and who is giving the orders. it is likely to fail. we understand it will go through .hese debates they will carry on until dinner. i think i have lost my connection with you but i will keep talking. they will continue through dinner and carry on with the amendments being proposed.
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i cannot hear you if you are still with me. nick: we will join you a bit later when we have communication backup. while the impeachment trial is underway, trump is in switzerland attending the world economic storm. -- forum. environmentalhe -- environment. trump used this speech to criticize climate activists. our reporter is in davos. reporter: he did not come here to talk about climate change but with the world economic forum pushing climate to the top of the agenda, not even donald trump couldn't ignore it. president trump: this is not a time for pessimism. this is a time for optimism. is not a good thought process, but to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow, we must reject these prophets of
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doom and the protections of the apocalypse. reporter: among the prophets of countshe u.s. president greta thornburgh. her debut on the world stage was here one year ago and now she is one of the world's most famous climate activists and everyone is listening. >> our house is still on fire. your inaction is fueling the flames by the hour and we are telling you to act as if you loved your children above all else. thank you. [applause] reporter: trump certainly has done nothing to put out the fire but the world's most famous climate skeptics says the u.s. would join a global initiative to plant one trillion trees in a scale of climate ambition, this was optimism light. >> it is far away from enough. we are in a climate emergency so
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what we need from the united states is an understanding of the situation and risk to the country and its citizens at a rapid phaseout of greenhouse gas emissions, and not drilling for all the new oil and gas and coal. reporter: with climate change leading discussions among corporate's governments, protesters would never be far behind. several hundred spent three days marching toward divorce -- data loss --davos. >> in the short term if we can get some to support projects, that is great. people in the world do not have access to energy. corporations can make money that way. it is extraordinary that protesters in significant numbers have been allowed to reach this close to the most protected areas at the heart of davos.
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economicfrom the world forum that all sides are being heard in the climate debate, even as greta turned berg and others have said, simply being heard is not enough. a message to governments, banks, businesses. act now if you care about your children's futures. lebanon, the country with the new government after hezbollah and allies reached a deal ending three months of deadlock. the president signed off on 20 new cabinet industries after meeting with the prime minister. the announcement angered protesters. our reporter is in beirut. lebanon's new prime minister has finalized his cabinet lineup. it reeks of political horsetrading. even those fighting of receipts our allies and part of the elite. critics call him a pawn of the political elite. he tried to defend his cabinet at a time of mass protests over
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the worst economic crisis in decades. we will endeavor to answer to ensure we have an independent judiciary to bring back stolen toey, to fight corruption, protect the poor from high taxation, to protect unemployment and to put in place new law that brings everyone together under one national identity. reporter: news of the announcement brought protesters who have been demanding new leadership back onto the streets. they gathered in central beirut, the epicenter of a three-month movement to top the political class they accuse of mismanagement and corruption. that 20rs disputed ministers who were specialists show political loyalties. >> i do not trust the new government that will be formed. he came from the people who have been in charge for the past 30
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-- it came from the people who have been in charge for the last 30 years. reporter: the government is being criticized for being controlled by hezbollah and one-sided. political opponents including the outgoing prime minister refused to join the government. the samere playing thing they played 100 days ago. it is a slap in the face. they are laughing at us. reporter: the government faces many challenges in the midst of a nation all -- nationwide uprising. it is the support of international investors that need to get out of the economic and financial crisis. time they met was in
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december and called for a credible government. for weeks, many lebanese have been struggling to make voices heard. one told the security forces that the steel barriers will not protect those in power. >> i am here to demonstrate against the corrupt regime that has been in this country for 30 years or more. they killed each other and broke us into groups to kill each other. there is determination to continue the struggle over what people call the revolution but the government announcement on tuesday sent a clear message that the established parties are still in power. lebanon's crisis is not over.
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ahead, murder charges are filed in brazils most worst -- worst industrial accident one year ago. filipinos sheltered in the shadow of a volcano and tell theheir story. ♪ >> more rain on the way into areas of japan and rain developing in southern and central china. this will accumulate over the next couple of days. the dark blue areas are where we could see 100 mm of rain. rain pushing across the korean peninsula and forcing into western areas of japan. heavy at times.
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andy thunderstorms torrential downpours. mild ahead of the system. 60 in osaka. in hong kong with a high of 24. scattered showers in indonesia. the west ofto borneo. widespread across the malay peninsula. sri lanka, showers in your forecast. india, clouds and fog. it has been lingering. this is to the north. this is the morning commute. dense fog mixed in with smog. feel very cold. 18°c in new delhi on wednesday at best. ♪
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nick: a reminder of the top stories. willcussion of rules that guide the impeachment trial of president trump. democrats have put forward several amendments. two of them, to subpoena white house and state documents have been voted down. mitch mcconnell says democrats request to add new evidence is proof the impeachment case is flawed. lebanon has a new government after hezbollah and allies reached a deal, ending three months of gridlock. protesters are repeating their demands that independent experts should prepare for early elections. growing fears of a deadly new virus that appears to be spreading for a number of countries. the disease originated in china and i would case has been confirmed in the united states
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and others have been reported in thailand and south korea. doctors and china says the strain has killed six people and infected almost 300 others. china's controlled state media says the mysterious virus has spread to some of the country's major cities. more deaths, new infections, including hospital workers. and for the first time, confirmation that this respiratory virus can be passed from person to person. places. happened in two human to human transmission has been confirmed. reporter: the disease was first identified late last year. the majority of the confirmed cases of the virus in china are here. a handful have been identified in other parts of asia. authorities are ramping up
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defenses with mandatory screenings of air passengers. this week, china becomes a nation in motion as people travel home to mark the new lunar new year. many are traveling overseas and now it is possible to fly to 40 international destinations, will is why the outbreak be more than just china's problem. china has been here before. 17 years ago, another virus lives ofrs claimed the around 800 people. almost 300 of them in neighboring hong kong. at first, china's leaders asserted there had been only a handful of cases but later admitted, providing false lateration -- but admitted providing false information. a city mayor and health administer were fired. was one of the first to decode sars.
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he says the city has improved disease control work but he and other scientists were racing to understand this new virus. know therew we only is limited human to human transmission. to come up with more accurate estimations. reporter: so it is a race against time? >> i agree. pharmacies are stocking up on facemasks. the growing health emergency across the border now replacing media coverage of the ongoing protests demanding political reform. while there is no panic, there is deepening concern. adrian brown, al jazeera, hong kong. nick: at least 36 people have been killed after an attack in two villages monday. three people were wounded. the government has announced two days of morning.
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prosecutors in brazil have after 68 people of murder killing 250 people last year. worstllapse was brazils industrial accident and release toxic waste. have been charged with environmental crimes along with a german firm that said the structure was safe. glenn greenwald has been accused of cybercrimes. his website published damaging conversation advising prosecutors in the case against the former president. chargesnces the [indiscernible] politicians in venezuela have
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called off an attempt to an error the national assembly 30. they held a makeshift session in a public square away from congress. security forces and civilians have been blocking the entrance for weeks. they have been facing political crisis after want to go -- juan guaido declared himself interim president. least three police officers and one protester have been injured during antigovernment demonstrations in columbia. protesters gathered in the capital. our reporter has the story. unions and student groups are back on the street in the capital from a number cities across colombia. major national strike that practically halted throughout columbia
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december. people are marching downtown. it is expected to end in a major gathering in the central plaza. [indiscernible] the new mayor took office january 1 said she is implementing the protocol where antiriot police only as a last resort. they will have unarmed police and mediators. we were clashes earlier in the protests have been massive and mostly peaceful. nick: electricity workers and france have cut power to the world's largest fresh fruit
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market and the latest phase of pension protesters. emergency power came on in the market in paris and there was no disruption to trade but it marks in trying toactic stop emmanuel macron's proposed reforms. 100,000 people in the philippines remain in evacuation shelters following last week's volcano eruption. says there is growing concerns about long-term housing. this woman is desperate. she had to flee her home with five children when the volcano erupted more than one week ago. now they are staying in community schooling in a town hosting thousands of evacuees across the province. thee are afraid of continuous earthquakes and also whether we have a home to return to.
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reporter: her story is reported -- repeated many times. more than 100,000 people are now placed and staying in temporary shelters like this. is -- the evacuation has put a strain on several towns but officials say they are doing the best they can. food, supplies, we have enough for a couple weeks. they are willing to accept and take charge of the evacuation. reporter: there were growing mightns that homelessness develop due to the conditions in temporary shelters. the field hospital was set up days after the initial volcanic eruption. birthing, surgical, and operation areas.
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this can handle as many as 100 from different evacuation centers and operates for 24 hours. >> mostly it is cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure. reporter: back at the evacuation lifer, she waits for a that is uncertain. her husband is sick on her home has been destroyed. like many others, she grew up around the volcano that they loved and admired. now they wonder how something so beautiful can be so terrifying. nick: rescuers continue to search for seven hikers who went insing when an avalanche hit nepal.
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south koreans and guides are thought to be trapped. the group were traveling on the mountain when an avalanche struck friday. the operation could take several weeks. courtsd's constitutional have acquitted leaders of an opposition party of attempting to overthrow the monarchy but the future party faces legal threats. at party headquarters in bangkok, supporters were relieved when the judge delivered his verdict. >> there is not enough evidence to prove the party acted to overthrow the constitutional monarchy under a democratic system with the king as head of state. reporter: celebrations were short-lived. future forward faces more legal challenges and the threat of being dissolved. we believe in our innocence
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[indiscernible] reporter: the future forward seats in the parliament last year. they are led by a new, younger generation who says they want real democracy and not the military government in disguise. formerme minister is the army general who led the coup 5.5 years ago. many in his government are former military personnel. the election commission recommends the dissolution of future forward. analyst say if it happens, expect mass antigovernment protests. >> that means they were not have other choice in the parliament.
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but if you dissolve this party that has close ties to the thai choicesa means you give less and less. reporter: the government denies the accusations against the party's are politically motivated but this legal vagary for the opposition -- legal victory for the opposition has done little. they are concerned about the prospect of more political turmoil. nick: protesters ensued on ended butnded the 30 year rule food prices continue to rise as the value of the currency falls. workter: wrapping a day at , this woman is here to collect cash from her bank account to buy food. she has to take more each time. change day toes
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day and there has been a steep rise in prices the last two days. i earn the same amount i earned last year but with the increase in prices, spending has become more than what we earn. reporter: sudan's economy has been spiraling down for years. in 2011, he lost 75% of their oilfield with the creation of sanctions were only lifted two years ago. previous governments tried cutting spending. last april, there was the fall of the president but prices continue to rise. onlook at sudanese prices the black market the last 12 months. in june, 70. today, 100. officially, the rate is 45. risisingices have been
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new cuisine, you have to be kind of s savvy and also a littttle t carefulul, right? y you'rere trg to create e a market when it's not t there. the e fact that thi food hadad gained a a reputation west hollywood and other places as, you know, delilicious food, butt it was a a certain kikind f thaiai food. that opened the way for these newer chefs to say, "y"you know w what, we e can be unique and different with this food c culture." like, chefs are artists, and so theyey're e coming up with s stuff all the time. it's not to say it doesn't happen in thailand, but i think being in l.a., this kind of cross-pollination might be opening up new tastes and flavors in thai cuisine.


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