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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 6, 2020 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> you are watching from live from paris. these are the top stories. the impeachment trial of donald trump draws to a close with senators voting to acquit the president. they describe it as a victory for america. the death to from the coronavirus rises to 560. thousands are quarantined aboard to cruise liners -- one in japan anand the other in hong kong. in for kirkuring
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douglas. he made close to 100 films during a career which spanned six decades. he was 103 years old. ♪ welcome back. we are going to begin in washington with the republican-controlled senate acquitted president trump. the trial was out almost entirely along partisan lines which just mitt romney breaking rank with party. president trump's acquittal brings to end what is the only third impeachment trial in u.s. history before the president who claims he did nothing wrong, this is an vindication. thomas waterhouse, tell us more. reporter:'s head was on the
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block. block butd was on the dodonald trump's hand remain on the reins of power. >> it is ordered that donald john trump is acquitted of the charges. >> not guilty. o 48rter: by a vote off 52 t the abuse of power article and then throughout the obstruction charge. mitt romney was the only republican who voted to convict the president over his july request that his ukrainian counterpart dig up dirt. leader anpublican important page has been truly turned. >> it is time to move on. this decision has been made. it is in the rearview mirror.
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reporter: nancy pelosi, the democrat who spearheaded the impeachment, believes trump remains a threat to democracy. the senate minority chuck schumer, say a giant asterisk still stands next to the acquittal. >> i believe the american people will know who stood in the way. drip ofmistake the evidence is gogoing to keep comg out. rerepoer: trump says he will give a statatement this thursday to discuss the country's victory on the impeachment hoax. ♪ in the meantntime, he published this v video on twitter shohowia fakeke cover of f the popupular magazinene time. he suguggests he could be a resident of f the whatat has for -- white house forever. philip.joined by
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cut a lone figure in the ranks of the republican party byby doing the opposite of what his colleagues did. someone who i isis not scared of being intimidated by donald trump or what he and his treeees could do. he decided to jump ship and join with the democrats. i don't think he is the only republican who had a hard think about whether he should vote with the republicans to give reign or voteree with democrats to get him removed. the problem here is that many republicans behind the scenes have been voicing their fear of what would happen if they vote against donald trump. for example, the fear they would be torn apart by fox news whicih
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is known to support the president. radio wereost on the followed by trolls on twitter. there is the threat that donald trump himself could clampdown against them and criticize them and give them nicknames like ted or no-- lying good teresa. there is this fear of being chastised by the president, the --ia, the party itself which for a lot of republicans -- was too great a threat to have to deal with. that is why they thought we will just about in favor of not removing him even though he has lied in the past and there is more to this than we are e being led to believe. anchor: the whole impeachment process has pretty much backfired on the democratic party.
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analysts say it gave the republicans a boost. >> one thing for sure later on today when donald trump is due to make a statement he e is not going to apologize for anything that has happened. he will remain defiant and has set down the line he never did anything wrong. this was a witchhunt organized by the democrats because they know they cannot stop him from winning the election coming up in november. a a defiant donald trump and hes being buoyed by the opinion polls in the united states. the latest polls by gallup say 49% of americans approve what he is doing. voters saidlican they approve of donald trump. that is a remarkably high score. higher than predecessors an office at the same time ahead of
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an election for a second term. also in goods condition with 3.6% unemployment rate. that has gone down since he was in office. createdn job vacancies over the past three years. he said that was more than he envisioned. he has all of these very positive effects -- facts to give him momentum in saying this is all over. anchor: thank you very much. international affairs editor, philip. the dental from the coronavirus has risen once again to 563. the total number of confirmed infections stands more than 28,000. more thahan 3700 people of a cruise liner are quarantined for two weeks after 20 cases were detected amongng the passengers.
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they arere currentntly docockedn yokohama. in hong kong it is a similar story. 3600 is ship there with quarantined for a second date after three people tested positive. brian quinn explains the whole issue has become highly emotive. limbo 1800tuck in passengers and crew remain thursday in hong kong harbor. each one being tested for coronavirus. it was refused entry to taiwan after three chinese nationals tested positive for the disease. some passengers angry at being allowed to board in the first place. >> [speaking foreign language] if we knew of the infection, we would not have boarded. we are very scared. reporter: thousands of medical staff remain on strike demanding
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hong kong close borders with the mainland entirely. coronavirus cases there have surpassed 24,000. many medics remember the sars outbreak that killed hundreds of hong kongreer. there are committed to continuing the strike. >> we are currently joining with other unions to organize. reporter: carrie lam announced day 14 day quarantine for anyone arriving from the mainland startingng saturday. on wednesday she defended herself in accusations of being slow to react. situation isus evolving all of the time. we have not shied away from introducing these measures. reportrter: her decision comes s signs of community transition mount in hong kong. with known cases in the city passing 20 in recent days. players directing --
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for gbagbo are running for acquittal. they said he must reside in belgium bubut he is hoping the c judges will reconsider those conditions. let's speak to stephanie vanderburg. what is the latest? reporter: the lawyers are petitioning for having restrictioions on the provisionf release lifteted and what w we e hearing now is the prosecutor explaining what he thinks the conditions should not be lifted. is still aagbo flight risk and the ivory coast government said there would be unrest i if he returns to the ivory coast. the hearing is a back-and-forth
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between thee lawyers who want of ththe restririctions lifted andd to be free and the prosecution who say no, he needs to be in belgium where he is in reach of the court. we are goioing to appeaeal his acquittal. we need to come to these court hearings and he needs these conditions imposed. anchor: talk a little bit more about the arguments on both sides. it is very procedural. lawyerstion is, these are saying every person who is acquitted should have no limits on their release. the argument for the prosecution is somebody is acquitted should be in liberty and have no problem but if you are still appealing, there is a legal reason to keep him here so we can get him back in case the
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trial returns. the icc does not have its own police force and if they need to bring someone back, they are rely on the cooperation of states and suspects. the ivory coast is saying that we cannot guarantee we can bring him back because he has been the president and his political support if he returns, we might not be able to arrest him because there might be so much unrest or his supporters will block us. we will have a host of new problems. anchchor: whehen can we expect o knowow? it is hard to say because it is not going to be today. the judges will listen to the arguments and think on it for a couple of weeks or a month before we have a final decision. anchor: thank you very much.
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a gunman who opened fire on police officers in jerusalem shot dead today. one officer was injured in the incident and earlier a palestinian motorist drove into israeli soldiers before fleeing the scene. a spike in violence has left at least three palestinians dead in three separate incidents. heightened tensions come in the context of donald trump's middle east peace plan which is seen as being one-sided and favorable to israel. three people lost their lives afafter a passenger plane skiddd off the end of the runway in istanbul. this happened is the pegasus inline boeing 737 came landing in wet conditions. the authority say 179 passengers were injured and they are being treated in 18 hospitals nearby.
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the incident prompted the closure of the runway. flights were diverted to the other main airport but flights operated as usual this morning. andpeople have been killed more than two dozen injured after high-speed train derailed in northern italy. the engine of the train detached and went off the rails to go with one of the passenger carriages while traveling nearly 300 kilometers per hour. this happened in a rural area. police say the investigation is going to be carried out into what caused the crash. time for our daily dose of culture. kirk douglas was known for his glamour, talent, longevity, and celebration roles on screen. the career spans seven decades and made more than 90 films. is our residents film criritic.
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tell us more. >> where d does onone start? he made his debut in 1946 and the strange love of martha ivers but it was thehe film champion that made him a star. he plays an ununscrupulous boxer who o punches his s way to the . not letting anyone or anything get in his way. he really liked playing b b guys. anchor: he had quite an interesting career. tell us a bit more -- let us watch this clip. [video clip] >> you talk as if we are married. >> we are going to be. anand tomorrowow is as good a te as any. >> tomorrow? ththat is d dandy. why not? you got t as much of chancnce is marrying me totomorrow as today. that is not much a chance at all because guess what? i am already married. bececame -- douglas
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he was a c child of immigigrantd became for other children of immigrants a poster boy. representing the american dream really. stage,s' was his anand his fatherer left russia a russssian jew t that was notot teterested i in being in t the . he grew up outside albany, new york and a family with h six siststers and becauseews were prevented from d doing manany j, hihis father wasas a ragicker. that gave him a drive to succeed that comes from coming from nothing. it made him very bold and daring and to our benefit. anchor: an incredible career spanning six decades. he played lots of different key roles. memorable,, the most would be the spartacus role.
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role that lives on because it was 70 millimeters on a colossal screen and three hours long. people binge watch series and think nothing of that. it was a real epic extravaganza and what better story than the lowly slave who says roman empire, we want a better deal? anchor: let us look at an excerpt. [video clip] >> you recognize this baton? >> you should! >> it was in your tent. >> the symbol of the senate, all of the power of rome. ♪ >> take that back to your senatete. tell him you andnd the broken ststick is all t that is left te garrisison of rome.. tell them we want nothing from rome. nothing g except our freedom..
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all we want is to get out of this country! anchor: that from the 1960 film spartacus which made history on and off the screen. it marked the end of hollywood's blacklisting of suspected communist artists. >> kirk douglas took his fame and notoriety and put it to outstanding use. the screenwriter had already w n two o oscars under his own name. he decided that this was the moment for him to have his name on that huge screen. it's adult and trumbo and the andklist -- dalton trumbo he was taken off the blacklist. i i definitely suggest watching the film trumbo. anchor: that is definitely one i will be watching. thank you so much. presidentian
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introduced a controversial bill which opened up distan indigenod to mining. it still needs approval from congress. ♪ reporter: pushing his right-wing agenda further brazil's president introduced another controversial bill that opens up indigenous land to mining and otother developmenent. >> [speaking f foreign language] i hope this dream and the votes of lawmakers will come true because indians are human beings like us. they have a heart, feelings, a soul, desires and needs. they are just as brazilian as we are. reporter: the president has been critical of a longng-held policy of settingng asiside vast terriy for indigenous groups. he was to create a legal framework to allow outsiders to exexploit the lands in the amaz.
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>> [speaking foreign language] the brazilian government is anti-stain ability. it is very against nature. it does not want to preserve the indigenous nations. it treats indigenous people very badly. ♪ reporter: the latest controversial bill was announced hours after he caused an uproar by his appointment of a new head of agency protecting indigenous groups. the new coordinator general is a former evangelical missionary. he has no interest in n using te post to move but some are labeling it genocidal. they have isolateted them frorom contact t and it would expose tm to disisease and other risk. they said the president's bargainingng l lives f for some political support from evangelicals. let's get a reminder of
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the top stories. the impeachment trial of donald trump draws to a close with senators voting to acquit the president. they described the verdict as a victory for america. the death toll from coronavirus and mainlandnd china rises to me than 560. thousands are quarantined on to cruise ship's. -- ships. tributes pour in following the death of kirk douglas. the star made close to 100 films during a career which spanned six decades. he was 103 years old. ♪ titime now f for a check on the latest business news stories. stephen carol is here. let's start with the move by china toto cut u.s. import tariffs. reportrter: this comes after t e u.s. s signed a phase one trade deal. the chinese side was s not
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explplicitly incncded but they d commit to buying $200 billion worth of more american goods and servrvices over the next twtwo years. this move will help facilitate chinesese companies to do that. de-escalating the trade war china said it would have to tariffs on hundreds of goodss by february 14. 17 productsts.t hawas the existing tariffs lved. this comes after three weeks after they signed a phase one trade agreement and reflex beijing's commitment to boooostr purchases of goods and s servics by $20200 billion. to halfon has pledged its s own tariffs o on chinese s down to 7.5%.
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despite these cononcessions, , h sides s are maintainining tarifn the majority of their trade worth hundreds of billions of dollars.s. beijing's tariff reduction comes at a time when the chinese economy is struggling to cope with the impact of the coronavirus. the epidemic has already seen several major companies suspend or close operations in china. it also affected consumemer demd making it more difficult for the country to abide by its purchasing commitments. they are unable to meet target and could invoke a disaster that mamay allow it to renegototiate its agrgreement with washington.n. anchoror: news s going down w we marketet with strong gain in asn tradading after ththe announcemt came out. european shares stilill trending up. they are more focused on company results out today. the drug company sanofi is up
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almost 3%. one of the sectors watching development with the coronavirus is the oil industry. expecting significant reduction in demand over the next two months of up to one million barrels a day. the company advancing it is cutting cost by $1 billion by 2023. the oil priceces are looking a t more stable after slumping in recent weeks because of fear the coronavirus could mean massive reductions in supply. the international branch mark trading around -- benchmark trading around $55 a barrel. even ificantly down trading g is more stable today. turning to other business doors, cananada fromping booking in the local area a to
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stop r renting properties for partrties. that is after a shooting in toronto in which three people died. airbnb says violence hahappens n vevery few bookings but the numbmbers rose at reservations booked localally by young peopl. theieir testing rules in canada but if they prove successfuful, they could be applied in other countries. young canadians will still be ablele to rent r rooms and whole hohouses thahat are not t closeo their home address. huhuawei is s suing verizon f fr using its technology. they say verizon should pay fees for using a variety at the tech owned by the chinese firm. the two companies have met several times to discuss the issue but have not been able to resolve it. this coming as the u.s. government is trying to block aweiway in the america -- hu and what it says our national security c concerns.
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upper toernandez -- alberto fernandez isis trying to make ee arargentinian debtbt more managegeable. it includes s $750 billion t tht barreded from m monetary fund. the finance mister hang a conference i in thee vatican and saying the country could not continue servicicing debt that s unsuststainae.e. the engagement ring thatat is peperfect for pizza lovers. domino's pizza and australia unveiled a specially designed ring it is offering as a prize for the best proposal idea that involves pizza. it is worth over 5000 years. t would make for a truly do-mantic but perhaps a little bit too cheesy.
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i see e what you didid there. >> that is it from us. more news and a couple of minutes. ♪
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