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correspondentsts around the wor. hello and welcocome to live from paris on charlie jameses ten pm here in the french capital we begin with the headlines. china starts testing a corona virus drug as thehe country's death toll topop six h hundred united states offering one hundreded millionn dollarsrs to assist in fighting the outbreak. yeah i will coccus results are in but still too close to call both people to judge and bernie sanders are claiming victory the national democratic party request a recount. and irish voters head to the polls saturday for general elections
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that could sink the current government leo varadkar in a gale party has slumped into third place in polling. and we begin with the latest on the global corona virus outbreak china has begun testing an antiviral drug on corona virus patients the search for treatments is urgent as more ththan twenty eieight thousand people have now been infected in china. and morore than six hundred killed smaller outbreaks have been reported in two dozen other nations and the united states says it is prepared to spspend upp to one hundred millioion dollars to hep fight the virus. earlier today the director general of the world health organization spoke about the current efforts to stop the spread. the we there
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have been fewer reported new infections in china. which is good news but at the same time we caution against reading too much into that the number thihis could go up again w. j. sending testing kids the mosque's gladys respirators and grounds to countries in every region. cruise ships are trying to prevent and contain their own corona virus outbreaks on board operator royal caribbean has banned passengers who are from china we traveled there recently this is the number of cruise ships in asia are currently under quarantine one ship in japan has confirmed sixty one cases on board. scarce garland reports. passengers aboard this quarantine cruise liner off the coast of japan say their fears amounting. to forty one caseses
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of the novel coronavirus were confirirmed in one d day bringig the total to sixty one. roughly three thousand seven hundred people are on board some the worried about the air quality during the two week quarantine period. the company that operates the ship said it's doing the best it can. what our team has done is gone to every cabin and asked every guest what medicinine needs that theyy have we also ask them the urgency of the need. our hearts break for all people on board diamond princess meanwhile passengers on another ship the superstar query is will be allowed to dock in a tie with the cicity of keelung on saturdy despite a government imposed ban on all international cruise line is. authorities said the ship will be exempt from the rule because more than 90% of the passengers a taiwanese. valentine card when the ship docks medical stoffel gets on boboard for examinations of any
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passenger has a fever all has been to china they will be separated from the others at once for further inspection sounds hygiene. another cruise ship near hong kong entntered is third night of quarantine after eight full of passengers courts the corona virus. and of the u. s. state of new jersey authorities greens passengers on the anthem of the seas cruise liner officials said about two dozen were tested on friday morning four were taken to hospital with issues. unrelated to the virus. now to some other top store from around the world i think we can all agree the iowa cauaucuses were a colossall political mass. after three days of tech issues and delays the results are still being questioned the national democratic party is calling for a re campus essentially a an audit. all this chaos reviving the question of why iowa gets to go first whether the caucus system is outdated. monty francis with more on the fallout. tables you
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get the delegates much of the criticism of the iowa caucuses is focused on quirks in the process and technical mistakes at this rate new hampshire might get the first road after all. with the spotlight now turning to new hampshire many voters are questioning why these two small american states with a combined population of just four million people have such a disproportionate role in selecting their presidential nominee. with great convention iowawa and it up firirst on the calendar following the democrats decision after the party conventionn in ninineteen sisixty eight. to open up the process to more grassroots activists. ever sense iowa has fought to keep its first place status. that's why i don't think another state can do it because we actually do have two parties when it comes to pass that can work together if they ununderstand how well we d do i. how important it is to i want to be a part of this process. one study found that high winds
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and new hampshirites have twenty times more influence on selecting a nominee than those who vote in later states. critics point out they don't rereflect t the u. s. populatios a whole iowa is 85% white and new hampshire is 94% white. that compares 260% nationwide. californiaia the most p populou. s. state has more than ten times as many residents as iowa until recently it held its primarary i in june. meaning its voters went to the polls often after the nominee had effectively been decided. hoping to bolster its electoral influence california recently decided to move up its primary to march third to take part in super tuesday when there are primaries and thirteen other states. now the democratic candidates have effectively moved on from iowa all ready there's another debate tonight in the state of new hampshire which votes on tuesday. empire
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state college of new york professor ian rifle at strain the program earlier with a look at where the race goes from here. i think what you're going to see is that there are are sort of lanes right there is that lane on the lack and bernie sanders is right now the front runner in that lane he did very well in iowa he is leading c currently in new hampshire polls. so let's say that bernie sanders wins new hampshire and possibly even win wins nevada. he really would then be claiming that to be the candidate o of the progressive left and the question is who will be the candidate of the center left to oppose him would be. joe biden would be deported jujudge if let's sayay biden wis south carolina but doesn't w win it particularly impmpressivelyy and doesn't win let's say nevada and the onlyy state in the personal he wins in the south carolina. well then somebody like mike believe mike bloomberg is waiting in the wings to claim the b. r. the center left or momoderate spot.. you go against burning then there's elizabeth warren
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elizabeth warren is also a strong progressive now she- needs to do well in new hampshire because newew hampshie it bordersrs on massachusetts as does. bernie sanders vermont's you really have to new englanders in bernie and elizabeth warren both fighting head to head in after that progressive lane in new hampshire. at some point i if bernie dominates as the meeting had ever left elizabeth warren will necessarily have a place to go so. i think we'll get what we're looking to get to a point where we can get it now number two or maybe three candidates after super tuesday. you will have that you will you will probably still have birdie you will probably have at least one of the moderates. maybe you'll have bloomberg and maybe i'll have a warrant and after super tuesday i don't do that i don't think there's room for more than three- going f forwar. at that t point. i am. will all. bebe sattar. and in a low. that could. the face of irish politics. current prime minister leo varadkar has won praise for his handling of brexit talks. but on domesticic
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issues he'e's faceded a storm of criticism. so ireland's other main partities have e pounced campaignining on ththe need for changege. i'm old maxwell previews the race for us. internationally near rocker is a liberal darlene. the young openly gay hough indian t. shook who stood up for all and against brock sets. but the mess the clean his shine has worn off with a historic housing crisis on the forefront of voters minds and growing impatience with his centrist fina gale party which has been in power for nine years. h. advise you to ask thehe for writing the a big tree just yet- because- at the action has yet to happppen on those- the votes have yet to get toto get ththe kinds s of. any gals traditional competitors on me how maltin's center right fina foyle. which tumbled from power in twenty eleven off the island's recession. economy may have recovered since then the benefits haven't been felt widely enough across the country. the short haul
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released monday showed left wing shin fane in the lead. once the voice of the ira paramilitary group. shin fane has broadened its appeal and a new leader at merion donald's. capitalizing on fatigue with the two centrist parties this is an election of a change. many irish people still oppose shin fane for its role in the violent conflict in northern ireland. but mcdonald has managed to shake off the image among younger voters and was by far thehe most popular leader in mondnday's poll. war i is so. se have to have a democratic mechanisms. to deal with the political disputes that we still have on the side. shin fane ultimate aim is still unifyingng all into northern ireland's that w wants a referendum in the next few years. by addressing voters main concerns of healthth housig on the cost of living it's frightening to shake up orleans political landscape. and for more on how this election could
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shake up irish politics let's cross to peter sure low he is director of the university of liverpool's institute of irish studies thank you so much for being with us- it sounds like this vote is one really based on people's pocketbooks. can you further explain how the cost of living in ireland isis affectining citizens. there's some of the problems with the irish economy is the right group or you're going to call me it's nine one of the- fastest growing economies in the work. but not significant problems with the cost of living. to savorr example available technical opening couple of well run thirty fifive thousandnd euros a yeaear. and y the time theyy pay rent to learn a little about your club and pay the rent. but in time the pain utilities on their grocery bills they'll be lucky if they hot forty euros. perer week in didisposable income. the so that
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ththe major. that h h my- is particularly. young people ass a proboblem or schohool europe. wa problem that isn't. acute which simply is. an adult should younger or livingg at home youog people are borrowing from the parents younung people come by homes- there seems to be the last four or five weeks. a very strong natational mood which i s against the law and order is a- which is against you know what don't run. a one bedroom plus can go for as much as two thousand points from all throughout. and it's believed to b be young peoplee that are behind the rise of the shin fane party which has been described as surprising. why are younger people willing to put aside the. party's history of supporting the iraqi. hello he was named year. cut should be. public right which in recent times. the girl or issues of course with the health service arnold doesn't follow the national health service for example like you were going on in the- this big
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winter time of course you have a problem with you know people actually start getting a proper care the hospital system the national health service alaskan issues well. but there does seem to be a very gingerly. one of the things that is the question is that. one of the young. the bills a common the job people like. how not got the could possibly to. afford them the capacity to buy a home you know people are delaying getting money on thesee issues really having the four. and you've got to realize the conflict and- northern ireland basically out of t the body some twenty years ago.. and there's'a youngeger generation coming through you are not aware or not is. concerned by thought possible we've also looks to work that should be in. i was going through who says open recently moving. towards a more center left position- you know thirty years ocean view would have been against foreign investment in ireland. it would have been for racial nationalistic economics. on the abortion it is always see much.
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further to the left of the- he's from ththdealer you know fofor. but it's still aa very capable of drawing of those pop. on this public moody which is really avoid the thing that you mentioned start of the center of your- we is this whole around those calls of living well. out there is a nice is. so say shin fane when it's still going to have to form a coalition in order to govern and either of the two big center right parties appear willing to work with them. so then what happens. she helped with- alluding hoping the pool and all agree they restored forty condoms- thehere are- you need to have any seats when. will a actual part in our- that this is a reflection of last year's's electionesulults weree mentioned previously with a deadad body somethingng actually street forty colors. thehey weren't awaware that. they were going on about the significance when. i was going toto come to a
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lot. so a lot of thosee said d u a hobby be seen the weaeaer. but what we basically will the juniper will get. or which is near. the south hearted moment before we go to. the states- they will probably doing the same is going to get with the government. well we won't be coming back as development. which probably which is they ththey form the supply and confididence soo they donon't me wiwith the greens the large wit- inindependence still workable. the date the two main political parties going to hear what it meant b breaker they w will not charge partnership vamp. there are other issues that just passed. as this about special criminal courts who works there. during the scorched iron. our our our major. to buy a used by the state also. those involved in money or of all with crime on shinji will not accept such courts because it's a throwback to the course that we used in the complex so you also realize that the these parties to start
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we have always had tensions between them so free to give up in a poor little former government but they might support each other in terms of motions on to be excellent then what we do. will say is that should pay will be once worked on the voice. they will also be able get se dynamite but on what will happen probably is if we have the usual type coalition confidence type government is that this will probably help should be in future elections. begin to develop their structure. ththere is surely from the universe of the roof thanks much for helping us s under. this the french government is accusing seven big corporations of discriminating during their hiring processes a study found that candidates with arabic sounding names received 25% fewer resesponses on average thn competitors with frerench namam. the businesses are heading back saying the investigation as
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flawed kerr's garland takes a closer look. f. from runner and a cool three of the seven companies implicated by the government's for employment discrimination in france's biggest employment investigation ten thousand applications was cents to forty randomly chosen fans. in seven of them to study found a candidate with the european sounding name had a twelve point 5% chance of receiving a positive response while the candidate with an identical resume but with an arabic sounding name had a nine point 3% chance. city to do there were ten thousand resumes sent out with for example a name like you could a little while on one and one makes it too on the other. so out of these two names one more image into has a 25% lower chance of getting a response. six of the seven companies issued a s statementnt expressing their anger with the court klay weaknesses of the studies methodology. efron's in
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which the government has a stake said the results did not reflect the company's values or policies. nick i don't get the forty four applications that were sent to air france were all spontaneous applications. and only in seven of them do we see a difference in treatment but we don't know who they were sent to. and they were sent outside of our own recruitment system could not. the government has r recognized the studies floors including the fact that for some companies the positions tested i'm not in the core target group. it says it will integrate changes in a new wave of testing. next it's time to run the numbers and that means business with you career tonight hello there and it's only now that the economic impact from the corona virus outbreak continues to grow. and now it's keeping some firms away from a major trade show tells about that rivals in the swedish tech from ericsson in south korea's l. g. have both decided to pull out of the mobile world congress in
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barcelona that starts on the twenty fourth of february. this is a precautionary measures to avoid any risk of f contaminatin by exposing is soft and event that draws thousands of people from acrosss the world. ericsson is one of thee main global suppliers of ththe nexext gegeneration of five g. mobile networks its rival china's wally. has said he will attend the event it's just another g. out nowow mom has not reported any confirmed corona virus cases yet but its econonomy has started to suffer. emergency restrictions mean the movement of people and goods into china is now heavily controlled by means watermelon famas have seen their profits slashed james wilson has been. me and my a call rely heavily china on border trade alone generates more than one billion dollars in a single month. chinese consumers are particularly fond of man mas watermelons and usually hundreds of trucks that sent north every day. since the outbreak of the coronavirus
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strict restrictions on the movement of goods as coles trade diplomats. he doesn't have to be well our purchase is going to china fine i'll trade for the traders told us not to bring the watermelons to thee borderer. as there are no b by s ththat. . so we dodon't die e tg a free ridide on it. the border remamains o open but only twentr twenty five trucucks a day h hae been alloweded to post three recently the result is watermelons as selling it only a third of their normal family and thousands of being left to rot in the fields. the goal iss when we statarted this business we have three hundred emploloyes fofor two hundred acacres of fafarmland. now there is any 10% left to harvest this season and also because of the virus i sent told them back. now we have only thirty employees including the head work as forty employees. farmers have instead trying to sell their goods in myanmar. but the
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mistake the mount is lower. cannot compensate for the loss of a lucrative chinese market. let's look at the day's trading action now i'm will street has pulled back from record high lelevels despite a s surprisingy strong us jobs report as concerns over the impact of the corona virus outbreak depends the dow closed down almost 1% this as they jumpedd nearly 10%% off of the right hating comomny moved forward t to its target to achieve profitability by a full yet. may the european mararkets closed the week i in the red hat with on the city down half a percentt at do you in pots to rise in the british pound. and testing french carmaker renault fell off the s sl after it said it wouldld suspend production at its south kororea implant due to susupply shortages caused by the outbreak. and finally for business and economic hardships can have a s severe effects on a child'd's upbringingg but one eight year old boy in uganda. has times the full fortunes
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around by sisinging about pover. patrick sanyo j. his stage name the fresh kid has become a you tube sensation by singing about his parents struggles to provide for him and his four siblings he began by doing itt warm up p acts incoming at in khan says. but ironically he's carry it really took off when the ugandan government tried to box at bought him from seeing in due to laws against child labor. the boys then made a new music video pleading with the authorities to allow him to sing which became a sick hit song and won an american music awards i'm- a deal with the government. life in the village is not easy. sometimes you achieve what you once and other times you don't. sometimes it's a happy life. and other times it's not. for me it was not the best life. so i decided to sing.
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so i canan follow my drdreams wl come up with. room and- quite an a achievement thathat is ann old story business thank you so much and next up we've got a look at what's hot online and on social media with that and my james and media watch you're taking a look at the death of thisis doctor it in china who ws one of the first to sound the alarm on thehe corona virus now he's bececome its latest victim yes absolutely and he got no thanks for trying to sound the alarm over at this then unknown virus back in december i don't believe we and when leon. has become something of a beacon of hope really for the chinese publicic- really clinging to his active simple heroism in the face of liz fear and misinformation that back in december he was one of eight people at reprimanded by police
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for what they called spreading rumors as something that amounted to illegal behavior and of course we now know that the room is there was spreading what entirely treat- lots of calls like this one popping up online well at the face moscow we've all seen fight across him with hasas been replaced by something else this i think will be the- evil hand of censorship. this what has happened with balked while across his face in stash and he was just thirty four years old and had continue trying to treat people in the epicenter of the outbreak in wuhan some people saying we should remember his face as it was before it was concealed by the corona virus such as what he really looks like and the scale of public reaction in anger there. has been immense at the new york times according it a rant online revolt in china what's interesting is that the senses do seem to have been a little bit slower off the mark this aroundd hash tag like we want freedom of speech what answer bench play with that
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hours allowing a real- amount of momentum to build up as news broke that he was gravely ill- and. and eventually died and what. it is very strange though is that his own day appears to open. by the authorities at report say. and because is claimed that he she was. dead at one thirty. then all. the intervention of government officials was and hooked up to life support machines. and then declared that a second time just before three o'clock in the morning. most p people very angry this is really a final indignity for a man who have tried to help. the authorities had also triried to mamake amens and away apologizing but- it looks like this unusually open criticism. of the chinese authorities is still beieing clamped down. at yes but it's interesting to see that it's not just ordinary citizens who are voicing that content in that anger at the way in which
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the chinese authorities of active. and this is the- economic observer which is a state affiliated newspaper. and its front page has been used to cool for lead when young's name to be cleared- because of course he- carries a criminal record if you like- for that restaurant. and the paper has also posted on social media saying that doctor lee is telling us throuough his death what kind of future we will face if we lose the ability to express ourselves. and are they going to save the wuhan authorities ship issue those who abuse that powers. to suppress the rumor mongers which is what of course at they became. asas and then you times. reporting on i to get in. on gonna come. from a big business lead chat of the of. by see c. k. he a way both social. so in china. it time to. on day. rooted step trump ever thank.
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that how. everyone we be more stable if you. other mount civil war on two. and really in to see our mind a country we you're not allowed to come the press to winning pooh. that's how. control there is and what people allow to say china. lots of other how to been taking twitter to repay homage. to the door who is seeing the a hero. and flower and image being less the host. a little bottle of something they're not quite sure what that is i'm- and there was also a cool for there to be. a general- remembrance of him with people being told at nine o'clock at night to switch off the lights and shine a light out of thehe window. the people also beingng told to blow whistles somome turning up at te hospital to do jusust that because of course he was. a whistleblolower we are- whistle blows said these people when they turned up out the w wuhan central h hospital. where he did and this one final simple homage really written in the snow the what's- that well doctor lee w
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