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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 12, 2020 5:30am-6:00am PST

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anchor: sanders scores a clear victory in the new hampshire primaries, cementing his position among progressive voters. former president joe biden says he is just getting started, after coming in a distant fifth. ara warns of ak heavy price if strikes are carried out against its forces in syria. president regard says it will force rebel forces out of ad lib.. rights groupups in france pen ad open letter to the film industry after roman polanski's "an officer and d a spy" was nominad
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for the equivalent of 12 oscars. more legal troubles for carlos seeking overissan 18 million euros in damages. stay with us for "live inn paris." first, china's senior medical adviser is predicting the coronavirus outbreak may be over by april. this just a day after the head of the world health ororganizatn said countries should be treating the virus as enemy number one. 44 thousanand people are infectd by the pneumonia like virus in mainland china. conferenceolding a to discuss the virus that has claimed the lives of more than 1100 people.
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we go to our correspondent, standing by in beijing. john, what is life like in the chinese capital after that extended lunar new year holiday? is it business as usual? john: no, life is still very quiet here. the streets in the capital arere ststill verery empty. we are not seeing the usuaual traffic jams that we see in beijijing. tois quite theory -- eerie see a city of one million people feel so quiet. there are temperature checks any time you enterer building. masks are ubiquitousus. there arare propagaganda posters everywhere. they tell people to keep fighting together to w win the r against the coronavirus. many restaurants and shops are still closed. those that are open still have required a few restrictions. mostly, they can only work at
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half capacity, in terms of the number of customers they can host. no foodng, there are shortageges at the shops t thate open. they are still full, except shortages in masks and hand sanitizer. being: what measures are taken to reduce the risk of new infections? john: in addition toto things already put in plplace, like the quarantines around cities in the provinince of huawei, new measus will b be put in plalace to pret the high risk of infnfection as people try to go back to workk this week and the next week. in the transportrt sector, ththt means limitingng the carrying capacity of a long distance coach, or enhancing sterilization of public transport is another thing. we keep seeing temperature
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checks on passengers. it also the education sector, springtime, we are getting into the recruitment season for university graduates. that is when they tend to start going around the country, applying for jobs. the ministry of education has tried to push for this processon given the right to seize private property for the purpose of disease prevention and control. measures taken, important to epidemiologists -- the chinese center of disease control still respect a rebound of infections becacause of masse population movements we are going to see if people had back to work. anchor: we have seen businesses shut. we have seen factories shut. tell us about the economic consequences of this coronavirus outbreak. t the exact impmpact of the coronavirus outbreaeak on te
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economy -- we will be e le to asasure that a lilittle bit l lr on. it will have an impact. e example of one companyny in beijing, in the services sector -- they had to immediately cut down all salaries 70% and all work hours 70%. we are clearly seen disruptions in the supply chain. in placeseses are that don't allow factories to open. for example, in n hubei provinc. we are also seeingng competing guidelines in different levels of the chinese administration, which makes it complicated for companies to adapt in the right way. our correspondent reporting from beijing. polls have closed in the u.s. state of new hampshire after voters there cast their ballots for who should be the democratic party nominee to take on donald trump. results indicate a win for
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progressive senator bernie sanders, with former mayor of south bay pete buttigieg coming in second. the biggest surprise of the night was vice president joe biden, who based his campaign on his electability, coming in a distant fifth. brian quinn reports. brian: bernie sanders, out in front of the democratic presidential field. the progressive vermont senator claiming victory as voters cast their ballots in the democratic party primary tuesday. sanders: this victory here is the beginning of the end for donald trump. narrowsanders with a lead over moderate small-town mayor pete buttigieg, a welcome result after chaotic iowa caucuses saw t the candidates ad neck in a b botched vote tally.. buttigieg tried to maintain his momentum, fired up supporters as results rolled in. buttigieg: the campaign has
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shown we are here to stay. brian: coming in third place with a surprisingly strong finish -- senator amy klobuchar .f minnesota klobuchar acknowledging that her campaign had beaten the odds. sen. klobuchar: we have been steady. we have been strong. and we have never quit. we defined the word grit. downfield,her tightens each one seen as front runner. senator r elizabeth warren of neighboring massachusetts hope for a strong showing. her fourth-place showing reflected aher fourth-place shog reflected a steep drop in recent weeks. worse, former vice president joe biden, after finishing a disappointing fourth and iowa. he dropped to fifth in new hampshire. his campaign counting on african-american and latino voters to revive it. den: 99.5%. that is the percentage of african-american voters who have not yet had a chance to vote in america.
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brian: the candidates look ahead to caucuses in nevada and the south carolina primary to build or regain momentum, before the slate of primaries in early march. anchor: the centrist vote isngst the democratic party split, following amy klobuchar's rise. but people to show says he can take on donald trump, -- pete buttigieg says he can take on donald trump, something his supporters seem to agree with. reporter: his supporters used to call him mayor pete. now they see him taking on a higher office. yes, by their own admission, any people celebrating the moderate's performance in new hampshire have not known him for long. >> we did not know who he was months ago, at paying attention to him and paying attention to what he has to say and how he says it, it is clearly a movement.
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criticized for his limited political experience as mayor of south bend, indiana, pete buttigieg has tried to turn that into an asset. mr. buttigieg: we need to get washington work -- working like our cities and towns, instead of the other way around. his opposition to bernie sanders -- his opponent bernie sanders. and elizabethnie are too far to the left. i think must americans fall in the moderate range. reporter: the moderates' good result has attracted many undecided voters. nevada and south carolina will tell if he can keep up the case -- the place as leading democrat next bernie sanders. ankara'sn other news,
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wawarning of a h heavy price ify attacks are carried out on its forces, after a syrian military helicopter was shot down by tuturkish fighters. government forces battle rebels in northwestern syria. 'sre i ibashar al-assad attempt to take the last rebel ststronghold has resulted inin n exodus. reporter: trucks piled high with belongings and people in the idlib region, fleeing north from another syrian government offensive, on several fronts. i'm going to the safe area, because the turkish army is there. we are going there, but we are also afraid the regime will bomb that area, too. reporter: along with russian support, damascus has squeezed syria's northwest over the last two months, bombing towns and
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cities, destroying infrastructure like bed in a civilians are fleeing to wherever they can find shelter. so 700,000 are already on the move, their number adding to more than 6 million is placed inside syria, raising the specter of a midwinter humanitarian crisis. >> many have had to flee already several times, leaving behind possessions, and with limited place for ththem to stay. there is no rain and wind, and it feels like below zero in terms of the temperatures. has already exacerbated the dire humanitarian conditions, and willll continue throughout the week. reporter: adding to major concerns is just how turkey is reacting. the syrian north is already hosting over 3 million refugees, and has closed its border to fresh arrivals. with a military presence of its own in northern syria, ankara has respondewiwith force t to
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attackcks. between twoisplaced fronts, and rapidly shrinking safe ground. anchor: the palestinian president went before the u.n. security council to reject donald trump's middle east peace plan. he called the so-called "win-win deal" a gift to the israelis. he pointed to a map of what would eventually be a palestinian state, saying it looks like swiss cheese. at the human security council, palestinian president mahmoud abbas waived a map representing the trump administration's vision, calling it a gift to israel. >> here is the summary of the project which was presented. here is what we expect as a state. it looks like swiss cheese. who among you would accept such a situation. the swiss cheese is
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the state carved out for palestinians, the map reflecting a series ofof holes in the west bank, for settlements long considered illegal under international law. prime minister benjamin netanyahu u was quick to respon. it is the best plan that exists for the middle east, the state of israel, and palestinians. reporter: the palestinians had no part in drafting the plan, a three year effort speared by advisor and son-in-law jared kushner. abbas held a news conference alongside former israeli prime minister ehud olmert, saying he is going to resume talks on a proposal from 2008, when olmert was still in office -- former -- far more generous to the palestinian side. while trump has called this the deal of the century, thousands are taking to the street, with
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the results of a newly released poll, showing that palestinians are against trump's mideast initiative. authorities in sudan have agreed to halt -- to hand over omar al-bashir to the coming of court. leaders preferring instead to try him at home. the 76er of faces a host of charges for his role in the darfur conflict which killed over 300,000 people, and drove 2.5 million others from their homes. darfur's conflict left 300,000 people dead after it broke out i in 2003. those resesponsible coululd end up at t the hague, including sudan's ousted farmer ---- former leader, omar alal-bashir. we cannotot run away at all from facing those who have committed crimes against humanity, and war crimes.
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committed against innnnocent people in darfur a and other placaces. cannot t be made without arrest wrants before the ininternational criminal court. luke: the announcement came atat peace talks betweween transitiol authorities and rebel groups, meant to heal wounds and avoid bloodshed. al bashir unleashed a crackdown on black african insurgents 17 years ago, after they rose up against what they called discrimination and oppression from khartoum's arab dominated government. the arrest warrants are the first for a sitting head of state in over a decade, although he treated them with impunity, repeatedly traveling abroad. he denied charges of war crimes and genocide,e, calling them pat of a western conspiracy.
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there is a question of how long it could be before suspects could be transferred to the hague. khartoum would need to ratify agreements first, as local opinions remain split on the issue. the 36-year-old interim leader returned to caracas after an international tour that included meetings with french president emmanuel macron and u.s. president donald trump. continuing his efforts to oust nicolas maduro, but faces an up -- an uphill battle, as brian quinn reports. brian: a contentious homecoming. juan guaido landed back in caracas on tuesday, greeted by crowds of supporters and detractors. at a rally later, the 36 rolled lawmaker and self-declared interim president vowed to keep up the fight to overthrow president nicolas maduro. ever, wey, more than
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have to be seen. today, more than ever, venezuela cannot kneel to dictatorship. today, more than ever, we must go into the streets with our rights -- nurses for their salaries and students for their autonomy and their future. brian: guaido defied a travel -- top met with top u.s. u.n. leaders, including emmanuel macron. an oval office meeting with donald trump, who has recognized guaido as venezuela's legitimate president. he later appeared as a guest at trump's state of the union address. the young opposition leader is hoping to relaunch a mass movement in venezuela against maduro, following the president's 2018 reelection in a boat many claimed was rigged. some 50 nations havave backed guaido's claiaim to leadership s speaker of the national assembly. he has promised increased
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international sanctions, but more than a year after declaring himself interim president, he has yet to pose a serious threat to maduro's power. maduro also counts the support of allies like china, turkey, anand russia, whose foreign minister visited caracas last week, in a show of solidarity. anchor: write groups in france have penned an open letter to the film industry after roman polanski's film was nominated for the equivalent of 20 oscar's, writing, "if raping is an art, give him all the awards." he has faced other charges of sexual assaults after fleeing the u.s. reporter: he is wanted by u.s. authorities for pedophilia. and in midst -- and admits to raping a 13-year-old when he was 43. in france, he is being celebrated. period drama,'s
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"an officer and a spy," about the dreyfus affair, has 12 nominations at the french equivalent to the oscars. the head of the academy says it should not take moral positions about giving awards. >> we are not a forum for debate. we have given the results for the first round, and i must respect equal treatment for everyone. i cannot comment on anyone. reporter: polansky's inclusion on the cesar shortlist has been criticized by some, with up -- with a french feminisist cocollective publishing an open letter in "le parisien." they are calling for a protest outside the ceremony and say he should be snubbed. >> 12 nominations for the film by roman polanski. 12, the same of the number of women who accuse him of pedophilia and rate. -- rape. feminist groups will be there in february to say no to the celebration of a rapist who silences his victims.
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reporter: francis equality minister and some film critics have also criticized his inclusion at the awards. direct to the business news with stephen carroll. good to see you. you are starting out with new legal truck -- troubles for the former boss of nisissan, cararls ghososn. stephen: nissan is suing thehe formerer chaman fofor the equivalelent of 83 millilion eu, ththe carmaker seeking damagesen a cicivil case e for decicisione while he was at the cocompany. he f fled japan at the end of lt year, facing criminal charges for financial misconduct. yuka royer reports. yuka: nissan strikes again. the carmaker filed a lawsuit in yokohama, seeking ¥10 billion, or about 83 million euros, from its former chairman, carlos ghosn. it says it wantsts to recover losses caused by years of misconduct and fraudulent activity, including rent for
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overseas property, use of corporate jets, andnd dubious fs paid to his sister. damages claim the is expected to increase in future a as the sun seeks to recover fines, and likely penalties related to his misconduct. bail at the end of last year and fled to lebanon. over --inal trial is the criminal trial is now unlikely to start, but he could be sued in absentia in a civil court. -- nissan also faces criminal charges of making false statements in its financial papers. this follows similar action filed in the british virgin islands. carlos ghosn denies wrongdoing. thispokesperson accused was one week before the earnings report. the former auto tycoon is contesting what he calls an
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, andal dismissal by nissan is seeking 15 million euros in compensation in a dutch court. lebanon will ask the international monetary fund for technical help to address its economic crisis, according to government forces seeking to the reuters news agency. lebanon is facing a looming debt deadline, with a eurobond falling due on the month of march. the banking association says that i am ofof help n needed to rerestructurure the countryry's. two b big compapanies have drdrd out ofof the mobile event in ths month. they say they will not attend because of the coronavirus outbreak. theipmaker has also j joined exit. u.s. and chinese companies have already pulled out from the bibg event.t. the organizers are meeting t to rereview theheir options this friday.
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the e u.s. competitionegulator is demanding that the world's biggest tech companies hand over informatation about all of their acquisitions in the past decade. the federal trade commission wants to know if those firms bought start ups in a way that may have been anticompetitive. have previously been too small to face ftc scrutiny. their investigation will look at all acquisitions made by alphabet, amazon, apple, facebook, and microsoft, over 10 years. the ftc wants to see information related to how and why these startups were bought. meanwhile, an e.u. court is beginning to hear googlele's 2.4 billionst a euros fine from the european commission. the penalty was handed down in 2017 after the commission found google had unfairly promoted its shopping service in search results. the general court will hear appeal arguments over three days. this is just one of several has sentines the e.u..
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googogle in recent years. a new w flip p phone ahead of te mobile worldld congress later rs month. attemptmsung's secondnd toto introdu a a foldingng scrn model. they hope the design will boost flagging sales of smartphones. but will it be enough to kickstart the market? reporter: a another try a aftere disastrous debut of its first foldable smartphone last year. the new offering is due to hit thee shelves on valentine's day. it's like a makeup compact. >> all i have to do is flipip it open and i get a full-size screen with hardly any basil. bezel. therter: it is cheaper than
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galaxy fold that cost around $2000 last yeaear. there were reports of screens breaking. foldable's did not take off in 2019. huawei launched its own version in november, but only in china. political tensions reduced appetite. global smartphone sales are estimated to have declined byby% last year, the first contraction in more than a decade. 5gh the arrival of technologies, shipments are expected to pick up this year. analysts say it could give a boost to folding bones. -- phones. >> foldable's are totally different. they drive you to use your phone in very different ways. i think people are going to really like it. they are not going to like the price point, and that is a challenge. full double phohones, eyey say, willll move aboutut 30
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million ununits. stephen: european n shares tradg up this lunchtime. in the past hour, we havave head the chinese president announced tax cuts and come for businesses. we a are also keeping a night on shares in the french luxury grgroup. they are up nearly 3% in parisis after their latest results, but the firm is also seeing a drorop in salales, due to the coronavis outbreak. a lingerie brand backed by rihanna has come under fire for using deceptive marketing practices. the u.s. consumer group truth in advertising has complained that brand ise x fenty bundling subscriptions with online purchases. the company denies this and said it believes strongly in transparency, which is an
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position for a lingerie company. anchor: we are going to take a quick break. more coming up. stay with us.
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man: i remember years back talking to my dad and saying, "at some point in my career, i'd love to do a deli." and i remember him looking at me in a surprised way like, "really? why? you've spent all this s time in fine dining and trtraveled the world d and traid yourself. why the ... do you want to do o a deli? [bell d dings] i think i was ultimately drawn to the deli because spending so much titime in delis as a kididt was sort of attached to my soul a little bit. it's so part and parcel of my culture and myy growing up and the jewish story across america, but my jewish


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