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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  February 17, 2020 7:30am-8:01am PST

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announcer: on this episode of "earth focus," lessons learned durg g hurrane e kaina arar ing put to the test alonthe coast of losisiana. meme prect n newrleansnsill submerd d by te enendf thisis cetutury. e reregi' survival depen on its ility todapt to clite chang if sucecessfu lououisna mayay provi a a blurintnt f otherer ound theorld. [film advae clicki]]
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tukeker: tre w werfamilili her t thereere e ki in thth street pying fooall, right? the were nghbors. is house s the cay lady. ids, we uld comeown a spend o quarterand sit he on thiporch aneat it and jusenenjoy e atatmohere of e e commity,y, rht, anan tht t wentway y ju overnrnht. iit ju g got whed d aw. [helicoerer whiing]g] man: werere seeg scscen likee th o one toughghouthe cici. liermrman: youou remberr if you tolththem at th leveehad broken? oown: don'n't recall specicicallybut t itas thaha ne o orlea is s flding..
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walts: no. s. knoeded ovethemem pnts onon tirir poch lastnighght,uh? miss is some upt t withou.. a cplple ofonthths o, we e d a rain storm, jusa a ordiry rastorm in southea louisiana.t t was e ofof ose days that wehohought "hey, stst a ltle rain butut lownnd bold,d, t city fldeded. t draraine systst was not t to pa tuck: : we led hurrines s as kids. i remember whethe calm came, weould plaout in t wat. it wasust anotr day off from school, ght, butowow it's s terrying.
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it'terrifyng. walter t this notot aoax.. this is rea c clima chahangis real, shohow doe liliveith itit i think inhihis seion n of town, 'retartrtinto underanand th wataternd climate chae e goesand d in nnd. johnso new orans in e last 5 to 7 years has relyly takeonon a gat a adaation n clitete resience a cllime ange. evavations onone the jjor aptatatio that t u sometimesesee, ithatat t housesre raisehihigher this ishe centefor the sustainae engagent and delopment.we haveain gaens herewewe hel comninitiesow t to ild rara gaens. we soso hava
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orchd.d. youee ovevehere, , have lensns. geus o oneff here. ateter krinina,you hahaall these toxins fm m the ter,r, s that nt into e soil, d at'all overhe lowerinth wardnd probay a lot louiana. evintly, th rocess of going through ee trees b bear uit,t, idoesn'n't come intohehe fru. alalsowe recoend abovbed gards ere you n put frh soil t giveou cropshat are not taieded witthatat pnt. what ''e trtrieto do o help withhehe comnityty tfirstt educatththem bausse ey gege confused about, u know, climatchange aololitic issu i is iteal?l? wjust t t to givehehem thfactcts.hen wewe try to show w w theyan be advocat f for h we e adt to thatlilimate tucker: if we d't do soetethin alallhis bebety of newrleans tat everody ves, tousts comeown to se, , the'llbe loooong at juswater. tt's it.
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willllms: the an we've relii onelieves that we n n figh tter, d ifif y' ever been to bebeach en t the's riptide and y t thinyouu c fifight ter,r, y wilill arn thayyou wll l losthat b btle. waggon: with alimate aptationlan, y have a t system a a dry stem, so when u need o lift wer out,ou can o that, t when yoneneed to t t the ter in, you can t t the ter r in throughhat syst i into esese canals andirircula it arou the city. willmms: imeanan, me peoeole ghght wa pasastere anan think, h, yeah.t't'justst orgrownwn ass." no. it's a w-w-lyi eea th hasas ctain vegetatioinin it at i is e
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perfecvevegetaon w wheyou wat water a absorand d be able to dissipe e at aore graduararate. meanan, doesns't look like lolot ofnattur science,utut the's lotot of natur s scien thahat es intnto it waggoner:ososts ls toto he green infrtrtructu bececau is is l-maintence. thiis a a mel of a rt of f e city as the mn n draige b bas. you have aunundergund d syem, the white lis s undethee earth. e e ideaas t to t thee water into esese pis, t to t th w watero ththespumps s d pusitit outthatat w the meodod. williamstrtruth thehe mter isthere iso way toololve o water isss s withust t ou pumps a t turbis. it's nonot enou. it wi never b enugh. waggoner: you know,ececadesf doing thwrwrong ing usuay kill yu. we goour deat warng in 200 wiiams: ifhere was polital willo make se tt t thisity seesnother00
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yeyearsit wouldean n hang verbeautil, veryesthetic bluews along th greenys througho the cit us livi with ter, so at when at next storm comesbebecausit''s gog to com-that's a fact at wateras a p pce to go other th your ca and your omes andhe stree [flm advan clicks] reed: asome poi after huricane krina, pele startetoto getealllly riousus about coast i issue and the started to thinabout ri reductio p proteing peop from floong, , totherer wh restorati a as onthining at needs to be drdresse andnd s we came up with this cotatal mter planhich is a list o projects atat hae bebee scientifical v vette andnd s we have pjejects at d dree materialrorom onplacace d putt it in anheher ple toto auallyy
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build n m marsh wheherehere''s open waer at thmoment. e risk-reduction side, have xtxtense seseri of levees a f floodtes s arnd some ititicaloaststal communieies. tse a arerojectct aat wehinknk wl workrknot work w,w, butork k in the tture. man:hihis iskylalane478 novbeber. kolker:tatate'ss cstal m mter plan is $ $50 blionon, -yearr plan. coconsid mysyselan eaeanogrher r ana coasta geologist,oo i ok a at suess like whwewe sinin l louiana,, and ilslso lo at t ises likik how we rebuilcoastal ladsdscapethe e baier islands arone of e first nes of defense agast a sto, right,o noice how is is nopretty much ctinuous. there's no annels the mide of it. is is anxample oa restor
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barrier land. alligight. en y youan see w w orles, s so at's one of the maj p post-trina a vee pprovents,s, sthe idid was to babasicly t to ll offffhis area to prevent s stormurge fro etting tthe loweninth wa. leveesrere somimeses blt witit earth, a s sometes t th'rere builwiwith ccretete,ut thehe core point iththat ty arare l a wall thatrorotectan a are oom was anand sing w wers from a srmrm. thbiggest variable inhis is s l level rise. the sealevel rise ratearare athe low e of the specum of wh p peopl pdict, th you cou rebuild lar areas othe landape anprovide ood prottion for a loof peopl if rate are at e high e, , then thi a lot oarareasill l be lost, even thth thetatete's best efrtrts.
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all rig. . wellwelclcomto cocodr. . the asteterlan nee a a lotf ininpu and s sthe kind of workhahat i feeeeds into the paramerers th the state needs apapart oitss sster an.. so,ouou kno i j juswantededo gi y you aiew w ofhat ththsalt marshes arndnd herlookok le. you c s see tt ththe's s rsh for mil in thatirirecti. marshes ovovide lot t ofufferr froststorm ergygy, they'y're a buffer twtween r huhuma civilizaonon andhe sea, thehe restotition iolveves mpingg sediment inta a marslikeke ts to rsese thelevavatin to o low to bter keepace e wi sea level rise antoto filin a are thatavave ered.
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so th i is thbubbbba ve structure, wchch is e ofof t major oooodgat in n th morganztoto theulf f lee systm.m. wita leleve one question tt t you ve i is who's nsnsidend d whis ououside th l leveeystetem.y drawawg this wl l in t mararshyou're changing thenvnvironnt, , bu yo'ralsoso sting d dn a rries pririncles ofofho liv w wherend t theinds o o ooiceshat t the commmmities facinin theearsrs aad, soso of which argogoing be e ve, veryry uugh ciceses.
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albert pnanaquinthisis aa used to l love'sane bebeuse erere watreeees l overerhe placeyoyou cld g getn hererend go hide backhehere, o wewe'd listetoto mus andnd hg outt with yor r girliendnd.'alal don't md ifif iay thaha huh? all ghght. ias b borand raraed right he, , in he t ta grassss ight her i guesst reresent wrere allf mymy ancesrs w wasorn and ised a died, a a lot iburied over hrere, awellll, to memeit aans aholele bch. comardee: the ld is imrtant tos becausit' where o a ancesrs settl. ththat's s whe are falies a a. that's wherehehe hea of who we aress. i's spacacthat we beome one th.
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albert p. naqu: : the dianans were t the w of f thwhitee m, , so ty all l gned treati f for me land a more land, d that's howe got to over he.e. theoverernmt chad d us, we e seled ovov here anwawas hay, a andow mother nature igegettinus aay. brnenet: ts is my andpdparts on mmomothe'side, m m aandmoer a andy grananather right erere. ias r raid herere my whole life. eses. is de jean crlrles h alwlwaybeen wonderful ple e to le. t the islandididn'tt auallylypen up to e e worlfulllly,ot untnt abutut thearlyly fties w wn our road wasuiuilt. it w v very sy t to ke up in theorning a see armillo inhehe yaror oposs or r a ccccoon,ou u knw, crossg the
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yard orhatever,hatnot. l that has chaeded becse, , wi a lot of j just ing g war now,w, the teses havdieded o. whatat you' s seeinis a actlly juju a sleleton what itsed d to be you kno albt t p. nuin:n: tme, itit means alstst, i ess s yocan say, like a mimily mber r hang cancer, yoknknow? ' beingng eaten awa y you kw, where it's jt t a lile b bity litttt bit getngng desoyeded. w, thehe ly thin is, thepiece ofand isasastingongeger an theheuman bodyanan.
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the onright he i is anil fielcacanal.theer's s e tht t pass's one that pass a a biturthther and the'e'one e th passesein the backsoso yo'rlookininat water oralaltwat intntruon comg g fromhe p pipine cacals, and eyey desoyeded t getationhat we ud to ve... but, u u knowmostst othe peopleorork fothe e oi companies. eyey're thone that' p putti fooood d payyg the re a and mtgagagesnd stutu ke that, so, as chch as u hate tm,m, yo havaveo likeke them. dup: isle djejean crleses i- wh's the comonon sang?g?-he cana in the nene fie. wewe're
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eeing-ver r he, we c cl it rative sea level sese. yo have thelolobal a leleverise, whch is slhtht, buabouout % of the sea levelisise he iss because osusubsidce, so w both ssisidingnd you he ththe glol sea lel rise aththe same tim so werere siingg b i thinitit's 33 mlimetete a year. idodoesn't sounlike much, buyou go io o 40 years, 50 yea, , and u start to notice dfeferenc whehen yo'ralrereadonly s sghtly abovththe war lilikesle dede jean crlrles. bretet: inhe b begning, itas a sloprocess.t t was allyly not relyly noteablble,ut thehe wheneverhe water started coming in even rere witit, it t t to bmorore pid bbause th had more water miming i andhe land dn' stand a chance,
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so manpepeoplen ththei own didakake thdecicisi to gogo bause of e water. dena nuiuin: mdad d mod offf ee isld, i i wt to s s, right befo i i wasorn n beuse hehe wasn't ae to geto woworkith t r road oodidingnd he e eded to work, but i am froththe biloxi-chitimaa-a-chocw band of ie de jeacharles,ndnd tha's my herita, , thats mymy daughte'seriita. youounow, tht't'our r faly legegy. alber p p. nain:n: yh! [lauteter] ge a all t peoeoplwho wiwi be named. rrrry upfarmrmeroy. a child s born, everydydy wenand d vit dd broht a gif nowow 's s t
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happening. thank y f for tay''s sununse. aidenyou want indian me? s. your meme is ttlele f. the displacemt t real, rereal made a anange iour r cuure. w wewe kd ofof le-- ha ha !-!--likthere arno indians, ok dup: the on way the coastal communieies wi surviventnto thlateter st ctutury ito p proct oururlves from the lflf of xicoco. realizinin 300earsrs, is wilil oobablbe a allpen wawar. i mean, t s sea wl tatakes alll over. wh i' t tryinto d do th the lev system, what i'm tryyinto d do,s buy ouelvess tw or 3 gerations.
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it's just abt t impoible to inude themnto o a veee system.t would st probay $30 millio and it uld be nearlympossible because the sat t condions areo babad. you know, to bldld a fodod-proctioion oject, y have toavave mo benenefts thth cost. o t thinghat't's nott factoredn n the st, theynlyy look athehe cosof t theomes,, the cost oththe bunessssesthe infrastrtuture, t, y younow, i i nn't knknohow y y put arice on it, b t they notot csider the cost of a whole lture. [fi a advan clilick [totom playg] comardelleasas disacememen keepsapappeni andnd w
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just rtrther pararateur coununity,t' just t t lost. een chtingng] man: turn tohehe lef comardelle:e e leard ababoua nationadidisaster resilnce plplan mpetetitn, so o bmittedur planswe worke to fit with e e sta's maer plananand th prereseed it, a it got ndnded. sandersriright w, t theay elocatio typically happeinin the united atates, rely y an individl l buy-t model, anso, inther words, someone rereceiv some e mpensati
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to go live someerere el, bubut in doing so, e e do se e th culturafafabricso w we n' real k know we e camove peop c colleivelely a groro cheapeand morefffficiely than individlsls. comardel: there's very little pititive thehe fm of sesettlent o of ople. . u know, govnmnmentsust t d't do it well. we presend d a different model, community-designed commuitity-dven. i inknk tt was, d d look on n th and said, "le's t i it. t'try aa pilot proamam, seif we ca figure ouhow w too ththisn a smaller scalsoso we n chchan itoror--" have soanyy coununitiein t the.s. anan aboad th's cingng tse samam clmamate iues, and i tnknk th's y so m my peoplarare wahingng, causee it's le,e, "okcan n weeallyy gett ts right?becacauswe know hoimimportt itit ifor thth future ofhehe wor to o geit right. brut: ther's a realityhere
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that ionon't lilikebut i i's somethi that i ve to fa up to becae, you e, i hado go erere anmake a disioion leave a place that's aays s be home f 7 7 or generatis, and that wasn'easy to t go of, and, in fact, in itite of ananswerg g thatuestion feww times, it still esesn't make i easy. [film advance clksks] comardelle: t this thehe n prerrrred se fofor e islala. thiisis whe ourur cmunitytys nnnna mo to.o. 's s beautil l plac to o methis i i new li, , new rth,h, a sustnanable ace.e. ts is a a healthy acace. saders: no w we dondererstd that isis is histstorally
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tril l commity,y, a we alal unrsrstandhat t polationon ave left this ptiticula location ov a a perd ofof te, and tho folks w are succesulul in is p proct will have o oppornityty t reconititute t the n locationbubut ouprimimarset of befificiars arare e peopop livi o on thislalandwe wanan to pick up the pplple th arere ving inhis direscenario nd ensurthat they live mewherehat is se now an ntnto thfufuture comarlllle: iope e th the tri w wouldwn t theand, a a acuauallywe e st of l le a mixed nenershi youou kw, thehe llks wld h havfull r rhts to eir r la, bubut the s se tie,e, if ey were go o an want tmomove o of f itit wouou rert back t the tbe s so at way, that land wi b be foverr sacred f t the tbe t to ve. sanders:e've got to lklk a pretty finliline bwhicich 'r dedevelongng somhing t tt makeke sen f for ts cocommity bubu also coulde e applable t ta uch wider array c commnities that y y be ia simila situion. we mply do't he a good answero that ueuestio
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yet. comardell i i finthiis ery empowerg.g. it's s alwing u uto breadodown se ofof tse cututural rririe, somom of those griebabarrie thaha'ss been in acace fr yeaearsast. you did'tven n reize itit everotheher rricananseason, yo'rehavivingo replple cars or furnitur y you d' have e chance h have vingngs,nd youou don't he a a chce to o low yo k kids havave bettererext step life. srting ouin thisieiece opropoper, theyey can he e a ho andnd aay too progrs s intohe f fute. if f was to poraray itn anan endgegered ecieies st, thth is r rebirtwhwhere canan starour new pupulati to o ge off atat endgerered eciess lis
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announcer: "earth focus" is made possible in part by the orange county community foundation and the farvue foundation.
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02/17/20 02/17/20 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now!w! >> we will not create the energy and excitement we need toto deft donald trump if that candidate pursued, advocated for, and enacted racist policies like ststop and frisk. amy: with the nevada caucuse


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