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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 25, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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magic star safety stuff michelle teaches the tricks of the trade it is not the customer fourth. eleven put that on a few. house about the
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civil war was a good. as for. the national. the whole asian males in back so that they can. thanks to o all who with for using. this is. pretty much and. hello hello thank you very much for having us did you think pastry chefs have become such rockstars here in france hello first you need to bear in mind just twenty years ago at the start of the northeast pastry chefss and patisserie in general were never in the spotlight if i was really in 200-042-0005 that i was able to o take part n a few tv shows and making him for my- set. and the first pastry bake off show was the one i created in two thousand seven which is one pastry slowly began to take center
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stage at the- you mentioned tv shows. how does this branding of your style and expertise actually affect the way you work. in two thousanand ten i really wanted to put the focus on making sure that each pastry chef develop their own style it's not until then everyone just copied each other's work. when i'm a at least to say that it's now the case there's been real progress with the new generation of pastry chefs and it. but let's not forget t that above all else our job is to pass on n our expertise. and recipients is it'll connect and so that's what you do here with your master classes. exactly exacactly this is where i share my take on pastry imaginative rock and roll and modern with them i also love old recipes. sometimes recipient ten to fifteen years back. recipes inspired by felt pastry chefs on the wall and it's good to talk about other people's work not just your own someone could as well. and what is. still the wells. history nation i think. friends t three leads the pack for the simple reason that pastries an integral part of
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our culture and we're also lucky to have many regional specialties from brbritain. we know mine to elevation. water those are incredible. riches in a minute. you describe. he left with the in the kit is emotional first it's about sparking emotion but a higher minimum you need to get your k. since again were like in our didn't come away remotelely layers temp that patio it's a long process thahat. allows you to serve up some truly insane pastry discusses the dial the spotlight is now on on pastry chefs here in france andnd thats crazy lots of vacations what's your message for wannabe pastry looks to us if to secure support because i think it's fantastic for tv is fueled so much interest in this job because i know that we started out my friends were told this we could see. okay hello. cakes on sunday which in our is everyone to be like me so like honest. the fed the to consult need to re that a anime job that require pass. but also
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hard way had to you need to do the hard graft pay attention to detail. it's not easy for and what you see on social media is one thing it's great but it's not necessarily a real life or whatever every stop cake. there's 7% preparation and cleaning up on the backseat. yes so some people saw the clip i saw in it. and so where do you see french. teams regarding from here. well one of asked that question years ago i would say i hope that fresh pastry making will become a deeply personal but it's good to. shop for learn to express their identity through their cake. we now as we enter a new decade i think the focus is more on being mindful of the ingredients. he's a torture that it's good it came up every sense of the word down. thank you vevery much. we've seen clients patisserie often comes with the added sweetener of a tasty narrative and design. with seasonal organic and responsibly sourced produced a
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very just started to feature on the menu. if you friends chef with appetite this. what did he do hands on deck in the pastry kitchen of the get to lead you punk but amid the flurry of activity shelf cloud demo never loses sight of a key idea for her and her team pleasure. taking the time to choose the fresh fruit that will go into these creations the pleasure in tasting peeling and cooking them then the high standards when it comes to selecting these organic seasonal products the origin of the ingredients is a serious subject. the poconos sent from an ecological point of view. balance is due to- should produce has a very different tastes based on origin. for example when you use e either i t. apple's orchestrators very standardized the shape is very uniform and the methods of production on the streets of the potential. a
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hands on session with one of the bakery's signature pastries for social solve. apple turnover this is a week of work that goes into it too many to there are lots of different stages and manipulations of pastry. for president here is that we take out time at the time of the pastry to rants like to work with the fruit on it. since these are freresh products we have to understand how to handle. the full complement yeah. the sort of technical attention to detail that has long been norm gastro. restaurants but so in. the principles shed light based chef because of who she who tries to practice what he preaches he's testing and tweaking the new season's creations in his caribbean social. stay online with you a little of everything from our side so we can work on it together if you are a couple of examples. after years working in high end restaurants sushi set up his own patisserie production in normandy when he wanted to outlaw chemical
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additives from his desserts but admits it was a risky choice. on a fellow party couldn't approve i'm not going to lie food colorings duke may give a lovely affect vision. is clouded by was a risk when we started. we thought we'd lose sales now they speak on key on. each of the two had enough sure but once we explain to our customers they really like this approach and they. came back for more for that very reason. you speak to. the whole. like come out among costs fuxing has links with local producers and is a supporter of sustainable food networks his goal is to be 1100% self sufficient for the production of his pastries thanks to his orchards fieldss anand meadows in the countryside in normandy. what we need. thank you for
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03/25/20 03/25/20 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, the epicenter ofof the pandemic in e united date, this is democracy now! >> one of the forecasters said to me we were looking at a freight train coming across the country and we are now looking at a bullet train because the numbers are going up that quickly. amy: new york city has 60% of all of the new coronavirus cases in the united states and is
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responsible for half the cases all over c


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