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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  April 6, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> britain's prime minister is moved into intensive care as his symptoms worsen. hello, this is "al jazeera." also coming up, the coronavirus death toll passes 50,000 in the number of fatalities across the continent seems to be falling. the republic of congo is to shut down their main commercial hub in the capital. and staying connected in chile,
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we look at the creative ways andle are socializing keeping shape. welcome to the program. the british from minister, boris johnson, has been moved to intensive care inside a london hospital after his covid-19 symptoms worsened. he was admitted on sunday night and has been facing tests after suffering persistent symptoms for more than 10 days. secretary has been asked to deputize. we have reports. reporter: the news came after a day of misled information and repeated lines. tweeted,nson himself "i went into the hospital for routine tests, as i am still
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experiencing coronavirus symptoms. i am in good spirits and keeping in touch with my team as we work to fight this virus and keep everyone safe." his condition was worsening. monday, doctors moved him into the intensive care unit at st. thomas hospital in london. >> prime minister's -- the prime minister's condition worsened and was taken to the critical care unit. in light of the circumstances, the premise or has us to deputize for him when necessary in driving forward the government's plans to the fee coronavirus. reporter: support from the bright -- support for the prime minister has come from the political spectrum and the young. sad news. my thoughts are with you and your family, said the eu's negotiated. fromom michell -- and macron, my thoughts are with you
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in this critical moment. south coast of england, doctors and nurses are fighting to save lives everyday. >> it is scary. we still have a duty to our patients. my patients come first. reporter: the u.k. patients rose deaths rose bynt 439 monday. teams of police have been set up to respond. >> we're anticipating about 30% of the mortality in london will be involving deaths within the community. reporter: government scientists say stay-at-home measures do seem to be working to limit hospital admissions, but it is still too soon to say how much. >> we need a good long time series of data on all of these
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stages of infection in order to be able to tell what the impact of the measures they came in on the 23rd of march are going to be. it is too early to tell. we need people to carry on following these instructions so that we can work out a few weeks later what actually happens in hospitals. reporter: and still not known when the peak of coronavirus will be in the u.k.. al jazeera. >> in the past half-hour, u.s. president donald trump said all americans are praying for boris johnson. trump: i also want to send wishes to a very good friend of mine, and the friend to our nation, prime minister boris johnson, we are very saddened to hear that he was taken into intensive care this afternoon a little while ago. prayingicans are all for his recovery.
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he has been a really good friend. he has been really something very special. strong, resolute, doesn't quit, doesn't give up. >> we are joined live now from london via skype. what do we know about boris johnson's condition? >> -- problems withng the skype connection, we may try a little bit later, but now we can speak to dr. mohammed b. a virologist in the u.k. thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera -- on "al jazeera." there is a lot we don't know, but from what we do know about boris johnson's condition, what do you make of it? how significant is it than he is now in intensive care? >> thank you for having me on
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the show on this late evening. is to stages of infection, the first is very mild flulike sickness, most people recover. but people who do not recover the first of five to seven -- the first five to seven days, it deteriorates into a stage where it appears boris johnson is in the stage. that the person is not coping with the infection. cannot on their own, they need extra help. they are taking to an intensive care unit to allow for help for the heart rate and the blood pressure, oxygen, in case it is needed. that is the stage where boris johnson is.
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especially with the coronavirus in that older age, it seems like it is not too critical, but it is at a level where it required escorting into the hospital. >> we have seen it often with the way that covid develops. it tends to be where things like this often develop, because it was quite chilling that just thursday evening, we saw boris johnson stand outside on the street. well, is itook surprising his condition has worsened since then? >> around nine or 10 days ago, there is a phenomenal where the immune system becomes overvalued. as you might have been hearing, he needed a bit of extra oxygen
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before taken to the intensive care unit, so that means the system is not working normally. supplyve care unit can what is required at this stage. >> and obviously, you have not seen the patient, so this is slightly speculative, but hoping that boris johnson does get better, how long do you expect him to be in the intensive care unit? what would be the sort of timeframe for his recovery until he can eventually go back to work? >> one thing is very clear, he does not have any underlying causes or issues like diabetes. he is not in the vulnerable age group, as well. ,o the chances are quite good really high. one thing that is certainly inar is that he has been put the intensive care unit on certain criteria.
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the nhs or any other system is an immense pressure -- on in men's pressure -- immense pressure. how long it will take depends on how he response to the treatment. given his condition, maybe a few days, for sure. doctor, thank you. em,'s go back to nade joining us from london. we were just talking about the downing street. when it comes to who is actually , that theright now prime minister cannot do his job the way he usually can, what clarity have we had from that?
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clarity, it came from the secretary himself after his daily press briefing, we said boris johnson was in good spirits and continued to receive on ther updates situation. he haddominic confirmed been asked to deputize for the prime minister. it became clear the prime minister had been taken into intensive care unit after reports that he needed oxygen. dominic is the foreign secretary. he stepped in to chair the cabinet meeting on monday morning. the last 10 days, boris johnson had been presiding over those by a video link.
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via video link. he would become prime minister if boris johnson was incapacitated for a prolonged amount of time, but he said the cabinet and the government will continue to implement the plans to defeat covid-19, which are directed by boris johnson. what does that mean? for example, they are going ahead with finishing constructing temporary hospitals around the country with thousands of beds for coronavirus patients. trying to increase the number of tests, particularly for health and care workers and the like. so really, the messages stability -- message is stability, but nobody really knows how badly boris johnson himself is doing right now or whether he will need that ventilator that his spokespeople have said is available if it was needed. >> that was the latest from
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london. you.m, thank here is a research fellow in the u.k. aspect -- thes new government. >> we are nearing a time, then i run to -- the measures easter, there needs to be a decision on whether or how to extend those. we heard stories between the health department and the treasury, our finance ministry about how quickly you can move towards an exit strategy. we are very concerned about the long-term implications to the economy of lockdown goes on to long and shuts down
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economic activity in this country. it is one those choices need to bemade that there would disagreements, where you need someone in charge to make the final decision and actually guide, this is what we are going to do. the prime minister has that authority. he has designated a stopgap, dominic rob. is where the cabinet, if boris johnson is not there, can show they have to act collectively. >> europe's coronavirus number has passed 50,000. thousands have been diagnosed with the virus, but there are signs the numbers are leveling up. lowest. recorded its number of deaths in days. we have reports. reporter: europe passed another
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significant number on monday. the death toll from coronavirus exceeded 50,000 people after a vast majority of the world that that's over. in other countries, there is a sign the contagion is starting to stabilize. austria has allowed shops and garden centers to reopen on april 14th, with restrictions on on mayike hairdressers, 1. all depends on the infection rate. >> the week of easter will be a deciding week for us. it will be a week that will decide whether the resurrection of easter, which we are all hoping for, can actually happen as planned. reporter: the spanish government is also studying how to gradually ease the lockdown it has imposed since march 14th. have leftestrictions residence relying on charitable groups like this one to bring
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them food parcels. on monday, spain's fourth consecutive day in drops of deaths. .he number is rising 3.3% barbed wire which once separated this germantown of constance was torn down after world war ii. residents mingled freely ever since. now, a new fence has created a coronavirus no man's land, separating friends, relatives, and lovers. like pr and his german girlfriend. -- pierre and his german girlfriend. >> we have been speaking to each other through facetime for the last few weeks. you realize it is not good enough. there is no other way but to meet here at the sense. inorter: despite reduction both infection and death rates, authorities have actually tightened restrictions, and
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residents now have to cover their mouth and nose whenever they go outside. aids an order intended to complacency, but it is creating a problem. have not found protective masks, so i made one myself. authorities say the masks would be available for in three days -- in three days, but they haven't saying that for a month. reporter: those with a sense of civic duty are helping to save lives. womanre people like this leaving intensive care are surviving. there are many thousands who would not make it to the stage of recovery, and avoiding infection in the first place still remains the safest strategy. [applause] paul brennan, al jazeera. >> meanwhile, the news from france is good. -- isn't good. it recorded the highest number of deaths in a 24-hour
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period since the operate began, taking the number of began,ies -- outbreak taking the number of fatalities to almost 9000. still to come, bringing down the barriers. businesses shut by coronavirus start returning to wuhan. ♪ >> windy conditions when it comes to us earlier, but we cannot say the same for this. this is a powerful tropical cyclone. a category for system if it is in the atlantic. its waycontinue working
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on the chain toward fiji. some very heavy amounts of rain with the storm system. very strong winds. there will be flooding and damage. tuesday, cloudy skies in the southeast of oesterle. showers back in the forecast through wednesday, pu -- pushing o. meanwhile, very warm. it gets warmer by the time we get to thursday. up to 35 celsius. that is about eight t degrees above the averagage for this tie of year. no sign of any rain. mixed conditioions across the northeast of asia. this is beijing. clear, see, relatively the rain is clearing away from the south. some pretty good conditions across japan. wednesday, a few showers. a high in beijing of just 18. ♪
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>> welcome back. here is a reminder of the top stories in al jazeera. the condition of u.k. prime boris johnson has worsened in the past few hours and he has been taken to intensive care. dominic rob has been asked to deputize for johnson when necessary. the death toll in europe has now passed 50,000. 700,000 people have been infected, but there are signs the rate is leveling off, with the u.k. recording the lowest number of deaths in several days. new york state governor andrew cuomo says coronavirus cases may be starting to o i'm a but in a briefing on monday -- plateau, but in a briefing on monday, he measuresill close until the end of april.
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-- close businesses until the end of april. than 4700 people have died in new york. the highest death toll in any american state. >> this is an enemy that we have underestimated from day one, and we have paid the price dearly. while the numbers look like they over, no,ning, it's it is not there other places have made that mistake. hong kong has made that mistake, south korea has made that mistake. and we are not going to make that mistake. >> we are joined live now from washington via skype. andrew cuomo, being overly optimistic, yet another briefing today. not overlyutious, optimistic, yet another briefing today. there is optimism. >> yes, we are seeing a
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plateauing, but a plateauing with high rates. the death rate, on par with the last few days, but it is still an awful lot of people. we have seen from the models this would be the week where new york would reach its peak. governor cuomo clearly wants to not give people hope, but he wants to suggest there is a turn their, and -- a turn there, and if the social distancing ends too soon, there will be a spike. he will be extending regulations until the end of the month and increasing fines. we are to 16,470 hospitalized.
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the third day of growth in intensive care. where the model suggests this will be the peak in new york. the latest there from washington. thank you. the democratic republic of congo's government has shut down the capital and main commercial hub for 14 days. it is the center of the outbreak. impacted in the decision, because they work or do business in the district of bombay. the coronavirus has affected 161 people and killed at least 18 nationwide. this is the significance of closing down the district of bombay. >> government buildings, for an embassies, headquarters of large ,ompanies -- foreign embassies headquarters of large companies,
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and outside of the center, the third largest city in africa, about 12 million people living in cramped conditions, the list goes on and on. inis business in usual most of these suburbs. closing down bombay is a visible measure. >> the city of wuhan is preparing for the lockdown to finally come to an end. we have more on the situation across asia. reporter: council workers in wuhan are trying to bring the city back to what it was before. these security barriers have been here since the middle of an larry, closing up access to some residential compounds and alleyways. now the city of 11 million is preparing to come out of lockdown later this week.
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because of the measures we took, we contained the outbreak so quickly. even the makeshift hospitals have closed. there are few new cases. wuhan -- reporter: vendors and shoppers have returned to the streets, happy to be out of their apartments, but still apprehensive. >> the situation is improving, but we shall not drop our guard. restrictions will be lifted, but we should not relax. reporter: the city was the epicenter of the pandemic. now it represents something else. what life can look like when the worst is over. many southeast asian nations however, are still in nearly stages of responding to the crisis. thailand is known for its vibrant nightlife. it is almost unrecognizable now. police and government officials patrolled the streets to one force national curfew between 10 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. every night. in the philippines, temperature checks on people are now a daily
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reality. there are more than 3000 confirmed cases and at least 150 deaths. the lockdown on the main island, which includes the capital manila, is likely to be extended for another two weeks. in singapore, health authorities say foreign worker dormitories are of particular concern as more workers fall ill and cramped living spaces -- in cramped living spaces. the city has been praise for early efforts to contain the outbreak, but authorities are urging support of health workers and to stay vigilant. >> they are very stretched, tired, exhausted, some of them, our hearts go out to them. reporter: in vietnam, people are forst halfway through a which left him. authorities say now the public has had time to adjust for the new rules. they will be strictly enforcing signs for those breaking them.
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>> chile is one of latin america's worst affected countries. like many nations, lockdown measures have dramatically changed every day life. so people are getting creative when it comes to keeping themselves busy. we have more. he is ready to roll. >> to net, i'm having a party and i am going to cook a barbecue. here is the meet. -- the meat. reporter: snacks and rinks are ready, too. and here are the guests. internet.ted via for couples sharing a saturday night and good laughs, each from their own home. lucas is, 25-year-old just starting to party without leaving his bedroom. all he needs is this application.
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i don't need to spend money on transportation. it's 100% safe and i can travel instantly from one part to another. the possibilities of socializing are much faster. i don't know what i would do if i did not have this option. if this quarantine had happened 20 years ago. reporter: with schools closed and confinement now almost, --leans are founding ways finding ways to stay active, and not just physically. a year ago, simone launched therapy, an online platform that provides consultations to physical therapists with complete privacy. since covid-19, the number of patients has soared. this man specifically allowed us to film him. >> and feeling a lot of anxiety because i don't know what is going to happen with my job.
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-- i'm feeling a lot of anxiety because i don't know what is going to happen with my job. >> these times can generate stress, fear, anger, we have seen a leap consultations for couples that are struggling with their confinement to people that are alone and feeling panic. reporter: another cause for insecurity is the lack of personal protection products. it's been weeks since anyone can find a face mask to buy, so people are making their own. this is how, kitchen towels, you fold them like this, then with a string or a ribbon, even an elastic, you stable at the ends -- staple at the ends,
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