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tv   DW News  LINKTV  June 17, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news the coronavirus pandemic in germany, lawmakers decide a return to normal life have to wait. angela merkel says physical distancing rules will remain in place and it comes as much of the world is worried about the second wave of the virus. also coming out, germany's foreign minister cost per de-escalation between china and india after a border class turns deadly. >> these are two large countries.
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i don't want to begin to the about the conflict that could happen if this results in a real military escalation. >> and the for tile reptile. 100-year-old diego is released back into the wild after saving his species. now he is ready for retirement. i am brent goff. to our viewers on pbs in the united states and around the world, welcome. angela merkel is urging caution as the country moves toward further easing of its coronavirus restrictions. speaking after a meeting with state leaders in berlin, angela merkel said physical distancing rules will remain in place across the entire country.
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she added that infection numbers have stabilized at low levels but that there have been outbreaks where physical distancing measures were not being followed. large events will remain banned across the entire country until at least the end of october. merkel said that the main task is restoring germany's economic health. here is she said. -- what she said. >> based on the budget we agreed in cabinet, it highlights that the current economic slump is the most serious we have experienced in germany possible past history. we will need a great deal of effort to ensure that we take the right route for the benefit of our citizens. brent: what does that mean? let's cross over to our editor.
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what measures is she talking about there? >> that was a nice way of saying that germany has come from existing on not wanting to take on new debt and now has suddenly gone to taking on more than 280 billion euros in fresh debt. that is a german record and somethining that will l have toe solved down the line as the right thing to do at the very right time. we are staying germany settle into the new corona normal. this is all in the same room with distance cap. there could potentially be a second wave. brent: that could have implications for schools.
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what do we know about the reopening of schools in germany? what has been decided? >> they all want to send children back to schools. voices got louder in recent weeks. there is also the fallout from the measures that were taken and implemented due to corona with those infection rates. there is a great desire to move back to normal, even if that is a new post corona hotspot in germany. brent: we will be right back with you in a moment. officials in northwestern germany have ordered the closures of schools and childcare centers after hundreds of workers at a meat processing plant tested positive for covid-19 in the district. the outbreak at the plant owned by meat giant tony's has pushed regional cases far above the government threshold for
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emergency measures. that means further closures of public buildings could follow. this is the latest in a series of similar outbreaks that have been blamed on poor working conditions and mass housing for migrant workers. let's pull michaela back in here. how serious is this outbreak? what did the chancellor have to say about the dangers of a second wave of the coronavirus? >> she did not want to go there. she asked why she concerned herself about something that is not on the agenda right now. the state premier where the slightest hotspot occurred said he expected to see this happen across the country as there is an easing of restrictions. these are workers mainly from romania and bulgaria. that raises the question of how successful germany can be in the near future and containing such flash outbreaks.
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this is happening across the country once again. that is the big open? as millions of germans head into holidays across the country. brent: thank you. controller fresh up it of the coronavirus. contact tracers are working to find the source of this new virus cost or. it is centered around a group of large families living in cramped conditions. >> this is the new coronavirus hotspot in the german capital. at least 70 people tested positive -- an entire apartment block has been placed under full quarantine. it has large families living in crowded spaces. for many, the quarantine is a shock.
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not everyone is infected here, most residents are healthy. to lock them all up, not allowing them to leave this fall apartment is very difficult and almost inhumane. a doctor is allowed to leave. under strict conditions. police are present to make sure people are following the rules. putting hundreds of people in quarantine is a challenge for authorities. the outbreak comes as germany loosens its lockdown restrictions. local politicians were not expecting this. >> it is especially dramatic that the coronavirus spreads like wildfire. people live in cramped conditions. the other possible reason is carelessness and neglecting physical distancing. it is quite problematic that in the last few weeks, people are not exercising discipline. they are not wearing face masks
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or following distancing rules. people started thinking that life is now like before the coronavirus hit. the reality is shown this otherwise. authorities are still trying to track the chain of infection. they are conducting testing in neighborhoods to stop the spread of the virus in the city of nearly 4 million. brent: here is a quick round up of developments in the coronavirus pandemic. new zealand has but -- put border measures and hands of the military. that is after people were released to britain and tested positive for the virus. record highs in six u.s. states including texas, oregon, thorne and oklahoma. president trump is holding a campaign rally in oklahoma. the president of honduras is being treated in the hospital for pneumonia after testing positive for the virus.
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chili has tightened restrictions as they confirmed that cases tops 200,000. india and china are blaming each other for a deadly border clash this by pledging to de-escalate. india says 20 of its troops were killed in hand-to-hand combat along with -- along a disputed part of the board in the himalayan mountains. china has demanded a full investigation and harsh punishment for indian shoulders -- soldiers. prime minister modi claims that his country will respond if provoked. >> an indian protester smashes chinese made phones, angry anti-china demonstrations opened up in india. india says 20 soldiers were killed in hand-to-hand combat high in the malayan mountains. they fought in the dark.
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armed only with rocks. some soldiers plunging to their deaths in subzero temperatures. india blames beijing, accusing chinese soldiers ofof intrudingn his territory. india's nationalist prime minister is under pressure to respond aggressively. he vowed thahat the soldiers wil not die in v vain. >> india wants peace. but if provoked, we are capable of giving inappropriate response. for its part, china blames india. beijing says indian forces violated its territory. the conflict arose in a region in the himalayas where an exact border has never been agreed. infrastructure projects on both sides of the disputed line of
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control have increased attention in recent months. now india is sending more troops to join the hundreds already stationed in the region. both sides know the risks of a further escalation. after a phone conversation between their foreign ministers, beijing emphasized attempts to defuse the situation. china and india both expressed that they want to solve distances through dialogue to maintain the peace and stability of the border region. this makes a de-escalation in the region even more urgent. >> this class has the attention of foreign ministers. they urged a de-escalation before the conflict gets out of control. >> these are two large
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countries. i don't want to begin to think about the conflict that could happen if this results in a real military escalation. that is why we are trying at all levels to bring about de-escalation. i don't think that germany needs to get involved everywhere as a mediator but we are sitting on the security council and we will take on the presidency in july. this should not -- india and china should not get embroiled in a conflict that will not only affect those two nations but the entire region. that is why we are doing what we can to influence by the size clear message to de-escalate this conflict and avoid a further escalation. especially a military one.
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>> here is some of the other stories making headlines this hour. just minutes ago, it was announced that a white police officer shot and caught a black man in a minneapolis -- former elvis or garrett rolfe shot rayshard brooks in the back, killing him. in paris, hundreds of police officers have been protesting to demand better working conditions in response to demonstrations around france against alleged police brutality and racism. police unions won a victory earlier this week when the government backed down from her recently announced a ban on show closed during the arrest. the european union's chief executive says the eu and the u.k. are not even halfway through work on a brexit deal despite the transition timeframe
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do to end this december. -- due to end this december. britain left the eu last january. beijing has canceled m more than half of its s scheduled flflighs the city battles a new outbreak of covid-19. schools are closed, a travel ban is now in place. share photos -- shareholders may not approve of the germaman's $9 billion resescue package for the airline. that is after the investigator found -- suggested in an interview that he may not back the deal. the united states remains committed to its nato allies. that is the message from brussels where a videoconference
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is t taking plplace. thee secretary-general says the u.s. has stated d its commitment to european security at the meeting veryry strongly. the assuring tones comoming from brussels followingng a surprise announcemement just a few days o that the u.s. intends to withdraw thohousands off its trs stationed h here in germany although it has given n no date when that will happen. heather is on the program now. the u.s., we understand is trying to reassure allies of its commitment to nato. the thickets done what it has needed to do? -- do y you thinknk it has donet it needed to do? >> i it is about deterring russn
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developers. it has reaeally -- development. it has beenn about the p proposd troop drawdown in n germany. this was a complete surprisee to many in n the pentagon, too many in congress and quite frankly, we still don't know the details of what level of forces will come dowown. it is increasingly rumored that a a portion of those u.s. forces based in germany will be sent -- the polish president will be coming to washington on june the 24thth, four days befofore a post-preresidential electioion announced where some of these forces will shift as a direct influence. brenent: c can you confirm that?
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can n you confnfirm that thoses. troops are moving toto poland? >> we canannot confnfirm anythi. we don't knknow. therere will be a a perercentagf those fceces that mamay sht to pola. ii thinknk the nato sesecretary-generaral alludedd - nato has to be involved in that conversation. > from troops t to nuclear weapons. we know that nato has no plans to boost its nuclear arsenal in response to whwhat it says i ise growing russian nuclear capability. there is only one arms-cocontrol treaeaty left between the u.s. d russia. it is uncertain whether the
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trumpet nutrition willl extend n februauary. whwhat do you expect? -- t trump administration will extend it to february. wh d do you exexpect? >> they willll be going to vivia to sit d down with depututy forn ministerss to talk about the new start extensionon but the u u.s. potion h has remainened that cha mustst be part o of this future arms-controlol conversationn and beijijing is refusing too engagn that conversation. they will see if they y can geto an agreement about perhapsps timeframe to get new r russian weapapon systems undnder a new umbrella or will the u.s. onlyly sisist that this c can go fortrh with china we k know that secretary pompepo was in hawaii. perhaps thehey are tryrying to e
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that dialogugue as well.l. it is absolulutely unclear w whr the adadministration will extend ththe new w treaty. >> it is already -- john bolton's book is already number one on amazon.cocom. he c claimed that presesident tp asked xi jinping to help them win reelection in november. trump would support farmsteads if he wins in november. ththat sounds a forereign influe in a u.s. election againin. what do y you think your reactin wiwill be? >> i think that wewe are seeing that the trump administration is doing a legal battle and trying to prevent this book from coming out. although advance copies have already gone to the media. we are seeing pretty detailed
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accounts of this story. this is not going too be an impeachment process. the american people are not -- are going to have to weigh this information. the secururity committee remainn gravely y concerned. sosome of the element of the sty is the president's black of knowledge about foreign policy issues. these very got level decisionons of the p president makes without consultation, without cocoordination than his own government, i wowould put the u. awdown in germany as one of those typypes o of issues wheree makes a good decision. there is no coordination a a quite e frankly,y, it impacts ad adduceces u.s. nationanal secur. it suppoports our adversasary sh as russia.a. it is realally expectatable how thesese foreign policycy decisis arare made..
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they arere trying to understand the imimplications of what ambassador bowden has been telling us. >> we appreciate your insights and your time tonight. >> thank you. brent: around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted people's lives and their livelihoods. they need to find new ways of making ends meet. >> these brother seem like old pros at the delivery business but three months ago, they were in different places. when coronavirus hit, all event bookings were canceled. they made a delivery service. they buy food and vegetables at the market -- fruit -- was at the market and take it to their clients.
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>> it could be a year before the events business is back on its feet but he thinks food deliveries might be a good addition to his company. many nairobi ends are trying to -- nairobi ends -- nairobians are trying to deal with this. >> there is no haggling by vendors and squeezing past other shoppers. although we are keeping an eye out for passing trucks, keeping one's distance is not a problem. middle-class canyons have lost their jobs or are on paid leave. they are trying to earn a little
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extra by selling produce from their own farms. >> i was passing by. i saw there were people. >> we are trying to survive the effects of covid-19. this will allow me to put food on table for my children. >> one of the few sectors that has part silly -- partially reopened is the restaurant business. on a normal weekend, the staff usually sells up to 150 pounds of meat per day. nowadays, they only sell half of that. >> to many canyons, this is a staple food when going out on the weekend. most people don't want to miss out on it. >> most restaurants are hopeful
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that the strict guidelines that include testing the staff and the 1.5 meter space between each table. take away is still the best option. >> if you had to come here before covid, you would not even find anything. this is a beehive of a place. >> the number of corona cases in kenya is rising slowly. although they are concerned about keeping the virus in check, all they are really concerned about is ending the crisis. >> if you make it to the age of 100, how many children will you have under your belt? this galápagos turtle has saved his species. he managed to save the giant galápagos tortoise from the rank of distinction. -- extinction. -- the b brink of extinction. diego is nowow ready to retire.
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>> he fathered hundreds of dying co-op ghost tortoises. diego is 100 years old. he was brought to this breeding center in ecuador from a california zoo after being taken from the wild 80 years ago. now it is time to head back home and retire. this program was able to reproduce in captivity, 2000 offspring. they all come from diego. along with 14 other tortoises, diego is making the journey back to his native island of s pennell a -- -- espanola. galapagos tortoises are thriving
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there again. diego and his friends are in for a bit of a bumpy ride to the island's interior. when they are released into the wild. but notot without some supervision.n. all of the tortoises have a satellite tracking system that allows us to monitor during that timeframe. after that, we will return to espanola to understand the tortoises behavior on site. having held his species to survive, diego himself is enjoying his first taste of freedom. brent: what was that about the tortoise and the hare? angela merkel says physical distancing rules will remain in place across the country after meeting with regional leaders in
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berlin. she said that germany must live with the coronavirus until a vaccine has been developed. following his country first deadly border confrontation, the indian prime minister has warned that his country will respond if provoked. india says 20 troops were killed during a clash with chinese troops. china says the two sides will seek to resolve the issue through dialogue. you're watching dw news. after a short break i will be back to take you through the day. stick around, we will be right back.
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and china signal they want to avoid more violence after deadly clash the boulder twenty indian troops killed in a disputed area sparking protests. wide ranging new u. s. sanctions on syria taking facts they target individuals and businesses supporting- trading with the pasha on the side government. and beijing raises


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