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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 22, 2020 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> the world health organization records the highest one day increase in cases of covid-19. 183,000 added in 24 hours. most coming from brazil. acta school for the majority of french students as life slowly returns to normal. the government is insisting that all steps are being taken to ensure it is safe for everyonen. prosecutors at the international criminal court -- former ivory coast president on charges of crime against amenenity. welcome back to the newsroom.
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the world health organization has recorded its highest one day increase in cases of coronavirus. in thousand have been added one day with most coming from brazil. this as latin america has surpassed 2 million cases. brazil being home to more than half of those infections. cases of covid-19 titicking above the 2 million mk in latin america and the caribbean, in brazil, the hardest hit, hundreds taking to the streets of the capital. most wearing masks to protest residentnt bolsonaro's handlingf ththe crisis. second to thee world, brazilil s recorded one million cases and 50,000 deaths. brazazil is followed by mexico, peru and chile in the number of covid cases.
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4000uela, with less than cases and a population of 30 million had a spike in infections prompting the vice president to annonounce radical new measures including the closure of pharrell ways and restrictioions on traffic. [speaking spanish] argentina, which had early success in stopping the spread of the virus has seen cases spike in recent weeks, now recording already thousand cacases. -- 38,000 cases. a pandemic did not stop bolivia's indigenous community from observingng the winter solstice. they marked the occasion with ceremomony and looked to the horizon for hope. back to schoolw, for thousands.
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be compulsoryg to for all students age 16 and under as the country continues to get back to normal. in governor had confidence the system and said everything is being donone to ensure schoos can operate safely. -- reports from outside of the school. the first time in more than three months, french schools will fully reopen again. high school studenents w will he to wait a little longer before they can get back to class. that news comes after france's coronavirus statistics continue to improve. public health officials say children at the moment do not pose a large contamination risk. the strict hygiene rules that have been in place in schools since the covid outbreak have been relaxed somewhat.
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there is still going to be regular handwashing. distinct groups and classes won't be mixed. social distancing measures have been relaxed. age six, thefrom french government is no longer recommending four square meters. they are saying people should kept if possible one meter apart at a sideways distance. teachers will no longer have to wear face masks. will be goingople --k, emmanuel macron compulsory. some parents have made arrangements to send their children away outside of the big city. ofchers as well are critical the government, saying the turnaround has been too quick. there have been a lot of organizational measures to rapidly put into place. coronavirus outbreak has been very difficult on people.
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case, a long line of parents and people waiting for this school to reopen this morning. a lot of the parentsts relieved after three months of homeschooling while working from home. c covid-19 virus reproduction rate has jumped to nearly 2.9 up frorom 1.8. that spike due in part to key outbreaks in the nation. the situation raising the prospect of a return to a strict lockdown measure. in the german -- police keep aa watchful eye on these residents. >> some 700 people have been forced to quarantine after an outbreak of f covid-19. [speaking foreign language]
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>> freight tensions gave way to violence. were injuredveral in clashes. >> [speaking foreign language] >> a second alarming cluer of new infections can be traced to a slaughthterhouse. at the plantff have so far tested positive. families employees and ordered to go into quarantine. >> [speakiking foreigngn langua]
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>> the states premier was -- at the thought of reopening the ececonomy despite federal authorities. now he is saying the state cannot rule out a blanket lockdown in a bid to contain a dreaded second wave of infection. that, as the national virus reproduction rate has jumped to 2.88. every 100 infected people go on to infect a further 288. party in say a street north carolina has left two shot and killed. another seven being treated for wounds. -- hit them as they try to run from bullets or clothing -- according to local tv. three victims of a stabbing
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attack in redding, u.k.. it is police taking into custody a local suspected of killing the three during a knife attack. it has been declared a terrorist incident. an american man is the second victim to be named. joe bennett had been living in britain for 15 years was among those killed. british teacher james -- and one other person almost dying. the populist party has claimed a landslide win. is a huge 50 percentage thets higher, however election has been called a sham by opposition groups that say a high number is only the result of their broker -- their boycott that saw fewer than half of eligible voters turn out. than three fewer
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point 3 million ballots cast by the citizens of serbia. we received more than 2 million votes, which is absolutely unprecedented. >> the boycotts fulfilled its meaning. it completely exposed the regime. today,y, everyone can see what serbia looks like. with such a turn outcome of this government has no legitimacy. we have been seeing this for a year now. from the day we decided to enter the boycotts. >> prosecutors at the international criminal court trying to return last year's acquittal of former iv ricoh's president on charges of crimes against humanity. werehund's right-hand man accused ofof allegations of -- d the west african nation. around 30001 come people died.d.
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the -- sees the acquittal of formrmer ivorian president bag o and his former youth m minister was s a blow for the prosecutio. >> the prosecutor hahas failed o satisfy the burden of proof to the requisites as foreseen in article 66 of their own statute. -- examined the icc took place right after the 2010 presidential 11 -- presidential election. between supporters quickly turned to post-electoral violence with brutal clashes and attacks that killed a r route 30 people. accused of ordering murders anad -- was charged with crimes against h humanity, their goal to keep him in power.
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after trial, judges ruled the prosecution failed to prove such a plan existed. she said the judge is poorly defined standards of proof. several ngos have said gbagbo's acquittal is bad news because victims will not get justice. the iccave also accused did not bring charges against providers. coast, courtsvory have convicted hundreds of people foror theirole e in postelection violence. annnnouncedat harun two years ago he wouould give amneststy to 800 o of them. trump campaign measures deny claims that a social media campaign led by tiktok users and teenage fans of korean pop music resulted in
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thousands of empty seats. -- blaming what he calls the "fakake news media." stoking fes about covid-19 in the wake leading -- in the weeks leadadig up to the event. trump's rally, he said his campaign has received almost one million requests for tickets. , row upon row of empty seats tell a different story. officials say some 6200 people attended the event. 19,000ion of the venue's cacapacity.. possibly unlikely demographic is taking t the critic. fans of korean, pop music have been rallying around black lives matter, hijacking hashtags used by the movementnt. with fans in alliance users of tiktok say they
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inflated the rallies attendance expectations by completing the free online registration with no intention of going. -- i am so excited to not go. register, fill up those seats, but don't go because [b eep] trump. >> it is a claim rejected by trump's campaigns manager who says m measures were taken to we get -- to read out bogus registration. -- the fake news mania -- >> trump's love of campaign rallies is well documented. the president and his allies were hoping that with trump facing mounting criticism at his handling of the pandemic and the death of george floyd, the tulsa meeting could reinvigorate his campaign for reelection.
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instead, in the words of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, trump was rocked by teens on tiktok. >> stay with us here.
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>> friends can gather in large groups again. the pandemic is far from defeated. in this program, we will visit countries that are still in the grip of the first wave of infections. and as fear grows of a second wave, we will ask what happepend after you flatten the curve? peru hospitals are overwhelmed and doctors don't have enough oxygen tanks. families of the sick have to bring their own. a desperate situation being exploited by suppliers. on the streets of lima, the pricice of oxygen tanks have moe than tripled. francisco zachary has ththe sto. -- has just lost her brother
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to covid-19. he could no longer breathe. the hospital didn't have any oxygen. >> [speaking foreign language] >> fighting for their life, each patient has to wait in agony before another one dieies and ty can take over their oxygen. ththeir relalatives meanwhile em long queues toto fill up their n canisters. pandemic, a container cost around 65 euros. fromhey cost anywhere 260-1700. the business owners one of few not to have hiked up prices. he says he is upset by seeing some profitsts -- seeing somee profit off others. >> [speaking foreign language] the scramble for
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oxygen is historic. >> [speaking foreign language] >> to tackle the shortage, the government has limited the use of auction didn't it industry. demonstrations h has 180 tons ae needed, momore than the national stockpile. he hopes to buy some from chile, ecuador and colombia. >> let's go to libya. coronavirus cases there have more than doubled in two weeks. it is hard to think of another country where medics face greater challenges to treat those infected. the country is in the middle of a long grinding war. -- andls are often doctors go without pay. the story from tripoli. as confirmed coronavirus
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cases in libya have jumped for frfrom just a few dozen to over 300, the couountries centers for disease control have launched a testing campaign. taking random blood samples to better determine the extent of the outbreak. >> [speaking foreign language] >> here in the city of --, a rapid response team was formedd early on. these doctors have been working around the clock. >> [speaking foreign language] a smart phone app was created to track and follow up on cases. these doctors received more than 700 calls in two months, mainly
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from patients with diabetes and other chronic illnesses. >> [speaking foreign language] >> many health wororkers in liba have criticized the nationonal centnter for disisease conol for ithandndling o of the ourereak. w who weref libyans ststranded abroad due to travel restrictionsns have retuturned e without having to self-isolate. ofhghts groups warn a sururge cases could overwhelm a health system already undermined by years of civil war. in india, coronavirus has claimed over 11,000 lives. the numbers are rising. the government is easing parts of the lockdown in a bid to jumpstart the economy. our reporters in new delhi have met people going back to their workplaces despite the risks.
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>> india has begun reopening in a phased manner. remain close, malls and marketplaces are open. despite the heat, traffic is making a comeback on the streets of new delhi. >> [speaking foreign language] >> the ease and restrictions, and a time when india's recording more coronavirus cases thanan ever before. the country sees nearly 10,000 new cases each day, despite testing. at the most procedures public
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hospital, over 450 health care workers --. hospitalsls,'s authoritieies are describibing incredible shortages with many patients being turned away because of a lack of beds. >> [speaking foreign language] >> experts believe the reopepeng is ill-advised. -- country is expected to coronavirus cases through the month of july and august. the lockdown is easing in south africa. some schools there have reopened. are the schools? our children carriers of the virus? these are questions epidemiologists have been working on since day one. no definitive answers yet, but
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in south africa a chorus of voices is growing demand -- to demand schools close again. let's take a listen to some of those concerns. >> the classrooms are overpopulated with students. -- from the principal today for the testing. -- medical covid-19 staff f to be here.e. we don't have any say in this regard. usool jusust opened and learners had to go to school. it is very disturbing. this morning i read the newewand an outdated principal said -- [indiscernible] i feel schools should be closed. >> everybody has to process this and d deal with it. we are all anxious at some level
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or another. ourjob is to offer commmmity - -- we try to s support their childn by putting the work on our website. kingdom, someited have reopened. it's a perhaps more likely to be found strolling across the high street because shops have reopened. >> after three months under lockdown, shoppers were out in force in manchester's market street in spite of the strictct social distancncing measures.. -- a lot sooner than we have but in general i feel like it it's been a long time coming. >> stores have reopened, but
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restaurants, cafes and schools remain closed. an initial report suggests 36% of people are too scared to leave homes, fearing a second spike of the pandemimic. jan wood and her daughter vanessa are sport and dance teachers. they can only coach students online, they do not know when they will reopen again. onthere i is huge confusion what we can do and can't. nobody really knows hohow we are going to go back. most people are worried about a second spike happening. this hospital consultant is enenjoying a rare day off. he has been on the front line in the e fight againsnst coronavirs here. >> [indiscernible] all of these issues we have more experience in dealing with it. >> the social distancing rule has forced physicist to adapt.
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for most owners, it is a challenge. >> to be honest with you, two meters apart, , social distance, we are as business ownwners -- e think it is difficult to survive with a 25% capacity, it's impossible. >> the economy has shrunk by over 20% according to a recent survey, onone in three businesss may not open again. >> ♪ thank you very much for watching. we have seen some of the challenges to the health care system in peru and libya. of course, those coat -- those two countries are not suffering alone. let's look some of the challenges around the world. we will l see you next time.e. >> ♪
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man: donald trump has become the first u.s. president to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. woman: it is a controversial and politically risky move. man: ...a wall of flames. man 2: fears that this could create further tension. woman: fears it could spark a new uprising in the middle east. crawford: hello. i'm alex crawford in jerusalem and this is "hotspots." tonight, we're gonna take you behind the scenes of some of the world's biggest and hardest-hitting stories. we get caught up in the violence in and around jerusalem and the west bank. man: the level of anger was intense. crawford: we're on the scene as zimbabwe's military topples its longtime dictat


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