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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 3, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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john kasich sex named france's new prime minister this is emmanuel maccoll seeks to take his presidency in a new direction ahead of the elections in twenty twenty to. pubs hairdressers and churches will be opening up for the first time in months over in england mandatory quarantines have been lifted for seventy three countries excluding the united states. as coronavirus restrictions are. a german official she's murder trial gets underway in turkey twenty saudi suspects going on trial in absentia including two former aides of the crown
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prince mohammed bin salman. thank you very much for joining us here on france twenty four first- fonts as a new prime minister junk aspects taking over from edouard philippe after he submitted his resignation to the president. got stacks was the man responsible for france's strategy existing the coronavirus lockdown his appointment confirms that president emmanuel maccoll is seeking to turn his- second offer from mandate into a completely diffeferent directio. but you don't have to be or will you be. today in addition to. all major decision. all of the french president it up a new state of the mandate is opening. la say last month at is largely marked by a new context. a context which is heavy thanks to the manage difficult because all. a context to defeat she'd. for
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more on the story here is from twenty four is not a massive reporting. the changing of the guard at the top of french politics france has a new prime minister but perhaps not many new policies. at his swearing in ceremony john test x. promising ideological continuity with the outgoing prime minister. and wassily suggesting the government will now renew its focus in passing some of its controversial reforms namely the unpopular pensions legislation. caustics a relatively unknown figure until he was thrust into the spotlight today. a manual micro hoping his appointed somebody who can steer frogs through a difficult couple of years. as the covert related recession takes hold. but for manual mackerel it is also a risk with edward philippe no longer in government the popular politician. is free to potentially run against the presesident should. really. in twenty twenty to. you must
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you're putting the- thanks to french a flat cap efron's has anannounced it's cutting over sx thousand f five hundred jobs cus also set to take place at the regional unit hot by the end of twenty twenty two. the corona virus pandemic a devastated the airline's fortunes efron's lost 95% of its revenues in the span of three months. britain is set to easee its coronona virirus lockckdown of restrictions from tomorrow pubs hairdressers and churches will be opening up for the first time in months. the country also scrapping the fourteen day quarantine rule for rivavals seventy threeee low ririsk c countries including fre italy and spain. the united states meanwhi has been kept off the list. i looked on only succeeded in controlling the virus because everyone worked together. and we will only succeed in reigniting if everyone works together again becaususe we're not out of the woods yet boris johnson speak
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najia next- twentnty saudi suspects have gone on trial in absentia over in turkey they're accused of killing and dismembering slain saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the man include two former aides- to saudi arabia's crown prince intelligence agencies including the cia believe mohammed bin salman ordered the hit. on social for more kids are international affairs commentator douglas herbert. it's another trial which obobviously being held in a country which has its own political agenda its own bias sees turkey- you know probably no secret there geo politically looking for opportunities for every cancer humiliate saudi arabia even if they don't do so explicitly. out what the activists are hoping is not this trial is not going to give us all the answers either what they're hoping in there are twenty i'll say twenty- people on trial here enough said in a century twenty saudis that's because saudi arabia refuses to extradite them to has absolutely no plans to do so it's- in up sanchez. what
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activists hope is that it will shine the spotlight. have people like us bring it back onto the radar so we're talking about this again talk about the circumstances of this killing where he walked into a consulate never emerged and believed by intelligence officials and a lot of. turkish intelligence recordings and transcripts that his body was literally dismembered it caught with a bone saw and the- this are now. found they were more law to she out one the- community press to take action since i. was against the k. is a walalled up trop. basically te lelegal ballll rolling briringit back and the ring of international desk perhaps getting your countries to two. to take the ball i is no luge that this will solve everything this today. twenty p. thank. and i twowo of the topp saudi official of adviser to mohammed bin salman as well as the get head of and- both in this. both on try in a as well the stricken court today so it's a
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big trial will be watched perhaps new light new evidencee wiwill be shed on what exactly happened on that day october second two thohousand eighteen. doctors over there next amnesty international says a decision by a turkish court just sent its its former turkey chapman. is a crushing blow for human rights and justice to near kilik found guilty of membership in a terrorist organization. and sentenced to over six years in prison the trial charge ten defendants with aiding terrorist organisations including the network off until a golden. tiki's government blames colin for an attempted coup back in twenty sixteen a charge a u. s. based cleric vehemently denies. next the skulls of twenty four algerian resistance fighters have been repatriated to algeria the remains had been sent- to france as war trophies and had been sitting in a museum and fonts for decades. the return of the skulls comes as the world grapples with the effects of colonialism legacy
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the remains will be on display tomomorrow and will then b be buried in a specialal service on sunday. that's the fiftieth out of fifty eight throughout the anniversary of algeria's independence from france. next the paris appeals court has upheld a decision to hold an inquiry into the plane crash that sparked rwanda's genocide back in nineteen ninenety four the probe has damagee frankel refundnd r rations for years. because it targeted several people close to the current president paul kagame. it was a tragedy that sparked the rwandan genocide on april sixth nineteen ninety four the plane carrying p president juvenalal habybyarimana. and moderate huts wass shot down just before it was due to land in kigali.i. within hours mass ethnic killingsgs erupted across the country targeting members of the tutsi minority and moderate hutus. but it t was only the hundrered days later eightht hundrered thousand people weree slaughtered in the last
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genocide of the twentieth cecentury. the crew of the down presidential falcon was french and it was france which fourr years later launched an investigation i into the crash. following a request from famimilies of the plane crew. in two thousand and six the first judge assigned to the case and that says report kia the cues the rwandan patriotic front led in nineteen ninety four but the current rwandan president. paul kagame of bringing down the plane. together issued arrest warrants against nine members of the rpf. the move prompted the severing of diplomatic ties between paris and kigali only restored three years later. the rwanda the case was politically motivated. kigali accused france trying to cover up its own alleged complicity in the rwandan genocide a charge. has consistently tonight. in twenty twelve and you charge markets have a dick visit the crash site with a team of experts. in
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hiss final report we can. that a broad chubby rama plane on could have from an army. you by the who press gonna. rowland an authority of the time w welcome. this new hypothesis. seventy settle the- total we have been waiting. years for news. visit the los seventeen years of system. manipupulations than incrimination. campaigns aimed at destabilizingng the governmet the combined with h this we counted loudly enough available this news comeses as a relilieft the box at the very end of the slasher. in december twenty seventeen french anti terrorist judges said they were closing the case paving the way for the paris prosecutor. to recommend that the charges be dropped citing insufficient evidence against the suspects. french judges have now rejected the request to reopen the
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investigation. that's it for me thank you very much for watching. hello and welcome to thisis h house and got the interview today with us and also joined paris one of the living legend among wall reporters when one of ththe most famous british journalist john swain hello. hello sir thank you very much for being with us you are here in paris with good good news- finally- twenty two years of after of being of bebeing publishshed. your memoir you'll book has been translated in in- in in france this is a river of time which is an iconic buka even the choice yeah i can say just and i can book- all around the world it's translated in french now- the equipped- publishing- coat company. so i wanted to- the first to ask you a- question
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because in the few in the in the first pages you are writing i didn't want to trade the style jenna. what do you mean by these. well it into china is a is a place which- including the war in that. capaptured the imagination of all of every. semi westerners who with that whether they were french planters soldiers. american soldiers of journalists all of that- and we'll- changes people and changes me and- and i didn't want to. for more. give a sense that i was nostalgic for laurel i have setting a standard for the country's i was in but they were going through the most horrendous times a one who shouldn't be nostalgic about that but but even so it it it's a it's a place whwhich is stands apart ad mocks me very strongly in m most of the people served in that sense when his nostalgie. is it so you think- was it took awhile so to say i do to say
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farewell to indo china. old memories as a young j journalis- being cooked in the seven major- war- india china. wrwriting the book was a way to. four to and into hard c covers such as between hard cocovers my experience isn't't i it- i in io china as wilkerson young will correspond but it's also a book about coming of age rate it's a book from going from a- going into entering adulthood in in in in in by confronting- horrific situatitions- in the oe of the most exotic and beautiful places in the world. you are very nicely- using the mekong riva- which is namely- the at the mother of waters- with you if you go by the district in the name. and using- the mekong river- as a and then g. of memorials are-
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none of senses and but you are also saying you were writingg the mekong is not as innocent. as it seemems whatt do you meany that- will- thatt one h has a romantic vision of the mekong which is the m mt beautifuful river and- i've traveled.d. a long length of it- not should not in chinaa but in indiaia china. laos vietnam cambodia- i've seen it in its ferocity in the cooking fulls- often wear them to the border between laos and cambodia- and then it becomes more gentle. how is it the river flow anyway- in setting the d dry season butut e also seen a ticket travels through lands which- at that time we were at war. and mr six things werere happening. all around the mekong and i used to see bodies floating down the making the people who been massacred. a lot of them civilians. the as i said to be is a is an iconic. all you twisted twenty a year ago and very very famous one of the key books- r regarding the memories
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of- dean to chennai- into china. the war. the question is how do we explain- the y. inference- we were covering the intention is what the intercolonial. the war is indeed to china he took twenty two years to be translated from the french public. would you say or think that there was maybe in france and in the west particularly some problems to face bad memories because this by the way. a w war we lost to the as french as algeria and was. quite difficult. to address to the public these kind of memories. maybe a little bit but i think thahat certain the main reason it wasn't chosen to french to be honest with you is that my english publishers were lazy about transformation fronts- and- i didn't do much about it myself but- is in the background very much wanted it to be translated into french. i've been very strong attachment to france- in all sorts of f differerent ways andf course tha wasas x. t the engine
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moving to the former french colonies of vietnam and cambodia- make t that even more strongng foror me- i thihink thi thinkk thahat's- is there is a- yes there's a there's a tendency of fiber some countries to turn that down trying to get in turn that back on there is a colonial episodes at the same time- it's in the americans were not t too eager eyes well to address the defeat in the in vietnanam a few years later merited merit conspicuous- mmhm. it has a- very determined to feast and mamagnanimouss in victory as we- as we saw from the second world war. we describe in the in the in some mmhm some of the most somber pages very sinister is. some things you have been some events havee been- witnessing a regarding the event the tragic events of the bookk people from vietnam leaving. after seventy five- going into i seasoned-
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into china china sea i wanted to ask you as a reporter. are you a combibined this withh your memories you arch your spirits as a weakness of these such tragic because what you're describing is extremely violence- jones when you live with ghosts. sometimes less so now because i'm older- but- yes absolutely and- when i'm- confronted her for example by. photographs of. a southeast asian show associate people people from cambodia vietnam laos- incidents in difficult circumstances i'm ready ready touched because i know who i can see. in their faces what type of soreness in their faces. in nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy five when i was that i can see how they how they express fear how they express terra how they express hunger. it's a it's ready sort of. breaks my heart do you think i it's the savings when yu
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were still young man built you are destroyed you what is the- the percentage. i think it builds me. but i'm the question is at what i'm not the same person of his hit i was all those years ago. but i think that. someone said to me that's no such thing as a bad experience i tend to brady x. becausee you can learn from it- but that's a tough question- but i mean that you. you know i was terribly what the important thing is that i am you know genesis terribly privileged i i was very privileged to be that. at a young age i was very privileged to- to see those things horrible as words to seed by foot it's- most horrendous at the spread at the shop and- and a season- yes still s suffering but also see teterrific humanity. you knoww human beieings helping each othr as well. and that box uses serve from that point of view i don't. think it turned me into a cynic m. baback t to. the peoe tragedy i wanted to ask you
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your reflection after decades of covering wars all around a al around the world. it looks like- the story. a teaches nothing. because we have the very same book people tragedy. in the indian ocean in the military and we have to refer jeez all around the world and still the same. main problems of corrupt governments- the lack of understanding of willing to do something about it by the international. community what is your reflection did worth to doing all what you did. well it doesn't matter if i what i did i think it's very dispersing that these things just repeat themselves that history repeats itself. i'm not one of those journalists who. believe they can change the world by what they've written- actually i mean i think that's a critically pretentiousus- but- i think you know trying to write what you see and what you feel is a journalist- it because we are we are in a privileged place which other and- and leading your readers. as if they're on your shoulders so they can actually see what you
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see and bring it home to them i think. that has to be has to be a good thing. there are some. pages in lines you all wririting a new book you mention these beauty into sadness this as much as true as- in french i would like to ask you are you reconcile. these apparent contradictions between. violence barbaric actions we have been witnessing and this beauty i would have the specialllly what you have we hae been with the singing in cambodia. how do you reconcile that. or was it possible. well i think the i think that human bebeings h have two sides of thm and- i think one of the things that i i camame away withh is t. is that- humanan b beings even n the even in you know in in in these places- in the mist exotic places may become behaved disgustingly towards each other. and they can be led very badly by people who encourage that- and that's what happened in cambodia i mean there's a- you know there's a famous french expression which
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is the story o of command ththis command smile because incumbents always smile- andnd o they have us and they have a therapeutic. tool that peach people. but at the end of famous cambodian king- king king organised a nineteenth century who said to. french it could continue office offices he said you'v've got to realize the cambodians are like water buffalo in the in thee r rice fieldsds- this it seemed to be very classy bubut if you pokoke themem too much. they could complete the matter very very angry and that's what happens. do you think. well you you are a- proficient experience. to a the kids ago you need. in southeast asia will be possible. today i think launching i think it's eitherr is so very i i mean if y you and nowow. first you cn get away from all and i. from male office here for and i just editor you gotta move on final
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with you all the time- he's in touch with you all the time askingng you what's what you s e telling you where to go to. youtube one is lost one'e's independenence i love t to- you know be a social figure wandering around reporting what i see and now of course is that the left has changed. plus receive united the world is. in iraq and syria is very dangngerous westernrn reporterso go to but at the same time you know read we lost in cambodia- at. t twenty one ist smaller thn twenty jennison teenage weeks i mean it's difficult to figure. others that are either killed i'm still missing so the dead- and it was up to a prep school for about sixty nine that figure has never been matched even in syria- it. is extraordinary that was the camaro issue i just of sometime that they've precursor of isis i am. not for and from a religious point of view or anythingng like that b but- if y were just- psychopathic. and they killed anyone that they- who encroached on that territitory- not to have
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publicity or anything like that like. like isis system- but two days- but it just it just out of a pathological hatred of them. just when thank you very much. this is the end of the husband gets into you thanks for watching bye bye. the code is nineteen pandemic and the ensuing global lockdown has had a profound effect on the world of fashion pushing designed as a buyer's researchers and journalists alilike to wonder hw the industry will look once the virus has been defeated. is good do i need to buy myself a new dress do i need a new bag. i think we've all started to question consumerism during this time under lockdown. and seeieing that borders will be opening for some months to come. there won't be any
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tourist company forty on the whole problem and we know the topic at all looks resells ought to tourists who buy them when they travel. to people aren't getting on planes anymore to go and visit the lolouvre. they trtraveleded to d shop and we return. to buy back the vehicle shamus then you've always comome second. on the lit let's be honest. a number of young lay all. adopt to this strange e new. leslslie from percent his own women will be spending more time at hohome. working from home. so obviously the fit of clothes it's going to become more casual. more of a focus on day to night dressing. do you do you might think a dress you can wear from nine am to eleven pm that you feel good in with fafabric that emembraces you. to address thaht ill elegant and chic because women my age one to be chic we also want to have some fun. a little weak he sat. i think that afterer threeee months a ae
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workrking looking off thehe kids off atat school. well that't's requires a huge amount of resilience. this parent h h been more c challenging than anything else women have experienced. hello. so will things eventually returned to what we use to- should be expected over the whole of the system some labels have begun to alkaline divisions. even though i i wasas on t the slow fashioion agenda- i think kind more than i was but i expect huge stockpile because they're going to be so many unsold goods that are going to come from the way they gained more than before we can expect i if ththere's nothing new on the outlets-s- because cloththes wet to the facactories and they were getting ready for the next season and that t season might e
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mixed soo i started showcasing how we upcycle repent and get clothes readydy and also i've joineded a lotot of. groroups wo of. sustainability green fashion upcycycling swapping raraising- clothes and- all kins of alternative ways of getting close to your hands so ththat's where we a all have the momovems and- trying to stay optimistic. in paris fashihion research is looking to the pulsed for clues as to what could come next. the reason this was in the sixties and seventies with that explosion of youth culture one of the central ideas was possibly that protection of consumer society. a refusal to accept the industry's messaging and production methods. coach that had dominated the first part of the twentieth century. and we can think back to the end of the twentieth century to with a lot of economic hardshship. and also the aids
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healthcare crisis. the show aids left a real mark on a whole range of creative industries because we need to think about how that. was experienced by those who would say how those turning points when negotiated by different cultural actors. the lessons we learned from that time and how we can use that in the event of future creativity. it's not about replicating the- it's about bringing some new to the table. at the french institute of fashion researchers are devising labels to welcome the way they engage with wider society in the months and years to come. let the loss of customers and we tend to expect all those who have some sort of influence on society. to act in ways we deem responsible. and that's on the subject and i'm not just talking about luxury brands and labels it is extra zacks personality flaws it's not enough to simply say the right paying. more of her wordss and- what it is how to improve
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the way. that's all. we don't concrete financial commitments real support for minorities and groups. entrepreneurial actions. the end immediately do it equal. misty has always been a supporter of the creative industries but she's also a co founder of the tower expediditions foundation a project that sails the seas
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