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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 15, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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brent: this is dw news, live from berlin. tonight, the tax bill that apple does not have to pay. a european court overruled a decision requiring the tech giant to pay back taxes in ireland. it is a major blow to crackdown on sweetheart tax deals for big business. the disputed dam project that is --
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and punished for speaking up for lgbt rights. she was put in prison for protesting the kremlin crackdown on what it calls gay propaganda. tonight, she shared her story with us. plus, they are on call to care for germany's elderly. many migrant health care workers are paid for just a fraction of that time. one of them is taking her employer to court. i am brent goff. to our viewers on pbs in the united states and around the world, welcome. it is a major win for the irish government. the tech trying, apple -- against of the tech giant,
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apple. apple has to pay the government 13 billion euros in back taxes. dublin has long denied that is -- it's tax arrangements with apple our state aid. >> the ruling has a big legal victory to apple. the eu general court said that you commission did not succeed in showing that the tech giant had a legal economic advantage in ireland. the decision is a major low to the competition commissioner. >> the commission stands fully behind the objective that all companies should pay their fair share of tax. if they give certain multinational companies tax advantages, this harms
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competition in the eu. >> the eu commission has two months time to decide if it wants to challenge the ruling in the highest court. the core of the problem is that the eu does not have one common tax code. officially, companies in germany have to cough up at least 30%. that alone has attracted many companies to ireland. in fact, apple paid far less tax at times. as little as zero point 005% in 2014 the tech tried pay just 50 euros tax on every million euro in profit.t. it is the second ruling that the eu commission has lost. they lost a case against starbucks which h was accud of owing early million euros in back taxes to the netherlands. it shows how difficult it is to crackdown on cases of alleged corporate tax avoidance.
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brent: i am joined by clifford. everyone knows that ireland is the place to go for low corporate tax rates. this decision, where does it leave the european commission in its fight against tax avoidance? >> it is a major setback. we saw in the initial finding that it looked like apple would have to pay the money back. since then, the european court said it does not have to. there is another stage in this. we have to counter choose a thing. ireland is thinking about its reputation and ireland has tried to capitalize on this reputation as a low tax environment because it is a small country and it needs to find ways to compete in this block. it doesn't have the manufacturing of germany or france but it has to find a way to compete. brent: if the irish government
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demanded that back tax money, it could have said goodbye to future corporate deals or headquarters being put in ireland. >> i think so. they had to go along with apple otherwise no one would look at ireland. it is an attractive investment place in many ways. brent: what do you think that the repercussions will be across europe? i am thinking of britain. >> this is very interesting after brexit. i think a lot of people -- there has to be an element to keep ireland in the block. it will have to be allowed to keep this tax vision even though the germans hated. the french don't like it. there has been pressure to change it. i think it is the kind of thing that they will allow to keep --
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ireland to keep. written will try to keep -- compete with -- britain will try to compete with ireland in this area. brent: we know that this will probably be in appeal. it is not the end of the affair. >> it is not. we'll see how the affair goes. everything has changed because of the coronavirus. competition rules don't mean the same thing now. we had the big bailouts a while ago. brent: state subsidies. >> i think it will be interesting to see how it develops. brent: thank you. it is africa's most disputed dam project and it is fueling tensions along the nile river between ethiopia and its neighbors. new satellite images show that if eop a has started filling is grand renaissance dam on the nile.
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the move is likely to spark protest from egypt and sudan. talks among the three countries ended in deadlock. egypt has asked ethiopia for urgent clarification about whether or not it has indeed begun to fill the dam. >> it is these images that are likely to affect ethiopia's neighbors downstream. here, an earlier image and now this. both egypt and sudan depend on water from the nile and are againsnst the dam projoject. >> ethiopipia is going to o cone wiwith this fifirst year of filg anan presumably, i if ey can't reach an a agreement w within te next fewew weeks when ththey stt toto fill it, they will be ableo continue the negotiation process.
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>> ethiopia says the project is critical for the country to pull its citizens out of poverty and become a major power exporter in the region. egypt already battling huge water shortages and relies on the nile for more than 90% of its water supply. ethiopia and its neighbors have for years been engaged in intense negotiations over the dam. earlier this year, -- this week, a new round of talks ended without an agreement. sosome a are still optimistic. >> t the key t thing is keepinge parties at the table. the more they can talk, the more they are likely to region agreement. >> if eop a insists -- likely to reach an agreement. >> ethiopia insists they are not opposed.
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many fear that filling up the dam without an agreement could push the countries involved to the brink. >> the u.s. secretary of state, mike pompeo says s new sanctions against rusussian gas p peline project are in the works.. sanctions woululd penalize companies that help construct this pipeline. the pipeline that runs from russia to germany would make europe more dependent on russia energy. iran says at least seven ships have been damaged in a blaze that broke down at a shipyard in the southern port of niger. there have been explosions at nuclear and industrial sites since late june. prime minister has resigned after coming under scrutiny is
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asian -- scrutiny is asian -- scrutiny. he only took off his in january. flooding is continuing to take its toll on northeastern india where within 2 million people have been displaced. the flood has inundated most of because among the national park -- most of this national park. it is the home of a rhino species. the monsoon rains in bangladesh have flooded one third of the country. more than a million people have been forced from their homes. the major rivers are expected to rise further this week. >> officials said the flooding began in late e june after heavy rains in the northern parts of bangladesh and neighboring india. the countries share over 50
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rivers. while flooding takes place almost every year during the monsoon season, this years had been particularly bad. the situtuation inn bangladesh s become dirire for ma. especially farmersrs who dependn their livestock. >> the floodwater is constantly rising. neither we nor our cattle could go out. we need aa small boat to do so. we are having problems w with food. the cooking ovens have been flooded. even our beds are underwater. the floods have destroyed crops and driven people in several impoverished regions from their homes. people are on the move, looking for safety. our homesteads have been flooded. we had a small road out here but it got destroyed last night. we are trying to salvage all of our crops like rice andnd corn d
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otother goods. the country's flood forecasting center has warned that the situation could worsen still. -- worsen still. brent: dozens of demonstrators in russia have been detained over protests to the changes to the constitution. hundreds of protesters gathered to collect signatures against the constitutional amendments. when they began to march through the city center, several journalists and city council members are among those detained. included in the constitutional amendments is one change that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. it is being seen as part of the widening crackdown on lgbt rights. >> they have dared to publicly
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criticize the kremlin's policies. one of them is anastasia. she spent three days in special detention facility number two. her crime was protesting the trial of an lgbt activist. the activist is charged with spreading homosexual propaganda. after publishing an image of gay couples, accompanied by the subtitle family is where love is. in some cities, people took to the streets to support the activist. anastasia was among them. that landed her behind bars. >> in the detention center, i laid on the floor and cried. i was desperate because the accusations against me were falls. -- false. the report said i took part in a
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massive protest of 50 people that happen at 5:00 p.m.. i was alone and that happened in our later. the judge just ignored it. >> there are many that seem to be -- russia has been rocked with waves of political critics for months. it does not seem to be doing the kremlin any harm. a referendum to change the constitution to allow president vladimir putin to potentially stay in office until 2036 passed overwhelmingly with an official 70% of votes. the results seem to have emboldened putin. here in moscow, last week, dozens of people protested in individual single person protests against the arrest of a journalist. when he ended up detained themselves. -- many ended up detained
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themselves. single person protests don't require a police permit. human rights watch's are rose say that in the last 4.5 weeks, 270 russians had been arrested for demonstrating peacefully. ththis is ththe state answer toe civil courage of its citizens who dare to resist restrictive and repressive measures. all of this, the silencing of political activists, the jailing of critics is nothing new. what is striking is that such cases are becoming increasingly frequent again. activists like anastasia refused to let these repressive tactics shut them down. >> if we don't organize
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ourselves, if we don't decisively say no, i don't want to, nothing will change. we will be stuck in prisons again for our posts, likes and tweets. this week, the police cracked down again with maximum force. brent: the search continues in germany's black forest for a man who held for pololice officers t gunpoint, took their weapons and then escaped. police say they discovered a manifesto that may have been written by the 31 euros suspect. on sunday, after disarming the police officers, the man fled into the woods. passerby's said they saw a man wearing camouflage and carrying a bow and arrow. wayne is covering the manhunt for us.
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>> the black forest is known for its spooky tales and now they have a true one. since sunday, hundreds of heavily armed police officers have come to this region for a local man they say is armed and dangerous. that is after a routine encounter with for police officers in this small town and it ended with those officers handing over those service weapons. when he said they pulled a pistol on him and they needed to ds like the situation. he ran off with his weapons and possibly some of their own. it was into the nearby woods. investigators say that he knows the woods very well, it is his second home. he is a social outcast. he is alleged to have perhaps written a manifesto that calls for an end to relying on technology and adding back in touch with nature a and the woos around you. police are looking for him that they have so far come up with nothing and they say they will keep on looking for him. they have the patience and resources to do it. even though they will be
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reducing their visual presence denver -- and continuing their search in the background. brent: caring for the elderly in germany is done in large part with the help of migrant workers from eastern europe. any of them are on-call around-the-clock, providing help and peace of mind to hundreds of thousands of elderly and their families. many caregivers say that they are being grossly underpaid for their work. one bulgarian caregiver has now taken her employer to court. she alleges explication. -- exploitation. >> coffee and cake in the afternoon that reminds this woman of her time in germany as a care worker. back then, she looked after an elderly german woman. >> i was on hand 24 hours a day. i got up when she was in pain
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and called out for me to change her bedclothes or diaper. i did not have any free time or days off. i worked the whole time. according to her work contract, she was only meant to work six hours a day. she was not on standby the rest of the time. she is now the first eastern european care worker to sue for backpay but she is not the only one. what the women tell us and what happens all the time is they don't have the courage to speak up because they are afraid they will lose their job and they think they will be put on a blacklist and won't be able to get a job in this industry again. the federation of trade unions is helping with her court case. the agency's work in a way that gives them the lowest risk and the highest amount of flexibility.
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in the end, it is the care workers who are the victims. around 3 300,000 elderly peoplen germany are looked after in their homes by care workers from eastern europe. mostly from poland, romania and bulgaria. placement agencies promised german families personnel that will be available around-the-clock to looooafter the relalatives. we don't have enough c caregives or registered caregivers that could fill thehe rest of these 300,00000 jobs. we are dependent on caregivivers from easternrn europe to take ce of the elderly. there is no other way. dobrina is falling -- following the case from bulgaria. they have already ruled a and hr
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employer was told to pay her 42,000 euro but the sentence was appealed. a message to my colleagues and all the others, if you have responsibilities but you also have rights that you should defend. the question now is whether other care workers will follow in her footsteps. brent: it is a cautionary tale for countries debating whether or not to start school again on time. south africa now has more than 300,000 cases of the coronavirus. that is the highest in africa. schools in south africa reopened last month. since then, several thousand students and teachers have been come -- become infected with the virus. poor sanitary conditions made many south african schools a breeding ground for the virus. >> these are the teachers toilets s of the elemementary sl
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here. the woman's toilet has not worked for years. the female teachers have always used the student's facilitities. they are also in a sorry state. >> i thought that t rking here 25 years back -- these toioilets like this, we are still using the kids toilets after 25 years. i thought we would get running water. i did not enjoy working. it is only that i like this work. that is the only thing that is bringing me to the school. it pushes me to come to the school. i like to help.. >> for years, she has pressed the minister of education for support. the department said there is no man to fix the whole school.
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>> only threree roofs were repaired last year. the roof is not watertight and the rainy season will soon be here. critics say for years, soututh africa hasas suffered from masse corruption in the awarding of government contracacts. >> thehere is no follow-up.p. ththere is no accountability for the work thahat is done in our institutions. you just get people to go and do the work and there is no one who comes to check that everything was done. how are they paid if the work is not fininished? you u can see itit is not finie. >> trucks dedeliver waterer butt enough. many tanks remain empty. the union s says it was irresponsible to open schools like this, aim at the rapid growth and it covered eight cases. only two age groups have begun
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classes so far but others are to follow. the e infrastructurere of the sl has been negeglected for y year. the teachers fear thahat if more learnersrs returned to school, t will be impossible to follow social distancing rules. there have been no covid-19 cases in this school so far but parents are an hours drive away in one of the coronavirus hotspots. despite the repeated request, we could not secure an n interview with the federal ministry of education or the governmnment. teachers want to lessons too continue regardldless of theirir frustration and the pandemic. >> there is no future if we are not educated. the only thing that can help is is to go to school. >> despite this difficult
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circumstances, they are doing all they can to protect themselves from coronavirus. >> there is a new statute in the british city of bristol tonight. it replaces the statute -- statue of a slave trader last month. it shows a black protester last month that helped to topple the first at your. this new one appeared on early wednesday morning without permission from the city. >> a moment that start -- sparked a nationwide debate dealt with britain colonial past. this statue was pulled down by blm protesters in june. echoing the fate of many of his victims, thrown into the sea.
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jen read has replaced him. it was inspired by an instagram post by her husband. >> for me, getting on that, i raised my fist, i raised my fist to give power back to the people, back to the slaves that died at the hands of colston. >> the sculpture was installed without the local counsel's approval. an intervention came. >> we had to keep it a secret. this is a temporary installation. it is not saying this is what should be there forever. it is saying this conversation is in the public realm and i want this to be part of the conversation. >> they hope the statue will inspire more action to tackle racism. >> it is definitely colson is no more.
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it is time to move on and for people to keep talking and educating themselves. i think that is reallyy importrtant. >> bristol's mayor has notot confirmed if and when the statue will be removed but he says the future must be decided in a process that includes everyone in the city. even those who would have preferred the statue to remain. brent: you are watching dw news from berlin. after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day tonight. is the u.s. president hijacking the pandemic? we will be right back.
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apple has managed to overturn inn order to repay thirteen billion euros i in back taxes highland the original deal verdict was hailed as historic apple ceo tim cook at the time slanted. totatal political crap his word. the u. s. ambassador was summoned by beijing as a protest of american sanctions against china over the new security law in hong kong. china says it will retaliate after president trump strips on congo preferential trade treatment. by sanctions on banknk. disneyland paris re opens up for a full month pand


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