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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  September 16, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> united nations investigators find evidence of crimes against humanity by venezuelan security forces and say president nicolas maduro supported it. hello again. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up -- torrential rain and 160 fivive kilometer pr hourur wind -- a powerful storm smashes the u.s. gulf coast and is expected to cause unprecedented flooding. india's internationally recognized prime minister says he will leave his post by the end of this month.
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leader accused of undermining national security. hello. united nations vesta gators have accused the venezuelan government of crimes against humanity, including the killing and torturing of protesters. the fact-finding mission found reasonable grounds to believe president nicolas maduro ordered the crimes to silence opposition. reporters believe the military killed and tortured protesters. tactics include arbitrary detentions. the office concluded the crimes were part of state policy and not isolated incidents. that's based on hundreds of interviews with victims and witnesses. the report says the international criminal court should open an investigation if venezuelan authorities failed to act.
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>> they have been demanding justice for over two years. their 20-year-old son was killed during protests in venezuela in 2017. he died after being struck in the chest by a tear gas canister. >> we have gone to every international organization to denounce the execution because his death was part of excessive use of force by the state. we need to stop the fact that young men go out on a protest and are killed. we want reparations and memories so that in venezuela never again a person is killed for fighting for their rights. it has been alleged that security forces were shooting directly towards protesters. human rights groups say
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opposition has been on the right since protesters took to the streets to protest nicolas maduro. fact-finding mission accused maduro of crimes against humanity. >> we have reasonable grounds to that high level politicals as well as including the president and ministers of defense, were not aware of the crime and either ordered or otherwise contributed to them -- were aware of the crime and either ordered or otherwise contributed to them. >> the ministry should has been ordered to take action for the extrajudicial executions that have allegedly taken place in the country since 2014. the report shows specific studies involving over 3000 cases of violations and crimes.
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>> severe beating, psychological , carrying out multiple executions, threats of execuon of family members, sexual assault, rape, the threat of rape, and electrocution. >> the united nations report comes out just as the u.s. secretary of state, mike pompeo, travels to south america to step up pressure against maduro. while venezuela struggles to find a way out of its economic and political crisis, victims say only international pressure will help them in their fight against -- their fight for justice. >> a slow-moving storm is pummeling parts of the u.s. with torrential rain and wind of up to 165 kilometers per hour. former hurricane and now tropical storm sally is the second tropical storm to hit the south gulf coast in less than
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three weeks, and more are on the way. seven storms are brewing in the atlantic. when sally made landfall early wednesday between alabama and florida, flooding homes and streets. moving at an agonizingly slow pace of about five kilometers per hour, sally will make its way to central georgia by thursday, but forecasters are warning of serious flash flooding. she's expected to continue on a curved path across south carolina before petering out on friday at the bottom of north carolina. >> early morning in mobile, alabama, brought a battering from hurricane sally. trees uprooted or splintered by the howling wind. busy streets piled with debris. only a few braving the elements to survey the damage and start what could be a long cleanup.
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making landfall as a category sally'sm, it is not size that is the main concern but its speed. moving so slowly, it is threatening days of rain with forecasters talking that massive flooding is still to come. jordan fled her mobile home in pensacola, florida, to shelter in a hotel. >> everything is underwater. moved in, them wind packed a punch, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power. the driving rain swamped streets and surges of seawater caused flash floods. dozens of people had to be rescued from their homes. >> [inaudible] >> sally is the second hurricane to hit the gulf coast in less than three weeks, and while it is the busiest hurricane season sallyearlier this week,
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was just one of five storms turning in the atlantic. predicting the hurricane currently turning out at sea could become a catastrophic category four storm. miami, florida. bring us the latest. what are things looking like right now? just had a briefing from the state's governor, ron desantis, who warned people in florida's panhandle, which is the worst hit of the states affected by hurricane sally, not to be complacent. he says it's going to rain for a couple of days. rivers could crest, the flooding could get worse because this is a slow-motion event. is not so much the power of the storm. a category two storm in the scheme of things is not that powerful for the gulf coast, it's the fact it is only moving a six part -- six miles per hour, so there is a dire warning
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from the governor of this state, and alabama got hit really hard as well. i just saw some drone shots with the storm made landfall. some of the residences are simply ripped apart, and of course, there are several other storms currently brewing in the atlantic. to bring some perspective, the hurricane center has predetermined names it uses for every hurricane season using almost every letter of the alphabet. the next name storm will be wilford. after that, they will have to start using the greek alphabet, and that has only happened in the history of recorded storms on one other occasion. >> while the east coast of the u.s. is battered by sally, the west coast is battling massive mild fires. fire search and rescue teams have been sent to the state of oregon as part of a $1.2 million relief effort from the government. about 18,000 square kilometers have been destroyed by fire with
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several small towns burned to the ground and at least 34 confirmed deaths. ahead, libya's prime minister stepping down. he made the announcement in an address on national television. the tripoli-based government will negotiate with a rival administration in the east of the country. he says he will stay on until the end of october in hope a new leadership can be chosen. >> i call on the dialogue committee, which should be in charge of forming the next executive authority, to speed up the formation of such authority so we can all guarantee a peaceful transition of power, and on such occasion, i declare
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my sincere wish to hand over my duties to the next executive authority by the end of october at the latest. by that time, i hope that the dialogue committee will have completed its work and selected a new presidential counsel. >> the belarus protest leader who disappeared after being detained by masked men has been charged with undermining national security. minsk -- minskn after ripping up her passport to avoid being deported. protests.ipated in almost all the opposition leaders have either been locked up or forced to flee. >> these charges are actually quite rod. action aimed at undermining national security instead of what the police earlier said it was a coup d'etat, which was, of
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course, much harder to prove, but still, she is facing two to five years in prison. she was indeed the last female opposition leader still in the country, and because she ripped up her passport, avoiding being hasrted to ukraine, she surged here into a national leader. the opposition movement is not really relying on its leaders, to be honest, so it will not affect the protests we have been seeing in the last couple of weeks. in fact, only one of the opposition members of the council that were created to have this transitional government by the opposition is now still free and here in belarus, and she is, in fact, being protected by european diplomats 24/7, so they come to her house to make sure she is also not being arrested. >> still ahead on the program -- a change in style but not in
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substance. japan's new prime minister expected to continue his predecessor's agenda. and new york's fashion week sets a more socially distant look as the industry trieses to come bak from the coronavirus. >> hello there. clouds and rain back in the forecast across the south of australia. within this, we will see some fairly heavy, almost tropical downpours. this is a system bringing that rain across. a little bit cool in adelaide, 90 degrees celsius, but warm in sydney, high of 29. the rain will work its way eastward, so by friday, it will .e fine 24 under very nice, sunny skies, then it warms up again under
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this frontal system because the wind at this point changes direction. one or two showers are likely to cross into sydney, so the next few days, it will be very unsettled in adelaide. showers through the weekend in the beginning of the week. in fact, temperatures coming in just below average and in sydney, a couple of cooler days and sunshine comes back mondnday and tuesday, and it warms up about the average. toward asia, plenty of clouds and plenty of rain as well. this is where the heaviest rain is -- central, southern areas, extending on into western japan, so it very wet day from the beginning of thursday. by friday, that rain becoming very widespread and still does showers lingering to the south with heavier rain down on the coast into hong kong. >> hello again, and a reminder
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of the top stories on al jazeera . u.n. investigators have accused the venezuelan government of crimes against humanity, including killing and torturing of protesters. the fact-finding mission found reasonable grounds to believe president maduro ordered crimes to silence the opposition. a powerful weather system is pummeling the united states gulf coast with life-threatening storm surges and 165 kilometer an hour wind. hurricane sally weekend to a tropical storm several hours after making landfall in alabama , and a popular belarusian protest leader has been charged with undermining national security. in jail inn held minsk last week but ripped up her passport to avoid being expelled to the ukraine. withhans have been charged arson after fire destroyed a massive refugee and migrant camp on the greek island of lesbos last week. 12,000 migrants are now without
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shelter. representatives in greece are asking european nations for help in housing them. >> it is a story of two people -- those cleaning up this all of grove, the islanders who have been hosting thousands of refugees and migrants for years now, and those who try to find shelter here on this private land after their camp burned to the ground last week. has changed completely. we cannot work. look here. soon we should start harvesting the olives. how can you harvest here? it is not possible. we understand them, but they should also understand us, something that sadly is not happening. >> ever since fire swept through the camp, thousands of refugees and migrants have been forced to move. this gives you an indication of how many people still remain on the street. you have men on one side, women on the other, and what they are
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waiting for at the moment is food handouts, so one of the ngo's. there is still very much a lack of coordinated aid effort. is very >> greek authorities have made it clear that everyone needs to be moved here to a new camp. many are reluctant. they faced terrible conditions and do not want to endure the same again. the head of the united nations refugee agency in greece came to visit the new camp. they have criticized the conditions here before. >> it is not manageable to manage a camp with five times its capacity or 11 times the capacity. we are pushing authorities to accelerate the process so that people do not stay too long in these places. >> the local population is getting more and more frustrated.
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he takes us from the village to where you you can see the burn .amp >> we have two human dramas here. unfortunately, it's constantly the living conditions of the migrants that's talked about and never the locals. they've gone through hard times since 2015 and are frustrated. these people should be put in a closed and controlled camp, far from the local population. >> many islanders were hoping this meant that thousands of refugees would be moved off the island. that is something many of the refugees say they want, too, but for now, with the new camp expanding by the day, neither side is getting what they want. mali's ruling party says it needs more time to choose an interim president after west african leaders threaten an embargo on the country. the community of african states says leaders must announce a
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civilian transitional government within a week. beens neighbors have pushing for return to civilian rule ever since the president wasn't -- was ousted in a coup last month. to make anot go decision and for the moment, we cannot make an announcement. we ask to have more time to return to our country to meet and discuss, to put a committee in place, here opposition, and allow the committee to make a decision. nicholas hart has more from neighboring senegal. >> they have just a few days to try to find a president, a prime minister, so they said, just as we heard, that they are going to appoint a committee that will decide on who will be the president and who will be the prime minister and who will be the vice president. who will be members of that committee, we don't know. will it be members of the
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military junta? will they be appointed from civil society or the opposition? it seems like an additional hurdle for this military leadership that is seeking to gain recognition. at stake is to find a new leadership that will bring and jumpstart the economy, to reassure the thelation and bring back state where the state has so far been absent. >> south korean virus restrictions are being rolled in theter a decrease level of viruses. 100 people will now be allowed to attend funerals. curfew will be moved from 10:00 to midnight. >> we cannot afford a resurgence of infections in our country. a second wave would be
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devastating to our country and would again disrupt our lives and livelihood. every oneo each and of us as south africans to ensure that this does not happen . >> u.s. president donald trump says a coronavirus vaccine is on track to be ready by october. early on wednesday, the director of the federal centers for disease control and prevention in the u.s. told journalists a vaccine could only be broadly rolled out by the middle of next year or even later. president trump claims at least 100 million doses of a vaccine could be distributed in the u.s. by the end of 2020. on track to deliver and distribute the vaccine in a very, very safe and effective manner. we think we can start sometime in october, so as soon as it is announced, we will be able to start. that will be from mid-october on, maybe a little later than
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that, but we will be all set, so as soon as it is given the go-ahead -- and they are doing trials, as you know, but as soon as it is given the go-ahead, we will get it out, defeat the virus. we have manufactured all the necessary supplies so as soon as the fda approves the vaccine -- and as you know, we are very close to that -- we will be able to distribute at least 100 million vaccine doses by the end of 2020, and a large number much sooner than that. >> two fatal air crashes which left 340 six people dead have been blamed on a horrific combination of failures by plane maker boeing and the u.s. federal aviation authority. grounded but may soon be flying again. >> 346 people died in two boeing 737 max air crashes, one in october 2018, the other in 2019.
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after 18 months of investigation, the democratic majority on the house transportation and infrastructure committee concluded they were the horrific culmination of a series of faulty technical assumptions by boeing engineers, a lack of transparency on the part of going management, and grossly insufficient oversight by the faa. the investigation confirms much of what was already known -- under pressure from rival airbus, boeing rushed 737 max to market, promising greater fuel efficiency. in order to achieve that efficiency, boeing made major design and software changes with little oversight. there were multiple warnings from problems from those actually working on the planes of potentially catastrophic consequences, but they weren't ignored in the rush to sell and deliver planes to customers. the main selling point was that there was no need for airlines to undertake costly pilot retraining if they bought this new model of the 73 seven. as sales went up, so did
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executive compensation. even after the first crash that killed 189 in the java sea and despite failing to share key information about the changes to the aircraft, boeing executives profited from a $20 billion stock buyback. testifying to the committee in july 2019, a man who lost his entire family in the subsequent crash of ethiopia airlines flight 302 said this is where the problem lies -- >> boeing should not be allowed to act like a mere investment company, extracting wealth to supercharge a shareholder return at the expense of safety and quality. >> the federal aviation authority largely delegated oversight of the 737 max to boeing itself. even after the first crash, the faa took boeing at its word that it was compliant with federal safety regulations. boeing and the faa both insist they have changed, but as regulators move to recertify the 737 max, grounded worldwide
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since march 20 19, victims' families say once again, things are moving too quickly. however, what has changed is the credibility of the faa. >> one of the unprecedented things that happen was that other aviation authorities around the world said, regardless of what the u.s. says about if the airplane is fit to fly, it will have to go through them as well. that is something that typically does not happen. >> the 737 max is expected to be back in the air within months. >> the u.k. prime minister has been forced to compromise over controversial plans to break international law. boris johnson had been facing an internal rebellion over his internal market sale which would give the government the ability to override part of the brexit withdrawal agreement. johnson has now agreed parliament will be able to vote for those powers can be used. japan's new prime minister has
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been confirmed. the longtime ally of shinzo abe pledged to contain the coronavirus and revive japan's battered economy. victory forultimate the self-made politician who in a career spanning decades has finally risen to the highest political office in the land. in contrast to many of japan's previous prime ministers, his predecessor included, he does not come from one of japan's elite political dynasties. he's the son of a strawberry farmer. his elevation means a change in style but not in substance. man,faithful right-hand he's expected to follow the same conservative economic policies. while applying his acknowledged problem-solving skills to the continuing covid-19 crisis and the ill-fated tokyo olympics that the pandemic has delayed and now threatens to wreck.
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a well-known figure on the domestic political stage, it was as powerful chief cabinet secretary, who heralded last year's succession of emperors, unveiling the name of the new imperial era. his appointment as prime minister was confirmed as an at an imperial palace audience. many believed he lacked the charisma needed for the job, in particular in his dealings with other world leaders. that is something that comes naturally to shinzo abe, who leaves the office having set a record as japan's longest-serving prime minister. >> i would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who supported me in both tough and difficult times. the sugaay, administration will be born. i would like to ask for your
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strong support. suga'sthe ruling party, job is to act as prime minister until next year when elections are
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