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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  October 6, 2020 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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. hello and thank you for joining us on this edition of nhk "newsne."li i'm raja pradhan in tokyo with the latest at this hour. japan's prime minister suga yoshihide has met with u.s. secretary of state, mike pompeo. it's suga's first face-to-face diplomacy since taking office. details of the meeting are yet
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to be announced, but the two are believed to confirm efforts to further strengthen the u.s. and japan alliance. they also likely discussed china, which has been active in the east and south china sea. the japanese prime minister is expected to have asked for cooperation on issues related to north korea, including the abduction of japanese nationals by pyongyang i in the 1970s ana '80s. suga and pompeo met with auaustralia a and ina's foren n ministers, who are in tokyo to take part in four-way ministerial talks. >> translator: the internationol community is tackling various challenges amid the spread of the coronavirus. it's time for japan to deepen ties with many countries that share the e same vision. theap janese foreign minister met with his counterparts. thaek lily continued discussions
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on the coronavirus, cyber security and infrastructure development. on the sidelines of thmeete ing pompeo spoke to nhk in an exclusive interview. the skate says these meetings will help ensure a free and open indo-pacific region. >> i'm confidentnt these f four leaders will be real leaders in pushing back against the chinese on how to respond to this virus and we will develop real health care security collusions to combat covid-19 that the chinene communist party foisted upon this world when they knew hey had a problem, instead of the way democracy. they chose to deceive the world from what they knew was an enormous threat. >> pompeo says it's time the united states and al allieies te serious steps. >> -- the chinese communist
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party refusing to live up to its commitments, the basic commitment it made to the people of hong kong, for 50 years they'd be permitted to have one country but two systems to live with some modicum of freedom. the chinese communist party has gripped that asunderment we want what's taking place in taiwan. it's not about the united states versus china. this about freedom and tyranny. >> he also defend thehe trump adadministraration approach to foreign policy. >> america has been accused of not liking multilateral institutions. . we like this tnghat work. we want functional good outcomes. but you see improved relationship between japan and inina, improved relationships between japannd a australia. all these things, the economic relationships, the diplomatic relationships, the security relationships, those build up networks that can keep these nations free and secure.
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>> for more on the so-called quad talks, nhk world spoke to michael green who served on former george w. bush's national security council. >> reporter: this meeting signals the growing importance of indo-pacific issues as more and more policy talks go online, these totop diplomamats took precauautions, flew to tokyo an aree meeting in the same room. >> this is very signinificant prececisely b because it's in t mimiddle of f covid. these leaders wantt to show tha these governments are taking what china is doing very seriously. if it weren't for china, they wouldn't be doing this. everyone knows that. >> reporter: some smaller countries have been trying through mumt lateral negotiations. green says stakeholders understand it's time to clearly demonstrate to china how muchh power japan, the u.u.s., aususta and india c collectively hold.
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>> ten yearsrs ago many peopopl didn't want to show that power.. today i think there's a very strong consensus we need to show it. now, we need to develop rate with china on many issues including climate change, trade, academic exchange, but it's very clear that china i is using its muscles and we need china to use its brains. >> reporter: before working at a center for strategic and international studies, green was an official in the white house. he says there is strong bipartisan support for this approach to china and november's election will not promptpt the u.s. to changege direction.. >> iff biden wiwins, the strat will continue. if t trump wins, the strategy wl continue. ththere's bipartisan support ana recognition that china is trtryg tohangnge the ruleles, trying t use growing power to intimidate its neighbors. when that happens, you come together with people you trust.
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>> reporter: as for what to look for coming out of these talks, green points to improving maritime infrastructure and its structures. nhk world, tokyo. u.s. president donald trump hasetur rned to the white house after spending three days in hospital being treated for covid-19. he's promising to get back on the campaign trail with just weeks to go until the november elections. he's spurring controversy along the way. the 7474-year-olold gave a thump to reporters after making the short trip b back to the capita. moments later he remove his mask to s supp salute thehe departin helicoptpter in what appearedd be a photo opopinion. >> we're g going back, back to work. we're going to be up front. as your lead arare, i hollylywo
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that do ththat. i stood out front, i i led. nobody as a leadeder would noto what i did. i know thehere's a risk. tles ooh a dangnger, but that's okay. now i'm better. >> e experts arere criticicizin trump's d decision to leave hospital. he remaiains infected and contagious putting others around him at risk. many u.s. media oututlets arere slslamming his recent comommentd behavior varding the vierls which has killed over 210,000 americans. his medical team admitted on monday he may not entirely be out of the woods yesterday. they said he hadn't had a fevev in 72 hours and his oxygen levels were normal.. doctors continued too dodge questions about when the president last tested negative. they've been tied lipped about
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how the disease has affected his lungs. he'll continue to receive medical care. in trump's innerk circle, at least 12 people have tested positive so far including him and the first lady. his spokesperson joined the list on monday. white house press secretary kalyleigh mcenany says she has the virus. seven of the cases including the president and close aide hope hicks attended the same event, introducing trump's supreme court nominee on september 26. u.s. media say the virus may have spread there. many other white house staffers are also reportedly infected. the "wall street journal" is reporting trump told one of his advisers who tested positive not to reveal the results. other u.s. media are suggesting the administration has failed to carry out sf fisht contact tracing over the infection. americans struggled throughout the president's s s in hospital to separate fact from fiction. his doctors were working hard,
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so were some spin doctors. nhk world's catherine kobayashi has more. >> reporter: the president's supporters kept vigil throughout his stay. they waited for a glimpse or word of his condition. the first patieient himself delivered. >> i learned a lot about covid. i leaeaed about it by really going to school. this is the real school. this isn't the let's read the book school i get it and i understand it. >> reporter: an update just before hegs left hospital suggested the president hadn't learned enouough. don't be afraid of covid, he wrote, don't let it dominate your life. the president's medical team and his aides added to the confusion. his doctor admitted over the weekend that he had misled the public. >> didn't want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction, and in doing so came
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off that we were trying to hide something which wasn't necessarily true. >> reporter: the president left hospital during his stay putting his secret service detail at risk. a d doctor k kwetd the updatate those who did. >> the president is a patient. he has a right to privacy.y. it's difficult when t the informationn provided to the constituents is filtered through a lens of trying to paint rosy pictu picture. >> so now the president has headed back to the white house where more and more will of his staff have testeted popositive. his doctors say he'll still need more treatment for a virus he'e always dismissed. catherine kobayashi, nhk world, new york. now to malaysia where the prime minister has announced
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he'll self-quarantine after a cabinet minister he was in contact with tested positive for the coronavirus. he says he'll continue to work from home until next friday. he added his most recent test on september 29th had been negative. it's unclear whether he's been tested since the meeting. the outbreak in malaysia was thought to have been larged contained, but it's seen a steady climb since last month's election in the state of saba, one of the coronavirus hot spots in the country. several ministers including the religious affairs minister have been criticized for campaigning in saba and not quarantining upon return. on monday 432 new cases were reported, a new daily record. as the numbers continue to rise, a senior offfficial at th world health organization says 1
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in wen people across the globe may have been infected. >> it varies depending on the country and varies between urban and rural, between different groups, but what it does mean is that the vast majority of the world remains at risk. >> ryan said the pandemic shows no sign of abating so far, but people everywhere have the tools to suppress transmission and save lives. the w.h.o. is also planning to send an international mission to china to lrn more about how the pandemic started. it's still unclear which experts will be on the teaeam or when ty will visit. ryan says a list of candidates has been submitted to beijing, but he didn't provide details.
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reports out of keerz stan says hundreds were injured in protests. a landslidede victory for fourt in line with the president. opposition supporters in the captain on monday accused the government of bribery and demanded another vote. local media say at least several thousand peoeople took part w w about 590 injured. some su the health ministry says the casualties occurred as a result of clashes with security forces. keerz stan -- the local media say the government failed to come up with effective measures even after the loan leading to rising discontent. it's been one month since a mudsdslide caused by typhoon hi
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shan tore through a village. one died and three are still missing. the disaster in sheba village occurred on september 6th. the mudslides slept away the home and office of a construction company owner. a vietnamese trainee was found dead. another trainee as well as the owner's wife and son remain missing. on tuesday people paid their respects at a memorial set up near the site of the tragedy. the 70-year-old owner was injured in the accident. he thanked employees for continuiuing theirir search for three aftfter officiaial effort ended. i want to find them as soon as possible. i ask for everyone's support. >> he also says he's been anxious and not been able to sleep well since the disaster.
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it's time for a check on the weather with meteorologist jonathan oh. jonathan, when can we expect the storm to arrive? >> we are monitoring a tropical storm brewing over the western pacific, but it seems to be setting its sights close to okinawa. we're expecting it to slowly drift to the florida and west
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it's not a fast moving system, crawling its way over to the north and west. for those of you in okinawa, but the time we go into thursday, we'll try to see the stormy conditions picking up. here is a look at the stats, moving to the west-northwest with gusting up to 127. by the time we go into thursday afternoon, it's going to be close enough to where we may deal okinawa. by friday we're expecting it to kurn. but notice how big the circle of concerns are. it's so wide because it's a bit uncertain where we are. but in that general direction. whether it actually heads out to the open water, we'll have 20 keep a close eye on itit wilil . the winds will be swirling around with this system, plenty of it impacting okinawa with high winds and heavy rain bands associated with it. we have a stationary front south
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of tokyo, but close enough where we're looking at a chance for decent rain. high of 29 on wednesday, big opdr on thursday and friday as colder air comes in. on thursday we have the system coming close to naha. now, we'll keep an eye on what's happening with delta that is now spinning south of cuba and slowly gathering steam. notice the last few frames the spin starting to pick up. this is a category two hurricane expected to become a category three on wednesday. in cuba, jamaica, you'll see tropical storm peninsula. yucatan peninsula got slammed by gamma this past weekend. now you have this major hurricane heading your direction. we're talking about waves as high in terms of storm surge about three meters or so with some areas seeing rainfall amounts close to 200
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millimeters. you need to be on the lookout for that. up toward the north. we have high pressure mainly controlling the weather. we have a cold front moving through the great lakes. so showers into toronto as we go lieu the day today with a high of 17. that's a a look at your forecas. hope you have a good day wherever you are. before we go, we have news just in from sweden. the nobel prize in physics has
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been awarded to three scientists, divided this year. one-half goes to roger pen rose for his work on black holes. the other half goes to reinhart guentzel and andrea gates for their disiscovery of a super massssive compact object at the center of the galaxy. >> the royal swedidish academy sciences has today decided to award the 2020 nobel prize in fix six with one-half to roger penrose for the discovery of the black hole formation is aobot prediciction of t the general ty of real tift, and the other jointly to andrea ghez and ryne hard guentzel for the discovery of the super massive compact object at the center of our galaxy. >> this year's award summed up
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as the darkest secrets of the universe. that wraps up this edition of nhk "newsline." up next is "newsline biz" with ramin mellegard. please stay with us. this is "newsline biz." i'm ramin mellegard. over 60,000 people in japan have lost their jobs or about to lose them because of the coronavirus pandemic, , and thas accordrding to a government survey. the survey covered the period from late january to the beginning of october. it shows that more than 63,000
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people were laid off or didn't have their contracts renewed. the manufacturing sector was hit the hardest with more than 11,000 jobs lost. pubs and restaurants were next with over 10,000 workers let go. in the retail sector, over 8,700 people were laid off and almost 8,000 hotel workers also lost their jobs. analysts say the actual numbers are likely higher because the labor ministry's regional offices do not have complete information on all the jobs lost. the jobless rate in august rose to 3% for the first time in over eight years. and the government is offering subsidies to keep workers on staff. it plans to support re-employment efforts. japanese retailer' i don't know has given one of its supermarkets a smart makeover, installing ai technology will make shopping trips a little smoother. when customers approach shelves with food, the cameras detect
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them and use ai to guess their age and gender. if the customer scans the qr code they'll see recipes aimed at their demographic. it counts how many people are in the shop to help staff prevent congestion. the company says if the test run proves effective, they'll introduce the technology to other branches. honda's n box was the best-selling vehicle in japan, it's been the country's top seller for more than three years. the n box had sales of more than 90,000 units. sues soouk i can also fared well, coming in third. many vehicles popular in japan partly because they're cheaper to run with lower taxes an tolls. many vehicles took the top four spots last year. but regular passenger cars are
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making a comeback. toyo toyota's yaris sold more than 79,000 units. featuring cutting edge self parking system. toyota's rounded out the top five. a leading air conditioning maker is planning to bring some of its production of air purifiers back home to japan from china. officials at daikin says demand for the residential use product is rising in the domestic market because of the pandemic. the company used to make them in its home market until 2008. aum are now made in china. the firm sold about 300,000 units in japan in fiscal 2019. the figure is expected to grow to 550,000 for the current year through next march as consumers spend more time inside their homes. daikin are considering their plans in shiga freeskt to take
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over production. the firm plans to start making air purifiers in malaysia from december. they hope to double global unit sales this fiscal year from the previous period to 780,000. a building under construction in northern japan is getting attention for both its sustainability and aesthetic appeal. the high-rise structure is being built with mostly wood based materials. it emits less co2 than steel and concrete, giving the technique sky-high potential. >> reporter: this construction site is in sendai in the northern prefecture. it's a high-rise with a difference. everything from the pillars to the beams to the floors is made
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from wood. in september 1,200 people from the construction and for res stri industries were invited for an inspection. >> translator: i'm so impressed with this. >> reporter: him muir rah founded his company in 1974 and has bn pioneering methods for wooden construction ever since. the prevailing method of housing construction at the time involved inserting pillars into beams.s. seeking to m make wooden structures stronger kimura developed a method to connect the lumber more firmly with metal fittings. he also came up with ways to make the buildings more resistant to fire. the columns that support kimura's high-rise are multilayered. the kor is a bundle of wooden material.
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this is encased in plaster board for protection against fire while the outside layer provides a pleasing finish. the core is designed to resist burning until at least two hours after a blaze starts. here a column is tested in a kiln heated to 1,000 degrees celsius. there is another innovation that increases durability in the event of an earthquake. iron rings are embedded in each side of the wood. these help keep the planks moving in unison if the building shakes. some visitors to the sendai i se were impressed. >> translator: the building is only a quarter of the weight using reinforced concrete. the lightness and dururability ideal for erkt quake-prone japan. >> translator: this promotes a circular equality, suits the
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future needs of society. >> translator: i've been working on plans for a 25-story building. japan has a long tradition of building structures from wood. i hope this can help transform the way cities are build in the future. >> reporter: kimura has his sights set even higher, he envisions buildlding a sky straeper with wood. okay. let's get a check on the markets.
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that'sqéaawc solution in whie
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want to live beyond the corporate nineteen fires cry. that is the question of this special sereries of comp soluti. economist stephphanie kelton was in the process o of burnrning. she's just p published her book the deficit in which she- hello graphically different monetary polilicy c can give birth to people's's economic.


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