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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  October 12, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> a controversial nomination ahead of a divisive election, but judge amy coney barrett pledges to uphold the values of america's highest court. judge merritt: i think americans of all backgrounds deserve an independent supreme court. ♪ >> this is al jazeera leave -- live from london. coming up, a truce between armenia and azerbaijan is pushed to its limits as russia warns
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turkey will not have a place at the negotiating table. why more and more migrants are risking a dangerous new atlantic route by the canary islands. a u.n. report says world leaders are failing in their duty to stop climate disaster. we start in the united states were a divided senate is pressing ahead with the confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett just three weeks before the presidential election. she was nominated by president trump and her confirmation would increase the conservative majority in the supreme court. aaron fischer has been following events on capitol hill in washington, d.c. >> the goal to have amy coney barrett on the u.s. supreme court before the presidential election. the first up, the janet --
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senate missionary -- judiciary commission. senator graham: the bottom line, justice ginsburg, when asked about the several years ago, said a president serves four years, not three. there is nothing unconstitutional about this process. this is a vacancy that has occurred. >> four years ago, republicans refused to hold hearings for judge marek garland, nominated to fill a vacancy caused by the death of a conservative justices -- justice. judge amy coney barrett's nomination will almost emerge from the committee and that will send it to the full senate for confirmation and that is were democrats will do what they can to stop this going through. two republican senators have said they won't vote to confirm. they are saying they hope to block others from a full vote in the senate. they are arguing with a c is a
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threat to the affordable care act due to go to the court one week before the election. -- after the election. >> republicans also realized. >> also on the committee, kamala harris, who insists the senate should be dealing with more pressing issues. senator harris: senate republicans have made it crystal clear that rushing a supreme court nomination is more important than helping and supporting the american people who are suffering from a deadly pandemic and a devastating economic crisis. senator graham: and nothing but the truth so help you god. >> that it was time to hear from amy coney barrett herself could she said courts cannot write every wrong. judge barrett: i chose to accept the nomination because i believe deeply in the rule of law and the place of the supreme court in our nation. i believe americans of all
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backgrounds deserve an independent supreme court that interprets our institute -- constitution and laws as they are written. >> now the lines are drawn. the next two days will be contentious, contrary, and politically divisive as the supreme court becomes a political battleground in the presidential election. >> we were outside of the supreme court were protests were held as the hearing began. >> a very small but a determined groupagainst the nomination and confirmation of amy coney barrett here outside of the supreme court. those against the confirmation in white hazmat suits -- one of the many objections they have to the proceedings is no one was required to have a cobra test before the hearings took place in the senate. i am talking to one of the organizers here -- what is at stake for you during this
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confirmation? >> well, right now, the focus is on a confirmation hearing when it should be about the american people -- people who live in america. when he to make sure we have a relief package that includes health care, income for people that have lost their jobs, that supports businesses, child care. >> your point is there should not be hearings while people are suffering through covid. >> exactly. the focus should be on people who live in america, not a court. >> what about the nomination itself -- coney barrett? >> she is not the right person, either. we need to make sure when they worry about who is going to be on the supreme court, they are first thinking about all of the needs of the people and you need to be fair. her record has not been fair. she has been very conservative and all of her rulings. now we're going to make it more conservative -- i am concerned about the aca -- there are millions of people who are on
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aca. if it is made unconstitutional, people will not have coverage. people who have pre-existing conditions will not have coverage. >> aca is obamacare. is there a sense you lost the battle, that the aca will be -- that she will be confirmed? >> it is not over until it is over. we continue to resist and we are standing up what we believe in him we are putting people first. we need to be an example of what needs to happen in america. people need to be before politics or money to make sure people live in america are being taken care of. we must continue to fight. >> there is the sense that perhaps if republicans have the vote, the nomination will go through, but a sense of democrats did not fight as hard as you public and might have had if they were in the same position, whereas when president obama nominated his choice for a justice, none of the republicans even met him. there is frustration but a
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determination to fight on anyway. >> the white house doctor has confirmed president trump has tested negative for coronavirus. it comes as he is about to go back on vision the florida city of orlando, his first election rally since his diagnosis. he made an appearance, though not an official campaign rally, at the white house on sunday. his own tweets in which he claims he could now be immune from the virus, have been flagged on twitter as misleading. so, trump has his doctors notes just in time for the rally, really, hasn't he? >> it could not have been timed better. i mean, this is coming from a doctor that many people do not trust. we have to take this at face value. president trump is back where he likes to be at rallies, meeting his base supporters. he will be in orlando, central florida, a vital part of this state, and there are lots of swing voters and independent voters in that area.
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him hitting the road again is seen as vital as we run down to the election -- to the beginning of november. people will be watching him to see if he has changed his attitude, having had covid-19 and gotten through it, to see what he says about -- when regards to how his administration has handled it and how his administration changed him. i think it is doubtful he will say anything unexpected. he has said having covid-19 might be some gift from god and he may be immune. we will hear that kind of rhetoric. for the president, this is a very important thing for him personally. he will hit another three states -- iowa, north carolina, and pennsylvania -- all very important states -- over the next few days. people have been gathering in sanford since 5:00 on monday morning, keen to see their president once again, and his speeches and rhetoric will be watched very closely indeed. >> what about his opponent, joe biden -- what has he been up to?
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>> well, joe biden is in toledo, ohio, another important state which trump took easily in 2016. he is in talking to auto workers, touting his economic plan, his experience during the economic troubles of 2006 and 2007, and incidentally, joe biden will be here in the state of florida on tuesday, once again showing how important this state is per the has a very thin lead in this state, which donald trump took in 2006 by the narrowest of margins, and joe biden has said president trump hitting the campaign trail again is reckless and irresponsible behavior. he has been talking about the handling of the covid-19 epidemic, saying if he becomes president, he would do a far better job. >> thank you. >> russia's foreign minister
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says turkey will not be involved in peace talks over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh, but leaders are meeting in moscow, accusing each other of violating a humanitarian cease-fire, which has left casualties on both sides. >> when in armenia missile hit the apartment block where they live, they were supposed to be a cease-fire. this was another breach. nine people died in this attack on sunday, azerbaijan's second-largest city. it, they have no interest in a cease-fire. >> if you let me go to war, mom, i am going, i am going, they are chanting. turkey is giving treasure by jean. port -- azerbaijan. port.
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-- full support. now they want turkey to be involved, but russia is not interested. >> the joint statement confirms the shameful nature of the negotiation process and its crew consists of a very -- of a very large number of states. russia, the united states, and france. >> in a most 30 years, the minsk group has failed to find a solution. sergey lavrov held talks with his armenian counterpart. the air raid signs were still alerting people to shelters despite cease-fire. the anger here as raw as it is on the other side.
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>> if one of them would be here next to me, i would strangle him -- i would string without a weapon. i have lost my husband, and now i can lose my grandchild and relatives -- a son-in-law, a brother -- why? >> five armenians were killed on sunday in the south of nagorno-karabakh as forces attempt to capture the town. about 50 kilometers is the ethnic armenian town, and that has been intense fighting going on there as both sides are seemingly trying to cement their positions while moscow increases the pressure on armenia and azerbaijan to fully implement the humanitarian cease-fire. >> still to come on outages. staying open come but only just -- most of england's bars escaped closure is new virus rules come in, but as infections rise, how long will that last? and protesters returned to the streets of argentina's capital,
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demonstrating against the government's handling of the pandemic. ♪ >> the farmers of south wales are quite happy the moment -- there is some good spring -- some good fall rain. also early season for tropical cyclones in the northwest. nothing there yet. quite the opposite, warm and dry. per showing temperatures above where they should be -- 20 72 29 degrees pit warming up in melbourne and sidney. unsure disease -- onshore breeze. otherwise, quite as good at a late is up to 30 degrees. in new zealand, the rain is going past north island and then
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we should see the -- things improved somewhat. with a cold front going to japan, a northerly breeze on the north coast of honshu. otherwise, fine. the same is true throughout most -- mainland china. it would be a pretty nasty tropical storm moving fairly quickly, but they're all the same. potential flooding, with once -- a tropical depression forming in the bay of bengal. >> in the deprived villages of northern argentina, there is one man with a solution to every problem. for engineer and self proclaim the inventor orlrlando in his classic 1987 ford truck, no challenges to small or village too far.
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in his latest mission, he constructs a much-needed refrigerator that runs on firewood. driving change on al jazeera. >> a reminder, the top stories on al jazeera -- a divided senate is pressing ahead with confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett just three weeks before the presidential election. democrats in the four-day hearings have been rushed. donald trump's doctor has confirmed the president has tested negative for coronavirus. this comes as he is about to go back on stage in the florida
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city of orlando for his first election rally since his diagnosis. russia's foreign minister says turkey will not be involved in peace talks over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh. azerbaijan had proposed its ally take part in the discussions. armenia and azerbaijan are accusing each other of violating a humanitarian cease-fire. britain's prime minister says he won't impose another full coronavirus lockdown, but as almost 14,000 new daily infections were reported, boris johnson reported -- warned the weeks and months ahead could be difficult. he announced a three-tier version. >> pubs and bars in northern inland are living on borrowed time. in liverpool, those not serving food will be closed -- forced to close on wednesday night. the city falling under the highest risk category of a new three-tier system of covid-19
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restrictions announced by the prime minister. >> in recent bounce, we have worked with leaders to counter local spikes. we have -- with targeted restrictions, but this local approach has inevitably produce a different sets of rules in different parts of the country that are now complex to understand and to enforce. >> infection rates are soaring parts of the north and other cities like manchester, leeds, and newcastle in tier to know that they can be next, but crick's question the science behind bands on the hospitality sector already struggling to survive. >> we have seen what has happened over the last four weeks or so -- this big upsurge, and it: sides, with the return of students, the return of children to school. it has yet to be shown when the data is not available, not been presented, where this a legend,
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said an increase in hospitality has come. >> there are questions about the effectiveness of these measures, including travel restrictions and bands on the household mixing with evidence the national tray system has failed to trace contact effectively and to enforce isolation. the government has promised to confer more power on local authorities to say they can do the job better. in newcastle, there is relief they have escaped tier three for now, but there is also a lingering worry. the rules seem to overlook another big threat, the enormous amount of thread among students. rates are said to be several times higher than surrounding areas after students were encouraged to return to campus over the last month. >> there's a lot to blame and from the university's point of view, i think they were told we
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would have a world-class testing trace facility, this and that and so forth, and had we actually had those things we were told we would in may, june, so forth, the decisions they made might have worked out fine. >> like so much to do with covid-19, if only. >> one chinese city is attempting with some health experts can only dream of -- in the course of five days, all 9 million residents will be tested for the coronavirus. it comes after it saw an outbreak of just one dozen cases. >> and ambitious task on epic scale. health workers in the port city are hoping to contain an outbreak of covid-19 by testing the entire population of 9 million within just five days. testing centers like this one are open from early morning until late tonight across the city, in some areas are locked down.
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is on china's eastern coast, and the beaches are popular with locals and tourists, especially during the autumn festival season, but some experts are questioning the efficiency of the mass testing. >> there is a real question in a contagious disease, a pandemic. are you contagious -- what you really want is a test that detects during the period of contagious this command whether china is doing that we cannot tell. they have a long history of line. they covered up at the beginning. >> on sunday, a dozen cases of the virus were leaked. doctors have treated patients confirmed to have contracted covid-19 after returning from overseas. the hospital is locked down and all staff were immediately tested. 700 kilometers north in beijing, more than 7 million of the capitals 22 million people were tested four months ago.
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that resurgence traced to a wholesale food market supply most of beijing's meat and vegetables. in may, almost 11 million -- almost all 11 nine people living in wuhan were tested within 10 days. the city in which the virus first emerged in december was knocked down three months. the chinese government aggressive push to trace and suppress the virus seems to have paid off with daily numbers grasp -- drastically reduced. 85,000 cases are so far confirmed. it is a week from the holiday were millions travel across the country. results of testing are trickling in. authorities will be hoping to stop any spread of the virus quickly. >> protesters are rallying in buenos aires against the government's handling of the pandemic. the country's economy was already in crisis and is now
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expected to shrink a further 12%, lunging millions into -- plunging millions into poverty. >> we are here in front of the president's residence, and are hundreds of people that have gathered here and a similar situation is happening in other parts of the city in the center of buenos aires and other parts of the country as well. it is discontent, mostly among the middle class, not only in the handling of the pandemic, but also on the economic situation in the country, accusations of corruption that involve many members in the cabinet, including the vice president, former vice president christina hernandez. what we have seen in the past month, back in march, when argentina was one of the first countries to impose a lockdown, he enjoyed about a 70% approval rating.
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that has changed since the government has tried to -- when he tried to exposure it a private business. he told es cnet as a threat. they are afraid argentina can turn into a venezuela. >> minutes -- millions of students are back in class. in nigeria, 40 million of them will try to catch up on missed school work. they will also return to a new set of rules as the government continues to stop the spread of the virus -- struggles to stop the spread -- the virus from spreading to >> it is a new school term like no other. students are returning to environment governed by new safety rules. their temperature is checked.
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washing and sanitizing hands is mandatory. social distancing is enforced, but it is an exciting moment for them. >> >> it is the best environment for learning. students are learning. >> it is mixed emotions for parents. >> as a parent, and actually excited, and at the same time i have mixed feelings of the security and safety of the children in school. >> it is students in private schools like this that have fared better with access to online teaching, internet connectivity and computer technology. this is much different from that of public school students. -- >> public schools are better places to enforce safely protocols. what government schools lacking facilities, they make up for in on interrupted a 4 -- on
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interrupted pay for teachers, not so for public schools struggling with finances. >> it is difficult. of course, government couldn't understand. the government itself is lean. >> academic experts are calling for government intervention to make up for lost time. >> for people to invest heavily in the educational sector, and of course, to develop and design policies that are actually -- >> there are over 10 million in secondary schools, and there are more than 10 million nigerian children who do not go to school. that is literally a fifth of the worldwide total. experts fear the number could rise because of the covid-19 pandemic.
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>> the nigerian president is promising that police officers will be held accountable for misconduct. it comes after days of protests against police brutality culminated in officers opening fire on demonstrators in lagos. authorities announced an elite anti-robbery unit would be disbanded after members were accused of murder, distortion, and disappearances. the president says more extensive police reforms will follow. the canary islands have seen the highest number of migrants arrive in 14 years. more than 1000 people landed in the spanish islands off the coast of west africa over the weekend. local politicians have asked medrad for help, saying the canary islands do not have enough resources. migrants are increasingly taking the dangerous route to reach europe instead of traveling by the mediterranean sea, where they face heightened security.
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nicholas is in senegal, a key transit country for migrants trying to reach europe. >> the journey to europe starts here -- from the shores of west africa, it is a must a week-long both right to morocco, and from morocco, the african continent to the european union are separated by just 14 kilometers. moroccan border guards say they have seen migrants using jet skis or kayaks to make it to the canary islands. over the weekend, almost 1000 migrants have made it to the european union and to spend. these are not refugees fleeing war, but young men that are fleeing economic and political hardship. many of them are -- guineans, where there is said to be a contested election. while the european union has funded countries such as morocco or libya to stem out the flow of migration, morocco received the
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most $1 billion since 2014 -- that is not stopped these young men from taking this dangerous journey. >> it has created a greater distress for families -- there are also people that take really peerless journeys -- perilous journeys and they can face arrest and some also died on the way. >> according to researchers, there is a 500% increase in migrants coming to the shores of the canary islands, mostly because of the coronavirus and the economic hardship that has come with it. construction has stopped. investment has faltered. the president of senegal has asked for debt relief to tackle the economic crisis ahead, and that is why some a young men are willing to take this dangerous journey for the hope of a better life abroad. >> a number of -- the number of natural disasters around the world is nearly doubled in the
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past 20 years according to a new united nations report. floods and storms account for around 80% of the increase. the u.n. says world leaders are failing in their duty to stop the planet from becoming what they call an uninhabitable hell. the report is being released ahead of the international day for disaster risk reduction. facebook is updating its hate speech policy. it is the latest move. it and accounts last week linked to the qanonq
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