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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 16, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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♪ >> french anti-terror police are investigating. harris and eight other -- paris and eight other major cities, going on curfew this weekend from 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. to curb coronavirus infections.
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boris johnson blames another failure in trade talks on the eu. you are watching live. ♪ >> the main story here in franance, anti-terror authoritis investigating a beheading in the paris suburbs. a man a tact -- a man attacked his schoolteacher northwest of the capital -- a schoolteacher northwest of the capital. we are expecting to hear from macron shortly. we can cross the france 24 -- we can cross to france 24's julia, standing outside where the attack took place. reporter: we know the assailant
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was apparently born in moscow. he beheaded a high school teacher. after he carried out t the atta, police caught him in a neighboring town just a few kilometers away. he refused to lay down his weapon. he was carrying a knife. the police apparently fired him about 10 times, they shot him in the head. he died at the scene. they have opened an antiterrorism investigation. thee suspect, now dead, the victim, as well. lolots of schoolchilildren herem the school, at the scene, speculating out loud whether or not they knew the suspect.
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the teacher is wellll-known throughout the school. >> more they tell have been emergingng about the victim -- more details have been emerging about the victim. reporter: we know so far that a week before this attack took place, the teacher in question had given a course on secularism in his class. he actually asked his muslim students to leave the room, because he was going to show some cartoons of the prophet, mohammed, that could have caused offense. we are seeing some tweets on social media of the father who posted a video of himself saying his daughter said the teacher in question had shown these really inflammatory cartoons of the prophet, mohammed, showing him naked. it was asking out loud in the video, visit -- basically complaining a about how
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offensive ththis was. days after, he was attacked. whether or notot there was a li, for shelling those photos of mohammedand his death today. chris: thanks for joining us. we will get some more details now on today's violent attack. >> it was on the street of the paris suburb that the attack took place at around 5:00 p.m. a middle school history teacher was discovered decapitated on the road this friday afternoon. the suspected killer was spotted by a police patrol carrying a knife.e. around 600 meters fromomhe body. shot dead, after apparently threatening the officers. the incidentnt took place in the northwest suburbs of paris. according toto police sources, e victim was a teacher who had shown pupils in his class
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cartoons of the prophet mohammed is part of a discussion around free speech. the french education minister expressed his horror of the incident. >> this evening, it is the republic than has been attacked with the horrific killing of one of its servants, a teacher. i think of him this evening, and his family. our unity and strength are the only r responses in the face of ththis monstrousslamist terrorism. repoporter: t the french anantiterrorisism wsosecutor has been u under investigation in te killing from murder with a suspected terrorist motive. it is the second terror related interest in the paris region in recent weeks. on the 26th of f september, a mn from p pakistan stabbbbed to pee in front of the former offices of the satirical charlie hebdo magazine. of t magazine and the2015 massae
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supermarket is ongoing in paris. chris: we will be heading just outside paris. meanwhile, curfews have come into place in paris and eight other french cities this weekend as the country struggles with coronavirus infections. more than 25,000 reported this friday after a record of over 30,000 the previous day. people will be required to stay home from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. we have details. reporter: at midnight, 20 million french people must be back at home as a new curfew takes effect this weekend. here to loose some residents are happy about the stricter measures. -- near t toulouse, somome resis are happy about the striricter measures. france reported around2500 cases here . >> [speaking french]
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reporter: others notably in paris are more critical. especially restaurant owners. the lockdown, the lust of tourists, and now the curfew are taking a toll on business. >> [speaking french] reporter: young adultss a at the cafe also express their frustration at not being able to go out with her friends. >> [speaking french] reporter: in southern france, in the countryside outside marseille, residents are also under the curfew. the owner of a restaurant in town says it makes no sense. >> [speaking french]
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reporter: the four-week curfew could be extended to the beginning of december, if needed. chris: europe, experiencing a second wave of coronavirus infections. belgium, also with a major spike. closing cafes and restaurants for four weeks as of monday. officials arare now moving to extend restrictions. boris johnson says the u.k. must prepare for a no deal brexit after blaming another failure in trade talks on the eu. we have reports. reporter: continuing to play hardball, boris johnson says he is walking away from negotiations with the eu, amid
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failure to reach a trade deal. >> they don't seem to want to progress with a free trade deal. that was pretty clear from the conclusions of the summit. they don't want to go any further. unless that fundamentally changes, then we are going to have to come to australian terms. we will prosper mightily nonetheless. reporter: his comments caused the british parliament to sink in currency markets. a no deal exit would be reverting to wto rules. with new tariffs on goods pushing up the price of imports, like food and cars. talks between the two sides have again stalled. with the u.k. refusing to budge on key issues, including fishing rights. emmanuel macron has said that is just one stumbling block.
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>> [speaking french] reporter: speaking at the eu summit, angela merkel also restated her preference for a deal. but not at any price. there have been continuing talks with the u.k. living the british aside to returnrn to the negotiating tabe -- leaving the british aside to return to the negotiating table. chris: this is clearly the end of talalks, are wewe heading tos a no deal? >> who knows.
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[indiscernible] going on for five yeyears now. we need for both sides -- i it s comical, you don't even know at the moment, the eu negotiator [indiscernible] concessions to make. this is where we are. there are millions of josb, -- of jobs, company from both sides of the channel. an australian deal means commitments to exports.
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[indiscernible] chris: what do you think boris johnson maybe wants? >> i don't think k he even knows himselelf. he had a press conference yesterday. he was asksked, what is s goingo happen if there is a a no deal? hehe said, "we will prosper mightily."." [i[indiscernible] when boris johnson s says we wil prosper mightily, i think
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is -- it's exciting, but it's also very worrying, because jobs and livelihoods are on the line. chris: the british government is kind of bluffing. what is the best that they could no hopee for -- now w hope for? >> i think that europe, as we saw at the summit yesterday, they comome togethther to talk t brexit, they t talked for an hor yeyesterday. [indiscernible]
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-- covid. i don't k kw what's going to happen. i don't know whahat is in boris johnhnson's head. [indiscernible] -- to cope with what will happen if there is a no deal brexit. chris: that is all we have time for. thanks for talking to us. let's go to another part of the world, where there is a new president. the prime minister assumed the post. he has lifted a state of emergency that has been posted in the x week. newman to -- new parliamentary elections are expected in
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december. reporter: the new president has that down, stepping below parliament. >> [speaking native language] reporter: this marks the third time in 15 years that a leader of the central asian country has been forced out by a popular uprising. the prprime minister has now assumed the post of president. >> [speaking native language] reporter: the unrest that has
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been gripping the nation was triggered by a parliamentary election earlier this month that opposition groups s say was rigd in favavor of prpro-government parties, while the central election commission annulled the results and did little to stop the protests in the capital. several prominent figures, including the new president, were thrown in jail during the demonstrations. he had been serving time for hostagetaking. parliament has lifted a state of emergency here in post -- imposed here, while they have called for new parliamentary and presidential elections. current conflict has been driven by rivalries and politics in the former soviet republic. chris: in thailand, police fired
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water cannons to disperse demonstrators. we have details. reporter: firing stinging water from a cannon, police in central bangkok cracked down on pro-democracy protesters in the biggest escalation of violence and's rallies begin. earlier on friday, thousands took to the streets to defy again on gatherings s of more tn four people for a second day, calling for a reduction in powers and for the prime minister to resign. >> the prime minister is not reliable anymore. we don't want to live in this society that pressured us to follow the old pattern. >> we can't just stayay silent d do nothing. we need to do something. this is what we can do. reporter:: the prime minister, a
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former military general, came to power after staging a coup in 2014. demonstrators accuse them o of engineering last year'ss electin to hold onto leadership. credit, he vowed to stay on as prime minister, saying he had dodone nothing wrong -- friday, he vowed to stay on as prime minister, saying he had done nothing wrong. the protest movement was launched in march by university students, but drew attention in august for criticism of the monarchy. the king has made no direct comment on the demonstrations. but in prerecorded footage broadcast on state television friday, he said thailand needed people to love the nation and love the monarchy. chris: to new zealand -- ththe prime minister's's party s in a strong position, though it may need support f from the gren party. -- prime minister's party is in
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a strong position, the weight may need support from the green party. reporter: making one last push to drum up support, new zealand's prime minister stores the streets of brooklyn. >> it is making sure that people remember to vote and are motivated to vote. we are looking to whwhat is goig to give us a strong, stable government. reporter: they are on track for second term. the labour party [indiscernible] handling of the coronavirus pandemic. new zealand's response to covid-19 has been hailed as a model for crushing the curb. she also acted swiftly after the attack in christchurch, changing gun laws immediately after. the opposition, however, criticizes the government for failing to deliverer on its
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promises, especially on reducing poverty. >> think it't's very d difficulo trust -- i think it's very difficult to trust the promise to do such thingngs that they don't do. and they still claim they have made an effort to change poverty, when it is clear they have failed. reporter: the next government will inherit an economy lost in the session. the tourism sector is severely damaged due to the pandemic. gdp sank to its worst level since the great depression in the second quarter. chris: more woes for this president, facing new accusations over the financing of his 2007 election campaign. he said they are formerly investigate for criminal association, with allegations he had accepted 50 million euros from a former libyan strongman, gaddafi. have details.
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reporter: after more than 40 hours of interviews, the former french president has been placed under formal investigation for criminal association. prosecutors suspect he e used millions of euros from the regime of gaddafi to help finance the successful 2007 election campaign. he has denied any wrongdoing. >> the french people must know that i am innocent of what i am accused. it gives unbelievable credence to the statements of murderers, notorious crooks, and false witnesses. i know that in the end, the truth will triumph. reporter: the scandal came to light in 2012, when media parts published a document claiming to show gaddafi agreeing to give gim up to 50 -- him upup to 50 million e euros. the accusations come after charges lodged in 2018, in which
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including corruption and benefiting from invisible public funds. the libyan investigation is just one of several legal headaches for the former head of state. in 2018, he lost an appeal against the decision to send them to trial overcharges of the legal campaign financing. chris: you're watching life in paris. starting off in denmark, more than a million minks percent to be killed. reporter: this is due to a massive coronavirus outbreak in june. denmark and other sources claim the new number is actually higher, up to two and 5 million -- 2.5 million minks. scientists are still investigating why minks are so
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vulnerable to coronavirus versus other animals. they have not seen explanations why minks are getting sick while other animals do not seem to be. denmark has ordered millilions f mink. denmark is one of the largest mink exporters in the world. the dutch government ordered all mink forms close by 202021. they have experiencnced similar outbtbreaks. for better or worse, as stated by the economist, for animal rights actctivists, this mimight indeed representnt the death of the m mink fur indndustry, as we know it. disney just updated their content morning for racism and many of their classic films. these films, including many fan
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favovorites, suchh as "peter pa" and "dumbo." the disclaimer read this program is presented as originally created and may contain outdated cultural depictions. the more strengthened message reads, this show includes negative detections and a mistreatment of people or cultures, these stereotypes were wrong then and run now. -- and wrong now. many say political correctness is a plague. while some say parents say they were shocked by the apes having african-american excellence in some films. the cats in the aristocrats represent negative stereotypes of asian people. peter pan includes cultural
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appropriation. dumbo contains anti-black stereotypes. the films have not really aged well, chris. chris: what went wrong in berlin? tell me more. >> this ad is showing the middle finger to anti-mask users, saying we obey the corona rules. the add came out on tuesday, released by the e tourism authority of britain, and have already drawn many opinions of people saying the ad is insulting. older people a are communicating their displpleasure. they say this is not just embarrassing marketing, but reprehensible. other users had more humor, saying we need one of these in every major intersection. the agency in charge did in fact want to attract as much attention as p possible, but without the intention of offending anyone. chris: thank you very much.
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you're watching life in paris. i will be back shortly with world news headlines. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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10/16/20 10/16/20 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> i moved to indefinitely postpone the nomination of amy coney barrett to be an associate justice of the united states supreme court. rush sham process is a disservice to our committee. amy: senate republicans are continuing to rush ahead with confirming supreme court justice


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