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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 11, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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inference report -- france >> you're watching france 24 live from paris, here are the stories making world headlines. impeachment managers wrap up their case against donald trump by saying he showed no remorse for inciting a deadly insurrection at the u.s. capitol , they also argued that he could incite further violence even out of office. if he is not convicted by the senate. our washington correspondent is standing by with the latest. new u.s. sanctions against the military regime in myanmar, 10 current former officials -- current and former officials targeted by the biden administration amid the wake of the coup last week.
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meantime it was the sixth day against -- of the protests against the -- france moves to establish a sexual age of consent of 15 years old, they say the absence of such a law has complicated efforts to prosecute abusers who prey on children. ♪ >> hello everyone, thank you for joining us. it is day three of the impeachment trial of donald trump and house managers are wrapping up their case, part of the focus today has been on the victims of the capital insurrection on january 6 including three police officers who were killed. lawmakers prosecuting the case also warned that even now out of office that trump could use his influence to incite more violence from his importers, the
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illustrated this point by hitting home the assertion that those who stormed to the capital were just following orders from the former president and that even though we have the power, that he has the power, he did nothing to stop it. >> they said they were coming to d.c. for president trump, he invited them with clear instructions for a specific time and place and with clear orders, stop the fight -- to stop the fight of the certification in congress by any means necessary, the crowd at donald trump speech echoed and chanted his words and when people in the crowd followed his direction and marched to the capital, they chanted the same words as they breached this building. >> joining us now is our washington correspondent, how are the impeachment managers wrapping up their case?
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>> they are focusing a whole lot on donald trump on his role in that violence f on january 6 on his intent of seeing violence break out at the capital building and on his lack of remorse and so they really focused on donald trump's words throughout that day, during his speech but also on twitter as the violence was breaking out. they really pinpointed the fact that donald trump throughout the day never really directly called on his supporters to stop the violence the way he had multiple times before said stop the steal. they were focused on not only his intent that he was elevating and pushing and inciting that violence, but also his lack of remorse seeing how he reacted to
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the violence, talking about patriots, telling his supporters that he loved them, that they were special people and really only calling out for this violence and condemning the violence when he was put under pressure from several republicans to actually speak out against the violence. that was really the final step in their presentation which is they showed what the preparation to the crime was, what the crime actually was and now what the inciter in chief what they call him, how he was acting and reacting to that violence at the capital. they really tried to show that not only was donald trump responsible for inciting the violence, but that he did nothing to stop it. >> we are expecting trump's legal team to make their cases -- case as soon as the house managers are finished, do you
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have any idea what they are expected to argue? >> donald trump's defense team is going to focus on two main points unless they find something that they really want to counter in the presentation of the impeachment managers, but its expected that they will stay away from that, to stay away from actually arguing the merits of the case and focus on two aspects, one which has already been voted on but they still want to continue pushing that which is that this trial should not even be happening because donald trump is no longer an office and therefore this is unconstitutional. donald trump does not have a fair trial, he is denied due process and though this whole process is illegitimate, the other aspect of their defense is going to be to focus on e first amendment rights of donald trump. simply saying thatis words,
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what he said in that speech, what he said on twitter where his political beliefs, it was he who was speaking out and his words are protected by that first amendment and the appeasement -- impeachment managers have already started trying to counter that argument as they wrap up their presentation. the defense team is saying they will not waste that much time because they all feel this is unconstitutional and illegitimate. one of donald trump's attorneys said we are not going to spend that much time presenting our case because they feel it is a pretty clear cut one. we do not expect they'll use their 16 hours at all and it will likely be wrapped up in just one day for that defense team to present their case. >> thanks so much as always. today the united states announced it has imposed sanctions against 10 current and
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former military officials in myanmar, the move follows a military coup in the country last week and the arrest of the country's democratically elected leader. meantime it was the sixth day of tests -- protests. >> day six of the protests in myanmar were as loud as they were colorful, thousands of people filling the streets to denounce the military coup and the detention of their leader. >> [speaking foreign language] >> outside the capital hundreds even took their demonstrations to the water forming a floating protest along the lake. with no sign of the movement abating, the military chief addressed the nation on
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thursday, his first public comment and stick you -- since the coup. >> [speaking foreign language] >> even as he called on civil servants to return to their desks, staff at the central tank -- bank joined the civil disobedience following a walkout led by teachers, medics, and really workers. as the pressure from the streets intensifies, the military is now also feeling the heat on the world stage, the biden administration on thursday announced a wave of sanctions targeting top generals behind the coup and warned more measures may follow. >> now to belarus where
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strongman leader alexander lukashenko has gathered hundreds of lawyer to -- loyalists. he has promised changes to the country's constitution and a nationwide vote in 2022 but the opposition dismissed to the denouncement as political theater. >> a show of unity and divines by alexander lukashenko with barely a mask inside. the gathering of party loyalists comes following last year's disputed election. the president promised a referendum to curtail some of his powers, he also called himself the rvivor of a coup. >> a revolution was impossible in belarus, therefore relying on internal forces, they attended a blitzkrieg coup, it failed, we held onto our country for now. >> protests broke out after
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election results showed he secured 80% of the vote, the main opposition candidate who ran in place of her jailed husband rejected the outcome and declared herself in the winter, days later, fearing for her life, she fled belarus to lithuania and called on the eu to reject the outcome of the vote. >> i call on you not to recognize this fraudulent election. >> the eu has said the election was neither free nor fair and began sanctioning individuals in the country including the president. >> this clear signal we sent we are credible, we like to address the people of belarus they have the right to determine what is their own future. >> the people's assembly is the closest to a victory lap alexander lukashenko is going to get, his crackdown coupled with the cold winter have pushed mass protests off the streets, however, pro-democracy activists have signaled they will be back come spring.
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>> members of italy's political party, the five-star movement have decided to throw their support behind the former chief of the european central bank and it -- to become the next prime minister and to rule over a national unity government. members of the party voted by 60% in favor of a new administration. he has his work cut out for him. he has to form a new cabinet, tackle the coronavirus outbreak, and addressed the country's economic crisis. the paris institute of political studies has a new administrator. he replaces his predecessor who resigned on tuesday, he was criticized for his part in a scandal involving a teacher accused of abusing his stepson. he denied knowing about the allegations. in addition, schools -- students at the school have come forward
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saying they are victims of sexual violence. here in france, there is no age of sexual consent and that fact has complicated efforts to t prosecute child abusers, but w following years of public pressure, france's government wants to change that and make the age of consent 15 years old. we have more. >> it is a step long overdue in the fight to protect children against sexual abuse. france will finally set a minimum age of sexual consent. after years of campaigning by abuse victims, the government w backs the move. >> [speaki foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> france's lack of an age of consent has made a harder to
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punish adult abusers, recent high-profile child rape cases have involved a prominent modeling agent, a priest, a surgeon, and a group of firefighters. similar legislation was pushed re-years ago in the wake of the #metoo movement bufailed. after a prominent french political expert was accused of incestuous child-abuse last month, the movement picked up momentum, that is when president emmanual macron spoke up. >> [speaking foreign language] >> once the consent law is enshrined, france will be in line with most other western countries. the crime will be punished by 20 years in prison. >> italy is trying to attract more international students, it is trying to take advantage of a
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unique opportunity after the united kingdom announced last december the it was canceling a program that allowed british teutons to study abroad -- british students to study abroad. >> there is a studious atmosphere here at the university in rome, the largest university in europe with nearly 115,000 scholars enrolled and an ever increasing number of european students. since the announcement of the uk's withdrawal from the program, italian higher education institutions have been actively attracting european immunity students put off by brexit. >> [speaking foreign language] >> international students are an important part of our university community. >> and to encourage students who
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do not speak italian, they have put in place a number of international programs for the next academic year. >> [speaking foreign language] >> english language programs are also very successful here at the university, the most stages university in milan in the north of the peninsula. this year, there are only 3000 foreign students enrolled. >> now with braggs that i think a lot of people will refrain from going to oxford and come here because i think the education quality is already high enough. the university has a great reputation. >> [speaking foreign language]
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>> for the chancellor, exit provides an opportunity to promote his university beyond italy's borders. >> [speaking foreign language] >> italy currently has nearly 60 public universities all hoping to take advantage of the post brexit situation. >> time now for a look at the day's business news, good to see you. we are starting in europe and the eu just slashed its economic growth projection. >> back in november, the commission predicted a growth of 4.2% in 2021, that was before the full extent of covid-19's
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second wave had been registered. the eu is now producing growth of just 3.7% and 3.9% in 2022, that is after a drop of 6.8% in2020. 2022 projection is an improvement, the overall forecast is based on the assumption that lockdowns and curfews will start to ease in late spring as more and more europeans are vaccinated, it also counts on stimulus measures being maintained. here's the economy commissioner. >> as increasing numbers are vaccinated and containment measures are relaxed, economic activities are expected to pick up. this means, to speak in terms of the growth map, that blue waves are set to lift all boats in the eu providing we avoid any premature withdrawal of support policies.
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>> london has lost its top spot as europe's premier equities hub , amsterdam taking over as the continents largest trading center as new post brexit financial rules come into effect, some 19 -- 9.2 billion euros worth of -- exchange hands compared to 8.6 billion per day in london. the financial services industry making around 7% of u.k. gdp, it was largely left out of exit -- brexit trade negotiations. it is set for a march deadline, england top central banker says he believes europe is trying to cut london's financial industry out of the confidence business, here he is. >> as you well know thpost brexit -- has not been straightforward. the eu has argued it must better understand how the u.k. intends to amend their losses going forwards. this is a standard the eu holds
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no other country too, what ice -- would i suspecto other country would agree to. >> stock markets finished mixed as a strong february rally shows signs of losing steam. despite a strong earnings report from british pharma giant astrazeneca, paris on the others of the flatline, amsterdam's index of over 1% as it takes the top spot. wall street also mixed as investors tried to keep the rally going after a worse than expected weekly jobs report. the dow closing just under the flatline, the s&p up slightly with the nasdaq just gaining a thurn -- a third of the present -- percent. computer chip companies are seeking action from washington amid a semiconductor shortage which has seen automakers temporarily shuttered factories. some of the companies who sent a letter to joe biden asking
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washington to provide substantial funding for incentives for semi conducting manufacturing. they have lost significant ground to asia in recent decades, a situation that will be difficu to reverse. >> identifying the chokepoints in supply chains and working towards a review on a shortage of semiconductors, that is the aim of an upcoming executive order from the white house. >> the review will be focused on entifying actions we can take from improving the physical production of those items, to working with allies, to develop a core native response of the weaknesses and bottlenecks that are hurting american workers. >> semiconductors, the chips used in everything from electronics to cars have been in short supply in recent weeks. manufacturers switched from vehicular chips to those for household electronics after orders again drying up as the pandemic worsened.
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it left asian firms leading the sector. the u.s. share of the global semiconductor market has fallen from a 7% -- 37% to just 12% today, american chipmakers want federal subsidies to help can beat -- compete, but that may not be enough. movement in the u.s., but the way the supply chain works today , it will be an uphill bate to see any factories built in the u.s. just given the pure cost efficiencies that we see throughout asia. >> in the meantime, automakers have temporarily idled factories with a short -- shortage set to last at least until autumn. >> finally the green energy transition now widely accepted as necessary for keeping the planet livable is also likely to make paying the bills much harder for oil exporting countries. the new report shows that 40
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such petro states are likely to face an average 46% drop in revenues if demand drops in line with emissions policies and new technology. that would represent budget and -- budget shortfalls of some $9 trillion in 2040. they are urged to diversify economies as soon as possible, it comes as exxon has reported huge losses over 2020. shell said it is shifting its long-term focus to renewable energies, opec says it expects oil demand to increase through 2040, in order to meetlimate targets set out in global accords like the paris agreement, that will need to fall. one industry that has been slow to accept the new climate necessities if you will, we will have to see how the countries that depend on that income aria in the coming deck -- react in the coming decades. >> time now for our focus report
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and tonight we take a look at the debate over whether coronavirus lockdowns can be eased if more attention is paid to lowering the risk for the elderly. most governments have rejected the idea, but one german city has given the approach a shot and seen results. nick spicer has the story. >> it has become part of daily life now, in the southwest of germany, the red cross set up shop every day at 4:00 on the market square. it is time for the free covid tests under the watchful eye of dr. lisa. >> people come, we test them, give them their number, take their name down and then they go back for the test. >> she is the volunteer president of the local red cross, she launched the project just before christmas so families could come together. it was a success right from go.
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several hundred people get tested each week in a city with 89,000 inhabitants. >> i got tested before christmas, i find it very reassuring. >> my wife has pulmonary disease and my daughter is a teacher, i have been feeling a bit tired since yesterday and i do not want to put them in danger. >> it takes 10 minutes for the results. 99% of the tests are reg ash negative -- negative. >> we find about 1% of infection and that 1% go immediately into quarantine which obviously stops any spread of the infection. >> the widespread testing is only one part of the strategy at work designed to protect seniors and at risk people in the pandemic. in retirement homes, residents and visitors are tested weekly. people over 65 get free ffp2
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masks. and city hall asks younger residents not to go to the supermarkets in the morning so seniors can shop for food safely. >> there are special times in shops for people over 80, i am 88 and the city also makes sure we have these masks. >> retirees are also asked to stay off public transport, private car services offered instead for the price of a bus ticket. >> this is my bus pass, now it allows me to take a cab at no extra cost. >> on this day, she went to the dentist, she takes taxis for seniors about twice a week since she lost a friend at the beginning of the pandemic, she no longer wants to take public transport. >> it was horrible for us especially because we were
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convinced she was infected on the bus. she really liked going around on public transport. >> the senior taxis have made some 12,000 trips since april of last year, and rico, a student, drives twice a week. >> it is a great job and we have a feeling of contributing to everyone's security, it is great. >> once criticized and considered discriminatory, the strategy seems to be working. since the start of the year, around 20 people older than 75 have been contaminated, but the infection rate is still half that in the region. >> i got this sample of quick tests, they are easier to use. >> these firefighters came for advice on setting up their own free testing site, lisa wishes the whole country would do the same. >> i can tell you that our strategy is getting a lot of attention now. i cannot count the number of
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calls from mayors and municipal counselors who want to do the same thing and for me to get them tests and explain our strategy. in reality, on doing the work of the health authorities, but i cannot do it alone. >> total cost of the measures comes to 500,000 euros. the mayor says the payoff is obvious and he is calling for an end to the cycle of lockdowns. >> what worries me is that in europe we have a continuing high number of infections and our only answer is lockdown. it is a medieval method tt prevents contact, we absolutely must switch to a strategy which protects at risk populations because we cannot keep going on like this. we also need a tracking sategy like in asia ich will allow us to use new technologies. >> as germany struggles to roll out its vaccination program,
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they continue their approach of at -- protecting at risk people. it has just set aside 100,000 euros to test schoolchildren once a week. >> that is it for now, stay tuned for more here on trance -- france 24. ♪
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02/11/21 02/11/21 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> on january 6, president trump left everyone in this capitol forget. he never once said the one thing everyone around him was begging him to say, "stop the attack." amy: o


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