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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  March 2, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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brazil has recorded its highest number of deaths from coronavirus in a single day. 1641 fatalities were registered on tuesday, surpassing the previous record set in july. it follows an urgent call from senior health officials to call for a nationwide lockdown. the group of 27 secretaries are combating their warning as the worst moment of the pandemic since the begin -- they began, more than a quarter of people have denied. they have threatened to pull funding from any states that had gone into lockdown. >> here in brazil, states,
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mayors and governors have the economy to make decisions. they are extremely worried, many of them because they are seeing the situation get out of control. we are in the summer years. the second wave should have come in what would be the winter. that would be june and july. that started with the new variant. the president himself has always been against any sort of measure that he feels will shut down commerce in any way. he has even said that if anyone takes these measures like lockdowns which are being taken by some cities and states -- and states that have run out of space in their intensive care units, he said if people go on foot and there is no work, the federal government won't help
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them, you should face the consequences of what you started. it is a difficult situation for the united response. this has been the problem since the beginning. the lack of unity in fighting this pandemic. >> let's bring in the journalist that comes from brazil. depressing figures coming from the health ministry. no real sign of support or direction from the president on what to do next. >> it is a bleak and scary time in brazil. where i am had a record number of deaths in the state today. this is brazil's richest state. there are 220 people at least waiting for intensive care beds. at least five have died in cubes over the weekend. that is one of brazil's richest
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states. what we are seeing is an absolute health catastrophe. that was first detected in january, that is not to be more infectious and can even reinvent people that already have covid. just an utter breakdown in conversation. they mentioned indirect threats made by the president that had already been made against lockdown measures. we saw a commerce association, creating big crowds protesting outside the local governor's house to not close commerce. very tough times in brazil across the country. exacerbated by the political situation, lack of vaccines and it is a very tough situation.
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>> one wonders if that will get any traction at all in this climate. >> yes, mr. bolsonaro, the president has always been against lockdowns but so have large parts of the population. brazil is a middle income country. lots of these people, they work during lunchtime. the economy is going through a terrible time in brazil. it was bad already before the coronavirus crisis. . that is it. when the president says things,
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he has always sneered and turned his nose up at the coronavirus. when he says things like it is not serious because -- serious because i used to be an athlete and it is like getting a cold. that resonates with large portions of the population that have to put food on the table but then there are the more cynical sections of the population likely well-off merchant associations we saw in brazil. they are in this for selfish reasons. >> did you touch upon the health system? the health system has been buckling under the pressure. what is your general sense from the people you're talking to about areas of the country that are really having the problem and those that are just about pulling through? >> as i mentioned, this is the
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state that is on the border of collapse at the moment. things are slightly better here in sao paulo. things are better in the amazonian state. a lot of this comes down to huge regional disparities that brazil is a very unequal country. in brasilia, that is the richest municipality in the country, that also has an occupancy rate of over 95%. it is rare. i don't think there is any state out of the states that has anything less than an 80% occupancy rate. very tough times indeed across brazil and of course, much worse
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in the poorer states that don't have the logistics and the infrastructure at the best of times. >> it is good to have you inside , certainly on the ground there. thank you for joining us from brazil. >> thank you very much, good evening. >> joe biden says he is confident he will reach his goal of delivering 100 million vaccine doses. >> this drug company will have a johnson & johnson's single shot coronavirus jab after its own attempt to make one failed. johnson & johnson said that it will be tested on children in extended trials. joe biden said that with the extended production, every american adult should be covered.
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we will have enough vaccine supply for adults by the end of july. i am pleased to announce the stepped up process that i ordered and just outlined. this country will have enough vaccine supply for every adult in america by the end of may. >> why it is unexpected. >> these two massive pharmaceutical giants are now working with each other. what is happening is that merck will give some of its facilities, at least two of its facilities to help reduce that johnson & johnson single shot vaccine that was just cleared by the fda. that means there are three on the market that have been
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cleared. what the white house has done is invoke the defense procurement act. this means the resources of the defense force can be used to get the necessary materials to manufacture the vaccines and then subsequently to help get to the vaccines -- get the vaccines into the field to inject into the arms of tens of millions of americans. president biden's production that there will be in a vaccine for every adult american by the end of may will be welcomed by all. it is far quicker than many had expected to see this rollout of the vaccine and now this collaboration. they are basically aiding this whole enterprise, something president biden has compared to a wartime effort. >> they're lifting almost all
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their coronavirus restrictions despite warnings from health officials from next week, all businesses will be able to fully reopen and no one will be required to wear a mask. this week, the head of the centers for disease control said it could b to a search in infections. the number of cases in the u.s. has been so declining, many attribute that to tighter restrictions. now the new u.s. president past sanctions on top russian officials for the poisoning of opposition leader alexei navalny. the seven people targeted include the heads of pressure upon security service, the prison service and the prosecutor general. the u.s. has also targeted 14 companies or agencies associated with producing chemical agents. navalny is the most prominent critic of putin he was jailed
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last month for violating parole while being treated in germany. european union is also pledging sanctions on officials close to putting. russia is going it will hit back against the sanctions. >> when all of those who treated him thoroughly hide all the facts that could help us to understand what happened, they start to punish us. this does not bring any credit to those who take decisions and we will surely respond. we have more on the u.s. response from washington, d.c.. . >> this includes the premier russian intelligence agency as well as a number of senior russian military officials. u.s. officials say that this is simply the start of trying to hold moscow accountable for his
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treatment of the political opponent alexei navalny. >> it is clear that russian officials targeted mr. navalny for his activism and his efforts to reveal uncomfortable truths about russian officials's corruption and to give voice to russian citizens's legitimate grievances with their government and its policies. we are exercising our authorities to send a clear signal that russia's use of weapons and human rights abuses have severe consequences. any use of chemical weapons anywhere at any time by anyone under any circumstance is unacceptable and it contradicts international norms. >> just to show that this is not a one off for the biden administration, they are still looking at options for holding moscow accountable for the solar winds cyberattack. that is the cyberattack that attacked not just u.s.
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government institutions but private businesses as well. the biden administration wants to send a message that it will hold moscow accountable for what it considers moscow's bad behavior. >> still ahead on al jazeera. police in myanmar open fire to disperse and take you testers as its dissident ambassador to the yuan refuses to step down and also -- > the fbi chief cause the storming of the capital -- capitol and appalling display of domestic terrorism. those stories after the break. >> it is time for the perfect journey, the weather, sponsored by qatar airways. >> the weather is looking a little interchangeable for
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japan. we have rain and snow sweeping through. a brisk northerly wind coming in. we will see some temperatures lower here. it will be dry. we will see increasing clouds and rain pushing up toward the east as we go through thursday. that will make its way across southern parts of japan. temperature starting to rise. this is across northern parts of the philippines, more showers coming in here. a plethora of showers across china, showers into vietnam. elsewhere across the region, it is the usual seasonal showers coming through.
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for the most part, it is fine. it is dry with temperatures in the 30's. >> the weather, sponsored by qatar airways. >> the politics of division have pushed india into the grip of a historical reckoning. >> i am afraid because i know all of the authorities in india are very afraid. >> pretending it was all fine. >> joined me on the final part of my journey where i become a target of the hindu first policy. in search of india's soul on al jazeera.
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>> welcome back, you watching al jazeera. reminder of our top news stories. jill has recorded the highest number of deaths from coronavirus in a single day. 1641 fatalities were registered on tuesday, surpassing the previous record set in july. joe biden made his case against russia for the poisoning of alexei navalny. president biden says he is confident that he will reach his goal of delivering 100 milon covid vaccine doses in his first 100 days in office. he has also praised the drug company merck for helping johnson and johnson produce its coronavirus vaccine. severity -- security forces in
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myanmar are cracking down with the report of rounds being fired in this northwestern town. jeica washington reports. jessica: peaceful protesters remain determined even in the face of force. many of them were hardhats to protect -- were hardhats -- many of them wore hardhats to protect themselves. occupying the streets to protest military rule. this footage shows police firing at unarmed demonstrators. this is in the country's north west, several people were injured when police used water cannons and tear gas. as the attack on peaceful demonstrations continue, myanmar
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's neighbors in southeast asia held their first meeting since the military to. the talks were -- military coup. the talks were held behind closed doors. indonesia is the largest democracy in southeast asia. the foreign minister acknowledges that so too is the commitment to peace, stability and good governance. >> the indonesian foreign minister said her country is very concerned about the violence in myanmar. >> it is worrisome because an increasing number of civilians have lost their lives. >> they charged them with
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walkie-talkie offenses and things like that. i don't think that will help solve the problem. >> malaysia's foreign ministry said the resolution to political deadlock must be a domestic web process. experts say that they must come up with a plan rather than reflecting on whether it should or should not be part of the solution. while member states try to decide what they can do to resolve this crisis, a battle with higher stakes is playing out on the streets. jessica washington, al jazeera, jakarta. >> myanmar's ambassador says he will continue in his role despite being fired. dismissed following a speech at
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the yuan general assembly on friday. in his address, he urged the international community to use any means necessary to restore democracy. the u.k. has discussed a security council meeting to discuss the situation. >> last friday in the yuan general assembly, the ambassador of myanmar to the u.n. gave an impassioned speech condemning the events inside his country. one day later, the military authorities said he was fired from his job. on sunday, this letter was sent to other countries in the yuan. 192 for other countries -- 192 other countries saying he had been replaced by the deputy ambassador. he was still the ambassador.
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both letters have the same letterhead wishes the mission to the yuan. it is a big problem for the u.n.. the problem for now is that both have passes to the u.n., both are allowed in the building. who is going to be recognized as the ambassador? > i can confirm we have received two letters. they are currently under review. >> is this a ga meeting? >> yes. >> is this who gets to the seat currently? >> both can come into the building. both are recognized by the president of whichever meeting is going on, that will be an issue for member states. let's be honest, we are in a
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very unique situation we have not seen in a long time. >> right now, no one is answering the door of this building but it is likely to be a protracted fight and an important one. the generals know that diplomatic representation is key to the legitimacy of that rule. >> the director of the fbi told u.s. senators there is no evidence to support claims that fake trump supporters took part in the siege of the capitol building on january 6. christopher describe the attack as to mr. terrorism. we have more from washington dc. >> i was appalled, like you at the violence and destruction that we saw that day. i was appalled at you, our
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countries election leaders -- elected leaders for victimizing those in these very halls. that attack, that siege was criminal behavior, plain and simple. it was behavior that we, the fbi view as domestic terrorism. >> some republican senators have claimed that those who stormed the capitol were anti-trump agitators. >> de you have any evidence that the attack was organized by fake trump protesters? >> we have no evidence of that. >> christopher wray has been the director of the fbi since 2017 when dollars from fired james comey. he says since he has been in office, he has seen a tripling of white power attacks.
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the big question was the january 6 attack and intelligence failure by the fbi? he pointed to a report sent to a local field office on january 5. >> it was raw, unverified, corroborated information that had been posted online. my understanding was that that information was quickly, as in with it -- within an hour disseminated in not one but two or three different ways. >> an internal investigation is underway to see if the fbi could have done more. should have been more proactive in protecting lawmakers from threats that have been widely circulated before the attack. alan fisher's al jazeera, capitol hill.
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>> they are accused of procuring weapons from iran and organizing attacks. the state department removed a terrorist designation on the hoodies by the trump administration. -- houthi's by the trump administration. programs will be severely cut after a yuan appeal for money fell well short of its goal. the target of the global double conference was $4 billion. $1.7 billion have been raised. the yuan's has more money is urgently needed to stop the country tipping into a devastating famine. >> i think the first impact will be an expense increase in the risk of famine and the spread of
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diseases. with the pledges made yesterday, there are few that have been gained but the prospect of a severe cutback and food supplies is imminent. -- in food supplies is imminent. the european council met the ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky. the region has seen long-running conflict. the eu would support efforts toward this in the areas. troops have been sent to this state after the latest round of violence linked to a drug gang. 13 people have been killed in what is considered the deadliest
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cartel in the country. reporting now from mexico city. >> another bloody crime stay -- crime scene. althis is the latest in what has become a seemingly endless cycle of senseless violence. >> from the trajectory of the projectiles which number more than 70 between short and long arms, it can be seen that the people were sitting on a bench waiting to be paid for their weeks work when -- the week's work when two vehicles arrived. >> the attack was followed by another shooting. even authorities admit the security situation has grown out of control. >> all signs point to organized crime. >> in response to the increase
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in violent activity, mexico's president announced the deployment of additional troops from the national guard. . we will reinforce the presence of the national guard and the armed forces of the states. i give this order a month ago and more elements are already being mobilized. >> in jalisco state, express link the worsening virus to the cj angie cartel -- cjng cartel. violence linked to this cartel has spread to new parts of the country. >> the announcement of more national guard troops being sent to the state is consistent with mexico's national security. >> according to government
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statistics, since 2006, mexico has recorded more than 300,000 violent deaths nationwide. most of which are believed to be ç■ç?ñóñ■
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classic north american downtown: shining towering forest of steel and glass. standing here, toronto could resemble so many other cities. i've only ever spent three days of my entire life here, in canada's largest city. but now, i'm here. i'm on the ground. i'm coming in fresh, i'm coming in curious. i'm ready to seek out toronto's unique urban fingerprint. and in order to do that, i have to escape this anonymous faceless place.


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