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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  May 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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another high-rise residential buildingíq in the tightly packed gaza strip were at least 65 people have been killed. more barrages of rockets are fired at israel from gaza after several senior hamas figures are killed. tensions have exploded into violence in israel's mixed palestinian israeli towns. ♪ you're watching al jazeera live
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from london. india's official number of deaths passes a quarter of a million after reports of another 4200 covid deaths. plus. >> i will do everything i can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the oval office. >> liz cheney defiant after house republicans vote to oust her from their leadership for criticizing trump's false claims last year's election was stolen. ♪ thank you for joining us. we begin with israel and gaza where the worst outbreak of violence since the 2014 war has continued for a third day with no resolution in sight. these are live pictures of the gaza skyline where it has gone 1:00 a.m. earlier, israeli airstrikes
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destroyed another high-rise building and more palestinian rockets have been fired into israel. the 14 story tower in gaza city was partially bombed as early jets as a warning to evacuate before it was flattened half an hour later. it housed media offices as well as residential homes. 65 palestinians have been killed since monday including 15 children. more than 330 have been injured. residents inside gaza city have been expressing their anger following israeli airstrikes this morning. >> my daughter-in-law and my grandson died and my granddaughter is missing without any trace. women and children are being targeted. my son's wife was five months pregnant. they bombed them without any warning. the house had nothing but the kids. >> what should i say?
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this is a crime. they were civilians. a woman children, these were the people at the scenes. we as civilians sleeping at our homes. >> the armed wing of the palestinian group hamas has launched another barrage of rockets from gaza. it is a response to the several killing of desta the killing of several hamas leaders. a 16-year-old boy was injured after a rocket strike. he has now died. the israeli military says around 1500 palestinian rockets have been fired toward israel from gaza this week. some fell in gaza itself and many were shot down by israel's iran to them defense system. some have had a long-range from tel aviv any the north to the south. the rocket attacks have killed seven people including a father
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and daughter who were palestinian israelis. >> i would like to see an end that will leave some positiveness to find a solution between us and the palestinians. >> it was a really scary night. my friends who live in remote places were even more scared. they are used to this reality of missiles being fired from the gaza strip. all of israel is under attack. it is a scary situation to be in. >> let's talk to our reporter in gaza. we saw images of the high-rise buildings being destroyed earlier on in the day. i can hear some sound now. tell us what is going on. >> this is the usual in gaza in the last hours. from time to time, we could hear explosions everywhere in gaza city. we learned there is another
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israeli airstrike in another place all over the gaza strip south and north. it seems the israeli ankle of targets has been promoted and now it is the last biggest target was the national and islamic bank of the central area. this bank has been totally destroyed. the same bank was destroyed in the israeli or in gaza in 2014. israel claimed this bank has been dealing or owned by hamas officials. that is why it is within the israeli bank of targets. next to office 13, 13 airstrikes have been hitting the main road in the gaza city that links south and north from gaza city, which made the road unusable anymore. the building here, our office has shaked. the doors have been broken. we had to fix everything in our
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main office. back to the political efforts, i had a chance to talk to one of the politicians in gaza who preferred to speak in anonymous conditions who told me from the beginning, the egyptians have been contacting them to reach the cease-fire. he told me we are not interested in more escalation. more escalation from gaza was a supporting message to the people in jerusalem. and a message to the israelis they have to stop all their aggression. our people in jerusalem according to officials. he said our message -- we are waiting for the israelis to decide to stop their aggression and their airstrike against gaza. so far, the airstrikes and the rockets from gaza -- the
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airstrikes have been exchanging between the palestinian armed groups and the israeli army. the minister of health who is complaining from the huge number of casualties they have been receiving, we spoke to the director of a hospital in gaza which is the biggest hospital in the gaza strip. he said most of the casualties that have been arriving to the hospital are civilians including women and children and they are innocent and has nothing to do with the conflict according to the doctor. he says the health system has been suffering a lot in the last 15 years of the israeli siege on gaza. as we know, there were three wars in gaza the last 15 years adding to the siege and covid-19 crisis. he said the health system is collapsing in gaza and if there will be more casualties and more
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is rarely escalation, -- more israeli escalation, they will not be able to deal with big numbers of casualties arriving to the hospital or other hospitals that belong to the ministry of health. he said 65 palestinians have been killed including 15 children and six women and more than 300 people injured in ongoing israeli attacks and airstrikes in the last couple of days. from gaza, a palestinian arms group had been firing rockets towards southern israel and even in response to the assassination of hamas, senior military commander and other re-islamic jihad military commanders, there was a huge wave of rockets that had longer-range targets including tel aviv, including
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ashkelon and the second-biggest city in israel. people are expressing their anger because first of all, two thirds of the population are der the line of poverty and we have to work daily to get the minimum needs of their children including the east central food -- the essential food and cooking for every house. they are staying at home. those who work on a daily basis lost their jobs. now, we heard -- [explosions] i will let you talk.
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>> don't worry about continuing. we were just speaking to him in gaza and we heard incredibly loud explosions just now. we heard some explosions at the beginning of that life with stuff what. those much, much louder explosions about three or four i think i counted. difficult to tell how far they would be. [explosions] our correspondent in gaza was telling us they have continued to be explosions throughout the night. it is now around 1:00 a.m. in gaza. so i don't know if you can still
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hear me. i think he has left. >> yes, i can. >> ok. >> i am here. >> i hope you're ok. ? -- >> we are ok. i checked with my colleagues. they are ok, thank god. this is the case the whole day in gaza. every citizen living in gaza city in the gaza strip. suddenly you have this huge explosion that shake houses, shake offices, shake the street. the real fear is when we talk to fathers, they are very much concerned about their children. now, let's say all the children in gaza, when they are sleeping and they wake up with these huge explosions. this is causing psychological colleges.
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they are afraid they will have to deal with posttraumatic problems with children and women after the end of the escalation or the latest round of violence. there are some crises and some problems that appear after the end of every escalation including these mental problems caused by such huge explosions at 1:00 a.m. at night. children are sleeping. everyone is sleeping in gaza. this is the case the whole day in the last three nights or two nights in the gaza strip. >> it is traumatizing for grown-ups. go on. >> now we can see some rockets are fired from gaza now into
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southern israel. we will see also now we are becoming experts with explosions now. they resulted from the israeli iron dome defense system. the rockets that are being fired from gaza. >> thank you very much know it is difficult to do in gaza obviously but do try to keep yourself safe. thank you. we were hearing some very loud explosions just a few minutes ago and of course, attacks have continued on gaza throughout the night. it is now about 1:00 a.m. there. ignacio could sorriest garcia is
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head of sub delegation at the international committee of the red cross and he joins us live from gaza as well. i don't know whether you can hear it, but we have a live shot over the gaza skyline and we keep on hearing these explosions. tell us a little about what you have experienced the past few hours. >> good evening. we are hearing the same explosions that were heard before. it was hard here. you have said it all. i don't think we can extend this interview much longer. either -- >> absolutely. i don't want to put you in any more danger. let's terminate the interview now. we will of course be to you again on al jazeera whenever you can in the next few days. >> just real quick, i would like to say the conflict, they have
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to respect principles of international humanitarian law appeared -- international -- internationally military and law appeared attacks against civilians. holding the attack in a proportional manner. the need of precautions. in this regard, we strongly ask the parties to the conflict to exercise restraint and reach de-escalation from where we are now. thank you. >> head of the sub delegation of the international committee of the red cross. thank you very much for having joined us and we will speak to you again in the near future. so we can see, the gaza skyline, we have been live with our correspondent and our guest from
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the international committee of the red cross. about eight minutes or so and in that time, we heard some explosions at the start of the live and some very loud explosions. 3, 4 in a row about five mites ago. we c see evidences in gaza city. one of our correspondent for al jazeera arabic also spoke to doctors at the main hospital in gaza. as you can imagine, the system is stretched almost to a breaking point. so far, around 60 dead including 15 children. that is the gaza skyline. we will bring you the latest fromhe strip as it happened here on al jazeera. that is the situation in gaza. tensions have also spilled onto
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the streets of israel mixed palestinian israeli neighborhoods. there have been riots near tel aviv. shops owned by palestinian israelis have been targeted. there have been street attacks on palestinian israelis. it is one of the worst spasms of communal violence israel has seen in years. one of the two chief rabbis has appealed for restraint. harry has the latest from southern israel. >> people are talking about it as if they cannot put a finger on anytime they know of where the entire country seemed to erupt in this sort of personal on the streets community to community racial violence and not just in one place sparked by one thing but all across the country, we have seen these similar images of jews and arabs facing off in the streets.
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earlier what looked like an attempted public lynching of a man who was thrown to the for and beaten repeatedly in front of television cameras. they thought he was an arab. it turned out he was a jew. the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, had called for a iron fist he put out a recorded message and said what is happening is unbearable. it is anarchy. that is the word a lot of people have been using because of the overwhelming of the police presence and the decision to bring in military forces instead. he is calling for unity and to come to the previous status quote together -- status quo together. it is an extremely worrying time as israel is dealing with this continuing escalation. >> a statement from israel says prime minister benjamin netanyahu has told the u.s. president joe biden his country
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will continue to strike at hamas . earlier, biden said he was optimistic violence would end soon. >> my expectation and hope is this will be closing down sooner than later. israel has a right to defend itself when you have rockets flying in its territory. i had a conversation for a while with the prime minister of israel and my hope is that we will see this coming to a conclusion sooner than later. >> let's get more from mike in washington, d.c. any thing new in that statement from joe biden? we heard the same mantra of israel has a right to defend itself. you get a sense that joe biden will react in any way that will try to put an emphasis on israel to stop the aggression?
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>> it is interesting he did not mention that statement that has come from prime minister netanyahu that he told president biden he was going to continue this attack. president biden saying he is optimistic there could be an end in sight. what president biden appears to be basing this on is what we have heard in the course of the day is numerous dip a medic contacts underway through the u.s. state department, individuals in the white house eat -- dealing with is really counter partners. also dealing with neighboring states and negotiating or discussing with people in qatar, egypt, both countries of which have a major influence in the region particularly within the gaza strip. interestingly as well, it was also mentioned the white houseeá and staff are talking to palestinian leaders so it is not just a dialogue going on with
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israel with one of the parties in the conflict but with both. at the same time, we have presidentet biden making very clear that mantra that we always hear from united states politicians and that is that israel has a right to defend itself, removing it from the context of what this conflict truly is. president biden apparently attempting to walk a fine line here. he has been saying he wants to recalibrate the relationship with israel, weaving it away from the incredibly close relationship under the previous administration but at the same time, he has left in place some of those changes left in place under the trumpet administration such as moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, which ended any hope of resuming dialogue between israelis and palestinians. what the u.s. appears to be offering the biden administration is a negotiated
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process attempting to persuade the parties or to use third parties to bring influence to bear to try and get a de-escalation of conflict. but certainly no stringent action apparently being contemplated by the biden administration. what we do know is attempts at the un security council to get a statement out was blocked by the united states as a permanent member. mike hanna with the latest on that from washington. let's get a look at some of the other news. a report into the global response to covid-19 says february 2020 was a lost month. as countries took a wait-and-see approach to the swift spreading disease. independent world health organization experts found the failure to react to early warnings allowed the virus to spread into a catastrophic pandemic. the panel is recommending a new global system be set up to respond faster to disease
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outbreaks. india has seen its deadliest day of the pandemic with 4205 people reported to have died from the virus. the number of new infections arose in the last 24 hour reporting period after a two day drop. india has recorded within 23 million cases since the pandemic began. elizabeth reports from new delhi. >> he sits on his mother's grave as it is being prepared. he has not yet ready to say goodbye. his story is one of thousands around the country every day. as india's streets empty because of localized lockdowns, burial grounds and crematorium's continue to work day and night. in india's poorest states, 100 bodies of suspected covid-19 victims have been found floating in the ganges river. >> investigating.
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we are trying to find out where did these dead bodies come from. how did they get here and there numbers. >> with crematorium's around the country struggling to deal with a huge increase in bodies, residents say they informed the local administrations about a shortage of wood for cremations. >> he told the administration the debtor being thrown in the water because of a shortage of wood. bodies have been thrown in the water. >> the government denies reports of shortages. it says it is carrying out postmortems on the bodies to determine the causes of death. elsewhere in india, patients are continuing to die because of oxygen shortages. 26 in the southern state. >> yesterday, we had a requirement of 1200 cylinders. we got only 400. there was interrupted oxygen supply from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00
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a.m., witche -- which caused a lot of death. >> cases are increasing in southern india were 18 people died of shortages of oxygen. despite the number of cases dropping in half of india's states including the worst affected regions, one in five people testing for covid-19 gets a positive result. that is because the virus has spread to other areas, most notably the five states where regional elections were held in april. >> cuba is starting its first mass vaccination rollout using two of its own locally produced jabs. the vaccines are currently in phase three of clinical trials. they will be given to 780,000 people in the first phase with a total of five in different stages of development. augustine is in havana.
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he explains how cuba has been able to develop so many vaccines. >> the 90 vaccines around the world undergoing clinical trials, five of those are cuban. it is a population of 11 million people. it is all the more incredible given the sanctions cuba is under. there are bread shortages around havana. right now, the state is doling out cooking oil from the world food program. i have been here eight years. i have never seen cuba like this. on the other hand, coexisting with this reality ofet scarcity, you are seeing scientific prowess. it was always a priority for the cuban government. fidel castro was a man of sets with public health. he founded what is called the biological front in 1981. a lot of resources and =minds
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and human capital were put into the industry. the results are what we are seeing now. >> one of the u.s. republican party's congressional leaders has been ousted from her position because she refuses to agree with donald trump the presidential election was rigged. the former presidents defense secretary has asked congress why more was not done to stop the capitol hill riot in january. >> ever since the capitol hill riot of early january, several committee hearings have been analyzing what exactly happened and what happened to the security that was assumed to be in place. one of the many questions while it was clear the capital was being stormed, why did it take so long to call for the deployment of the national guard? donald trump defense which harry says he was worried if troops were called in, it there would be confusion as to which side they were on. >> i want to remind you and the american public during that time, there was irresponsible
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commentary by the media about a possible military coup where president was declaring martial law. >> he contends the election fraud claims contributed to the right. number three republican was being kicked out of her leadership position by members of her party for a failure to back that claim. she vowed revenge. >> i will do everything i can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the oval office. >> for years, federal agencies have warned it was right wing groups that posed the biggest domestic terror threat if money and resources are funneled to surveilling and arresting racial minorities and those fighting for civil rights. the biden administration is promising a recalibration. >> is it still your day still your assessment white supremacist are the most lethal threat we face in the homeland
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today? >> mr. chairman, i d
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