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tv   Inside Story  LINKTV  May 14, 2021 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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channels, he says he broke no rules. ♪ >> hello again. with the headlines on al jazeera. israel continuing its bombardment of ghaisar, ignoring calls for,. 10 including -- 109 palestinian people have died. the israeli prime minister says that it will not stop until peace returns. >> we will collect a very high
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price from hamas. the last word has not been said yet, and it will continue as needed in order to restore calm. >> hamas has fired more rockets towards israel. on thursday, there rockets targeted tel aviv and where all international flights have been diverted. seven people in israel have died since the conflict escalated. >> the decision to bomb any cities before or after that from our occupied cities is easier for us than drinking water. >> the u.n. security council will hold emerging talks on the intensive conflict on sunday. in other news, the u.s. centers for disease control says that people who are vaccinated
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against covid-19 no longer need to wear masks in most places, but still advises using one in crowded settings such as buses, planes, and hospitals. nearly 59% of adults in the u.s. have received at least one dose of the vaccine. politicians in brazil have heard how the government ignored buying tens of millions of vaccine doses. a contract with pfizer was only signed does go months ago. a senator is looking into whether the government was criminally negligent in its handling. those are our headlines and i will have more news for you right after "inside story or -- inside story, stay with us. ♪ >> al jazeera, wherever you are
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>> israeli airstrikes continue in gaza. the worst violence in years is intensifying each day with dozens killed. so far, israeli and palestinian leaders are ignoring international calls for calm. what can be done to avoid a full-scale war? this is "inside story." ♪ >> hello and welcome to the program. palestinians in gaza are marking the end of the muslim month ramadan under a barrage of airstrikes. dozens of people have been killed since monday and the worst violence since 2014. israel's prime minister says this is just the beginning.
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to armed groups including hamas fired back rockets into israel. the escalation has triggered stree violence. diplomats are trying to broker a cease-fire. israel's staunchest ally, the u.s., is sending an envoy while insisting on israel's right for self-defense. /my hope is that this will be closing down sooner than later, but israel has a right to defend itself and you have thousands of rockets flying into your territory. but ahead of -- i have had a conversation up for a while with the prime minister of israel, and my hope is that we will see this coming to conclusion sooner than later. >> palestinian leaders are putting the blame squarely on israel. >> the failure of israel's plans in jerusalem in the face of our
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people steadfastness has pushed it into a bloody aggression against the gaza strip. israel is the aggressor and occupying power that commits crimes against our people and bears full responsibility for that and violating international law and international military and law. >> protests have taken place around the world calling for an end to the violence. leaders from europe, china, russia, and elsewhere are calling for calm. the united nations security council has held those go emergency meetings. warning of chaos of the fighting does not stop. >> he and his envoy have asked for it to take action and returned to the previous understandings that have maintained relative calm and gaza and avoid a dissent into
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chaos. ♪ >> let's bring in our guests in tel aviv, permanent representative of israel to the united nations. assistant manager to the multilateral affairs in palestine, and former u.s. diplomat. danny, let me start with you. does israel want to see a diplomatic solution to this crisis and if so, what steps is it prepared its to take to try to de-escalate the situation? >> thank you for having me today. i want to make it clear, israel has no intention of escalation, we are a peaceful nation. unfortunately, we were under fire. last night, i had to run with my
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does go brothers into the shelter. we are being attacked by a terrorist organization, hamas, and we are defending ourselves. do not be quiet in gaza and we will have the hamas terrorists, and the entire city as well. >> ahmad, let me ask a similar question. what we have heard from both sides is that there is not a lot of indication that there is any kind of de-escalation sentiments right now. are the palestinians prepared to try to de-escalate this. what steps would they want to take? is there a unified palestinian position on all of this? >> the palestinians are unified in their stance against this aggression and all palestinian factions and political parties are standing united against
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israeli aggression that started in jerusalem and continued on to gaza. the reality of the matter is that the palestinian people are continuously under this aggression and under israel's attack, and this reality needs to emd, and we are appealing in calling on the international community to take steps to emd this injustice and planned this occupation which is the source of all of this that we see today. >> let me ask you the role that the u.s. is playing on. we know that president biden really wants to disengage with the middle east. and he wants to focus more on china. now, he is being pulled back into the situation, is it possible for a to actually disengage, and is he doing enough to try to de-escalate the situation? >> i think it is going to be difficult for the biden
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administration to disengage, no matter how much it may want to do so, and part because the domestic politics in the united states are changing. there is a different congress today than there was the last time in 2014 where there was this round of bombing and violence in the israeli and palestinian areas. we have in congress today,or example, that head of the house foreign relations committee had been a stalwart pro-israel ally for 30 years. he was ousted in the past election and now there is a new member from that district of new york who is much more open to arguments that palestinians civil rights need to be taken seriously. you take that real change in congress we are seeing with a mood any united states that i think is important to understand , where we are seeing constant scenes of police brutality, white supremacy here in the united states and to see similar images in israel and the
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palestinian areas has a different impression, particularly on democrats and progressives who today, control the u.s. government. two years from now, it may be a different story, the house and senate may change, four years from now, the presidency may change, but today, it is in control of the democrats. president biden is that old-school democrat who has a reflexive notion to defend israel's right to the fence, but more and more progressives are saying, is it to really defend israel he lives or to defend a permitted subjugation of palestinians and arabs. that conversation has not happened in washington and a very long time, and it could portend a real change in the politics which will push biden to take steps to be more engaged than he otherwise would like to be. >> we know the u.s. is sending an envoy to israel to try to de-escalate the situation. do you believe that there will
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be any benefit out of that trip? danny: i am skeptical because you don't have both sides to negotiate between them and you do not have that with a radical organization like hamas. and during 9/11 after the twin towers, hamas issued a statement notifying, so with all due respect with the intention, i do not think you will have a viable dialogue between the sides, and our message being delivered today, we are having them in the offices, in the homes, in the tunnels, watching us right now and telling them directly, we will come after you and pay a personal price for what you are doing and for the people of gaza. >> what do you say to all of that?
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the fact is, nothing has seemed to be able to de-escalate anything at the moment. do you believe that a visit from a u.s. envoy at this particular time will help anything? ammar: we believe the u.s. has many tools to bring israel into conformity with international law and they have been violating international law for the past, since its existence, and it continues to do so and it is destroying any chances, so the u.s. has any responsibility and duty to bring israeli to a bidence. the u.s. is the main financier and supporter of israel, and today, the u.s. can and have
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enough tools to stop israelis carnage on our people. >> is there a perceptible shift in the u.s. when it comes to public opinion about what is going on between the israelis and the palestinians? hillary: there is a very important shift in the lead to. -- in elite public opinion. elite public opinion, what they are seeing is particularly major american donors to the republican party and extreme parts of the republican party are similar donors to extreme right wing nationalists in israel. more and more, particularly democratic party elites are becoming disenchanted that these american voters who are funding and voting for right wing extreme parties in the united states and right wing extremists in israel. the issue of israel used it to be much more bipartisan support
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in the united states, but there is a deep rift, promoted by prime minister netanyahu, and ambassador dermer, he said that they should not even bother with american jews. they should focus on american evangelicals who are the real enthusiastic supporters of israel. israel has long been losing support from progressive democrats, and now the progressive democrats are in power, this is a problem for israel, and you have a real split in elite opinion, deeply questioning the amount and type of usaid given to israel, and the amount and type of u.s. support given to the united nations and other international bodies. >> the israeli army has said it will be presenting a plan to political leadership for a potential ground operation.
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do you expect that there will be a ground operation on offensive in gaza playing out in the days to come? >> i said seven years ago that -- and every time we enter a cycle with hamas, you have to look at all options, but we know the price of that decision. our main goal is to protect our citizens. today, we have a strong military, and i do not think that we are considerate right now, but the operation will continue in the attacks, it will continue. let me say that, we are trying to minimize civilian casualties, and hamas is doing the exact
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opposite. we are dealing with a terrorist organization, and it will continue to fight the way we are doing now, trying to minimize civilian casualties. we need all options on the table, but for now, it has not been discussed in the cabinet. >> what do you think, do you expect to that there will be a ground offensive into gaza? as bad as the situation is, how much worse do things become if there is a ground offensive? ammar: the situation has become graven by the hour as israel continues its onslaught and unleashing all lethal aggression against the defenseless civilian population. israel has the upper hand and the reality is that the victims
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are mostly palestinians. the numbers speak for themselves . the destruction and the widespread violations are for keeping people -- occupying people for itself and the war is slowly but surely coming to see this reality. and seeing israel for what it is, and occupying power that has a colonial enterprise, with tactics aimed at conforming the population. israel, as you have seen by all as really efficient -- all israeli officiants, they excel in these times, and they think that things are most
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likely going to become more bitter by the hour. >> i want to pick up on something you mentioned of you hours back. you talked about elites and progressives in the democratic party. there are these progressive voices in the democratic party in the u.s. that have been drawing parallels between the plight of the palestinians and the injustices faced by black americans. previous generations of democrats, they did not do that. this was not something that was discussed openly. how big a shift it this in the conversation even among the political elites or progressives? hillary: there is a major shift. the does go campaigns of senator bernie sanders helped cover for democrats, even for progressive jewish democrats to really make
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their voices heard in terms of this kind of, what israel is doing to both its arab citizens, which is really important and shocking for many american jews and this morning, to see this sit -- how citizens are being attacked and lynched in the streets. and certainly there is a law of the violence against jewish citizens in israel, this is giving further angst to american jews and american democrats writ large. this is not something that has historically been a part of the democratic party. israel had done a good job and keeping bipartisan support for israeli politics, which really obscured a lot of what israel was doing to its arab citizens and the palestinians. netanyahu made his bet during the obama administration. he bet against obama, he bet with the republicans, and today
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he is paying that price. there is real division among the democrats. you go one step below that, and there is real, profound change. it does stem from the and yaho -- netanyahu's that against -- bet against the democrats. >> we are seeing this play out with deadly internal unrest in these mixed communities across the country. i want to ask how concerned you are about that, because it is one thing to have a political cease-fire potentially on the horizon. this is something that once that hatred gets out into the communities and you see this kind of violence, it is much harder to stop? >> i am very worried about the situation and everybody should be worried about it. i beg to differ with hillary,
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what you saw of the attack of the innocent arabs, we all condemned it. 99.9% of those attacks came from rioters against the jews. it is a small minority. we are worried about that, because our citizens, they enjoy full rights in israel. and hopefully in the future, minister and to see those pictures, it is a problem because we believe in coexistence, we cherish what we do together with our israelis, and in order to build their future with us without attacking police forces, schools, nurseries, as the end they are attacking their own people and their own destination. we should all be worried about it and we should all condemned the violent attacks, and
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unfortunately, prime minister netanyahu, a quick co -- condemnation, but i have not heard from the leaders of the arab ministry. they are silent and that is a cause of worry for us. >> how concerned are you about the violence we are seeing in mixed communities? ammar: the palestinians in israel have been discriminated against. and this is the reality, there are hundreds of laws. with the arrival of israeli palestinians and settlers taking over, we saw more and more violence, and more and more for the scepters to do whatever they want to, pushing forward their agenda and giving them a free hand to do these things.
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we saw the israeli police, and the palestinians when they take to the streets, but the police were completely absent when era properties were attacked and when they were under attack all the time. the reality is that there is discrimination regime within israel, hundreds of laws discriminate against arabs and put jews at the higher level, israeli jews at the higher level. danny: that is a lie. give me an example. >> danny, please let him finish and i will come back to you for your reaction. the reality -- ammar: the reality and the laws speak for themselves. someone who is not married to an israeli jew, they cannot bring in their husband or wife, but an
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israeli, or jew can do that. that reality is there, and so many studies talk about that. >> i know that danny wanted to respond to what you said, please go ahead. danny: what he just said now, it is a pure live. we have thousands of applications where palestinians want to become israelis because they know here they will live in a strong democracy. it is a lie. ammar: how many of them were granted? >> -- we are starting to run out of time. please go ahead. hillary: if i may, the
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demographic changes in the united states and the focus that present trump, former president trump forced americans to confront in terms of white supremacy and police brutality -- the demographic change within that context to see this white supremacy and the police brutality here in the united states and to see it happening in israel -- my colleague and israel can say it is different, people are condemning things, the laws are different, but the reality is, anyone with a cell phone and take a picture and the entire world can see it. here in the united states, it is having a profound impact. "the new york times" ran an op-ed yesterday for the first time i have ever seen this in an elites newspaper, calling for the rights of return of palestinians to israel proper, to 1940 israel. this is an enormous shift in
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public opinion in the united states and the israelis bet on trump and trumpism and they backfired. they have a serious political problem. >> we only have about a moment left, so please keep your response brief. ammar: i wanted to say first of all, none of the palestinians were granted the citizenship that he speaks about. some of them want to unification with their families. they are not seeking citizenship. but none of them were granted the citizenship. in the words of your guest, arabs are responsibility for the violence. this shows how much discrimination is taking place, including by the officials that are being here, and somehow in
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the middle between arabs and jews. >> we are going to have to leave the conversation there. thank you to our guests. and thank you, for watching. you can see this in all of our previous programs again by visiting our website al, and for further discussion, go to our facebook page,, and on twitter @ajinsidestory. from the whole team here, bye for now. ♪ ó■úúk0=0=■x■x ♪
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