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tv   News Matters  LINKTV  July 4, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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(grong crowdoises) all us hereoday not wanto see o elecon victo
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olen by boldened racal left democrat whicis what ey're dog d stoleny the ke news medi at's whathey've ne. (cwd chantg) usa! a! we wl nevegive up we wilnever coede itoesn't hpen. yodon't concede en there theft. (crowdoise) we wl not ta it anyme. anthat's wt this isll about (cwd chantg) e policere now nning ba intohe capit buildin we have eersrom the presters tt are wahing bend the snes. (cro noise) th is incrible. (cro noise) our mocracy in a very dangerous ple right w. ere's souch ange therso much strust. (screang crowd
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our ry demracyepends on access to liab informaon. screamincrowd ) we've lo more th 2,000 wspapersn the uned state wherdo you gfor infoation when younewspapeis gone? ( crowd ise ) when y have a cuum, itives risto questn facts and question cvention d createonfusion this cotry, we' see a real dline in theevels of trt in theress. ( crd noise urnalis e being lled the eny of theeople. at causepeople be fearl? a la of inrmation, theyon't reay know at's gng on. theyon't tru what'sappening m more wried abo oudemocractoday an any oer time history thers a veryld sayin thatemocra dies inarkness. and whenhe lightgo out,
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we alluffer. ( screamg crowd there's gun! the's a gun anit's hapning. 're seei it befo our eye gun shot ( music to ) the pa couple weeks are owing on again, ju how tou the busess news isight now er t last decade and half, wee seen 10 newspars dippear ofthe landape of t u.s. anyou need newapers journalts of ankind to hold ese peop to accot. i thinthe daysf newspars being printed paper in the commuties is prey much or. all this has leto the gwth of so cald - newseserts, placeshere the is mited acss to ne outlets i thk it's ueniabl cal repoing is rlly going the waof the hse and bgy.
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e averagnewspape going tbe like ssenger ains. they're ing to bmany, ma importt cities that st don'tven havehose. the realragedy othis the covage of lal governnts and ste governnts has ally dimished ifot evapoted. there iso democry thout a ee and independenpress. thernever habeen and thermost cerin never ll be. i nevewanted ito come to thi (snd of par dropping) we we going call th out one y or thether. we were open relt against ouowne. i stted wring it. and i ad abouthe fir three paragrhs of theditorl. and just pusd back fromy desk a -- who heumps up t of hishair ru into office shuts thdoor, makesure tt no o is liening. are yosure?
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aryou real sure? yoknow whayou're dng here? ght? y know wh's goingo happen if you plish thieditoria anso i sai "so youike it" (lauter) ifhey fireouor this i willroudly wk out that dr with y. ( sic ) the hedgfund maners oftetellinglreferredo vultu capitalts have hidden hind the rrative at adequate staffedewsrooms annewspape can noonger suive in the dital martplace e smart ney is tt in a f years, the nver pos wille rottg bone and a mar city, an impoant polical reon willind itse without newspape
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deer deserve a newspaper owner who supports its newsroom. if ald isn't wling to do good journalism here, they should sell the post to owners who will. it just finally felt like well, this is what we've all been saying t haven'been abl to p out the. i'm lking arnd thinki, well, in abo 30 minutes m not gog to hav a job anore. on suny mornin get the mes i go out to ck up thpaper. it on the ont page on aunday, and 's abovehe fd. thatight on n, the w york tes edito an baque talkedbout whawe had de, the biest crisisn journasm not dond trump'attacks
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the washington st d the new yo times. 're big,e can stand , wean even rive and itan even spire us the biest, theiggest csis the, ishe decli ofocal newapers. this is a major ty, deer that nows on the vge of hing fewethan 10journasts. at's astnding. th is a crisis in americajournali. d i think everne assum at the dital age would ing in n competirs whwould ck up thslack. at has n happene i mean, w often es a ne organizion, a newsper, actuly publi an editial th is contry to e wishesf their ner? d that'sot only extraordary, that icourageo. the denv post isn a real tough st. a wsroom, a veryroud newoom, th once mbered
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250 to 3 journalts now dowsomewheraround 6 ey've en cutti down beyondhe bone. mean, th're theye deep to the be now. marr's spillg all ov. the ne matters at's theallying y om worke at the nver pos whmarched adams cnty today. suppters of e post a feup with tbacks by theirwner. leadinthe way, uck pluntt. he hadeen the itor of the etorial pe. some cl him a ro. (cheers om therowd) i n't beeve i'm this situion. and i ver woulhave bee in thisituatioif it ha't been forou. i reallyeed aln globalapital to ce arou and eher start investin in is newsrooms and starlooking r a way preservlocal jonalism acro all it'holdings but rticular at t denver st. they ed to se us to more resnsible oers,
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i try not use pronity. i'm tireof watchg pele walkut our drs, od quali people ke you. (cheers) hodo you g out in the public mi, anenough," or #metoo or that kd of a sry narrave so that ople undstand, "oh, tt's why 's terrie if my ste paper llapse" i could have kt my job the editorial pageditor. i didn't i dn't te that rte i signed. we had phos fromike our pulitzerrize winng photograers and r other just a the ptographe at work the denr post, d they we all ov the bby, lik an artxhibit. anit was rlly beauful. and capturea sense of whait was le livingere just by lking arnd.
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d, um en i wald througthe bby all e photosere gone and -- just ma such a statemen goodo see u. i dot even tnk of its the deer posbuildingnymore. , it's n. 's absolely not is is, y know a using focorporatns. ma i miss it. (laughr) i reay do.. i pled high hool sports he. i s. i sti have clpings wh i wain the per backn 1990 -1.
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wo i mean,here's nhing lik hometownewspaper you tet localnformati anywherelse, li you can a metownewspaper 's imposble to cer major meo area likeenver, with only people. it's jusnot, it's jusnot possle. and a lot othings wi not getovered. (rall! recl! recal) schos won't get cored the way ey shoul law forcement won't t covered thway it suld. tep away or arreste for inteering. ow! stand up d act ke a ly. there youo. now yocan go tjail. enviroental ises won't be cered theay that theyhould, and liticianand othe will knothat noby is actual lookingnobody's payingttention
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these are peopleho live is area ll me th heard about a zen gunsts... and pickhe thingthat are most iortant a most urgent. d we do ve rely trendous rerters still left. i me, it's not li everybody is three-legg dog inur shop. this is no this is not wh we have we have ally skied, really doted, allyiligent reports whcan get t there d get anstory th we want em to ge but weo have to oose ourattles. ansometimei feel le m going be sickecause i knowhat i amot able fight a of the ttles that neeto be foht (bds chirpg) i'leaving, i'm justorn out. when theannounced that theyere lang off peopl it was heartbaking. that'sot good for me. keeprying toet back into runng and trl runnin,
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but th kind oftu. it'sust at theost, 's been ... time (people talkg) anthey putut cheeses d cracke. i s at theost for 13ears. d i stard out coveri higher ucation. i coverepotics, heth, and fothe lastix years i was onhe investative prects tea and the tim there waa big pu invest investitive rerting anto take a grp of repters who would rely be tchdogs for e communy and lve intoonger te projts or ises that just requid more tn a cole of da, or evea couplef weeks reporti, or not spendinghe time at we ud to spe taing abouhow to make a sry bette inead, wtalked t much about rporate als and paviews. d whethewe're seing ough digal subscptions, and just misthe old
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days when you cod sit downith yourditor and real go over story and wking for ur comnity. raffic snds) one of the ias that's oating aund righnow is shod you op subscring to t denver post? get tha you nt to ta it to thman, youant to hurt t man whe hurts. i dot suppora bscripti boyco at all. let's gethe counity invoed. les try toind a way, some oyou guys e super ugged in manyf you gu are sur pluggein, you kn how to this kinof thing let'get the vernor toome. let get the yor of t city ofenver to com we, thank u for th opportuny and thk all of you pplause) goodvening, eryone. i supporgood, stng dependenjournali. and suppore denver pt. and i'veone everhing i coulin the lt couple oweeks toelp grow yr circulion. aughte (alause) not alys with e adlines want,
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t just ihought 'd share th with yo (lauter) i'not alwa abo how the st rortsn me, 's abouthe fact thatvery onef us hav acce to indendently, indepeent,erifiabl andards ineportinghat's imrtant r the grth of oucity, and thgrowth o oudemocrac (an!) what can you dto he find dierent ownehip to hp put essure on alden? i was tually going to tryo meet wh th when i s in new yo last we. d i thinthis is when i w in new rk when iot word out chuck'resignatn, which wareally disappnting. and soe backedff on it athat poi in time weust heard the mayo say he bked off fr callinglden becse chk plkett rigned. to me,hat is wn en you fing calllden. thing toe, indices at the pt is savle. i don'know thathere woulbe a grndswell the communitto save ything other an the bncos. e mayor n make a call to hn elway
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and e broncos ould start tang up, te a ee for lal journism. ife can gethose types ofnfluentis behi us. need save th paper don't thk at's going toappen. i'm soy to sayhat. i ink the llain of theoment alden but e real tng in front us is cnge. i think at we ar going see an evolutn of joualism thatay leave newspars behin and need totart inking aut what thatooks lik (slow dramatic mic)♪ denv was a t newspap wn, the cky mounin news anthe denv post, for er a ctury. r most othat tim the rockmountainews s a morng newspar, e denverost was an ening nspaper. ♪♪ ft drum mic
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i woed for t rocky motain new ich was,ou know, bitternemies wh the st r years. that why iame hereto ben the nepaper wa that's w i came re from baimore, to be in is newspapewar. fought iit. ♪♪ fast drbeat mic it was areat newaper reing counity. probably millionewspaper thrown drivewa in denr. ♪ were ju fast, were mble. we we smart. we embrad all tys of thnology. understd video. llo, i'molly hugs the denr post nsroom. colorados one ofnly sistates. we werjust reay really reallyood. music ) had abo 250 joualists ey had aut 250 jrnalists su there were tu battles and nsions music
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ll, i le the bton globe in part cause i d been ssed ovefor edit. i stard openinmyself u tother opptunities but en i cam ere wereust somehings i wanted to do. i wantedo sort ospeed up our tabolism i waed to ange me pcesses. wanted timprove thplanning i nted to evate thwriting and i waed to elate e ambiti. ( ckgroundalking ) scripps,he cinciati base ner of t rocky untain ns, ey comped on pri for rculatio anthey comted on pce for advertisg. and got to e point whe the pars were seing annu subscriions r $3.65. penny aay. ( tv ad rocky n news) scripps ought itould win againsdean sineton,
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e owner the dver post beuse deanas a prively heldompany that hadinanced his mpany throh debt. t ultimaly, thbig probm was thatcripps w traded on the n york stk exchan and had puic shaholders they hado answer toall stre analyst and theyad to exain quter aftequarter why theyere losi money in denr for thlong ter ( tvd rocky n news ultimaly, whencripps didn't w that nepaper wa war as qckly or easily, as ty thoughthey cou, theyecided t throw inhe towel d they wt to deasingleto and negoatedhat's caed a joint erating reement th allow newspaps to claboraten the buness sid and set ices in ordero preser two parate nsrooms, two parate etorial vces. th built tt beautifu denver pt rocky untain news building rightcross fr e civic nter. rfect plement. it smed like the future was bright
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for the two papers. they were very optimistic out the future. but two or tee things happened. ( bagroundews repo ) oh my d. at just ploded. just saanotheplane cong in fromhe side. the send exploon majofinanciainstitutns have teered on t edge of collae. ansome havfailed. ( somb music ) colora went in that recsion lat than the re of the tion anstayed iit longe than theest of t nation. byhe time lorado g out of tharecessio u starteseeing wha call thsecular oblems ofhe newsper indtry. ofhe newsper indusy. music) adverting on othe web for wspapersas been a dister. i dot know w don't unrstand tt. but loing at aan ad,
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a fu page ad a newsper, sohow whenou're tuing the ges of nspaper, u stop a you looat at full ge ad. t when y're online whenou see tt ad, it botrs y. the things they ied to d like p ups and l those ings. i mean, ople couldn stand tt. and adveisers dot want to offd people that's nothat's no od advtising. e idea otaking t shotguapproacho having big ll page wspaper , and t reallynowing who's reing and whs responng to it is sewhat araic. you codn't grow e digil adverting platrm replacehat yowere losg on the pnt platfm. right and you coun't chge the same rat anso we we losing ney, ar over ar, every ye for 10 ars. (music) the classified aertising ishat real killed thnewspapeindustry
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craigsst, hereyou could vertise r free, wantinto sell ur refrigeror. put thad in foa week it cos - ack, can't member wt it cos you, but itosts youmore buc than y thoughtt would. not on is crailist fe, yocan puphotos of your frigerat on ther classified advertising in newspapers couldn't do that. ople wergetting eir ne for fe online which waprovidedasically by the nspapers, that's the orinal sin isort of ging your ctent awafor free d it's rlly ha to make pele pay foromething whenou've gin it to em for freeor a lon long, lg time. but at isn'the wholetory. wh happenetruly wa the bsidy r the neroom t taken ay. thnewspapeused to subsibed to people who mit have wted to lrn where thyard sal were on onaturday.aybe thewant to the jume every ngle day otherseed the tvook. and thpeople w
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enyed ne suddenlrealized that t true co of a neroom anit wast gettinpaid for anymor they r out of ys grow renue. i think l of you know, richoehne anmark coneras, rich ithe present and o of the e.scrippsompany. d of coue mark i e seniorp of newapers. i'm ing to l rich spk and ta to you and aner any qstions. goodorni, we won take lo weant to awer uruestions torrow wilbe the fal editioof the roy mounta news. (booing) certaiy not go news for any you, and ceainly nogood ws for dver. let try to just as saight as can deer can'tupport t newspape any lonr. justan't hapn. (music)
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was a vy sad da th is the d of ts newspar 149 year we didt even g her to 0. ♪ dean singleton is a sortf an outw owr. he w in hiyout ♪ was kno as leanean and not for his sture. heas knownecause h boht newspers and but heeduced t staff to thoseapers. and a t of tho papers went outf busine. ♪ had a rutation fobeing vious in cuttg costs. he's o of the st persuasi people i've ever kwn. he led being aring threal fac ofhat, h decisns were beingade and at was gng on. a the other rt of itas,
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i befited trendouslyy his wisd and expience. ♪ medinews wasentered in dver, andhe denverost is wre his ofces we. this bame his ba and he s complely investedn the po. he borwed money anbought newspers andas a gre buness mod as longs the nepapers we as protable as thewere. ♪ dia ws grouphich is at dean sineton's cpany was call at thtime. anit was longegarded an advaage that was a pvately hd compan an sgletonhis buness paner and handful other peop owned a the sto the comny. it d not tra on t nework stocexchange when theocky mouain news closedpeople sd, oh, n't
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itreat, that dn singlen is privateompany, esn't ha sharehoers, heoesn't he wall seet, that's w he won.and th y well btrue. t it didt takeery long fous to sethe downde of tt situatn. and tt's what'slaying o today. i can cut costs wi the best of em. i' got a lifelg repution for cuing cost r most omy caree i cut morehan anyby did. bought aot of moy-losing newspars in my caree and hato put tm togeth th oth newspaps. and had to t a lot cost. and we laid f a lot people. anso i washe villa. rinting ess sounds)
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newspars are ausiness. e newsro hated to ar this, buconsistely 57% ofur readehip reads for the s. en the renue picre of nepapers srted to cline radly, we ew that yoreally cldn't ha debt. we had dt. you coun't haveebt and fit the bale. he cut d did efficienciesand was rced to do mo efficieies, becae of allhe secular essures ound him cut tooeeply. as my newspar owners st newsper owns have don hurtinghe pruct itse. wh the thiing s, is, you ow, whilour adverting bases shrinkg wi the paps we hav if wgo out a buy oth wspapershat haveore stab adverting baseswe can holdn to me of our
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adrtising venue. so they wentut and orpaid fo nepaper prerties a all of a dden, xt thingou know, they'rin debt. and it just miscalcution. anit was ecerbed by the ression i2008. lots of ains folded arnd this te. famouchains. ke the's no mo times mirros. ere's noore ight ridr. theseere the be chains newspaps in arica andhe chain emselvesollapsed when pple ask,why did dean sgleton cose to sell to aln? , thas not quitthe way at it worked. was reay not appriated athe time s thate made a choicto financhis companthrough debt, hundreds of millions of dollars in debt floated to the blic and public bondholders. if company gets into
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financl troubl bondholrs have morpower th stockholderso. back ', 09 an 10, we stl thoughwe couldin the batt and wetill hadome fight leftn us. but we cldn't do i d have dt. so we netiated wit r 60 or lenders convertheir debto eqty and bome our rtners (mus) i di't expecsomebody to go y up thehares, but ey start buying ares. you uld see e handwring on theall. usic) at happe to you the siness y're in, doest makehe retur at it onceid? and ere's noa lot of go options whenou getnto thatosition. (music i an i would he probab ught unt the endf i hadn struggl with muiple scrosis.
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t if i h stayed,he resul uld haveeen the me. mean, i uld haveut as many costss alden'cut. the on people ft that uld buy a wspaper,ere ll street firms whwanted t ke a mate busine anliquidatit over me. aln globalapital i hedge fu. th're locad in nework city athe top othe lipsck building and it's small gup of fos whundersta financi markets in rlly sophticated ys and are le to inst large amnts of mey in busisses thathey sees struggli d they'vgot a buness strategy to milk prot out of those mpanies er a perd ofime sohat their vestmentakes sense. it's allust, younow, t and drcapitali. itad to ha been afr a evious loff
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starng to lo at well o is thialden glal? um, y, they n all the otr compans. whoa, th just boht payle. they jbought fd's armacy, u know, e someetailer the eascoast. d those re both ar baruptcy. what happene holy c. all the ney's go. annow theye shutti those ings dow fr the outside looking in, they have little fth at a newaper likthe denv postor theirther prorties can actual incree or mainta their renue if th spend othe prodt. th is the siness ty're in. th just ha one plaook. to aen, you' only goone constient and that the shaholder. the fa that aln is so cretive,hat theyon't return pne calls ey won'tnswer qutions ju sort ofakes me re stubborn m a freence inveigative report
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but i vestigat alden glal capit. have word for ma years a a nepaper- t montereherald th ended ugetting ught by aldenlobal catal. so ie expericed firsand wh happene to aen it's l the sa whetr yoput out eap shoe you putut a newaper, it's jusanother commoditto them. we he about newspaps acss the cntry, thgs like the nver pos san je mercury ws, thorange cnty regier, thboston hald. now ias reallstunned e dato open my emai and findhis charhere. on story bken doct, and of cours i folloall of k's writi on this he's gat. n came o with th earth shakg data fr all thefm paper througho the cha, they we making7% profi in se areas re makina 30% prof margin. i s amazedy the lel of profit
1:33 pm
oflmost a biion doars in revues, and prits of aut $160 million a yeart about 17% rgin. and esntially,7% is abt twice ofhat mostewspaper chains a making. thclaim ishat we nd to have me layoff because you , the ecomy's so bad, bause theompany justas to titen our lts. you knowwe're ju barely mang it an... i'sorry, 1 margin not ju barelmaking i that is riving. they'rsolidly ofitable they're tting thr core product the wsroom, ththing th u have thave, ifou're gointo have newspape you knowi'm noxpert onedge fund but it'clear th aldenas a pla uble dig returnsear afte ar. th's just,hat's no stainabl it's to a reckls disregd for e instition self. that'she pain d the pelty of havg a hedgfund own
1:34 pm
likelden owng the po, beuse it mes it ea toake cutsyou don'care about at the iact is u don't dersta what the pact is, anallows y by havi that distance to juslook at e dollar likeou don'tave to lk at e conseqnces becae you n't knownd yodon't ca. 19% returns th the owns are demaing om propeies li the nver pos the's onlyne way tt you can prode 19% rerns year aer year.and that to cut pele. we g draggednto morend more meengs with reprentativeof ald who we questiong just basic nets of urnalism ke, why you havphotograers? ouownersnnouncedhat we wereoing to ve tmove out the icoc denverost builng downtn, and at for t first time in ithistory, there'd no denv post inenver. now we a in our inting pss whicis in uncorporat ams coun, sically rectly nt to refinees,
1:35 pm
d all the other ctories. it smes like d food alday. (mus) we descre this o meeting i deceer as dending yo life, where yocome intthis meeng and you ve to dend evything y do. yove got texplain ery dollarou spe, and why u spend the way you do and n you fi a way tdo it cheaper? and cayou find way to it withouas many ople and y can't u be theame size asome pi*ant per in newersey? he's the msage. i'm not doing y of tha i'm t makingny cuts. because toe, that s just evidencehat theyidn't ca. and at was i i mean, knew then i w done. y don't nd me. (music)
1:36 pm
whenreg resied, he didn't ecifical say thamore cut re comin but all kinof assum that that's t reason was aving. and su enough,ot long ter he wasut the dr theyut anoth 20 or s we c peoplin novber. an you kno it was st ful. i fe like i s floati out of my dy andike not en attachedo the re world. d like had thivery cle thout. this is whe the deer post di. (music) e entireournalisc ecosysteis suffeng right w. news derts, aothers he sa are erging anspreading acoss the untry. we've st more an 2000 newspars in thunited stes. at meansow, that mns entire cnties th have no nspaper.
1:37 pm
and wh that haens, the soundtrack of a communy just getmuted. ke you just don know wh's goingn. at's it nna be le when ere isn'that voice anyre that sps in anlike pla, a referein a cerin kind of way welcome the revution! you' one of ose peop o isrepared fight who id 'm not gog to l this haen to amica ither w're gng to go th amerin lues ore'reoing to with socialm. we're ing to he extremeismnd radic you wa to say at any white peoplever owslaves, the slims stl run thslav ade, you cked who! i's justhis oceaof informatn, it is just whing er all ous. mixed with alof those woerful nuets of ftual informion is all othis oth stuff all of thinoise. l of thi minformaon and disinforti. oisy monge)
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the be way we n show respt for thvoters w are set s byelling tm thtruth. wcan choo to accepthe tth, or wcan chooseo rejecthe truth t the prlem is, lot of peop don't wt to heait. anthey don want toelieve thatt's the uth. why en't youupportin present trum do... suort.. ahthe thingsresidentrump doe.. yore not sporting m! i doou agreeith manyf the thin he is fornd i suprt those things are u going supportim in h, the fudulent te syste the elecon? no. u're joke! absolutjoke, a disgustinghame! 's dangeus for o democra en we ha millionand millio of peop. who don'want to ar the trut o believthat the's an agen behind cts. the ro of journalism iit's st absolely centl to civic lif we neethe puic to bengaged and need thpublic t rt of ma an assement as to whatre reliae sourceof information and what an't.
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u can sawhat youill abou as in mastream mia. but therare, andere, ethicastandard that a l of alteative voes have littlor no inrest in adheringo. if one pson tellyou it's rainin and onpers tells y, it's sun, it not youjob to qte bothf them, it's youjob to lk out th f---ng windo anfigure o which o's right. we're l still ying to t out a par every ngle day ich isard in ielf, but have althese otr obstacle and weave colleagu cking upheir des d leavin i d make aig decisn cently tleave thpost aft years, d it waseally a rd chce. ani just ms workinfor ur commuty.
1:40 pm
d it jusdoesn't el good anyme. it's n like th in the neroom. meanit's harto work somewhe for 13ears, and t leave the best oterms, i feelike evenhough lleaguesnderstan d a lot theare considing leang as we. i fe like so guilt. whether u get yo news on thphone, oon a tabt, whetheit's cald the denver post, orhether is called someewfanglename, at doe't bother me so ch. i's just, want to ke sure the are crible joualists of sficiensize andcale in a nsroom do the b that fls tt paper ofecord ro. can do tremenus amoun of gd. inarticula for pple who dot have per,
1:41 pm
whdon't ha a voice o wouldn be ard, unle journalts actuay lien to th. local news needso be saved because is is hopeople me informedecisions and this is hoyou keep commity going, is to tell stoes that tter to peoe, aboutheir neighbhoods antheir cies and keing anye on wh ose in per are doing. i doot want strict fds spent on programhat as o day has en foundo be illegaand uncotitution. (cheers) local vernmentan reall rrupt anwe need watch it. d as oneawmaker ked when they heard about the0 cuts t r newsro, ow we cado whatevere want." (crowdoise) who is aindependt voice, whisn't been to th vernment who isn'beholdeno some otr powerf instituons. th's the pss. and well lose you don ve thosendepende voices. yoknow, th is not out a buncof poor urnalist
1:42 pm
you knowboo hoo,ournalis e losingheir job i an, that's sadtoo. ani'm sorrto see mfriends and coeaguesho've lo their jobs but th is muchigger than jusa group journalists is is abt a commity that loses ery time another periencereporter was out thdoor. (printinpress) in businesthat's dng, those o reallynderstanthat don't wa to be tre to couct e funera (priing pres somebo is gointo have turnff the lhts on a these newspers. and i didn want toe the on at did i (printinpress) all rit. we need od journist righ w.
1:43 pm
d yeah, ere's so real chalnges in e indust. and we a know th those o us w have be workingn it. t th's not tsay thers not causfor optism and engy andnthusias because ere's much to . i'excite i'm rea to go. i'm loing forwd to it. n't waitor classo start. all rit, welco class t seniorews corp my name ishuck pluett. m reallylad thatou guys arin this ass. it very citing to see ung peoplenterestein journali. it a reallinterestg and excing time,lthough e that's fl of chaenges. th21st ctury newoom has to have ople thathink abt the mone they tnk, wellhow arwe making se that whait is we dos gointo be valuab enough our rears and views we'ron o way, fr fayette wn to cic cent denver,
1:44 pm
ere 'll havehe officl announment of e colorado sun (rai i'expectg thatt's goa be ining. d can scrt everytng. it'lbe cruddlike thiout, and th we'll a be like ahhere com the colado sun d the real colado sun ll bu off allf the baweather and wean emerge in lht or someing crazlike tha you knowthere's lot of differentypes ofublicatis th are bei affecteby thi massive changen the buness of joualism. definily, we tk advante ofhat momeum. i dot knowhethere would ha seen thsame resnse ifhuck hadot falleon his sword inhat way. but, y know, tnk god hdid, becausnow the blic can u know, t over ts narrativthat joualism is somehobrok.
1:45 pm
anit's notournalisthat's broken, the siness mel is bren. and so phaps we n find a differt way too the journasm busins. woo ho look athis colodo sun! than for comg. i'm wireup six ws to sday. said've be to a loof press coerences t never quite ke this. that'sot a gunn there.ood. (crowd noi / greetgs) this ijo-lee. e's seven d this ilucy she n. i se the oer one f donuts. ishe sun ocured? i need totep down few ste? this beer?
1:46 pm
ank you r joininus thi morng. 's a bittrange to be othis de of thmicrophos. the lorado s is an oine news oanizatio thatill covethe newshat matterin coloro. the jourlists yosee up he todaare the ners of e coloradoun, and weill be t ones caing the ots. the ed for ns covera by profesonal joualist isnly gog to be re impornt as sociy tries t these w ways of pplying e news. withhe newspers themlves tting smler, and a t, too my operions that a onesi and twoes startingp, that ty can't ally sta up to theemands othe time of coverg the institutns th need toe covered. not justernment,ut businessnd labor and y sourceof powernd wrongdoi ithe mmunity.
1:47 pm
the colodo sun h no futu, in my opion. it dsn't hava long tm funding del, d they do good jobbut ere's nousiness del there. we'rdoing oubest to prov em wrong think we can ke it wo. and wee workinreally hd toake itork. i apprecte the spticism. but, y know, till the sktics comup with mething beer thenwhy don'you helps figure o how to t it don you kn, it's bome realand we're ilding ausiness. the's been lot of arning to do th had lite to do th journali. this pot, there a a lot ofnknowns. and thosare the nds of things tt keep mup at nit, ort of biness stcture wise, th's reay where 're now... .really pushg hard tget subscripon and pce for peop to we do siin theseeetings e ten ofs, sometis i wond like, what hugthing doe not ev knowhat we'rsupposed to do. u knowwe've ha nversatis of, weeed to hireike a buness pern.
1:48 pm
a busiss persocould be lot of this, t weust put it ione catego like grant, y know, writer, or w is thisou know, myerious biness peon that c help usolve allhese oblems omaking se that w ke money it w one thing trun a newsroomi know h to do tt very wel it's qte anoth to starup a new buness and d that's new expience. you kn, part othis is s an opptunity tmake a change ithe busiss, t just wh reportg, but channghe wholeusiness model. it's big ris it's exting anscary. but if idoesn't,t let i'll feelike i trd to woron a lution f journalism. hen you say he d his statemt, do yomean forhe feration? did youend them tohe blm? 's terriing real to, you kn, when y think aut 80% startupfail or whever,
1:49 pm
i meanthat's a sry thingo leave yo job tha you kno s fairlyecure. i had lot of siority tre, and stt somethg that mht not pan t. and wee real just bainon colodo to wa to give us moy to reagood joualism. weon't kw what wdon't know we need , kind olike you ad is spning wit ok, i gotta focuon landi all ese greastories. oh, but it, likewe have t up a nht at a ewery to se coloradsun t-shts. 'm jeifer bro, i'm al a iter athe colodo sun, m just fling ovehelmed right nothat youook abitf yo night tcome outere and pport jonalism, at means souchcto u so thanyou. i am ctain thawe're gog to createroducts at deser succs. it's uto us toake surehat e busine model isuccessf
1:50 pm
d that t sun itsf is succesul. d i don'think it gonna b sy. it'surs to ms up, i guess what i nt to sa 's ours screw u (elosion rotestor reaming) these arunprecedted time (chantg) i ink thate're havg our bein wall ment. thiss an uncfortableoment for erybody. and order f us to bable to coest, we he to get unmfortabl (cnting)
1:51 pm
nepapers and joualism ar eded morthan eve thneed hasnly grow isn't ls of a nd. there moref a need thisoy posedith a piure of a ltle blaccalf ca with hiknee on s neck and saidhis was pet geoe. soin my se actiois tryin report e truth and makeure peop know wh e truth . it's msured. it'shoughtfuy report, 's noteactive. wh i look ck in thlast two yes, i reazed thers so mucthat i dn't know what yohave to member is tt the 10f us were joualists, itors, reporters, businesexpeence. (lauing) so far ts yearwe have had 20illion peviews oour ories. a tt's big. and st last ek, rpassed ,000 payg member is it suainable? don't kw. i mean, certain see som that hu right n and ring theoronavir.
1:52 pm
wh surpris me althe time d probab every jrnalist outhere is the sport we t from members. ey won'touch tho ther or ey'll wipet off befo they ruit. it seemso be worng. t i justope, le i fear sometimes th journalt journali comes o of thimorphed,nd i hopit's r the beer. cause yocan see amples everay of wh coulde for the tter. and th what's ing do the way ofyou knowtotally paisan repting. yes,hat's basically what i ne. i mean, u can gout and b objecti and truful as possle, anthere arstill a continncy o don' i mean, relateto peoe who dot believthe ne.
1:53 pm
thisttack onur liber, magnifict liberty, must stopd. and iwill be stped veryuickly we wilexpose ts dangers movementprotect r nation ildren, end thisadical aault and prerve oureloved arican way life. just thi that a t of people are frurated, thatbjectivi has bee jacked. objeivity wawas apying scientic standds to fa thering, you hato be ab to docunt hoyou put ese fact gether, so tt anyby elsehat were lookinat the same set facts reasable peoe willome to e same cclusions that pele wouldelieve whatou wrotethey wil lieve it you ow, we cate fals uilencies,
1:54 pm
i think m sittinhere seeg an attemed assasnation o r societ i've nev seen th happen my life. i thinour demoacy's t al challges. this iexactly at so ma ticipate and t the catol hill police are ing theibest butailing to ctrol theituation for thmost pt, journism's doinits job and body's ping atteion. job ito contie tellin e truth. cannot ctrol wheer peopl nt to beeve us onot, and ether ey do beeve us or n, we'll ntinue t tellhe truth wh you don have rost jourlism, thdemocracis not the me. op the doo i'confidenthat we ll get throh thiseriod
1:55 pm
but itoes reque the ameran publito thinkbout at the csequenceare free exessi or free pss werto be elimated. (ptestors reaming)
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man: i remember years back talking to my dad and saying, "at some point in my career, i'd love to do a deli." and i remember him looking at me in a surprised way like, "really? why? you've spent all this time in fine dining and traveled the world and trained yourself. why the ... do you want to do a deli? [bell dings] i think i was ultimately drawn to the deli because spending so much time in delis as a kid, it was sort of attached to my soul a little bit. it's so part and parcel of my culture and my growing up and the jewish story across america, but my jewish


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