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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 7, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news, live from berlin. international condemnation after haiti's president is assassinated. haiti has called a state of emergency after they murdered their president and wife. the netherlands shocked by a got attack on a prominent crime
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report. authorities are investigating links to his work on organized crime. and really for travelers as germany is -- uses its entry restrictions, people from the u.k., portal -- portugal and other high-risk areas no longer have to quarantine for 14 days. i am brent goff. to our viewers watching on pbs in the united states and to all of you around the world, whatcom. the assassination of haiti's jovenel moïse happened last night. president moise was gunned down
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by assailants near his home. >> this was the moment that jovenel moïse knew he won haiti's presidential elections. he was sworn in over a year later with his wife at his side. his rule came to a sudden and went gunmen raided his home in the early hours of wednesday. his wife was critically wounded. streets have emptied out following the assassination. the international airport was closed. the government has declared an emergency. >> we have decided to declare a state of siege in the country. i share the sorrow of the president's wife who happened to
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be with him the evening of the attack. we ask the people to stay calm. we appeal to the intelligence of haitians in this difficult time. president moise's assassination comes amid rising gang violence. food and fuel shortages as well as rising inflation is making life extremely difficult for haitian people. the political situation has been far from stable. for the past two years, moise had been ruling haiti by decree after the country failed to hold elections. opposition leaders have been demanding moise step down.
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they claim his term legally ended in february of 2021. following the assassination, international leaders warned of an escalation. >> this is a critical moment, i think we all knew it was sensitive and difficult to -- difficult on the ground of haiti. on twitter, the top diplomat of the eu wrote "shocked by the assassination of jovenel moïse. we had an exchange at the diplomatic form only three weeks ago. this crime poses the risk of instability and the spiral of violence. the pertrators of thi assassination must be found and brought to justice. so far, no group has claimed responsibility. the attackers and their motives remain unknown. brent: i am joined by here --
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piere. -- pierre. you and your family fled haiti because of your work as a journalist. those behind the death threats, are they connected to the violence that is behind the assassination of the president? >> thank you very much for asking me to speak about how we feel about the situation about the assassination of the president of haiti. i used to cover corruption and political events in haiti. the people close to the government said we had some
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trouble. because of your work, the country is doing bad, we can do more. i had to leave the country because they promised me they were going to kill me. i had to flee because it was very important to take us very seriously. brent: did you see this assassination coming because the violence in the country? did you think this attempt to take someone's life was very likely? >> never.
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it is unbelievable, unreal. haiti is a very violent country, a dangerous country. imagining that the president could be killed, assassinated is unreal. i am shocked. still shocked by what happened today in my country. that is the way to show the world that haiti is a very dangerous cotry and anything could be happening in that country.
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i feel my heart heavy. brent: we are hearing that the president said his term had not ended yet but members of the opposition were saying it ended a year ago and they could not reach an agreement on that. it is hard to believe that could be the reason for this assassination but do you see a connection there? pierre: no. the government and the opposition, it is a very tough situation. i can't believe and don't believe that. i don't know exactly why the haitian president has been killed.
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i don't believe there is some kind of connection between those two things. brent: we will see if there is an investigation. we appreciate your time and insights. let's look at the other stories making headlines around the world. china has hit out against the united states after antony blinken met with muslims in the northwest shenzhen reason -- region. afghan special forces have been deployed to push tell event fighters out of the north and provincial capital. fighting reached the city's outskirts. this all comes since western
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forces have largely withdrawn from the afghanistan state. the european commission chief has warned hungry it will face legal action if it fails to reveal a new law that critics say is from nate against the lgbtq community -- discriminates against the lgbtq community. european leaders have described the shooting of a prominent dutch investigative journalist as an attack on our values. peter was gunned down in answered dam on wednesday. he remains in the hospital. authorities are examining possible leaks in his role in a court case against a major gang described by police as a well oiled killing machine. >> a day after one of the netherland's most famous journalist was gunned down, people are gathering where he was shot. he was shot five times,
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including once in the head and it was an incomprehensible crime for many here. >> shocking, it is really shocking news what happened. it was not unexpected. even if a lot of people did find that he did dangerous things but it should not have happened. he had just finished an interview on dutch tv when he was attacked. the 64-year-old journalist rose to prominence for crime reporting and as an advocate for survivors of violent crimes. activities that police long feared would make him a target for reprisals. dutch auorities described his attempted murder of -- as an attack on free press and democracy. >> peter is a national hero for all of us. an uncommonly brave journalist.
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tireless in his search for justice and free of spirit. he is currently in serious condition at this hospital. so far, no motive has been identified. brent: max is in amsterdam tonight. he is at the place where mr. to frese was gunned down. good evening to you. is there any update on the condition of mr. to frese -- of peter? >> there is very little information coming out of the hospital where he is being treated right now. we know he is heavily guarded.
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the mayor of amsterdam said that per was fighting for his life in the hospital. brent: what have we heard about the suspects in this case and the possible motives? >> three men were apprehended after the shooting last night. he is not believed to have any connection in the shooting but two men were traveling in the car, leaving the city hours after the shooting. i 35 real polish citizen as well as a 21-year-old dutch citizen. they are going to be presented to the judge in the following days. police have subsequently searched the apartment and came up with hard drives and ammunition. it is unclear, a lot of police
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work has to be done. what we know is that he is one of the most popular journalists in this country. he is the crime journalist in this country and has been shining a light on the criminal underworld here. he has met many fans. brent: that was max zander in amsterdam. to northern ireland now where disputes over post brexit trading rules are fanning old tensions on the streets. support for pelham the -- support for paramilitary groups is resurfacing.
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>> the protest march runs along the outskirts of belfast and was forbidden by the police. they are demonstrating nonetheless because they feel the british government has given up on northern ireland. >> we find ourselves divided from the united kingdom. >> we are no longer part of the united kingdom because our constitutional laws -- >> people in northern ireland had a choice of identity. they could be british, irish or both. brexit has created a new customs border between northern ireland and the rest of the united kingdom. as a result, tensions have been rising.
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the red handstands for many -- one of many paramilitary organizations and the british flag means this area is dominated by protestants. this man is proud of his protestant traditions and is afraid of losing them. >> some peoples's loyalty is to the queen. sometimes there british identity. people fly their flags out of pure identity, it is an expression of who they are. >> the catholics live right next door, behind a big wall. willie thinks the protestants just have to accept this. >> they can still have their british identity because we still have our irish identity even though we are still occupied by the british. we have lived with it for 100 years. let them see how they can live
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with it. >> this would be a nightmare for joel keith. he thinks the protestants must fight for what they want. >> am not saying that we will have to do it but i am asking you to take it off the table. especially when our political opponents have made here they are not going to take it off the table. >> protestant youths are prepared enormous bonfires all over northern ireland. brexit has presented the biggest danger yet to northern ireland's french ip. that is one thing the protestant and catholics agree on. >> here are more stories making headlines around the world. the swedish prime minister has
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narrowly been elected back into office nine days after he stepped down after losing a confidence vote. 173 lawmakers voting against him, becoming prime minister once again. two short of the 175 needed to bar him from the job. isaac has been sworn in as the 11th president after taking an oath in the israeli parliament. it is our promise to try to heal israeli society after years of division. the position of president is largely ceremonial and designed to serve as the country possible compass. the container ship at the center of the recent global shipping price left its anchored position in the suez canal. this caused major disruptions to global trade. as you in california has vaccinated its animals against covid-19. the oakland zoo says --
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among the residents receiving the shock, the zoo's possible cats and a black bear named karen. germany has lifted its travel ban for anyone arriving from india and nepal. a reporter took a trip to berlin's airport to see if things are getting busier now that travel is getting a little easier. >> with germany now easing entry restrictions for certain countries, it will start to get his ear.
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this 22-year-old from portugal did not waste any time booking a flight when she heard the rules have been relaxed. >> as far many other things i assume. >> german pastors were on the same plane, they are happy that coming home is being made easier. >> we are really happy that you don't have to quarantine. portugal was not a risk area when we traveled there. the plane from russia comes. these passengers can ease restrictions. this morning, when i read about all this, i was happy because it makes life a lot easier. from that perspective, i have been very lucky.
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julia has made her way to berlin from portugal. she had a scholarship and now she is off to a flying start after being worried she could not use it. >> hundreds of thousands of people around the world are -- think -- are feared to have been suffering from a condition called lung covid. it occurs in women more than men. symptoms include chronic shortness of breath, muscle weakness, chest pains and depression. >> this 25 euros suffers from lung covid and was born with a heart defect. months after her initial covid-19 infection, even when only doing small chores like vacuum ending.
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she often has difficulty breathing. >> the steam aid the air even thinr, i started crying because i could not breathe anymore. i more or less fell out of the sher. i was trying to breathe but nothing was coming in. according to initial studies, about 10% of covid-19 patients have similar symptoms. johanna used facebook to get in contact with some of them. they often suffer fm lack of concentration and fatigue. this 25-year-old never expects to be able to work as a tech assistant again. >> i suspect it will come down to a disability pension. i would still like to work but right now i am not able to.
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>> she talks to a psychologist every week. >> we now have a new group of chronically ill people in our society that will have an impact on all kinds of levels. it will be noticeable on the labor market, it is crucial that these people are not left behind in terms of the participation and also, financially. she hopes her application for a disability pension will soon be approved. and at she will be met with more understanding when it comes to long covid. >> my biggest wish is that
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people start taking it seriously. she just has to get out of bed and get a grip and my second wish is that politicians and researchers also take it serious and that further research is supported. >> in a few weeks, she should know whether she will receive a disability pension that would result one of many uncertainties that long covid has brought to her life. >> here are some of the other development in the pandemic. the delta variant of the coronavirus has become the dominant strain in germany. it makes up 59% of all new infections. the u.k. has recorded more than 30,000 daily coronavirus infections for the first time since january. zimbabwe has tightened restrictions to combat a resurgence of covid-19.
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infections have dramatically increased despite a curfew at night and other restrictions. sports now, to wimbledon possibly to shop. the number six seed was aiming to become the oldest player to reach the semi finals. this is after the world's number 18 -- many were wondering if this was the last chance to see fedor at within. the swiss legend is turning 40 is over a month -- in just over a month. novak djokovic made a step toward what could be his fourth -- he will face dennis chapa
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followed -- canadian, dennis shapopalov. a decision is expected on thursday. the games were delayed for a year by the pandemic. athletes have begun arriving at the japanese capital. organizers previously stopped overseas fans from attending and could be poised to ban domestic spectators again. tokyo reported 920 new covid cases on wednesday. you're watching dw news and here is a reminder of our top story. the assassinatn of haiti's president, jovenel moïse has drawn worldwide condemnation. the government has declared a two week state of emergency.
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the netherlands is in shock after the shooting of a prominent crime journalist. peter differ east -- peter is fighting for his life after being shot in an amsterdam street.
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>> welcome to live from paris. world news and analysis from "france 24." these are the world news headlines. state of emergency declared as haiti's president is assassinated. his wife is fighting for his life. the killers posed as american anti-drugs dealers. the e.u. has moved against him during law banning discussion of homosexuality and gender change in schools. it says it infringes rights of lgbt plus people and confuses their issues with


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