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tv   DW News  LINKTV  September 3, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news life from berlin. afghanistan's final holdout, resistance fighters adult the taliban in the pentair valley. -- battle the taliban in the tangier valley. president biden visits louisiana to see the damage from her can i do. we will bring you the view from new orleans. -- hurricane ida. will bring you the view from new
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orleans. brazil and the coronavirus denier. leading the country in vaccination rates. and ramirez at the venice film festival including spencer, the latest take on the life of princess diana played by hollywood star kristen stewart. ♪ >> i am phil gayle, welcome to the program. taliban forces in afghanistan have been battling to capture the only province not under their control. remnants of the afghan army and fighters loyal to former president are in the valley surrounded by mountains, making it difficult to capture. despite this, tell events spokesperson -- taliban
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spokespersons claim it will fall but it has not been confirmed. let's go to a journalist and couple. -- double. -- kabul. >> there has been no official taliban claim they have taken the region, but many have claimed it as well as other accounts. to verify is difficult because telephones don't work there at the moment or not calls did not go through. afterwards they sent a video message to tv stations in which he saihe is still in the region and there is fighting going on but they are resisting. there has been fighting and advances, what exactly happened is unclear. it seems the taliban in kabul thought the region is conquered because there have been
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celebratory and fire all over the city, -- but it has not been confirmed yet. >> how important is it to take panjshir? >> it is the last place of resistance so it is a beacon of hope for anti-taliban forces. it also depends on how the taliban would defeat it. if it is bloody in could spark resistance movements in other parts of the country, so that is why the taliban is trying to have a surrender solution. but this has not yielded any results so far. so the taliban want to control the country and if there is resistance it does not make them look good and it questions fair
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claim to all of afghanistan. >> right. today is the day the taliban were supposed to reveal the new government, but this has not happened. what has been you hold up? -- the hold up? >> the taliban have not announced when they will reveal their new regime. it was expected today but this was never clearly announced. it will likely happen in the next few days. one region -- reason that was holding it up was probably that american forces were still present, taliban wanted to wait until all american forces left the country, which happened on 30 of august. what is happening now is not clear but for example, certain -- the majority of the main taliban leaders have not revealed themselves in public,
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so this might be the hold up until they are here or wherever they will announce the new government. >> thank you for that from kabul. meanwhile, a small group of women have been protesting in kabul demanding equal rights under taliban rule. the second women's protest in as many days, on thursday, women were calling for access to education and jobs. the taliban have promised to respect women's rights in their interpretation of islamic law. >> freedom, independence, a voice. these women marching through kabul refused to give up these things under taliban rule. they are demanding women's participation in the new government. their slogan, a society in which women are not active is a dead society. >> over the last 20 years we
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women have taken part in all aspects of life side-by-side with the men so no one can exclude us. we should not be ignored. we ask the islamic emirate of afghanistan and the international community, especially women from other countries, to support us. >> -- education, a job, and every one of us cannot be at home. [indiscernible] it will be the same taliban of 20 years ago. >> a protest like this would be unimaginable lust on the taliban were in power. then women were ordered tohere her because, covered -- wear burkas. if they defied rules they were beaten or stoned. north of kabul in this market,
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burka sales have gone up since the taliban took power. >> i've come here to buy a new burka. under therevious government i wore a hisob -- he job -- her job -- hijab or other dress. but they said women should observe the veil. >> if women are not part of society, western nations have threatened to cut aid. they promise to respect women's rights but within the remark islamic without specifying without means. >> people have been meeting in slovenia to discuss how to deal with the taliban. foreign ministers from the
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member states have announced conditions for engagement with the incoming government in afghanistan. u.s. authorities evacuated the country after the taliban takeover last month but have signaled a will to reestablish relations if the new rule meets certain criteria, respecting human rights and crackdown on terror groups which want to use the country as a base. germany says the eu will only start sending aid if the taliban make good. >> they have made many remarks in recent days but we do not want to measure the taliban and this new government by their words but by their actions. whether we resume sending aid is a question that will be decided by their actions in afghanistan. >> other stories around the world, in new zealand, police have shot dead a man who wounded
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six people in a knife attack in an auckland supermarket. it has been under round-the-clock police surveillance. protesters gathered in thailand's capital. -- his opponents accuse him of mismanaging coronavirus crisis. several dozen protesters held a vigil in the bolivian city in support of the jailed ex-president. he is awaiting trial for charges such as arranging a coup in 2019. she tried to take her own life last month. former catholic cardinal plead not guilty and charges of ase
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of a 16-year-old boy. he is the highest-ranking official to face sexual abuse charges and was ousted by the pope. president biden has arrived in new orleans where he plans to visit areas devastated by hurricane ida. they have promised support for states among the gulf coast and the northeast where the remnants of the storm caused deadly floods. ida was of the strongest storms to make landfall in louisiana. parts of new orleans will be without power fodays. dayco and is in new orleans and jos us. welcome. >> so far it has been a positive reception amongopeful leaders who believe theresident is on bod and prepar to bring vast support to the city of new orleans and the state of louisiana for extensive damage.
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heas arrived in part of the region that was under 12 to 15 feet of floodwater where people had to be rescued, trapped in addicts and on rooftops as ida went. after meeting with officials, he will head down the coast where i don't with its 150 mile an hour winds flattened communities, washing some homes away. they are believed to be washed away into the gulf of mexico. he is going to see with his own eyes of the devastation that 150 mile an hour wind and a 16 foot storm surge can cause, reducing homes to piles of rubble or making the wash away completely. >> how effective has the federal government's response to ida in? -- being -- been? >> we don't know because we are only five days after the storm. people are frustrated. without air-conditioning, cold water, showers my people are
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upset they don't have that but they are hopeful help is on the way and the president's visit signals that the white house and drove emergency management agency or on board. i think people are looking forward to a rapid increase in aid coming this way. one thing they need most is gasoline. there is almost no gasoline left in this region to run generators and vehicles that have taken part in the recovery. >> so many of the problems you outlined are down to a lack of power and utility companies say it is likely to be the middle of next week before any power is restored. why is it taking so long? >> we are seeing just a few spotty places get electricity back now, but the problem is the main feeder lines, the transmission lines that bring electricity into this region, are all in the mississippi river right now. a massive tower, hundreds of feet tall that brought the
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electricity in was torn apart and reduced to a pile of rubble when the hurricane came through. they don't know if it was a tornado or just the nonstop high winds of hurricane ida that knocked it over, either way, without transmission lines bringing power in there is no electricity in the region. 100% of the city of new orleans and the region was without power. crews have been working hard to bring in new winds to give anybody electricity as they suffer through temperatures in the 90's, feeling like 100 and above. >> wow, dave cohen in new orleans, pinky so much. in europe, -- thank you so much. in europe, angela merkel has been visiting areas that were debited by floods in july. but there are rejection efforts in a valley that was hardest hit when heavy rains triggered flash flooding, killing about 180 people and destroying
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communities. the work to rebuild and restart lives is a struggle and we have spoken with one family coping with the aftermath. >> weeks after the floods in western germany, she is making waffles again. the kitchen and her treehouse survived the flood. across the road workers are clearing up the last of the debris. at first glance, the town seems almost back to normal. but only a couple of weeks ago things looked different. this town isn the region hardest hit by the recent lives in germany. dust floods in germany. -- floods in germany. it has been a month but hurt like is barbara boxer normal. -- her life is far from back to
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normal. >> i'm trying to find a balance with being a mother, at night the children come in and want attention. >> in their kitchen, making waffles is a far off reality. as a single mother of two, she has to rely on help of volunteers to rebuild her life. >> over the weeks i have learned to accept help and say i do need something. >> what do you wish for for your children? >> i hope my children will forget this at some point. or they want to come back. right now they don't want to be here. at some point it won't be enough for me to be here alone. >> right now she and her
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children have to sleep at the homes of friends and relatives. she just bought the house for her family a year ago. >> we had just put together our furniture and three or four weeks later we had to dismantle it and threw it in the trash. >> the family likely won't be able to move back into their home uil next year. little instructions like me trampoline get the kids through the day. every afternoon she takes her daughters tohe meeting spot in the town. since the floods, residents have been cooking and baking for each other so even people without kitchen can enjoy a meal and
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some company. >> chancellor merkel's visit to the region was aimed at showing support for her party weeks ahead of national elections. a new opinion poll shows that the conservatives are in trouble with campaign mistakes, helping social democrats and their kind search to the top of the polls. >> germany's social democrats must be wishing voters could choose the chancellor directly. support for their candidate continues to grow. of those polled, 43% say they would suggest dust select him as a -- select him as a chancellor they could far ahead of conservative or green candidates. many say the other leaders -- the finance minister in the current government is more competent, credible and a
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couple. -- credible. >> for meat none of the three has any charisma and they are not assertive. >> i think schultz should win. i would like to see a woman and child discharge. -- in charge. >> voters can only pick a party not a chancellor, but with only the weeks until election day, his popularity is hoping -- helping social democrats push ahead. the conservative bloc has fallen back to 20% support, an all-time low. his spd has surged and voters are planning to vote for it. the greens are in third place. >> i'm thinking about spd or left party. >> i think the best option is green. >> germany is conservative, it
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doesn't matter who is the candidate, it will always be them. >> i think spd and greens will be ahead. >> something lacking -- on course for the top political job. will his appeal carry his party to a win on voting day? >> brazil has been one of the countries worst affected by covid with more than half a million deaths, but it's august city sao paulo has become a -- it's against city sao paulo has become -- biggest city has become better. >> sao paulo is out doing country when it comes to vaccinations. 99% of adults here have received at least one shot. >> of course i think people should get vaccinated.
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and that means everyone. >> many brazilians are afraid of the virus and get vaccinated so as not to be so contagious. >> vaccine skepticism seems rare here. the city is now rolling out jabs to young people with pre-existing contion, like this woman's son. >> it makes an emotional to know that my son is now vaccinated. i had corona itself and was worried i could pass itn to him. now i am relieved, also because he is about to go back to school. >> on the streets of the city, been number of people sleeping rough has risen sharply. the pandemic has thrown many back into property. -- poverty.
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but here most people have been vaccinated, often with the johnson & johnson job. -- jab. >> brazilians believe in vaccines. we have been getting vaccinated against tropical diseases for a long time, we like it. >> the success of this mega metropolis enrolling out shots has been down to it making effective use of leftover vaccines, but second doses have been held up. brazil is still waiting on vaccine deliveries. >> that report was produced by our reporter from rio de janeiro. welcome. how are people explaining the high vaccine take-up in sao paulo? d it. if we look at the yellow fever or the seasonal flu vaccinations, it is easy to get the dab in the health care -- jab in the health care
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institutions in brazil everywhere, so it is easy and they are used to i if you look at 2010, the year of the swine fluke, brazil was able -- swine flu, brazil was able to vaccinate millions of citizens in three months. they are used to it and on the other hand are fearing some viruses, for example the hantavirus which is still an issue in the intior of sao paulo. if brazilians can protect themselves they are keen to do so. >> is sao paulo unusual or is vaccine skepticism across the country falling? >> skepticism is not as high as in european countries. brazilians live often in poor housing conditions where diseases like tuberculosis are really common. they don't think twice if they can have the vaccinations for some viruses and these days for
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the coronavirus. >> brazil is a big country with lots of removed communities -- remote communities, but must present challenges. >> it is but if we look into recent years, quality improved. if we look at the amazon river region, tdoctors and nurses are visiting by ships. there are more than 60 ships and boats going to those communities. and the indigenous were among the first to be vaccinated at the beginning of the year. >> how is the covid crisis playing out politically for president bolsonaro is one of the most prominent coronavirus deniers? >> many former supporters of him abandon him because of his policy, but he is under pressure politically. so he is now mobilizing his
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supporters to go onto the streets. next week on tuesday there will be a demonstration of his supporters, to give him more political power. that is independence day in brazil. >> thank you for that from rio de janeiro. the venice film festival is in full swing. two films have their premieres today, the sci-fi blockbuster dune and spencer which joins a host of projects to portray the life of princess diana. >> the crowds go crazy. they are in venice celebrating the premier of dune. chalamet is not afraid of getting close to fans, he is enjoying the attention. >> i'm so proud to be part of
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this cast and italy is a second home. >> "dune" is a take on a science fiction novel by frank herbert. it is an action filled saga with breathtaking visuals. ♪ >> but this film is not in the running for the coveted golden lion. spencer, on the other hand, is. kristen stewart is lead actress, and bodying diana, princess of wales when she decides to end her marriage to prince charge. -- charles. a woman trapped by conventions of the royal family. most of the scenes were filmed in germany, the leading actress was deeply impressed by the historical figure princess diana. >> yeah, i think the idea of somebody being so desperate for connection and somebody who is
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able to make other people feel so good, feeling so bad, on the inside, and being so generous with her energy, i just think -- we haven't had very many of those people throughout history. >> the director was driven by one goal. >> i wanted to make a movie that my mother could like. i have made so many movies that she doesn't like at all. >> the winner of the olden lion will be announced on september 11. >> an adventure story with a happy ending, a british man has been found alive after three days lost in a thai jungle. the 72-year-old disappeared on his way to see friends, he ate nothing but drink water using glass. he was found by a local hunter and time for an emotional reunion.
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[crying] >> here is a reminder of our top story, resistance fighters in afghanistan battling taliban forces in the panjshir valley, the only region not under taliban control. efforts to have a settlement between the sides have broken down with each side bringing -- blooming the other. i will be back in a moment to take you through the big stories on the day. see you then. ♪ ♪# ite, actualite.
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♪te, actualite. >> hello, everyone. welcome to "live from paris." your are the headlines at this hour. celebrations in kabul as taliban claim they had taken over the last holdout in afghanistan, but the reports remain unconfirmed. as several u.s. states continue the cleanup operation after hurricane ida, joe biden has flown to louisiana to tour storm damage there. and the major conference kicks off in


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