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tv   Al Jazeera English Newshour  LINKTV  September 10, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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this is al jazeera. ♪ >> hello, welcome to the new live from london for the next 60 minutes. a billionaire basement -- billionaire businessman vows to save lebanon asked he vows to make a new bump -- as he vows to make a new government after political deadlock. six palestinian prisoners who
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tumbled out of a x-men security facility this week. west africa and guineas ousted president after sunday's coup. and the united nations is saying it is in a race against time to get aid to afghanistan where 93% of households are already going hungry. in sports, fifa plans for a world cup every two years but that is facing criticism with river pole saying the idea is about money with no regard for player welfare. -- liverpool saying that idea is about money with no regard for player welfare. ♪ >> welcome to the newshour. we begin and lebanon because the country has a new government ending 30 months of deadlock during which the country has grappled with its worst crisis since the end of the civil war. a new cabinet is led by michie
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makati -- najib mikati, but the economy has collapsed. the bernese pound has lost 90% of value since october of 2019, after decades of corruption and unsustainable financing. food inflation has exploded, rising 557 percent according to the world food program. many parents are skipping meals for: children out of school so they can afford to put food on the table. more than 80% of the population is living in poverty, people don't have electricity for more than a few hours a day and the government can't afford fuel to power generators which means shortages threatened to shut down hospitals, big race and the internet. reports now from the lebanese capital, beirut. >> it has been more than a year
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of political wrangling. the fueling politicians have reached a deal on the distribution of power in cabinet. it is common to argue for months but this time so much is at stake. the incoming government needs to stop financial collapse. >> i hope that we can bring our country back on its feet. i hope that this government be able to function and put an end to the bleeding and we can all come together as one hand to bring back lebanon proud and prosperous. >> the political paralysis worsened an economic crisis. the united nations is more than 80% of the population is considered poor, up from 42% three years ago. the local currency has lost 90% of its value, the minimum wage worth just $45. -- early five dollars. >> we are depriving our own children of what they need. >> officials should return the
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money they stole infants part abroad. >> the political class is blamed or corruption and unsustainable financing. months of protests and international pressure failed to bring about a new leadership. >> i'm not optimistic this government can undertake this because they have shown they are ready to hijack any reforms that help people versus safeguard the interests of the 1% or the ones who are connected. >> people are struggling to meet basic needs. shortages of almost everything including fuel. >> the incoming government is not the nonpartisan cabinet of specialists amended by the international community but they are ready to work with what they call a capable government. they say he has foreign backing but many people feel there will be little change with the same parties in power. ask the local currency did gain against the dollar on the exchange market but lebanon is
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experiencing hyperinflation and subsidies on basic goods will end in days. the government formation is the beginning. al jazeera, beirut. >> we speak to a senior policy advisor in a root. regular power cuts means he joins us on the phone rather than in vision. thank you for taking the time to speak with us. state produced electricity supply has collapsed and at the same time you have crippling fuel shortages in the country which means no diesel to power generators for those who can afford to have them. how suspect -- especially hospitals in a public health crisis? >> thanks for having me. [indiscernible]
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the hospitals have warned they might close or close off sections because they don't have enough power. -- [indiscernible] also -- household consumption and -- [indiscernible] >> the line is a little fuzzy so
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let me just, you are talking about steep price rises so this is affecting everything from food to fuel and putting families in a difficult position. they are struggling to support themselves and we have been talking about parents not being able to put food on the table. what hope is there -- i was going to ask about the new government. is there hope they can stop this slide into deepening poverty somehow, revive bailout talks with the imf? >> yeah, so we have discovered that -- the standout of the regime -- and the old government should have been having these talks for 20 or 30 years.
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the banks, the financials, the new government might need to work with the imf and what could happen is more reform. in the public sector, -- in my opinion, -- the last 20 years, people have been paying the price of the crisis and saving the wealth of the rich in the country. and the inequality reforms are on the table, the cause of the
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crisis -- reforms that could benefit the -- what we expect is more strategy, and more opportunity. unless we have a radically new government or system, it will concern those who -- or an uprising, we won't have substantial change in the future. >> thank you for joining us from beirut, appreciate it. israeli police are saying they
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have caught two out of six palestinian prisoners who escaped from a maximum security jail on monday. they were captured on mount precipice in the city of nazareth and four others are on the run after digging a hole and breaking out of the prison. the escape set off a furious manhunt across israel and the occupied west bank. live to harry in west jerusalem, any more information about how these prisoners were captured? >> yes, there is reporting in the israeli media, especially the names of the two men, both from palestinians line of jihad. the latter of the two is the mastermind behind the escape and the israeli media supports that in the nazareth area they were spotted, either or both looking for food in bins or asking local
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residents for food. that is the report from the israeli media and it is after that that israeli security forces arrested them. their concerns being expressed by palestinian prisoner advocacy groups about what may now happen to the two men as the search for the other four continues given the fact that the israeli security forces have in the past used the precept of a ticking bomb or some major security crisis as justifying enhanced interrogation otherwise known as torture. their concerns as to what kind of interrogation these two men may now face. there have been hundreds of people marching south of janine in the occupied west bank newbies to men's homes in solidarity. there was a major luke perry operation to the north of janine in the aftermath which we
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understand is over some confrontation between palestinians and israelis security forces in that area as well. but the main headline is that two of the six have now been recaptured. >> tell us about these confrontations and protests taking place in a number of cities, the collective punishment and crackdown inside the prisons. >> indeed, since this escape monday there has been a widespread crackdown throughout the israeli prison network focusing on palestinian islamic jihad members because five of the six escapees are from that armed action of the dutch faction. -- are from that faction. prison groups are concerned this is collective punishment, a
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retaliatory move and it's not just the prisoners who have been moved in their hundreds between prisons but also a wider move against visitors restricting amounts of time in outdoor recreation, a ban on family visits until the end of the month and other moves which has seen some resistance within the prisons. some cells being satellite and -- set alight and protests in the occupied west bank and in gaza on friday. the concern is what happens at the end of this hunt. two of them have now been recaptured without bloodshed but if there is some kind of armed standoff, if there is death involved, a violent and to this hunt, and that could see wider destabilization and violence in the occupied west bank. the jihad has vowed vengeance in the form of presumably rocket attacks if that would happen and even after this, the initial
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recapture of these two members of palestinian islamic jihad the israeli military said they intercepted one rocket coming out of gaza friday night. >> thank you. from wester's lung, harry fawcett. -- from west jerusalem, harry foci best faucet. -- faucet. -- talks with army leaders. they have met with the proposed president alpha conde and demand he has -- is released. they ousted him because of corruption. he is there and since as this update. >> there are concerns among people here in this area and other parts of getting. it is a community or a nation that have suffered enough high
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levels of poverty, economic stagnation, inequities, crimes as well as what they accused the government of high handedness over the last 11 years. some think the new military rulers here say they want to correct. now the fear is that the economic immunity of west african states in the african union ahead with threats of sanctions, this could worsen the economic addition of guinea who has already suffered under the previous government. it is a big problem but so far the meeting between them and the new luke perry rulers in guinea -- military rulers in guinea has passed. we spoken with some members of the delegation come the discussions between them were her luminary and frank and open
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and they also got the opportunity of meeting the president of guinea, alpha -- alpha conde. it will have to come from both sides, echoes and military rulers in guinea. for the military leadership era in guinea, keeping alpha conde in custody is one way to extract as much concession as they can from the economic community of west african states. the group last year was arrested and kept by the military and eventually ecowas needed to negotiate his release before he was phono. what ecowas didn't succeed and dust before he was flown out. ecowas did not succeed -- before he was blown out. ecowas did not succeed.
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we will have to see how negotiations go. >> still ahead on the program, we look at the battle for hearts, minds and guns in the democratic republic of congo. charged with endangering the lives of others, france's former health minister is put under formal investigation over the coronavirus pandemic. and later, counting down to renaldo's match, more on that with gemma. ♪ >> united nations has condemned what it calls the taliban's violent protests -- response to protesters. many say they were tortured for covering a protest. the u.n. also warns against the use of batons and whips against protesters which -- as well as
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equipment that killed four people. attacks on journalists will be investigated. >> we call on the taliban to immediately cease the use of force toward them -- and the arbitrary detention of those exercising the right to peaceful assembly and they journalists covering protests. must have a nondiscriminatory environment for the exercise of human rights including freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. lichen restrictions on peaceful assembly constitute -- blanket instructions on peaceful possibly constitute a violation of international law. >> afghans going hungry with many going to extreme ledgers to survive according to the world food program. many are skipping meals or giving food to children and set adults as the country faces economic collapse. >> food shortages and job losses are the primary cause of concern for the families surveyed and
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with winter approaching fast and the economy collapsing their worries are justified. it is a race against time to deliver life-saving assistance to the afghan people who need it most. we need to be reaching 9 million people by november if we are to meet our planned target of 14 million by the end of the year. with appeals for $200 million and countries that have come forward, we are quite literally begging and borrowing to avoid food stocks running out. >> traders in afghanistan's capital, kabul, are struggling with the slow pace of business despite improvement in the security after the taliban swept into power. shopkeepers say their goods are not being sold and a lot is going to waste. afghans reported a lack of jobs across the country, people having to wait for hours to excess cash, banks were closed
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for weeks when the taliban took control. >> hardly anything is getting sold. i so half of it at normal prices but some i'm compelled to sell at a loss. the security situation has improved, crime has stopped but there is no food. >> business is at a standstill. we have been able to set up the market but not much has sold. no one is asking about poor people, flower is extensive, cooking oil is expensive, everything is expensive. there is no one to take care of the poor. >> the new taliban government is proving to be a boost for business. those selling western clothing like jeans, t-shirts and suits are seeing income dry up and there is an increased demand for conservative garments despite economic stress. >> our business has not
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changed, people do not want jeans and t-shirts, they want traditional clothes. people don't have money but they are coming more than before. >> the second commercial flight in afghanistan since the tele-mental control has landed in qatar. -- taliban took control has landed in qatar. kabul airport is operational and it is up to other airlines to decide whether to use it or not. the first events have been held in the united states to mark 20 years since the 9/11 attacks. remembering at the pentagon in washington to honor victims. it was one of the targets along with the world trade center in new york. attackers flew hijacked planes into the buildings with almost 3000 people killed. more events take place in new york on saturday.
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on the event of the anniversary, the head of russia's domestic intelligence agencies worn the taliban takeover in afghanistan has emboldened extremists and could fuel more attacks against the west. let's discuss with former u.s. counterterrorism adviser in afghanistan and founder of rise to peace, a group which focuses on education to prevent extreme is him joining us from washington. that's extremism joining us -- extremism joining us from washington. has foreign policy in the decade since the attack eliminated the threat from something like this happening again? >> we are doing the same mistake we did in the 90's. when the soviets left afghanistan, u.s. forgot about afghanistan and 9/11 happened.
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today we see afghanistan in the hands of the taliban and no trust in the new partner that will work with the united states to combat terrorism. i see the same scenario in the 90's and this earned situation. foreign policy wise, the u.s. has neglected to understand afghanistan's strategic location and partners in combating terrorism. it is early to see if the taliban can liver with a promise, actions speak louder than words. >> what could the u.s. have done to prevent the scenario? books footprint on the ground -- >> footprint on the ground and keeping a small force in afghanistan because the evacuation was a huge failure. american people, democrats and publicans, it was a bipartisan war and bipartisan public opinion wanted american troops out of afghanistan to end endless wars but not the way it was handled. in order to prevent any future
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9/11 style attack, the u.s. should have trusted partners and a footprint in afghanistan. we have nobody. we have words versus intelligence operatives that could have stayed and work. diplomatically and regional wise, the u.s. could have worked some sort of deal with the taliban come out with the afghan government, that could have stayed and preserved the structure of the afghan government while the taliban are part of it. in reality, everything was left to the taliban. right now, with the u.s. has compared to what they had a couple of weeks ago is words of the taliban. >> obviously the taliban was running the country before the u.s. led invasion and it was kind of inevitable they would seize control again given that there was this insurgency throughout the u.s. operation -- occupation of the country.
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they might not be a trusted partner but is there not technical cooperation between the u.s. and the taliban? >> we see reports, we see secretary lincoln express -- blinken express happiness for them to leave and the flights to qatar. the former u.s. official, a representative for anderson, he had meetings and they were trying to counterterrorism. this is what the u.s. wanted in 2001. they had a trusted partner, a strong institution. the intention was good, but the way it was handled, the strategy, the lack of strategy failed the united states. as of now, as i said earlier, in his words of the taliban versus action. under taliban control, 13
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american marines died. i since exploded the bomb at the airport. their actions will deliver whether they can be trusted or not, but when it is -- comes to isis and others in afghanistan, we need to look into it. whether the taliban are going to be able to prevent them from making their way to central asia. they're focusing on muslims in central asia. there are a lot of allies in the region. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> a congolese nobel peace prize winner is calling for an international court to investigate crimes in the democratic republic of congo. he says impunity for brutal crimes is entrenched and locals are living in fear. it is estimated more than 120
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armed groups operate in eastern provinces. catherine has this report from where the government is struggling to disarm, demobilize and reintegrate thousands of fighters. >> and checkpoint on the way to this province tells you you are entering the territory of a rebel, the patriot resistance front. they hold an area rich in gold and collects tech -- taxes from a busy road. at the headquarters, estate of emergency declared by the government in may and the truth they made to s truce they made to keep the peace. >> we are using these rules to protect our population. >> they are also eager to display forces. they tell us these fighters are only a fraction of those in their ranks.
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>> this is one of the oldest rebel movements here, controlling a huge territory. one of the former leaders has served jail time and an international criminal court for crimes against humanity. the new leaders want to change the faith of the group. they want to lay down their arms but they also want amnesty and to be reintegrated. rfpi was among the first armed groups to sign a peace deal with the government and agreed to a reintegration program which has largely failed. those involved in the new process save thousands have surrendered but the challenge is how to have them reunite with the community. >> we know what came before. please, there is not going to be amnesty. this is one key element. there is not going to be reintegration within the security forces.
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further containment, and has to be as short a period possible so they have to be ready for the containment to be a very short time because the reintegration piece within the community is almost -- the most important. >> some are nervous about new conditions. >> if the government wants to change anything in our previous agreements it will require everyone with whom we signed to come back and explain clearly the changes, especially where it concerns us. >> a dozen armed groups terrorize villagers here. people are worried they are arming the rebels again and their problems will only get worse. >> if the government do not agree with the rebels, we are afraid they will go back to the forest and start terrorizing us again. >> the fighters don't want to
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have to return to the trenches but any plan to disarm them has to be agreeable. catherine, in the democratic republic of the congo. >> still ahead, nicaragua orders the arrest of one it's--of its famous writers as the president crackdown on opponents ahead of the november election. an epic blow to the world's most valuable company which could alter the digital economy, and in qualifying for the italian -- a response from an unwanted mercedes driver. ♪ ♪ >> thank you for joining, we have had another wildfire this time in southern spain, hundreds
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of people forced from their homes and hundreds of firefighters trying to contain the flames. this area has not had a drop of rain in three weeks. the dry conditions will persist on saturday. we do have the run of rain, we will call it barcelona through valencia on saturday. storms transferring from here through the mediterranean, slamming southern italy and a risk of flash flooding. her turkey, dust for turkey, sunshine saturday with a high of 24 agrees, dust degrees, a high of 35 here, still good -- degrees. a high of 35 here, still good. in the west, an abundance of sunshine, unsettled toward scandinavia and the baltic states. in africa, some big storms leading up, guinea, senegal,
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toward the atlantic. that is something to watch and some wet weather as we look toward nigeria. lagos has a high of 31 degrees saturday. see you soon. ♪ >> circumstances push us forward. let us step into uncertainty and experience the happiness of the moment. let us persevere. the fourth al jazeera international film festival in sarajevo and online from the 10th to the 14th of september, 2021. >> and out taking of what used to be pristine forests where trees stood tall and chimpanzees roamed. four years ago, the government in sierra leone used to band on the trade -- ban on the tra,
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which opened a floodgate of uncontrolled illegal money. this is the home toore than 5000 western chimpanzees. many are found in the low mountain ridge and they are far from safe. conservationists are under pressure to save them after the return of poachers. ♪ ♪ >> lebanon finally has a new government in place. the prime minister the out -- vowed to save the country and has to deal with an economy that collapse. israeli police have caught two of the six palestinian prisoners
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who escaped a jail on monday. escapes set off a men across israel and the occupied west bank. west african envoys have held talks with guinea. the proposed president as well and they demanded his release. the french quarter dust court has charged -- court has charged them about handling the pandemic. he is under investigation for endangering the lives of others. he was resigned weeks after he resigned weeks after the first case. she wants the opportunity to explain herself and expose the truth. prosecutors said there was no ground to charge him -- her with a second offense of failure to stop a disaster. >> the former health minister placer investigation under her
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handling of the covid crisis in france. she faces allegations of endangering people's lives for things like not having an adequate stock of masks, protective equipment, mixed signals in communication when asked the public should wear them. and not putting restrictions in place soon enough, particularly on travel. the french government has been under scrutiny over the past months for its handling of the covid crisis but she has become a symbol of that. in january, 2020 when the first covid cases were being registered in france, she sent publicly that french people have little to worry about because it was unlikely the virus would contaminate many people. one month later she quit the health ministry to run for mayor of paris and gave a newspaper interview in which she said france faced a tsunami of cases,
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contradicting her earlier public statements. this comes as part of a larger, wider inquiry being carried out by our limit into the french government's handling of the coronavirus crisis. now the question is whether or not other ministers might find themselves also in front of magistrates, the french health minister had his offices raided a few months back in connection with this inquiry. you can imagine many ministers are wondering whether anyone in government will be next. >> the republican party is saying it is threatening legal action against the biden administration over new rules on vaccinations including mandatory jobs and testing for some people with this -- jabs and testing for some who don't comply. president biden has been running
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a school in washington and urging parents to get kids vaccinated. los angeles is the first major school district make vaccinations mandatory, those 12 and above have until january to get their shots. pres. biden: i'm so disappointed that particularly some republican governors have been so cavalier with the health of these kids. so cavalier with the help of their communities. -- health of their communities. this is not a game and i don't know of any scientist out there in this field that does not think it makes considerable sense to do the six things i suggested. >> the cdc says a new study evaluating covid cases from april to mid july shows the impact of coronavirus vaccinations. >> looking at cases over the
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past two months when the delta variant was the predominant variant in this country, those who are unvaccinated were about four and a half times more likely to get covid over 10 times more likely to be hospitalized, and 11 times more likely to die from the disease. >> over the past year or so as lockdowns came into force around the world, there was concern it could become too much for people suffering with mental health problems. data so far shows there has not been a rise in suicides worldwide since the start of the pandemic but many are struggling. in the u.k. last year about 13 people took their lives every day and as jessica oldman reports from -- baldwin reports from liverpool on suicide prevention day, there is a push to understand why. >> rose patterson had it all. a big job, she raised three
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children, had grand children, all appeared wonderful. but she had a hidden sadness and in june, 2020 could not bear another day and took her own life. her husband, a longtime member of parliament, has become an advocate for suicide prevention. >> it is important to talk so that people are looking out for who might be anxious, i wife was anxious, i would not call her depressed. they might be in real trouble and to talk before they take this permanent step. >> while there have been thousands of individual tragedies this, early statistics show no spike in suicide rates during lockdown. researchers leave the increased anxiety and fear of the pandemic was offset by protections. people talking about mental health, family friends and neighbors more alert to warning signs and checking in on people to provide support.
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also more and more charities are stepping in like this one in north london. the only residential suicide respite center in the u.k.. staff welcome figures but warned that rates could rise. >> when there is a collective emergency, a collective crisis, is there a sense that you are not in it on your own, we are in it together, the social cohesion effect. that is his ear -- a theory and we will have to see if that bears out. >> they can be found on an app listing mental health resources by neighborhood, the brainchild of a liverpool standup comic who tried to take his own life eight years ago. >> charities are being created because with mental health awareness going up people are more aware they can take action and there is power going on.
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>> one in four experience mental health issues each year. >> training on how to spot warning signs for suicide and what to say. >> teaching, getting the word out. many know it is ok to ask are you thinking about suicide? mental health professionals say that is the only way to break the stigma and try to prevent someone from taking their own life. jessica baldwin, al jazeera, liverpool. >> the woman who has accused prince andrew of sexual abuse have served papers. they launched the civil case against him earlier this year. legal documents had to be delivered before the case could proceed and they were left with a police officer at prince andrew's webs -- prince andrew's residence. they deny all claims. the government in nicaragua has
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ordered arrest of the highest profile target in its pre-election crackdown. a warrant issued against former vice president and novelist ramirez who was once a staunch ally of the president daniel ortega but has joined the list of high-profile figures who have been detained or gone into exile in two months. lucien newman -- lucia newman has more. >> -- already in prison, an arrest warrant against nicaragua's most prestigious poet and novelist should not be a surprise but it did. 79-year-old was the president's right-hand man and vice president in the 1980's. but like many of ortega's former comrades, they accused him of having turned into a dictator.
5:43 pm
ramirez responded to charges of instigating hatred and money laundering to divide -- divert funds on his twitter account. >> dictatorships lack imagination, they repeat lies, hatred and whims. they have the same delusions that blind stubbornness of power and mediocrity of those who have the instruments of oppression in their hands and have stripped themselves of scruples. >> while he is an outspoken critic of ortega he has not been a key player against him. those changes have been the younger generation. many thought he would not be included in the government crackdown. or to go and his wife, the vice president, or running for another term almost unopposed in november's upcoming presidential elections. their most competitive opponents have been jailed or disqualified.
5:44 pm
it will be ortega's fourth consecutive term if he wins. the presidential couple accused terrorists and the united states are trying to destabilize nicaragua, central america's purest e-sports country. -- poorest country. >> in 1977 family accused me of the same things when i was fighting against that dictatorship. >> they have been targets of international criticism after the arrest and forced exiles. ramirez is likely to remain abroad to escape arrest, saying his weapons are his pen and his words and he will not be silenced. al jazeera. >> to report back between one of the world's most popular games and the most valuable company on earth, a judge has ordered apple to stop interfering with developers who wish to take payments outside the app store, one of its biggest money makers.
5:45 pm
apple takes a cut of up to 30% of in app purchases and have banned developers to directing buyers to external payments. epic games, the makers of fortnite, played by 400 million people. they launched their own payment system and took apple to court but they did not come out a winner. they were ordered to pay apple $3.7 million, 30% of the revenue it collected while violating apple commissions. apple insisted its fees are fair given its investment in the iphone which are niche products even though more than one billion people have one. joining me from london is a global editor and chief -- editor-in-chief. tell us about the significance and what it means for apple.
5:46 pm
>> apple is calling this a win because it is saying of all the claims that could have been upheld, many of them were nothing, it is not been dubbed -- it has not been forced to sideload its apps, the app store itself under severe problems which would cause a lot of problems for revenue for apple but it does mean they have to make changes in terms of directing consumers to where they can save money, use different payment systems men apple offers themselves. it means the consumer is going to have a headache in terms of deciding what is best for them. >> what does it mean for developers? you're saying it is important the ruling stops short of saying apple is a monopoly. how much of a victory is it for the developers who are sick and tired of apples control over its apple -- app sotore? >> i would not call it a victory because many of them want to say
5:47 pm
rather than apple taking huge cuts of profit, we want to say will we have a better value for users, and take that ourselves. they -- but hasn't changed. if they do wish to have enough purchases or etc. that can be directed to another website but it adds complexity to the user. it's unlikely everyone is going to adjust dust jump to a new way. -- jump to anyway. >> we know the app store is a major contributor to apples growth and profits, but it is very vague precisely howuch it contributes. >> apple doesn't always give line by line in terms of venue itself. the reason being fed apparently it is too difficult to
5:48 pm
understand. many apps are doing different things, across different nations. it's quite difficult to work out exactly what it is. it is hard to work out why there can't be more clear numbers but it is a huge number and apple speaks how much it has paid out to developers. you can extrapolate how much they are making given it takes 30% for most apps. it is surprising it does not give an exact number of revenue. hugs appreciate it, the global editor in chief -- >> appreciate it, the global editor-in-chief. time for sports. >> the liverpool manager has criticized the fez plans to hold a world cup every two years and saying there -- because plans to hold a world cup every two years -- fifa's plans. >> we know why it is happening.
5:49 pm
other people say it's about giving countries opportunity, why there are more people -- teams in the world cup that can play the world cup, but in the end it is all about money. >> i don't know how, but it should be found a compromise to have less games and higher quality, to protect the players. >> somebody has to start understanding that without the players, most important ingredient of this wonderful game, we cannot play. >> if the idea is well thought through and they can -- maybe they did present it, i did not hear it, but i have not yet made my mind up. >> chelsea and liverpool are among five premier league teams affected by a fifa rule that
5:50 pm
could leave them without players this weekend. they blocked brazilian players for traveling for the world qualifier and brazil asked the governing body to have a band. that's been -- ban. a decision is yet to be made. >> the premier league committee, the people now -- after that everyone goes with what is best for themselves. we will wait what premier league said. >> fifa is the governing body of football, so we expect answers from them that can tell us what we should do because it is not only us, all of the clubs in the premier league. >> one player who will get some action this weekend is cristiano ronaldo. he will have his second try
5:51 pm
against manchester united but they would not reveal -- he played the full 90 minutes in portugal and since tuesday, his arrival has raised expectations. >> him coming back in, just the way he has conducted himself is weak, he has come in and of course we know what he is achieved in his career, best this week, he has come in of course we know he has -- this week he has come in of course and we know he would he has achieved in his career. that's what he demands of himself and everyone else would has been great. >> in tennis, he booked a spot in the u.s. open final after beating a canadian in straight sets. the russian world number two reached the decider two years ago.
5:52 pm
novak djokovic will continue his bid for a 21st major title and taking on an olympian thessalonica chevy and. -- an olympic champion. ranked outside the world's top 300 but now she is in the u.s. open final and has made it there is a final. the british player will play against a canadian teenager who has described the last two weeks in new york as magical. >> it means a lot to be in this situation. i wanted obviously to be playing grand slams but i didn't know how soon that would be. >> not only was my run good but the way i'm playing right now, having fun, trying to produce something for the crowd to enjoy. >> to be in a grand slam final at this stage in my career, i have no words. >> it is possible.
5:53 pm
my dad would tell me all the time not there is no limit to my potential to what i can do. >> i was born in toronto and she was canadian, so we made a relationship back then but now -- then i played her at junior wimbledon but since then we have both come far in our games and as people, so i'm sure it is going to be extremely difficult -- different from when we last encountered each other but we both play a good match. >> days after he announced to is being replaced, he has found fun at the formula one italian grand prix. he went fastest to beat his teammate to the top spot for the sprint race which will determine the race on sunday. regardless, he will start from
5:54 pm
the back of the grid after taking penalties for engine changes. as for the championship leader, he was third and friday -- in friday's session. >> it has been stronger than we expected so far this weekend and hopefully it will be the same. >> he did a great job at the end. he was good, i just struggled. >> i was happy when i heard i was there because i was struggling with balance but we recovered quite well and it would have been unrealistic to hope for more. >> the head of england's cricket borders called it a sad day for test cricket after the fifth match with india was canceled friday hours before it was due to start. that was because of a covid-19
5:55 pm
outbreak in the india camp. he tested positive last week and another member of the back room tested positive. india had forfeited the match but that was later retracted. >> at this point we are looking forward to making sure we can reschedule this notch in the near future. -- match in the near future. whether the series is completed now is effectively whether that fifth match is void, whether it is regarded as something else, i don't know. >> boxing legend has warned his opponent he will be in trouble on saturday. 58-year-old is stepping back in the ring after 10 years as a replacement for oscar de la
5:56 pm
hoya. he is 19 pounds heavier than his opponent. an added twist to this right, former president donald trump will have commentary alongside his son donald junior and he called into a press conference to trash talk the current president. >> if i had to box somebody, my easiest bite would be joe biden -- fight would be joe biden. very quickly. i would like to take in behind the bar, he would be in trouble. i think biden would go down in the first few seconds. >> he is never short of things to say, could be some interesting commentary for that fight. >> thank you, gemma. that is it for the news hour but i will be back in a couple of minutes with a full listen for
5:57 pm
you, stay with us. bye for now. ♪ ♪ >> one of the world's most powerful and dangerous criminal enterprises central to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people and behind the deaths of many more. exceptional access to some of its key players reveals the inter-workings of an organization known to many as the blood alliance. inside the cartel, part one of a
5:58 pm
two part investigation, people in power on al jazeera. >> with more than 200 million cases of covid-19 worldwide, governors -- governments battling fresh waves of the virus and new arians. >> there has been a surge in back -- vaccine appointed's. >> from the human cost you more, al jazeera brings you the latest on the pandemic. >> officials have vaccinated more than 1100 people here all of them migrantñçw;w;w;w;w;w;w;ñ coming up, onamerica reframed:
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