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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 21, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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cohen.come to paris, i'm r the white house says a phone call from biting to mccrone will happen soon. -- macron will happen soon -- biden to macron will happen soon. we have analysis and reaction throughout the program. an attempted coup blocked in sudan. the secretary-generahas condemned all links to the former authoritarian leader of sudan. europe's highest court has ruled that russia is responsible for
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the murder of a former kgb man who died that was slipped into his tea. the verdict supports that of a british court. this is live from paris. ♪ >> thank you very much for being with us. joe biden took to the lectern to make his first speech to the u.n. as u.s. president and told the u.n. that the u.s. is embarking on an era of his words, relent this diplomacy instead of military reactions to world crises, but the context could not have been more controversial, the defense deal where france was stabbed in the back, the words of the french foreign minister himself hanging
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heavy over the proceedings. there he is hanging over the speech. >> in the words of joe biden, the united dates and australia are working in lockstep. he and scott morrison held their first one-on-one meeting on tuesday and the u.s. president was picked to praise the new security ties. >> the united states has no closer or more reliable ally than australia. we can rely on each other and that is a reassuring thing. >> the meeting comes a week after the united states announced it would provide stralia with technology to build a powered submarines, spelling the end for the deal with france for 12 conventional submarines. the two leaders made no mention
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of tensions with france, but said that u.s. and australian values were shared with asian and european allies. asked reaching out to so many others. we share so many like-minded interests. the issues that we discuss in our partnership today really do reach out to so many others. >> paris has made no secret of its frusttion, recalling ambassadors and calling it a crisis of trust. biden has requested a phone call with the french president, but there seem to be no hurry to do so. macron and narendra modi vowed to work together in the indo pacific area. >> all not well in the world of
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diplomacy, clearly. for more analysis of the situation, we have a deputy spokesperson from the united nations and a professor of geopolitics. thank you for being with us. great to see you. the headline was talking about the white house saying a phone call will happen soon. why hasn't it happened already? surely, given the contextf the deal in whatsapp and with the submarine deal, there are words to be had between the leaders. >> we are supposed to be allies. for the last more than two centuries. it's clear for my country, from the french government, even the french -- >> some 600 submarine workers. >> exactly. french expatriates that are
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already now there and even some australian expatriates who are working now and it's very unique. we don't do that between allies. that is coming just at the moments where there is a new u.s. administration. we were expecting something different from the trump administration. so here we have been very surprised. as you just said, we understood that there would be a phone call , but the phone call cannot repair such a blow on this important strategy between france and australia. behind the scenes, the interests of france for this indo pacific region, there are more than nearly 2 million french people
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and we have set up a close relationship with the country region, like australia. the contract has to be taken against the background of the indo pacific and the will of france and of europe as well to be more present in the region, which could be a region of tension. regarding relations with china, we don't have exactly the same i would say background as u.s. versus china. that's not specific to mr. ayden, mr. trump and mr. obama before had the same view about china. in europe we don't see china in such an offensive way, if i may say so. we could play a special role in
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that background, including in the indo pacific region. >> joe biden was talking about relentless diplomacy rather than relentless war, but if you study what he says and what he does, am i right in kind of concluding that there appears to be little difference between the trump administration and the current biden administration in the way that things are being done? i'm obviously thinking of the submarine deal and the way that ance was stabbed in the back and also the way that haitian migrants are being treated on the border between texas and mexico, it seems like something out of the donald trump playbook. >> but regarding international relations, it's a big change with biden. it could be discussed this week in new york, about the iran nuclear deal. on these two topics, we europeans, we french are close
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and special and it's difficult to have a definitive view on the biden administration. we welcome the speech like america is back. if america is back to support these kinds of multilateral deals like paris agreements and climate change and the iranian nuclear deal, that's good news. concrete now in glascow for 2016. and about iran, we are still expecting a breakthrough discussion after the last presidential election. so, that doesn't mean that it's not possible to work with the u.s. in the biden administration. but to say the truth, many french, certainly the french
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government consider it was a bad coup in the friendship. >> i think people have been shocked by it. >> yes, and looking at the european union, perhaps it is another incentive for europeans, some of them shy in that regard, to be more within when they are considering the world order in order to react to the challenges of the world and we are working in that traditional french position to work for more european friendship, differences within the security policies. some of our colleagues believe first in nato. this kind of event, together with what happened in kabul at the end of august, could contribute to better understanding on the french view regarding the necessity for
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europeans to be more autonomous in their way, to behave in the world and analyze a common challenge. to try to act to better protect the europeans against this challenge. mark: indeed, it concerns the whole of that you being sidetracked by this deal. thank you indeed for sharing your analysis with us here. we really appreciate it. thank you so very much indeed. great to see you. we will have more reaction and analysis of events at the general assembly -- between now and midnight, paris time. next, prosecutors and the united kingdom say there is enough evidence to charge a third russian man over the nerve agent attack in england in 2018 and that this attempt on the lives
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of this russian defector and his adult daughter failed to king the -- failed to kill them. they were found unconscious on a bench but a local wom died after fighting the discarded bottle used to carry the nerve agent. three alleged russian agents deny that allegations made against them by the u.k. government and u.k. authorities. the european court of human rights has ruled that russia was responsible for the assassination of alexandra lit bennink out. he defected from russia and was killed in 2006, we send by drinking tea laced with a radioactive isotope. the european verdict echoes the findings of a british inquiry. >> russia, responsible for the death of alexander lit ben yank out, and in issuing the ruling
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the court said that it was beyond a reasonable doubt that the assassination was carried out by two identifiable men acting as agents of the russian state. the wife of the victim brought the case before the work and said that the decision was a great message for the world. >> we have hope to bring people who commitd this crimfor justice to the u.k.. i am sure it will happen. >> he was a former russian spy that became an outspoken critic of the kremlin and the russian president after his defection to england. he fell violently ill in 2006 after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium in a london hotel. the two men with him, former kgb bodyguard and another man denied any involvement in the killing but a british inquiry concluded
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the men liberally poison h, most likely on the orders of vladimir putin. moscow has always denied any responsibility and on tuesday thkremlin spokesperson dismissed the verdict. >> you know, there haven't been results of the investigation so far so it is unfounded to make statements and we are not ready to listen to the decisions. ask at the time of hiseath, the victim was reportedly investigating organized crime and corruption linked to russian intelligence. >> a coup in the sudan put down, led by military officers and civilians linked to the longtime autocratic leader that had been convicted by the international crimin court. the transitional prime minister said that the attempt was the latest manifestation of th national crisis, referring to
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deep divisions during the move to democracy in the coup attempt was condemned a the united nations by the secreta general, urging instead a democratic future for sudan. our specialist on africa spoke to us a little bit earlier. >> i believe that we should take the time of genuine investigation. there are the rumors that the officers were very los to bashir and there are other rumors claiming that, alleging that the coup makers were close to some kind of demonstration in the eastern part of sudan. i think should reflect, analyze, investigate, then we will know. su, the army compared to the vilian ministries, hasn't been purged of the elements linked to the previous regime.
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athe same time, the current situation is mostly positive for the new government. it's not the best moment to organize a coup about what happened. >> angela merkel on the campaign trail, accompanied by her party candidate for her constituency on the baltic coast, as well as the party leader that is looking to succeed her as chancellor. our correspondent, nick spicer, has this. >> trying to stay out of the race in stanback, as you know she is leaving the political stage and has no ambition for a national or international job, one of the first chancellors in surrey to not be voted out of office, she had wanted to stand aside without weighing in.
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given the fortunes of her party falling behind, she made a speech saying that you might have to govern in a coalition you find distasteful if you side with the socialist. reluctantly going out on the campaign trail, trying to have her magic popularity rub off. there are still one in five germans undecided. the christian democratic fell behind but is gradually coming back. they had a miraculous resurrection where they became really becomg a horse race. it's really anybody's guess now and i think they are trying to tip the balance to the last days of the race however they can >>
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-- they can. >> on the campaign trail, angela merkel stepping down after being chancellor since 2005. business, we have a package from kateoody. christmas dinner being affected in the u.k.. >> sounds ominous, doesn't it? carbon by -- carbon dioxide is used to preserve things like ham and turkey. they were left with a shortage of co2. monday the government pledged not to let high energy prices lead to a power outage. they had pledged to avoid major sruptions to the food chain. >> it could affect everything
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from soda to fertilizer dismissed turkeys. a shortage of carbon dioxide serves -- is creating a cascade of supply concerns. boris johnson tried to calm the worries on thursday. >> there are things that we have to fix. the co2 issue is important. and the spike in wholesale prices, we will do what we can to fix that. >> food grade co2 is on hundreds of ducks. it is added to packaging for salads, meat, and more to prevent bacteria growth. the amount the u.k. produces has been cut in half, prompting warnings of supermarket shortages. in the food industry they say that time is running out. >> if government doesn't step in , the pigs in this shed will
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have to be killed on the farm and sent to landfill, which is middle to me. >> we have 45 days left use the production by 10%. >> of britain has struck a deal with an american company to restart production of carbon dioxide after gas price forced it to halt operations they say energy prices also have to be stabilized the shelves stocked. >> a looming default by ever grand is still causing mold -- still causing jitters after the worst selloff since may, finishing slightly below the flat line, the nasdaq with a small gain, keeping a loci on the federal reserve kicking off a two day policy meeting and major indices managed to recover from losses in paris and frankfurt, closer to 1% in
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london and milan. universal music shade the debut in the stock, shares soaring on their first day of trading with our largest listing of the year. earlier i spoke to greg, a senior market analyst about why global markets are so worried. >> they are one of a number of stories concerning investors right now, very much at the front in recent days, not alone in creating these jitters, making people nervous, surely because of its size. $300 billion in debt is no small number, meaning there will be a number of banks and investors exposed to it inside and outside of china, not to mention the enormous number of people in lloyd as a result of that company and other firms close
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lied as well. the ramifications of something severe happening to it will be quite widespread within china itself with credit conditions there as well. people are watching the story closely and as is so often the case, some of the implications of a collapse clear, but there are ways in which it is no so there. making investors nervous. >> google is purchasing more office space in new yorkity for about $2.1 billion. the most offensive real estate deal in america since the beginning of the pandemic coming despite the fact that any new the mayor of new york city
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welcoming the announcement as part of the comeback from the ben emmett, tech companies -- pandemic, despite this trend to working from home. >> they say that if you invest in bricks and mortar, you never lose money. also there are talks of turning empty offices to places for people to live. bottom line, identifying all the trends there. kate on the money with the business. let's cross the studio. james is waiting with truth or fake. take it away, sir. >> we are looking at content circulating online in russia. the authorities in the run-up to the election said that there would be a lot of fake videos circulating in the aftermath. this will not be a fraudulent election.
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that is convenient if they can demonsate nadir what they have first, which was the claim. the observers managed to get in toh with one person participating in this video here . wh you can see is a guy at a voting center in western moscow, a representative of e of the candidates in the election. open t doors, they say, representatives of the candidate. he is allowed to go in and check on the provenance of the vote counting. there were several videos that went online, saying why are we
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not being allowed in? they are saying the same thing. one of our journalists contacted the guy in this video and legally we can now make a demand for a recount. this is a video that verifies the indication on the specific activity. there's more circulating, these are parts of dozens of videos circuling online. this was shared by the communist >> what's the implication here? >> this appears to be ballot boxes stuffing. >> it certainly seems to be people stuffing something that looks like ballots into a ballot
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boxes. this scene, what's this one? >> this woman appears to be blocking with hebody what's going on in the background. there does appear, if you scrutize it, to be a hand coming in behind her, putting boats into the boxes. it was chaired by the well-known media. there is a third video. >> could that be someone actually voting? >> it could be, we don't know. look at this, people saying voter fraud. >> 730,000 views. it's actually hitting someone's target. >> definitely. this third one was shared by
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online media and was just as critical in its orientation wit a piece of cardboard in front of what's going on behind.o hide we don't know. it's a caricature of fraud. is it what it claims to be? is it something being made to appear like that? >> i have done a bit of filming in russia and being in some buildings that were falling down , and i'm trying to balance this. >> maybe it was alledge? >> it does look suspicious. >> the authority said look, this is the kind of stuff that's going to circulate, don't believe it. then you have videos like this being shared the same believeth.
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>> a classic counter. don't believe something that actuallyay be the truth. >> leaving you with one more video, let's just roll these pictures. what happened on saturday was the electoral commission. can we see the pictures of the electoral commission? they showed a video claiming to be police going into, here, with comp and ceremony, the commission saying look at what happened here. we broke up based vo where fake news was being fild, where they had voting boxes and photos of navalny. this was all fake. quicy, the bbc, the russian language service managed to do facial recognition on the video to detect there were two actors that participated in it. they were contacted by bbc and they told us yes, they were asked to participate in filming
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a scene. we cannot conclude anything 100 sent, but it does seem that they may be filming scenes of fraud to accuse the opposition of filming scenes of fraud. >> that's doublespeak. kafkaesque, indeed. truth or fake. kate with the business, always the truth and me, i try to keep it straight down the middle. more to come, live from paris. ♪
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♪ amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> i believe this is a moment of potentially great change. this is our moment to get working people back in the economy. this is our moment to prove to the american people that the government works for them, not just for big rporations and those of us at the very top. amy: psident biden's domestic agenda in


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