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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  September 22, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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billion more covid vaccine doses for developing countries but it will be months before they receive them. >> for everyone shot we have administered to date in america, we have committed to do three shots to the rest of the world. >> this is al jazeera live from london. coming up, a telephone call eases strained relations between the u.s. and france. macron agrees to send his ambassador to washington. stepping inside in notorious
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afghanistan jail. former prisoners say they were tortured by u.s. soldiers. destroying everything in its path, a 12 meter wave of lava advancing on spain's island. the united states will donate half a billion more doses of the pfizer vaccine to developing nations. joe biden made the pledge at a virtual covid-19 summit on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. this will see the u.s. commitment on vaccine sharing exceed one billion doses. president biden saved -- says they will be shipped by this time next year. >> accompanied by his u.n. ambassador, president biden launches an unprecedented virtual covid-19 summit. he is joined by leaders from around the world to discuss among other things, the vaccine
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gap between nations, the global shortage of oxygen, and the ways in which richer nations can help the poor. they use it -- the u.s. has distributed 100 60 million doses of vaccine to 100 countries, and more is to follow. >> the united states is buying another half a billion doses to donate to low and middle income countries around the world. this is another half billion doses that will all be shipped by this time next year. it brings our total commitment to come of donated vaccines to over 1.1 billion vaccines to be donated. put another way, for everyone shot we have administered to date in america, we have committed to do three shots to the rest of the world. >> all on the call agree that fighting the pandemic is a global rather than national issue. amidst pledges of help, the reality check by the south
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african president. >> around 6 billion vaccine doses administered worldwide, only 2% of these have been administered in africa. a continent of more than 1.2 billion people. this must be unjust. and it also is immoral. >> world leaders pledged to vaccinate at least 70% of the world population by next year. as the president pointed out, it is now september, and not even 10% of the target has been reached. this, despite the apparent awareness that nobody is safe unless everybody is. still echoing the bleak message from the u.n. secretary-general in his opening address to the general assembly, the world is on a precipice.
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>> france will send its ambassador back to the united states after leaders of both countries discussed steps to amend diplomatic ties. after speaking on the phone, macron and biden agreed consultation could have present -- prevented a diplomatic row. the deal between the u.s., u.k. and australia included plans for submarines, which canceled a 40 billion dollar contract australia had with france. biden and macron will hold talks in europe in october. >> there were ongoing discussions at a variety of levels between the united states and france so the possibility of a meeting was something that was naturally discussed in advance, but also natural for the president to raise that and discuss it at the leader level. in terms of the tone of the call, it was friendly. it was one where the president is hopeful this is a step in returning to normal, in a long,
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important, abiding relationship the united states has with france. >> are white house correspondent has more on the phone call and how the rift between the u.s. and france began. >> they found out about it almost the same time you and i did and that was something that didn't sit well with the french president. as a result, furious, he withdrew his ambassador from not just the united states, but also australia. and really sought clarification about the relationship between the united states and france moving forward. that is exactly what we understand the phone call was really about. it was at the behest of the united states, and we understand emmanuel macron was not in a big hurry to take the phone call from joe biden, but we now have a readout of what was discussed in the last few hours. it is clear there was an effort by joe biden to repair some of the damage was done in terms of
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that secret negotiation, and the announcement there would be a selling of nuclear technology and nuclear powered submarines to australia that will come from the united states, the united kingdom, and really, ditch the agreement france had to power or supply diesel powered submarines to australia. given the fact that this is an expensive deal, you can understand why he was frustrated. what really was discussed is how they move forward from here. we know from the readout that the u.s. president reassured emmanuel macron that the united states is a reliable partner and conveyed there would be ongoing communications in the future with regard to security. the readout also underscores that the united states sees french and european allies as being important when it comes to security in the indo-pacific
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region. >> the u.s. will provide more than $330 million in humanitarian and economic aid to venezuela. the assistance will support millions of vulnerable people. 85 .7 million venezuelans have sought refuge in 17 countries across the region. the announcement was made shortly after president maduro demanded sanctions against his country be lifted. >> we will call for, indeed, demand that the criminal sanctions imposed on the venezuelan economy and society by the united states and the european union be lifted. our demand is morally just. and we are making it on behalf of 30 million venezuelan men and women. ♪
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>> sudan's military leaders blamed tuesday's coup attempt on politicians they share power with. they say they have turned a blind eye to what people need . the deputy chairman of the sovereign counsel made the comments during a news conference. 21 officers and several soldiers were arrested and questioned following the attempted takeover. the group trying to take control of several government institutions, including state tv and radio stations. >> we address you today as we live through a dire moment in our history. we have helped the transition would bring a better future. we have followed the failed coup attempt of yesterday and we have managed to arrest perpetrators without any losses. this is not the first attempt on my as we have foiled many in the past. we have the right to ask for a
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reason for these repeated attempts. it is the politician who turned a blind eye to the people's needs and busied themselves fighting for power and competing for control. this created anger among the common people, who are struggling daily for food, water and medicine. >> the military reiterates, since they announced they are in control of the situation, they have said their role is to preserve the security and stability of the country. they have been accusing political parties of not focusing on what is happening in the country, rather being focused on power and positions in the government. let's take a look at the makeup of the transitional government. we have the sovereignty counsel, made up of five military members , six civilians nominated by the ruling coalition of political parties than you have three members of the armed groups that signed a peace agreement with the sudanese government in
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october last year. on the other hand, you have the executive branch, headed by the prime minister, who is a civilian, and has cabinet members from various political parties and armed groups, as well. it is those two councils or cabinets that make up the current transitional government. there has always been a war of words between the sides, tension between the sides. when i say the two sides, the civilians in the military. the military has been accusing the civilian components, especially the political parties, of being focused on getting position, clinging to power and they are not focused on the issues the country is facing like high inflation and market prices, and the fact that many basic commodities and services are unavailable to people who live below the poverty line. that is something the military has been repeating. when you look at the civilian component, especially the coalition of political parties currently running the government, they say the military has been trying to hold onto power and has been unwilling to let go of some of
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the resources they control like the gold mines and the companies under control at the moment. >> the president has given himself extra powers, including rule by decree, and says he will no longer observe all parts of the constitution. a statement from the president's office says he has -- will form a committee to amend the political system. the parliament will stay frozen. the president sacked the prime minister and assumed control in july in what rivals say was a coup. he is a former minister for youth and sport and a member of the executive committee of a political party. he believes the president's actions amount to a coup. >> he has put himself in total isolation. he has isolated himself from the legislation, from the constitution. he is even referring to the
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constitution while in a total contradiction. right now we are in a coup d'etat, with no civility. the political community and international community need to be aware that there is no way of interpretation. this is a coup. >> still to come, after 16 years, it is time for change in german politics. finding a replacement for angela merkel has left officials scratching their heads. >> i met the motor show in michigan where ev's are big news . the u.s. may be facing tough choices when it comes to meeting its ambitious targets. ♪
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>> lots of dry weather around australia, thanks to high-pressure that remains in charge. the warmest september record -- temperatures on record, 38 degrees on tuesday but it has come down in the early 30's and there will be plenty of sunshine around. as there will be for western areas of australia, with perth seeing dry weather. a brisk wind blowing as we go towards the weekend, but unsettled weather southeast. a cold front moving through has brought snow, heavy rain and cold winds parts of new south wales and victoria erie look what it does to the temperature in sydney. it has come down and up. we will have plenty of sunshine coming through friday, but it will dip down again as we go into saturday.
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as we moved to the tasman sea and new zealand, looking wet and windy for the north island. weather systems pushing in are going to sweep east and it will clear up by the time we get into friday. a bit of a wintry mix will sweep up the south island and the temperature in christchurch will sit at 20 with plenty of sunshine coming through. that is your update. ♪ >> the world's lungs are being seized. the amazon rain forest is diminishing at a rate of two football pitches per minute to meet the insatiable appetite for logging, mining and farming. thousand -- as bolsonaro's government seeks to relax laws, indigenous communities o the brink ofxtinction ow it is the fighof their lives. people in power, brazil's amazonian battle, on al jazeera.
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♪ >> the top stories on al jazeera, the u.s. will donate half a billion more doses of the pfizer vaccine to developing nations. president biden made a pledge at a virtual covid-19 summit on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. france will send its ambassador back to the united states after the leaders of both countries discussed steps to amend ties during a phone call. macron and biden agreed consultation before the announcement of a security pact could have prevented a diplomatic row. sudan's military leaders blamed tuesday's coup attempt on politicians they share power
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with, saying they have turned a blind eye to what people need. two decades after the u.s. invasion of afghanistan, former prisoners tortured and abused are able to revisit their jail cells. we have been given access to the now abandoned bagram airbase and prison complex. the facility is where suspects were held sometimes for years without charges or trial. this base is patrolled by taliban fighters. the testimonies may be disturbing. >> they call it little one, or afghanistan's abu ghraib. these are some of the former prisoners heading back. it is not easy to find their way in the early square kilometer town. even the taliban had to stop for directions. once you enter, the scale of the prison complex, which once held tens of thousands of people, becomes evident. building after building, door after door, the men once held
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here remember the humiliation and torture at the hands of u.s. soldiers and fellow afghans. imitating what the guards did, they wouldn't let me sleep, says this man who spent seven years in different cages. he was in physical therapy for extensive torture by afghan and american troops. he says tortured prisoners were hidden in another block away from media and humanitarian organizations until they healed. >> my legs are weekend in pain. they yanked why private parts with a cable. i was bleeding for almost six years. no matter how many times we said we didn't do the crime, they would torture until the prisoners said yes. >> from uniforms to prison cells, inmates have told us this was one of the worst places to have been mentally tortured if they didn't behave well, these air-conditioners would low very cold air during the winter and very hot air during the summer. picked up in a night raid, this
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man remembers the blindfold -- being blindfolded and paraded naked in the early years. he thinks they were fed dog food, smelly meat, as he remembers. >> american girls would come dressed in bikinis to take us to the toilet. we got three minutes for a bath on the girls would watch us. there were no afghan guards. nobody was allowed, not even the red crescent. they made us watch sexually explicit films and we weren't allowed to look away. our interrogations were 10-12 hours. >> rights groups like amnesty international and the aclu corroborated similar testimonies of torture and abuse. in 2004, the u.s. army charged 27 soldiers and personnel with criminal offenses. some for involuntary manslaughter. some prisoners were teenagers. others were brought from different countries. the complex was also home to the
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largest military base, a lifeline for coalition troops in afghanistan. ahead of secretly leaving the base at night, u.s. forces say they destroyed nearly 15,000 pieces of equipment and sent over 700 loaded c-17 aircraft out of afghanistan. scrap is what is left of blackhawk helicopters, generators, and other equipment. the real stain on the legacy is tens of thousands illegally detained without trial. that is how they would wake us up, says this man. >> they knew we would be upset if we disrespected the koran, so they threw it in the toilet. this was a scary place. bagram was a place of utter cruelty and barbarism. >> taliban fighters say they feel happy to be here once again as victors, not captives. some feel the world knew them as monsters, which is how they see their captors.
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>> more than 6000 people have been evacuated from one of the spanish canary islands. a massive lava flow is making its way across the island from a volcano, which erupted on sunday. a wall of lava 12 meters high is heading towards the atlantic ocean at about four meters per hour. it is obliterating everything in its path. firefighters are digging trenches to try to divert it away from houses, but more than 300 buildings have been destroyed. >> this is as close as we can get. these are rocks shooting into the sky and toxic chemicals are being released from the crater. it has been like this since sunday, and at times, the volcanic eruption is intensifying. if you look at what it has done to this landscape, it has
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completely changed. there is a thick blanket of ash, not just on the ground but also in the sky above us. jagged volcanic rocks are choking and filling up the air, forcing spain's authority to evacuate more than 6000 people. from this crater, a thick river of lava is slowly flowing at a rate of 15 meters per hour. once it hits the ocean, it is at -- there will be another explosion and more toxic chemicals released into the air. depending on how the wind blows, if it is going towards the island it could affect the population. they may have to evacuate more people. there is so much left unknown about this eruption. experts believe it could last
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from 25-85 days. no one really knows and that is why so many people are worried. >> sunday, germans will elect a new parliament when chancellor angela merkel steps down. they will have a new leader for the first time in 16 years. her center-right party is the most successful in the history of the republic that it is led by a new face. a decade and a half of steady leadership and growth sustained the party's popularity. now, supporters dipped in opinion polls. they and the central left partner aren't projected to win at combined majority. this could lead to political uncertainty with several parties competing to lead some kind of coalition. >> if there is one place in germany conservative parties could rely on, it is here in
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bavaria. but this person says it is changing. he became the first green mayor of a village near the regional capital, munich. >> people are skeptical about a green party mayor here. they were watching what the green party can do in the countryside, and now some people say it is not that bad. they tell me it is good what you are doing, the new style, more open, closer to the people. >> for decades, the christian social union brought support in this part of germany, taking about 50% of votes in each election, especially among farmers like this man. he still hasn't decided who he will vote for. >> there are many traditional issues for voters. voters say they won't vote for the csu anymore, and i think it is also because of covid but a lot of things aren't working
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anymore the way people want them to. >> the election will mark the end of angela merkel's for -- 16 year tenure. many say it is time for change. the csu is the back phone of angela merkel's christian democratic union. the two parties campaigned together, but finding someone to fill merkel's shoes hasn't been easy. recent polls show the social democratic party is in the lead. many put this down to the csu-cdu candidate who hasn't been as convincing. >> it was focused on the person. we have a strong personalization of this election campaign. what is also new for our political system, because we had for a long time very strong parties, the program of the
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parties was very important. but we see also in this election campaign that candidates, and advantages, and failures and mistakes of individual candidates, made a big difference. >> climate change and social justice have dominated the campaign. some of the cdu votes could go to the green party or the social democrats. >> it is a shame that merkel doesn't want to run anymore. cdu people are a bit unsettled and scared that ang's won't be the same. they shouldn't be. renewal is important. everyone believes that from all parties. it is good to have a new coalition. >> germans are expected to spread their votes among more parties than usual. the election will be followed by coalition negotiations that could last weeks, if not months. it is unclear whether germany's conservatives will be included.
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>> the ukrainian president has promised a strong response after his principal aid survived an apparent assassination attempt. gunshots were fired at a vehicle he was traveling in south of the capital, key avenue. more than 10 bullets hit the vehicle, and the aid escaped unharmed. it is unknown who carried out the shooting. >> what is more important, my close friend was shot at. his life, his driver is unfortunately injured. manhunt is being launched. this is classified as attempted murder. immediately after my address to the u.n., i will go to the ukrainian capital. who is behind this? i don't know. who are these powers? could be internal, it could be external. saying hello to me with shots from the forest at myúoúóc?c?c?■
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