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tv   DW News  LINKTV  September 24, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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berlin. young people return to the street to call for action against climate change. fridays for future has more than 1500 demonstrations and marches a schedule to through the world. thousands took part here in berlin. also, the green party is leading the bulls ahead of sunday's german election. -- the polls ahead of sunday's german election. fresh eruptions from the volcano
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in the canary islands leads to more evacuations as a new vent opens in the mountainside. the volcano throws take, black ash into the air. german president tells the u.s. general assembly of germany's failings in afghanistan and stretches -- stresses his country's commitment to freedom and democracy. welcome to the program. young climate activists around the world have been rallying today, demanding immediate change in environmental policies. students in india gathered on the streets complaining -- complaining that individual action is not enough and never has been. there were similar scenes in
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europe with protesting in the u.k. in nairobi, covid restrictions meant street protests had been banned. this group took to the park. in berlin, protesters had a message. no more excuses. >> wake up and do something is the main message these protesters want to send as the country heads to the polls sunday. tens of thousands took to the street. not all our young people. future demonstrations have been put on hold due to the pandemic. many relished the opportunity to renew pressure on politicians and make sure climate issues are foremost in voters minds. >> the election on sunday will set the course for the future. >> we want to be heard and
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change the system. we needed to get serious about protecting the climate. we need to stop subsidizing call and take roles seriously. >> marchers took their protest to the government corridor. >> greta thunberg encouraged people get out -- to get out and vote in germany's election. she warned that that would not be enough. >> germany is the fourth biggest emitter of co2 in history. for a nation of 80 million people, that is an achievement. germany is objectively one of the biggest climate threats. >> she pointed out that the world handling of the covid
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crisis proved that the world is not treating climate change with the same urgency. berlin's local organizer of the movement echoed her voice of frustration. >> we have seen that we have a lot of active promises that politicians talk a lot about climate politics, but there are no other democratic parties whose program is consistent with limiting climate crisis. >> for people, that is reason enough to keep pushing for change. >> dw correspondent on your coke anya koch was at the demonstrations. anya: i talked to one of the
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german others earlier about this. she said the demonstration today has nothing to do with the elections. it is a strike meant to be worldwide. we are seeing demonstrations in other countries as well. at the same time, it is hard to believe this is not meant to be a signal. the chancellery is a few meters away so it is hard to believe this is not meant as a signal to voters who might still be undecided and have to cast a ballot sunday. >> germans will lead to parliament sunday. opinion polls show the social democrats hanging to a narrow lead. both parties are still comfortably ahead of the greens. all three parties have hopes of getting into government. they held large-scale rallies friday as they made their final pitch to voters. >> it is the final sprint for
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the finish line as germany's political parties try to scoop up the support of any remaining undecided voters. social democrats candidate and leader in the polls own off schulz -- olaf sholz. >> addressing supporters from both parts of the conservative bloc, he sounded confident of victory. >> cdu and csu want to do everything in our power in the next few years to create a good germany, a good europe, and a better word -- world.
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that is why we ask for your trust and i ask for your confidence in becoming the next federal chancellor of germany. >> the green party dropped back in the polls. at her final campaign event in dusseldorf, she stressed her parties environmental focus that said the tone of any coalition government of which -- could set the tone of any coalition government of which the greens are a part. >> to the spd and the conservatives we say, the people are not stupid. we can no longer afford to do things by heart. we need a federal government working for the climate. >> the spd can induce its lead in -- continues its lead in the polls. a good third of those surveyed are still not sure whether they want to vote at all.
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and if so, who for. that means the shape of the government is anyone's guess. spd and conservatives might be able to form a tea party alliance but a three-way coalition could be needed and said, if so -- instead, if so, including the greens. >> after attending the event in cologne. >> i am in cologne where own off -- olaf scholz held his final campaign event. the conservatives have maned to narrow the gap slightly. his message on the stage today in come out every our accounts. he tried to mobilize spd voters. he is aware that many germans are undecided about one in three. that is a particularly low for
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the conservatives, angela merkel party. the party has seea lot of infighting. he is behind in the spd in the polls at this point in time. as for the third candidate from the greens who started off the race as a superstar, she has since slumped. it seems quite tea or she is out of the race for the chancellery itself. but she could still when the greens, the biggest historical result in the parties history. the party has become more mature . out of all the parties in the race it looks like it is the greens that have the highest possibility of actually forming part of the next government. >> we will take a look at other stories making his work. a flaw way -- huawei executive
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stuck in canada is free to return to china. he reached an agreement with u.s. prosecutors to end the bank fraud case against him. the case has soured relations between washington, beijing, and ottawa. a makeshift migrant cap on the u.s. southern border shrunk after authorities increased efforts to remove people. america has deported some 2000 haitian migrants back to their crisis hit country. the u.s. special envoy to haiti resigned in protest describing the treatment as he knew main and counterproductive. >> five mountain climbers died after blizzards on europe's highest mountains, russia's mount air breast. more than one dozen -- mount
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erebus. firefighters were ordered to retreat as a new vent opened in the side of the volcano. residents of three more towns were evacuated. the lava have swallowed hundreds -- has a swallowed hundreds of homes and there are fears it might claim more. >> a new eruptive mass has open on the volcano. there have been strong eruptions through the day felt through shockwaves. that is quite stick -- scary, even for scientists. there are ashes coming down now and rocks. that is why firefighters and security workers needed to retreat from certain areas where they were doing cleanup work and needed to make sure people in
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the area were being safely evacuated. these people do not have much time tpack. it was a relative calm day before. they did not expect it some going to other islands because they have no routes to go. experts say t clouds are as high as four kilometers. the lava currently running through the landscape is set to be 190 square hectors, around 260 six football fields. for people on the island now, moguls, ts is very traumatizing. they see houses being destred -- locals, this is very traumatizing. they see houses being destroyed.
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basically, ripped apart in front of their eyes. >> the tip of the volcano might explode and crumble. what are the fears there? what implications might that have? >> one scenario that might happen if gases and pressures really build, i am not sure that this is likely, but it might mean this would affect the stop of the -- top of the volcano and the speed of the mama. -- of the lava. a police officer evacuating people today said if you do not have a safe distance when this thing comes down, it was -- will sweep away everything and everyone. the worry is on the amount of ashes and rocks coming down and further explosions. scientists are still studying why the explosions have
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happened. they have a few theories, but, they did not want to come forward yet. as the situation gets worse, how are authorities responding? >> they are responding fairly well right from the beginning, they were right on top of the gate. they have been able to evacuate everybody in time. nobody has been hurt. it is material damage. also, there is a lot of solitary among islanders. coming from the outside, donations of food, close, people trying to help others relocate. so, there is something going on on the ground. in a recent element, the local tv station has now said that they are not going to show yours of evacuees anymore this time. also, not of the destruction of home because they know how traumatic this is for the affected. they just want to do this outf respect for the moment. >> thank you for that, dw
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correspondent nicole reese. a day after the catalonian separatist reader -- leader was detained in italy, wanted in spain for his part in the independence referendum four years ago. a hearing will be out in october to decide if he can be extradited. >> he has managed to elude madrid for years. then, as luck seemed to be running out. at an airport on sardinia. >> his lawyer confirmed the former president's arrest late thursday night, saying he was arrested on our viable -- on arrival in. spain accused him of organizing and independence referendum that was declared illegal by spain's
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central government through the country into its worst constitutional crisis in decades. with the result, he and other catalan leaders declared independence from madrid days later. spain responded by charging him and other leaders with rebellion and sedition. he fled to belgium where he ran for election in the 2019 european parliament elections. he wanted a seat there and gained immunity from parler -- prosecution. the european parliament rescinded that immunity in march of this year. a decision is currently under appeal. after his short stay in an italian prison he is again allowed to walk free. his extradition is early october. >> china's evergrande still has not paid international
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investors. and $84 million interest payment was due thursday. the property giant has a 30 day grace period to make a payment before it enters default. it is buckling under the rate -- wake up at $5 billion debt load. -- the weight of its $500 billion debt load. china bad overseas crypto exchanges from providing services to the country. the price of bitcoin fell more than 9% after the announcement as did other crypto tokens. u.s. president joe biden welcome to the leaders of india, australia, to cooperation in the indo pacific region and against china's growing influence. the first in person meeting of the quad will be watched closely in beijing. the german president has been addressing the human general assembly in new york recalling
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recent fall of kabul to the taliban. he described it as a watershed moment and made to case for human rights, freedom, democracy, and diplomacy over military force. >> the mission in afghanistan has failed, but not an idea. my country feels deeply committed to freedom and democracy. perhaps precisely because our german journey there was a long one. of course, we know in reality political systems are never perfect, not in europe, not in america, nowhere. as a result, they cannot be exported, not alone enclosed. -- let alone enclosed. >> what lessons did the german -- german president draw from the 20 nato mission in afghanistan?
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-- the twenty-year nato mission in afghanistan? >> as he pointed out, the mission failed but not the idea. he is talking about freedom and democracy and the lesson learned is those values cannot be exported as a political system. this is probably the major lesson in western allies have learned in 20 years in afghanistan. it now needs a different approach that is more multilateral, more international cooperation. especially looking at the united states, you cannot rely on old partnerships. only germany and europe, therefore, would have to accept more responsibility when it comes to defense and military spending. of course, always, in cooperation with international partners. >> how does the president's appeal for a strong transatlantic relationship balance with european aspirations for more autonomy in its security and foreign policy arrangements? >> if the u.s. comes out of a
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phase of isolationism, four years under trump, and biden is trying too hard -- trying hard to put multilateralism and cooperation back on the agenda. but, the big question the international partners and community have is, how reliable is the u.s.? trumpism is not dead. you might doubt biden. we have recently seen with the diplomatic spat between france and the united states where france was not consulted and essentially overruled with a new defense pact between the united states, austria, and the u.k.. so -- australia, and is u.k.. -- and the u.k.. >> the german president also mentioned china, emphasizing diplomacy over military power. how does he see a row germany
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there? -- a role for germany there? >> germany has always had the role of the negotiator when it comes to china. a less confrontive approach than the u.s. because germany has particular interest when it comes to trade, of course,. his speech at the general assembly was to not point the finger, to not act with a moral authority. because, that will something not work with china. he said it is important to cooperate where it is in the mutual interest. climate change could be one of those fields where both good really but at the same string. at the same time, demand respect for human rights, international law. so, western values. that only works with dialogue according to steinmeyer. >> to south america where wildlife workers are tackling a
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trend -- twin threat. the largest tropical wetland in the world, local aid workers say the ecosystem is under threat, at risk of drying out and facing wildfires. this report contains scenes some viewers may find upsetting. he begins his rescue operations with oranges, taking out lots of them to the pan to now wetlands -- pantanal wetlands. >> most of the eight is provided by volunteers like us. >> his organization has been leading missions for several years now, but the area is drier than ever. the caymans are at risk of dying in agony because water levels are so much lower than normal. nearby, we find a farmers dead
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horse. suddenly, we spot a monkeying thing for food -- a monkey looking for food any the branches. he is preparing water for that he hydrated animals. >> we did not expect to see the monkey here because it is so dry and the trees hardly have any fruit. we put out some melons and oranges for him. >> this camera will record video of the animals. not far, two giant auditors. they too are trapped -- two giant auditors --otters. . they too are trapped in a small pond. he and his helpers must continue by boat across the river where there are more animal species than anywhere else in the world. but, these animals are in acute angel. wildfires are spreading everywhere this year. a -- acute danger.
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wildfires are spreading everywhere. this came and was not able to escape. -- caiman was unable to escape. >> i am fighting to keep the pantanal as it was before. >> a water buffalo appears. he is part of this paradise, as is the stork. on the riverbank, the king, the jaguar, on the hunt for water pigs. all of a sudden, just a short distance away, everything is shrouded in smoke. bushfires ignite on the dry, dusty ground.
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they try to smother the flames. our correspondent also helps. the fire even spreads underground. >> there are only three of us. there should be airplanes here, the fire brigade, something, so it does not spread to large areas where the jaguar is. after an hour, we managed to get the fire somewhat under control. for the brazilian government, fighting wildfires and protecting the environment are not a priority. >> our government is not prepared to fight fires like this effectively. the fire brigade often cannot do much. this is very damaging for the ecosystem. >> the fire to destroy everything here unless government services step in. with every passing day, the
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volunteers have less hope for the future of the ecosystem. >> down to a visit to a hospital in chile. these canine companions are bringing joy to patients and overworked health care workers. head patting and belly rubs were top of the agenda. small acrobatic challenges caused giggles. patients who cannot move got furry snuggles in the comfort of their beds area -- beds. they returned the love with dog friendly treats. the friday's for future movement have been holding a glow of -- a day of global demonstrations from new york to new delhi. greta thunberg spoke in bird on calling for action to medicate climate change. -- berlin calling for action to
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mediate climate change -- mitigate climate change. the three main german parties have each held rallies in the final stretch of the campaign. that is that you are up-to-date on world news at the top of the hour. i will be back in a moment to take you through the big stories of the day in "d-day. -- in the -- in "the day." ♪
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>> president biden of japan, australia, and india about countering china's influence in the south pacific. a man is released from a sardinian jail. candidates make their final bid for support ahead of germany's election. angela merkel is urging them


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