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>> welcome to life in paris, world news and analysis from "france 24." i'm marco, these are the news headline, the first-ever female prime minister in an arab country has been named, but how much power najla bouden romdhane will have because president kais saied still has both hands on power. france has honored its latest fallen soldier, 34-year-old maxime blasco was killed in an anti-jihadist operation in mali. france and the u.k. are at loggerheads again over fishing
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rights. crews say the british prime minister for licenses has been broken. ♪ ♪ >> thank you very much for being with us. tunisia this evening boasts the first-ever female prime minister in what they refer to as the arab world. she is najla bouden romdhane, in reality, she'll lead a tunisia government, kais saied keeps both hands on power in opportunist. he has been under pressure since he sacked the last government in july, promising to hold elections, he has international criticism for extending his personal grip on control of the country. the place, don't forget where
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the arab spring uprisings began back in 2011. "france 24" peter o'brien with this. peter: whisked from her life as professor of geo physics, najla bouden romdhane now finds herself in tunisia's second top job. after appointing her, president kais saied welcomed the country's first female prime minister and reminded her that her inbox is already full already. [speaking native language] >> the new p.m. who didn't speak on her first appearance in her new role has worked at the world bank in the education ministry, but aside if that has little government experience. president saied asked her to propose a cabinet in the coming hours or days. he has been under pressure to name a government since july
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when he dismissed the last prime minister, suspended parliament and assumed executive authority in a move that critics called a coup. last week saied extended these emergency measures allowing himself to rule by decree. that means they will likely have less power than previous prime ministers, but neveralless will have to act quickly to secure the largement of debt. it faces a huge financial crisis after the pandemic and political uncertainty. >> peter o'brien with that report. let's get the analysis, a tunisian journalist. this is a historic moment, a female prime ministe in tunisia? >> najla bouden romdhane the first prime minister of tunisia
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and this decision must be celebrated. we are proud and happy with this decision. this is a truly historic decision but at the same time we have mixed feeling because her appointment comes amid constitutional crisis. first of all, this appointment is limited with time, i mean, president saied said today that she will govern only under this exceptional measures period, so the time is limited and also her power is limited because the president gave himself extensive powers according to the decree, he announced on september 22, the president, according to this decree, upon the cabinet, the prime minister and all other ministers. so i think hearing it today, that it might be a topic, prime minister, as she sole limited
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powerith a limited time of ruling. >> a puppet prime minister, the words you say there. the tv appearance as we saw it with the president doing all of the speaking, the new prime minister saying nothing. it kind of suggests that that is how the relationship is going to be, doesn't it? >> maybe, yes. and alsohe communication with the presidency is so difficult until today, for example, president kais saied gave only one interview to th national tv in tunisia. so w are quite anxious becse of this lack of communication and today we are really waiting for the appearance of this new prime minister as its historic female prime minister in the history of tunisia and also we
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are waiting for let's say effective measures. we don't really care who rules in tunisia, but we really care about the decisions we are living under and economic and social crisis, so what most important for us is the decision and the measures and what will happen next. we really need a road map that can fix the political scene in the future, you know, the parliament is suspended and right now we have a prime minister, but we still need to know who will govern for this cabinet of ministers, so well really, we are anxious and let's say we approve and we welcome this decision. >> the arab spring began back in 2011 in tunisia with the overthrow and clearly this was seen as the place where the arab spring worked. now there is a situation where there is another person who seems to have overall control,
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i'm not suggesting it's the same as what happened under the previous president, but in many ways it's looking similar. to people fee this isow things are goio be going forward? >> that's why people are afraid. i mean, when we see the tunisian sweep on saturday, the huge number of protesters, we can understand that the tunisian street is afraid that the autocratic regime may come back as the president gave himself extensive powers, now the executive and legislative powers, we are afraid and are waiting to see what will happen next. the future is unclear. we are waiting and i told you we witnessed what is happening. >> thank you very much indeed
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for bringing us the analysis of this situation, joining us live to talk about the appointment of the first-ever female prime minister, not just in tunisia, but in the arab countries. also fears on the streets and among many people that kais saied, the president who has more or less has a grip on power is going to maintain that situation and we of course are watching for and our correspondents and our team here at "france 24." next, france paying tribute to its latest fallen soldier. a special ceremony took place in paris, 34-year-old maxime blasco was killed on the border of mali, he was awarded a pohumous honor by president macron, 50 personnel have been killed in the fight against terrorism, part of an operation. "france 24" yena lee was at the ceremony.
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yena: a solemn military tribute for maxime blasco has wrapped up here in central paris. his family, his 8-year-old so his partner, his friends as well as his regiment were all present and it was trench president emmanuel macron that led the tributes for the fallen soldier, he was awarded france's highest medal of honor. during his lifetime, he was a decorated soldier. in june, macron awarded him a bravery medal for his actions in 2019 when his helicopter crashed. he was injured and he still managed to save the lives of two of his colleagues. this is the reason why the french press, his family and his peers have been calling him a national hero. it's a title that he didn' particularly enjoy when he was alive. he always said in interviews that he was simply doing his job, but last week, he became the 52nd french soldier to die in the region in west africa
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fighting since 2013. >> yena lee our reporter at that special ceremony in paris to honor the french soldier, maxime blasco who was killed on the border of mali in an anti-jihadist campaign there, part of the operation against terrorism in that region of africa. algeria has summoned the french intror. this follows the french government's pledge to slash the number of visas being made available to nationals. the move is in response to the north african's government to take back illegal migrants sent home by french authorities. so ajeera recalling the ambassador, summoning the ambassador. morocco has already condemned the move. france and the u. conditionaling are at loggerheads again over fishing rights.
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crews who fish near the channel islands, the promise of a license has been broken. a spokesman said the decisions were totally unacceptable and inadmissible and he went to say the agreement via brexit. he is threatened retaliation via brussels. >> an unacceptable decision used by the spokesperson who criticized the british government's decision to only grant 12 additional licenses to french vessels so fish in jersey and guren si waters. these decisions are absolutely unacceptable and outrageous. these are decisions that violate agreements of the brexit deal. the deal isn't being respected. they would be considering retaliatory measures with boris johnson facing a backlash of
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empty petrol pumps that brought chaos across the u.k., fishing permits are seen as another key battleground for the government. 1,700 licenses have been given overall to all types of e.u. vessels. british fishermen have long criticized downing street for giving what they see as too many concessions to foreign fishing fleets. >> it's a little bit of a bias al where we give rights to foreign fleets to continue to take probably about 20 million euros of fish from our waters every year and in return we don't really get anything at all. >> part of the deal does include that after transition period ending in 2026, e.u. fishermen will have to give up 25% of their overall fishing quota. the e.u. commission also weighed in on the argument and said they regretted the issue had not been brought to an end adding they
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would press london for disclosure on the methodology in granting fishing licenses. >> the campaign in afternoon was a strategic failure, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark mille favored keeping u.s. troops there to avoid the collapse of the afghan army and the administration and then the takeover by the taliban. history of course showed that that was what happened. mille has refused to reveal what advice he gave to president joe biden on whether or not to continue with the withdrawal initiated by donald trump last year. there are now fears over toxic gas being formed as lava from the volcano in the canary islands meats the sea. an exclusion zone has been declared two nautical miles around the area. those people that haven't already been evaluated are urged to remain indoors. a commercial flight has landed for the first time since "the
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advocate" erupted 10 days ago. >> this is the moment molten lava from the volcano first spilled into the sea. as it continues to flow into the water, thick smoke rises into the air. residents in three coastal villages have been told to stay at home to avoid harm from the release of toxic gases that can take place in the 1,000 degree celsius lava comes into contact with water. since "the advocate" began its eruption, it has destroyed 600 buildings as it slowlyrept towards the sea. they have yet to rept any deaths o injuries, but me than6,000 people have had to leave the area abandoning their homes and banana antations, even as the eruption shows no sign of slowing down, in some parts of island, the cleanup has begun. >> the ashes reached a meter and a half in height and with the rain, they're like cement and
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this is very dangerous. >> on tuesday, the government released 10.5 million euros in aid for people made homeless. the regiol heastimated last week that th damage to land and property would exceed 400 million euros. >> these images and watching for all developments on that story in the canary islands. time for bids now, kate joins us, i'm pleased to say, good evening to you. starting with the latest to reach global tax agreement, kate. kate: the prime minister has put out a statement, his counterpar from the group of seven have made a lot of progress during talks. he called for them to keep the momentum going ahe of a meeting on the subject next week. now, the working text would establish a global minimum tax rate of at least 15% to be paid by all corporations around the world. the goal is to stop companies and tech giants in particular from shifting their profits to low tax jurisdictions.
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let's check in on the day's trading action, a mixed relatively mutomboed picture on wall street after stocks tumbled on tuesday, the dow jones and s&p 500 closing slightly above the flat line. hoping american lawmakers will avoid a duel fiscal csis of a government shutdown and debt default. the major european indices closed higher, economic sentiment from consumers and businesses in the e.u. rising in september. france and the e.u. are to decide on measures to take against the united kingdom in another dispute over fishing rights. there is anger over the limited number of licenses that have been issued for european fishing boats by both t u.k. and the island of jersey. any retaliation could impact fishing industries on both sides of the channel. about 40% of fish caught by european boats currently comes from u.k. territorial waters. under the brexit deal, that has be reduced to 27% over the next five years, but some 2/3 of
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seafood brought in by british fishermen is then sold to the e.u. and if as the french fishing industry is hoping an export blo indicated were to be enacted, that would have an immediate and severe financial impact on the u.k. long lines of cars are still waiting to fuel up across the u.k. as the petrol crisis begins to ease. plans were in motion to enlist the military and that soldiers would begin delivering fuel within days. the petrol retailers association meanwhile said only 27% of its members reported being dry on wednesday and that the situation would continue to improve. >> we are seeing more deliveries now from the refineries and the terminals and certainly the idea the government has put forrd of introducing drivers as soon ashis weekend we would certainly weome. y additional capacity that can be moved out of of the
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refineries anderminals into our stores underground will be most welcome. kate: moving on to some of the day's other business headlines, $1.5 billion dollars by selling stake in its bank. this is the property giant facing another debt payment of $45 llion. ever granderson missed a payment last week worth morning $80 million. there is no indication that it intends to negotiate with its creditors. rolls royce says all of its vehicle will be fully electric by 2030. the luxury car maker unveiled its first electric model available in it would years time. and united airlines has begun the process of firing 600 staff members who refuse to be vaccinated against covid-19, it represents less than 3% of its u.s. workforce. the carrier has one of the strictest corporate policies on the issue with strictness on medical or religious exemptions, the terminations were a
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difficult decision, but its team safety remained a top priority. air france has taken delivery of it a new airbus plane which it hopes to reinvent its short haul fleet. it's operated by delta airlines and continue to sell well. we have more. >> lighter, quieter, and more environmentally friendly, meet the latest addition to the air france fleet and the linchpin around which the airline wants to reorient it's short to medium haul flights, not the least of meeting its own targets over green emissions. >> it's made of composite materials which allows it to be much lighter. it's really the weight that determines the fuel consumption, immediately releasing our co2 emissions by 20%. >> initially conceived in canada, airbus picked up the
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design three years ago for a symbolic dollar after the north american manufacturer failed to break into the market. air france has already ordered 60 for an estimated $4.7 euros, a huge total and quite the bet for a firm hit by the coronavirus slowdown in travel. this order represents an overall investment of 1 billion euros per year for the group. we have maintained these investments despite the historic crisis we have been through. >> air france losses over 10 billion euros ove the last year-and-a-half with the french government bailing out the airline with the nearly 5 billion euro injection in capital and doubling the state's stake in the company to 30%. on the flip side, reductions with air france in terms of staff and fuel hungry aircraft in its fleet. now it's set to carry the
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airlines hopes forward entering service at the end of october with a flight from paris to berlin. >> that's all for now, mark. >> over already? >> sorry. >> i was enjoying that. great to see you, kate, as ever telling it like it is, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, thank you. talking of which, across the studio, james, truth or fake? >> trying, mark. >> our daily fact checking segment. you're talking to us about a video that is circulating on social media, where else, i ask you, where else, the claim is that the events you're going to show us took place in the democratic republic of congo. tell us more, sir. >> this is the video in question, mark and what you can see when you look at this video is a scene of a j.c.b. crushing a whole load of trucks. it's quite a violent scene and one would question why ts is going on. in any case, if you lk at the gend up here it is happening
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according to jacob in congo and it's -- frenzied effort to stop him from this vandalism are, he is driving the j.c.d., there is fury over the treatment of local workers by a chinese mining company, this is an act of vengeance. you can see on various, well, this has been going on, in any case, if you do reverse image search on it as the observers did, sorry, this is just loading now, excuse that, you will see that in fact the image originated in turkey and if there were scenes in the video, in fact, that showed one of the workers with turkish writing on his back, that set curiosities off and the reverse search demonstrated that the video take place, in ct, in turkey, apologies for that delay in images coming up.
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>> reverse image searches, it's one of these things that people throw into conversations. i don't know how to do one, is it simple? >> nvid uses it. you process it and it will say where that video has appeared previously and give you the links to it. it can help you track back a video to its source. for example, if it appeared originally in publications such as this, cnn turkey played that same video, mark, also this particular video, k.r.t., you can see the same vid appearing here as well. essentially, it was tracked back and the truth behind this story is that it was a boss himself who was furious with collaborators and took revenge in this particular way. it was explained in an article where he penned a letter telling the motivations for it. it didn't take place in congo. >> i can't get in the head space
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of people publishing these things. what is their motivation, i would like to sit down and have a chat with them? >> the context is there are real tension merchandise congo over chinese mining activities. >> that the replicated across africa. >> so it's fertile ground for fake news like that to circulate. indeed, the video, if you look at the actual original video in question, it doesn't take a genius if you're listening to the sound in the background and if you're looking at details such as this, that is turkish writing on the back of this gent's shirt. looking at this video circulating, some of them might have suspected it. it's in the context of protests, recently there were protests in the east of congo over illegal mining activities, gold mining activities in the country. there is an attempt at the moment as well by felix, the president to renegotiate deals signed with china by his
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predecessor where there is a sense china is not honoring those deals in terms of construction projects and what they promised to all of the access to raw materials in congo and congolese workers protesting over working conditions. i'll show you one other video that is circulating a lot as well. our colleagues at a.f.p. fact checking have been flagging this one. there is the accusation or claim that this is taking place in congo. you can see in french and this is just too much by the chinese. so the video in question is pointing the finger ver firmly at china andhe video i pretty gruesome stuff, mark. if you take a look at this here, the video shows, maybe it's worth moving along a little bit. there is a guy, a congress go lease is the claim tied up to a post with his hands tied and in this particular, what is meant to be a chinese operator of this particular mine inhina starts whipping him. it's -- >> this is absolutely awful.
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>> it's horrific stuff. if you actually look at, if you do a reverse image search again and get to where that video first appeared online, it was neighbing rwanda, they're talking how two men were arrested for that and taken into custody in rwanda. the thing is that's just over the border and it turns out that basically the facts were relatively accurate, it's just where it happened was inaccurate. so you can see how fake news can be just degrees away from the actual facts and then very, very far away from the actual facts. both of those videos, even if one was much closer than the other, fertile ground because of the context of protests taking place and growing anger over working conditions for congolese in mines, a lot of frustration at the moment. >> hope people are watching you're saying and listening to what you're saying and taking that advice. it does pay to look at these things with a critical eye and
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assess what it means. sadly, most people flick through it, look at it, like it, spread it and sort of basically disseminate these things. >> already a sense that there are some truths underlying the claims, the risk is that things could blow up all together. this is a real headline. >> that part of the world as you just alluded to, many things going on, a lot of contentious issues and sort of the slightest thg like this could inflame things. >> this was a real headline. >> that's a real one. >> yes. that's what makes the false ones mo credible. >> chinese bringing certain things, bringing money and creating a lot of resentment. the world is coming around all the same and people try to change the narrative to their own advantage. james, thank you for bringing some light into some shady areas there for us.
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james with truth or fake. kate, as ever with the truth, nothing but the truth in the business, great to see you, thanks to you for watching, too, stay with us. aaaaaaa
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