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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 1, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> it is 9:00 him. -- p.m.. on day one of the summit in glasgow, the u.n. says his country is -- india says his country will meet net zero by 2070. that is much later than other countries. a post brexit fishing row does not look to be diffused anytime soon. both paris and london have issued ultimatums. a new law in texas bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and puts enforcement into the hands
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of private citizens. good evening. we begin in glasgow. 130 world leaders are currently gathered for the cop26 climate conference. many common experts billed as a last chance to stop rising temperatures and persuade nations to adopt more ambitious targets. the u.n. secretary general said humans are digging their own graves. here is what he said. >> we face a stark choice. either we stop it or it stops us. it is time to say enough. enough of brutalizing biodiversity.
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enough of killing ourselves with carbon. enough of treating nature like a toilet. enough of burning and drilling and mining our way deeper. we are digging our own graves. >> the u.n. secretary general speaking there. there were signs of finger-pointing at cop26. with island nations urging the president not to put greed ahead of survival. the french president shifted from making promises to taking action. >> there is a lot of expectations riding on our meetings. this harkens back to what happened six years ago. we need to move forward and build an agreement that did not exist at the beginning. there are three main drugs, ambition, solidarity and trust. during the six years, some may have forgotten these vows.
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some held out or doubted but we held firm. the challenge and we will decide whether this is a success -- the challenge that will decide whether this is a success or not his actions -- is actions. >> modi said th his country would reach net zero carbon emissions by 2070. that is two decades later than what scientists say is needed but he did say india would increase the share of renewables into the mix from -- mix to 50% by 2030. valerie has more from wesco. -- glasgow. >> one of the major announcements from the day, world holding its breath, waiting for india's contribution
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and seeing whether they would step up ambition. india is the world's third-largest emitter. they are one of the countries suffering the most from the direct impacts of climate change and they are the largest consumer. one of the biggest consumer of -- consumers of coal. we know what modi said, india's president. the country will reach net zero emissions by 2070. in the short-term, by 2030, they have committed to a 45% reduction in their carbon intensity. they have also said that in the next eight years, 50% of their electricity will come from renewae sourc. analysts say the renewable part of the announcement is a major step forward but they are skeptical on the carbon neutrality target.
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the majority of countries have committed to net zero and have done so for 2050. the u.s., the european union. china has committed to that example. 2070, that is unheard of and comes a lot later than other countries. these are very long-term goals and india is lagging behind other countries. unlike other major economies, this is the first time that china publicly commits to that goal. that is significant. bearing in mind that scientists have been pretty clear about where we need to be in order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. that is reaching net zero by 2050. india is lagging behind but slowly moving in the right direction. >> depending on which ranking
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you look at, some countries are making progress in their efforts to the carbon eyes and become greener. that really depends on which list you look at. let's find out more. >> since the paris agreement in 2015, the goal r countries has been to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius by the middle of the century. only one country has made every criteria to achieve this target. e gambia. thanks to reforestation and solar energy, this small agricultural country is inching closer to its desired co2 reduction levels. hello gambia on the list is the united kingdom. they get a rating of nearly efficient. land --
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for climate action tracker, morocco, costa rica and if your pr moving in the right direction -- ethiopia are moving in the right direction. these positive resultsre insted in recovery in france like hydrogen production -- reduction. the m.i.t. tech review also says that ukraine, norway and sweden are the countries that has made the greatest rise to reduce gas emissions. the global climate policy of each of those three nations is still largely considered to be insufficient. >> boris johnson welcome to the france -- french president to the climate summit in glasgow. both leaders smiled for the cameras but in recent days, there has been in from moneys row -- an acrimonious row
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between the countries. both have struck and uncover my zinc tone -- an uncompromising tone about the fishing row. >> the french have given the u.k. until tuesday to hand license to the french fishermen working in the english channel. with hours to go before that ultimatum, the dispute is not resolved. since the u.k. left the eu, the british dede whore entitled to fish in their waters following negotiation's negotiation in their -- negotiations negotiated in their post brexit negotiations. u.k. authorities haverged ance to retract their threats or face an escalation. >> the french have behaved unfairly. it is not within the terms of the trade deal.
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if somebody behaves unfairly in a trade deal, you are entitled to take action against them and seek some companies that your he -- some compensation measures. >> the british say the only fisherman they turned away lacked the necessary paperwork. for the french, the british are demanding additional documents that small boat owners don't have. bori johnson met with emmanuel macron on the sidelines of the g20 but that talk seems to have worsened the rift between them. >> if the british don't make a move, the measures planned for tuesday onwards will have to be put in place. >> the two leaders insisting they are still close allies despite several recent disputes. they have a few hours to resolve the fishing conundrum. >> it is just after 9:00 in
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paris and the ultimatum was for midnight for the u.k. to give licenses to e.u. fishermen. we heard a male mack brown say that midnight -- emmanuel macron say that midnight deadline was unfair. we have more on those fishing licenses at the heart of this row. >> some boats are still trying to fish in waters very close to the british coast. within six miles of the british coast. if they want to do that, they need a license. to get that license, they have to prove they fished in the same waters in the last few years. the bigger boats that have satellite tracking, they can prove those whereabouts. but it is much more difficult for small boats to do that
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because they don't have the satellite tracking, they have written records. the british authorities are saying sorry but that is not good enough to prove that you are fishing here recently. this is all part of the brexit agreement that was reached last december. this dispute comes from a fairly late concession by the british side to allow some eu vessels to continue fishing very close to the british coast. very incompatible with the whole brexit narrative of taking back control of our waters, our borders and all of the rest of it. it was a concession in order for the two sides to reach an agreement. the british seem to feel that they don't like that part of the agreement so it is a similar story to the northern ireland protocol. britain says certain aspects of that they don't like.
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all of these things were assigned to get the talks over the line in december. >> at least three people are -- have died after a building llapse nigeria's commercial capital is where it happened. there is no clues to what caused the collapse. workers -- construction workers are stuck in the rebel -- rubble. the u.s. supreme court is hearing arguments on the controversial new abortion laws in texas. that law that took effect in september bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and puts enforcement in the hands of private citizens. those challenging the law say that it violates the 1973 landmark case, roe v. wade.
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how this new law came about. >> last may, texas lawmakers celebrated a success in their battle against abortion. the governor signed into law the heartbeat act, banning abortion after only six weeks before most wome know they are pregnant. stopping all abortions, excepting cases omedical emergencies. abortion is a constitutional right since the roe v. wade supreme court ruling that prevents states from banning abortion and early pregnancy. texas legislators found a technique to push through the van -- ban. the state is now the one suing women who terminate their pregnancies. private citizens with no connection to the patients are
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called to sue clinics. if they are successful, they get at least $10,000. texas blues this shows their bill -- believes this shields their bill. >> i think the president has been clear that this bill is unconstitutional. it violates the right to sit and leave abortion established under roe v. wade. it creates a scheme for private citizens to invade that. >> the case is crucial to women and it may impact other constitutional rights as well. the special structure can be used in future laws to strike down the right to free speech or to own a gun. >> that was our will -- our washington correspondent explains what impact this can have on reduction --
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reproduction rhts in t united states. >> this won't lead to the question of overturning roe v. wade. that is the case that gave this right to abortion here in the united states but it could have an effect on how states, especially conservative states decide to handle abortion legislation. apron much clears the path to ban abortions virtually -- it pretty much clearshe path to ban abortions in texas. the position of the supreme court will be extremely important. if they decide to uphold this texas law, it will grant states to go around roe v. wade in order to ban abortions in their state. that said, the first hearing
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that we heard, some of the questions that came u from some of the conservative justices, two of them are nominees from donald trump that would traditionally be against abortion rights. they have signaled some opposition to this law and to the way it cou be enforced. you are seeing those justices, those conservative justices really question this law and how it is enforced. especially one of them, brett kavanaugh, a nominee from donald trump who raised a question about what this means beyond abortions. if this can be done for abortions, may be next up is a liberal state like california. they could write a similar law blocking gun rights and allowing private citizens to challenge anyone who tries to get a gun in the united states.
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conservatives are extremely precise on what they're looking for in this case. >> the world health organization has called on eight agencies to send medical aid to afghanistan. that is where the health care sector is in growing turmoil. things were difficult before the taliban took over. hospital staff are accusing -- are complaini of acute power outages and staff have not seen their salaries in months in some cases. >> this man is the new supervisor of a small district hospital outside kabul. >> he always wanted to be a doctor but he could not afford medical school. he is delighted that the taliban
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has rewarded his service on the battlefield with a hospital to run. but it is not in a good way. there are critical shortages of food, fuel and medicine. first things first, his priority is to file mosque in the courtyard -- phil a -- fill a mo sque in the courtyard. he has also segregated staff by gender and introduced strict rules about signing in and out every day. wages have not been paid for five months. one doctor says they don't have much tories -- choice. >> dramas like this are playing
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out across afghanistan's health sector. the problems that preceded -- have followed after the taliban takeover have started. >> the lebanese foreign minister went to saudi arabia for talks in an effort to diffuse a demand row. he was given 48 hours to leave the country and the kingdom suspended all imports from lebanon. this was in remark -- in response to remarks made by the lebanese letter -- leader. saudi arabia expressed strong opposition to hub villa -- --
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>> talks were called for in saudi arabia to easehe route lebanon's finance minister. he said that -- foreign minister. >> the lebanese information minister is being asked put his patriotic sense above all else to diffuse the crisis with saudi arabia. he has said he won't resign. he argues that the houthi rebels were defending themselves against aggression. they were recorded in august and first broadcast last monday. re-add was infuriated by the remarks. they suspended lebanese imports. on sunday, the saudi foreign minister said dealing with lebanon was pointless.
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there is a crisis in lebanon because of iran's dominance on the scene. this is what concerns us and this is what makes dealing with evan on futile -- lebanon fu tile. >> saudi arabia views this as a terrorist group. the crisis is not just bilateral. three-goal states -- three gulf states have aligned with saudi arabia. >> the algerian president has ordered the country's state energy firm to stop gas exports to spain via a pipeline that goes through morocco. that pipeline has been used for some 30 years. the decision to divert gas exports away from spanish territory comes in the context of growing tipple medic tensions. -- diplomatic tensions. >> from - it is a victim of a
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dip of medic crisis. algeria - it is a victim of a diplomatic crisis. algeria says from now on, it will deliver its gas through an alternative undersea pipeline to avoid morocco. >> algeria will honor its commitments elated to the supply of natural gas iaccordce with the signed contracts between the two sides. >> spain depends on algeria for half of its natural gas needs. this amid growing concern of shortages and soaring energy prices across europe. experts are warning that the undersea line has a smaller capacity than the moroccan one. it offered to ship fight natural gas by sea. the algerian president decided against the contract with
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morocco -- renewing the contract with morocco which expired on sunday. they were accused of hostile actions. in return for the transit of the pipeline, morocco received one billion liters of natural gas annually. it's said that algeria's position would have little impact on the natural gas electricity system. -- on the electricity system. >> this gives him and his party enough seats to contain a freehand in parliament in japan. kishida will pursue defense policies to battle china. will accelerate japan's post-pandemic recovery. he has only been in office for a month and nt stocks surging as
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investors breathe a sigh of relief after this calming effect on japanese politics. these three countries have maintained strict covid containment measures and travel restrictions but with vaccination rates rising in thailand, australia and israel, each country has decided to cautiously reopen. the australian border has been closed for some three months now. >> this mother had not seen her daughter for almost two years. emotions overflowed at city airport as it became the scene of one of the first family reunions as australia closed its borders at the epic of the pandemic. loved ones have split across continents and tens of thousands ternationals are stranded across these. the few people that did gain permission to enter were forced to spend thousands of dollars on a strict quarantine.
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these conditions have been dropped for australians traveling from sydney to melbourne. it is the end of a long wait for these families. >> i have not seen my family for two years. yes, it is very mixed feelings -- it is a very mixed feeling. >> tourists on the other hand will still have to wait unlike in israel where they have been welcomed back as long as fully vaccinated. fully in this case means within six months of a booster shot. a covid test is also required. some fear the rules will keep too many tourists away. >> we are talking about 3000 tourists coming. this country is really thirsty for tourists. 3000 is not enough. >> november 1 also offers array of hope for thailand.
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the return of vaccinated visitors should allow the tourist sector to recover. it accounted for a fifth of the country's economy. >> in paris, the emergency measure that gave cafe and restaurant owners the right to expand outdoors during the pandemic came to an end today. the rules state that until april of next year, extended terraces are required to close. define for flouting the rules is from 500 to 15,000 euros. -- the fine for flouting the rules is anywhere from 500 to 15,000 euros. that is all for now. we will see you after the break. >> i am here to go live on-site
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with the most important analysis of the day of the events as they occur. >> at france 24, i work closely with the duty editor to give perspective to the international news of the day. >> my job is to follow international news and current affairs on a daily basis to better understand and analyze the historical, political, economic and environmental importance of the world's major news stories. >> on first when he four, in-depth analysis of all of the news from our inteational liberty, legality, actuality -- on france 24, in-depth analysis of all the news from our international affairs editors. liberty, legality, actuality. >> the commitment fallen short of the paris agreement goal. they must radically ramp up ambition when -- at a time when
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greenhouse gas emissions have reached bad levels. we will bring you the latest news and analysis on france 24.
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amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> the ipcc report in august was a wake-up call for all of us. it made clear that the lights are flashing red on the climate dashboard. amy: the u.n. climate summit has oh and in glasgow, scotland. it's being called the last hope to tackle the climate emergency.


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