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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  November 3, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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anchor: iran announces it will return to nuclear power talks by the end of the month. this is al jazeera, live from london. coming up. >> every day, more people are suffering and dying. anchor: the reports extreme brutality as rebels say they are closing in on the capital. a major blow for joe biden and the democrats in local elections after a surprise victory by republicans in virginia.
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the landmark climate commitments negotiate how they will finance plans to slow down global warming. iran says they are prepared to enter negotiations. the u.s. state department has welcomed return to talk. >> closing the small number of issues. that remained outstanding when the sixth round concluded. we believe the iranians are serious, we could manage to do that.
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anchor: we are following developments from delhi. some sticking points remain. >> iran never said they would not go back to the negotiating table, it was just a matter of time. the new administration said they were being handed over the file from the devious negotiating team, that is why this period there was a lot of discussion about whether or not iran would return to the deal because they have not seen any kind of gesture from the u.s..
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in terms of lifting some of those sections. there was a lot of mistrust. it's not a coincidence the iranians have released this video that shows them seizing back care own oil which they say the u.s. stole from their tanker. see the various situation that developed on october 20 fifth between the u.s. naval forces and revolutionary guard forces. the iranian say this is
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something they cannot accept, the u.s. is not supposed to be in waters. there is skepticism that this video was released as a message that the americans are not to be trusted. of course, the remaining parties . anchor: tell us more about the u.s. response to iran returning to the negotiating table. reporter: they are pleased and relieved. we are seeing diplomatic spin on top of this. they welcomed the back of the nuclear table, but they use the words window of opportunity.
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do not stall, we have to get this done. there is ambiguity over talks, because the statement referred to these talks starting whereas the state department is not starting, they are resuming. reaching such a good position. it would be counterproductive to go right back to beginning. we will get a clear idea toward the end of the month. now we have the concrete date, we knew it was coming, we knew that the talks were taking place. in terms of what they want, the iranians want the americans to give them a cast-iron guarantee that they won't walk to the table again, whereas the americans are committed but are reserving the right if we get any kind of clear evidence that
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we reserve the rights to leave. also, we want the iranians to comply with the terms of the agreement before sanctions are lifted. what we're saying now is a bit of posturing. the secretary of state is exploring other options if the talks fail. we know that there is concern ambitions could lead to some military conflict in the middle east, particularly israel. nobody is using the words military strikes, but that will be dropped. one person who is pleased would be joe biden. he has had a shocker the last few days. less than he would have wanted is any kind of prospect of there being a military conflict in the middle east, something positive to talk about. anchor: what have pentagon officials being talking about mark -- been talking about?
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reporter: they are saying it is all a bunch of lies. they say it's not true, one of those situations where you look at the video and have to decide for yourself what you have to believe. this is not unedited footage, iranians have released it. heavily edited, music. some visual narration on screen. the american say that what the iranians claim happened did not happen. here is what the pentagon spokesperson had to say a little bit earlier. >> i have seen the claims, they are false.
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at no time where u.s. forces attempting to engage in the situation. it's a bogus claim. reporter: dubious, no such efforts. no attempts to say this was a misunderstanding. you have to look at the timing of the release of this video. the iranians have released their version of accounts when they are giving as a date back to the negotiating table. this is a way of some saying we are a military nation, we are not scared of the americans and they are coming to the negotiating table from that position. anchor: thank you very much.
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some may amount to war crimes. the u.n. report has been released as ethiopia issues a new state of emergency with rebels moving towards the capital. they are pushing into the neighboring regions. rebels say they took control of towns this week including -- sits on the supply line.
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reporter: a joint investigation says rebels killed more than 200 in november last year. the conflict has now expanded. widespread crimes, rape, torture and killing of civilians. >> all parties have committed crimes against humanity.
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rebels said the report -- on the ground, the conflict is intensifying. in the capital, there is intense,. rebels say they have captured northern towns. >> i think they will control him as well. >> i am young, i will participate in the war. i am planning to head to the front line. reporter: the prime minister has urged ethiopians to fight against the rebels. >> is pit which is dug deep will be where the enemy is buried, not wear ethiopia disintegrates.
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we will bury the enemy. reporter: u.n. investigation looked into abuse until late june. does not include any attacks. now, there are fears the conflict could worsen, putting millions at risk. anchor: there has been an upset for joe biden in local elections after a surprising victory in virginia. signals trouble for the democrats as they head into next year's congressional elections. youngkin had distanced himself
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-- phil murphy folk faces a closer than expected challenge. but see them lose control of congress, making it harder to advance his agenda in the second half of his presidency. biden says his results want the government to get things done. >> no governor in virginia has ever onwon because the same pary as a sitting president. people want us to get things done. that is why i'm continuing to push very hard for the democratic party to move along and pass my infrastructure bill and build back better bill. anchor: still to come, israeli spyware companies are added to the united states cyber blacklist. one of haiti's most powerful gang leaders asks the u.s. to help them overthrow the
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government. >> hello, let's start in australia. taking storms, we have seen significant rain. much of the wet weather pushes further east, it remains right in central areas. we have storms and showers popping off and coastal showers will intensify up in the north as we going friday, a lot of
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heat remaining in darwin. we have high-pressure in charge of the south island, but up in the north wet and windy weather have warnings out. as we move to southeast asia, it is looking drier for indochina, but it is picking up that rain once again across parts of indonesia and malaysia with borneo seeing some heavier falls in the day to come. ♪ climate emergency is upon us. >> people empower investigators watch so little has been done. >> this requires systemic change. >> they said they will
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de-carbonized. >> crisis. what crisis? on al jazeera. ♪ anchor: top stories. iranian officials say nuclear talks with world powers will resume at the end of this month, the deputy foreign minister says to ron is prepared to enter negotiations. the u.s. state department has welcomed return to talks. the u.n. has found evidence all sides have violated human rights with some possibly amounting to war crimes and rhymes against
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humanity and describes it as one marred by extreme brutality. the results from two u.s. states joe biden easily wanted 2020 could see more trouble for the democratic already heading into the congressional battle. the democratic governor of new jersey faces a closer than expected challenge. a pentagon watchdog says a drone strike was a tragic mistake but did not break any laws. seven children were killed in the attack which happened during the u.s. led evacuation of afghanistan. we review says the strike was execution errors and communication breakdowns. it also found those involved truly believed they were targeting a threat. the united states has added an
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israeli spyware firm to its cyber activities blacklist. they have also added a russian software company and one other foreign business. the commerce department says it is in response to spyware. the move limits the access to components and technology, by requiring public permission. the middle east and north africa policy manager at access now welcomes the blacklisting. >> this is a major win, victory. civil society groups have been sounding the alarms for years on the violations being committed by the nso group, the u.s. decision today sends a strong message to the group but also other surveillance companies that are profiting from human rights violation that it is no longer business as usual.
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we commend the u.s. for taking the lead towards accountability, and we also urge the european union and other governments to take similar restrictive steps to help surveillance companies accountable. anchor: focusing on ways to finance fight climate change. >> the united states intends to fully support the climate investment funds capital markets
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mechanism. there and innovating -- through an innovative leveraging structure, this will help attract significant private climate finance and provide $500 million per year for the clean technology funds programming that includes the new accelerating coal transition investment program. anchor: the leader of a gang is asking the u.s. to help overthrow the government. demanding the prime minister resign. >> at the cost of blood, we are going to dislodge him from the office. afterwards, the country will be handed over to men and women of civil society who will have to
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govern responsibly. anchor: we have more from port-au-prince. reporter: that was nothing short of a declaration of war by the biggest gang leader against the prime minister of the country. this time, he added an important or else, saying the prime minister would be removed by force. that is a declaration of something well beyond what they have done in the past. we asked for a response from the prime minister's office and they said the prime minister doesn't deal with gangs. it's important to note, the
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format in which he did this, he read it. anchor: an attack happened on a border of western sahara. algerian state media is blaming moroccan forces and describes the debts as cowardly and barbaric. it's produced by biotech. 10% of vaccinated have taken the jab. approval means the connection is not likely to be accepted in other countries. the who says coronavirus cases have risen in europe for a fifth consecutive week, making it the only region in the world where
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covid-19 is still increasing. the country reported 120 deaths in the past 24 hours. the health ministry is considering tighter restrictions. mass are being reintroduced in the netherlands after a rise in coronavirus infections there. come tree -- the country will require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to enter many public places like museums and gyms. infections have been rising since most social distancing measures were dropped. the first vaccines were rolled out in germany, several months on, infection rates are up again. booster shots are now available but millions of people remain unvaccinated. reporter: seems like these have
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become commonplace. covid patients and hospital beds being treated by medical staff, facing rising numbers of patients. in germany, the number of infections is much higher now than it was for many months. >> we are experiencing a pandemic of the unvaccinated. especially the number of patients in intensive care units in some you -- regions, regions were rates are not as high. >> those regions include states in east germany. where the uptick in vaccines is as much as 10% below the national average. the number of new cases is above the national average. despite urgent calls from some senior politicians in those states. such warnings do not sway people
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. >> for those of us who are not excited about getting vaccinated just now and would like to think about it. reporter: figures suggest one in three people remains unvaccinated. some include the ideological, especially younger children, the option of having the shots is not yet been made widely available. despite that, vexing centers like this one are offering boosters. it's thought to million have been given across the country so far. at the same time, previous social distancing measures to the virus are being strengthened in places. >> we have introduced first
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measures in bavaria, only vaccinated people or those who have recovered from covid will be admitted to clubs, discos and similar locations. reporter: although that view has not been endorsed at the federal level yet, many medics and ministers say covid is not going away anytime soon.
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