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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 5, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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moderates, saying it is your fault because our core base was not motivated to vote for you because you are not giving them what you said you would give them. and the problem is that the blame is probably a little bit from both sides because in the end, they are the ones blocking joe biden's agenda, and republicans are sitting back watching as democrats fight it out and prevent joe biden from having that big legislative wind that he needs right now. wassim: joining us live from washington, kethevane, thank you. delegates taking part in the cop26 climate conference in glasgow are wrapping up talks, with promises by the u.s. and canada to stop overseas fossil
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fu production by the end of next year and countries logic to phase out coal. friday, young activists marched in the city of glasgow, hoping to pile on more pressure on participants. we have details. reporter: youth on the march. demonstrators and pressure groups say they have been underwhelmed by commitments made so far in glasgow and see cop26 as a copout. swedish activist greta tune berg calls it -- greta thunberg calls it blah blah blah. >> what they are saying is not of any use because they are saying what they have been saying for decades -- false promises, targeted so-called ambitions but they are actually full of loopholes. for them, it it is washing. reporter: greta thunberg galvanized people to take part
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friday in school strikes. some scottish children did just that come singing and dancing in lascaux -- glasgow city center. >> in the future, we are going to be adults and i don't want to pass this on to the next generation. reporter: the demonstrations are part of a series of protests staged nationwide to coincide with the cop26 meeting, with much more action needed by governments to address the climate emergency. wassim: representatives of nine rebel groups from ethiopia have gathered in washington dc to announce they have armed an alliance. they are calling themselves the united front of ethiopia and confederate forces and they will be fighting what they say is an autocratic ethiopian government. we have details. reporter: here in washington, nine ethiopian antigovernment factions are signinghe commitment to an alliance,
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posing a new challenge for prime minister abiy ahmed. the elledge group will include the tigray people's liberation front to have been fighting the government in a year-long conflict. the new block, which calls themselves the united front of ethiopian federalist and can federalist forces, say they are pushing for safe transition and that they will share human and social resources. >> the united front is aligned -- has aligned our collective will toward unified struggle for democracy, equality and self-determination. reporter: the nine groups make up a broad coalition of regions and ethnic makes up -- ethnic makeups. on the ground, tplf and another group said there fighters were collaborating and claimed they had made territorial gains 300 kilometers from the capital and there are concerns addis ababa
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could fall. the army called on former soldrs to help fight the foes. >> aid is obvious allegations against the ethiopian government are being done s in an orchestrated manner to discredit a democratic government that has majority support. reporter: the announcement comes one day after the conflict's one-year anniversary, when the ethiopia goverent chose to send troops to the tigray region to topple fee tplf -- topple the tplf. the u.n. says the conflict has displaced more than 2 million people in the u.s. as urged its citizens to leave if yelp you as soon as possible. wassim: the u.n. human rights council has voted to condemn the human rights -- to condemn the coup in sudan. a top official called on sudan military leaders to end the use
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of force that is said to have killed at least 13 civilians. the africa director for human rights watch joins us now live. thank you, very much, for being with us. the human rights council appointing an expert monitor human rights violations, what will that change for the people of sudan? >> it would send a message that the international community is watching, that there wl be sctiny of man rights violations, and hopefully there will be accountabili. i think that is a strong message to show the people of sudan that there is international solidarity for their cause, for theirrotests, and that anyone who abuses their rights would have to face some level of sanctions. i think it is a really powerful message to send at this time. wassim: good news for the people of sudan, y said a warning for
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the coup leaders. but in private, how might they see this decision by the u.n. human rights council? i hope that they see that they are being watched. i hope that they understand that there is no appetite for a rollback on some of the gains that have happened in the course of this transition in sudan, and that they will be held their promise, and the promises made by a general that there will be a quick resolution, that the negotiations will lead to some form of, if not a reversal, at least a civilian component of the transition. it is clear and i hope ey get the message that a full military government in sudan is unacceptable to anyone, including the sudanese people. wassim: this comes as the military leader h agreed to
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the united states -- agreed with the united states to speed up formation of a new government and ordered the release of ministers jailed during thcoup last month. what do y think of this? >> promises are as good as they go. it needs to be backed by real action. four out of more than 30 that we have documented in detention. four is a misleading number. it doesn't go far enough. we need to see all the political detainees released as soon as possible, and there must be a higher level of restraint when it comes to policing protests. the sudanese people have called for more protests on sunday, in today's time -- in two days' time. we must see restraint on the part of the military, no more shooting into crowds of protesters. people have a right to protest. they have a right to demonstrate.
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they have a right to speak out against any ill in their society. the use of lethal force to try to repress the protests will not be acceptable. so, we must see some movement on all these fronts beyond just promises. four is too small in number. all political detainees should be released, including activists and lawyers as well as the previous government officials who are still in detention. wassim: you mentioned the protests, which have been a very important component in the streets of sudan the past few weeks, and in the weeks following this coup. how likely do you think it is these protesters might sap compromise between military leaders and a more democratic path? do think they will want only civilian rule or are they willing to accept some kind of military influence? >> it is difficult to tell. but if youook back at what happened in 2019, in april 2019,
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it was sue danny's on the reets. that obvusly led to the collapse of the government. the military seized the opportunity to institute themselves in office, but the people remained on the streets, insisting that what they were fighting for wasn't a military government. and they remained on the streets until an agreement was reached, at least through the constitutional documents, to have a joint military and civilian rule. at this point, there is some level of frustration with the military, because according to the forces for freedom and change who have led these protests all through the last two years, they are insisting that the military has brought about this takeover becausef a reluctance to hand over to the civilian element.
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there is some level of insistence that civilians must take control of the sovereign government council, ithat is what is rerted to me in the sense that that was wt was agreed, both in the constitutional charter as well as an agreement. anything short of that might mean the people will remain on the streets until they get what they want. wassim: the african director for human rights watch, we thank you very much for taking time to speak to us. we appreciate it. it has been a little under three months since afghanistan fell to the taliban. since then, the country has continued to sink into poverty. the situation has become so dire, the yuan food program estimates nearly 23 million people, more than half of the country' as population, are facing acute food insecurity. our team in couple has this report. reporter: kabul, like the rest
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of the country, is sinking into poverty. a member of this clan died of starvation last week. >> [speaking foreign-language] reporter: three months ago, nearly 200 families displaced by the conflict began living on this empty plot. since, then since -- since then, they have been struggling to feed themselves. >> [speaking foreign-language] >> [speaking foreign language] reporter: almost a third of the
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population is already facing insecurity. in the markets, stalls are stocked at customers are scarce. winter drought has pushed up prices. >> [speaking foreign language] reporter: since the taliban took over the country, international development aid remains blocked. the new government instituted a program for food in the largest cities, including kabul. >> [speaking foreign-language] reporter: u.n., many families will not eat incoming months. wassim: here in france, a
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regional training running between the northern cities of calais and dunkirk, struck a group of migrants. one of them was killed. there has been an increase in channel crossings and therefore more foot traffic in the area. this comes after three other migrants killed when hit by a train in southwestern france. we have the story. reporter: it is a tragic accident involving desperate people, a regional express train running in the north of france struck a group of around 50 migrants thursday evening, killing one person instantly and injuring a few others. the group was walking around tracks connecting calais to dunkirk. the vice president of the region confirmed all victims held from eritrea -- hailed from eritrea. >> the train was pulling into calais and the was a groupf
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50 migrants. there was low vibility, the driver did not see them at either quit the group. some managed to get out of the way, but four were hit by the train. reporter: the train operator has kept the line suspended until eay friday morng. despite danger warnings and colder weather, attempted migrant crossings to britain have significantly increased in recent years. on thursday, one person was found dead while stuck on a small boat outside calais and on wednesday, emergency services recorded 400 rescued after several vessels sank en route to britain. 9500 people made or attempted crossings, compared to just 2300 in 2019. this year alone, figures have risen to just under 25,000 people, with more than 5500 rescued according to french authorities. wassim: french president emmanuel macron's former body card says he will appeal his verdict after he handed a three year sentence for assault
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committed during a protest in 2018. he will not go to prison, however, after the court suspended two of this three years. he has been ordered to wear an electronic bracelet for one year. the 30-year-old was also convicted of faking documents and illegally carrying a firearm. france 24 was at the courthouse and has this wrapup. reporter: the judge in this case handed down a harsher sentence than what the prosecution asked for. alexandre given a three-year prison sentence, to suspended, one of those years expected to be under house arrest with an electronic tag. he was found guilty for using excessive force during the 2018 may day celebration in paris. he said he acted on reflex and was trying to protect police officers, and that he missed out
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-- and that he misjudged the situation. the judge said he surpassed his role as a mere police observer that day, and that police had a handle on the situation undoubted wasn't necessary for aleandre benalla to take it into his own hands. where the judge really insisted that it was on alexandre be nalla's behavior, she said he lied, tried to create confusion and came up with absurd explanation for parts of the case and went so far as to say he had shown contempt for the justice system in france. wassim: emmanuel macron will address the country next tuesday. french president is expected to speak on a range of issues from jobber form to covid-19 in the country. france is seeing a rise in cases as parliament agrees to extend use of the french health pass until next summer.
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nicholas rushworth has details. nicholas: the european medicines agency says adults who have been vaccinated would benefit third jab, not solely the most vulnerable. we asked if people would have a booster job? >> out of the question. >> there is a vaccine that we take to avoid the illness. >> covid is coming back. better to have a third jab so we can live normally later. >> i would have to think about it. it is not because i don't want to have one, just why? nicholas: the french health ministry says it will rely on scientific advice. however, for the momen no french medical authority declared a third action for the wider population would be useful. it is becau of a lack of data, not least concerning the length of immunity for young people. when health experts said that means a decision can wait. >> whenever one has reached the six months after their second
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jab, there is some time available. for the youngest, it has not gotten to the point where their level of immunity has dropped. nicholas: immediate need is to provide booster shots for people over5 and those who have serious medical problems. 7 million french people are eligible, fewer than half had one. one suggestion for getting those eligible to have the third jab is to make it a requirement so they can keep their health pass the provides access to particular venues and events. wassim: it is a comeback fans hoped for, but never thought would happen -- swedish pop rube abba have released music for the first time in nearly 40 years. their new album called voyage went live at midnight in various time zones, leaving fans thrilled. we have the story. ♪ reporter: there they go again. for the first time in 40 years, swedish pop sensation abba has made a comeback there new album voyage. the foreman was of the group had
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not released any music since 1982 but at midnight thursday come all that changed, with voyage going live at various time zones around the world. in sweden, diehard fans planned listening parties for the mu-anticipated-track -- much-anticipated 10-track release. >> waiting all these years. >> wonderful for me to experience it. i was born 11 years after they broke up. reporter: the group announced the new album in septemr and then released singles, but long time fanatics of the band say the sound has developed since the days of waterloo and mama mia, but say the group has remained true to its origins. >> it is subjective, picking from different decades. and still just creating something new with it.
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that is true to abba's sound, but it is not nostalgic staying to where they are, but to the people they have grown into today. reporter: on thursday, abba dropped a trailer for their upcoming london concert next year, and you can see them performing as digital avatars. wassim: time for a quick break. we are back in just a moment with more news and then, "i on africa. -- "eye on africa." stay with us. [captioning performed by the national captioning stitute, which is responsible for its visit]nd accuracy. ♪
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