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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 9, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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business briefing. >> welcome. these are the headlines belarus accused of gangster taxes -- attacks. belarus directs migrants to seating -- seeking u.s. -- margaret access. -- france's favorite at the has a post-orbit checkup.
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-- has a post-orbit checkup. ♪ >> thank you for being with us. there were thousands of migrants on the belarus side of the border with poland. the politicization of their plight, belarus has been moving migrants across the border, seeming to be arrange for a passenger flight back in may. the crisis is beginning to spread, lithuania has statea ate of emergenci -- emergency. >> the situation is rather dire.
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we have been thinking it may happen because we have seen the numbers of the migrants. people with intention to migrate or cross the border illegally growing in belarus. the numbers were 10,000 or 20,000. there was an idea that they might cross the border. with help from belarusian authorities we have seen that they are now on the border, of poland. it is likely in a few days they might appear on the border of lithuania. the officials need more instruments, legal instruments, on how to secure the border. we have a lot of. >> it is a long border as you say. one part of the state of emergency permits border guards to use proportionate physical violence. what does that mean? >> there is the possibility of
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incidents. people who are angry, pushed from the other side. belarusian authorities are using dogs and other instruments in order to mobilize the groups and force them into a huge border crossing. we have to be sure that our border officials have the possibility to stop people on the border. if they are making something, an oppressive -- aggressive breakthrough. >> authorities are pushing these people across the border. is repelling them the right thing to do? is it the legal thing to do under internationa law? my team i spoken to the u.n. chr -- and i have spoken to the u.n. hcr. they said this would be a
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violation under international law. >> we are rerouting. we are providing legal ways for people to apply for asylum. our embassy which accepts the applications of people who want to get an asylum. we are the onl country doing this out of all countries affected by this forced migration problem. there are legal's way in -- there are legal ways in. the only way to get into europe is the legal way. the people, since we have to be clear about this as well. belarus does not have a border with iraq or syria. they took active steps to bring people in from the middle east and push them to the border. which changes the dissertation quite dramatically. >> that was lithuanian foreign
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minister speaking with us -- the lithuanian foreign minister speaking with us. our east european correspondent is at the poland-belarus border. >> i do not think many people are managing to get across. we do not have access to the border area because it is a state of emergency. journalists are not allowed in to that area. we have not heard any reports in this particular vicinity of any migrants getting across. we have reports farther to the south of my crisscrossing and asking for help from the humanitarian -- further to the south crossing and asking for help from humanitarian aid. about 15 kilometers or 16 from where i am now, they have spent one night in the cold. they are about to spend another night there. they do have fires and tents and received some aid from the
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belarusian red cross which are computed by belarusian senators. they cooperate with the regime. they have been allowed to bring assistance to the migrants and the senators took the opportunity to denounce the european union's approach to the problem. >> people are comparing this to the situation that there was in late summer in a village to the south of here where there were 32 migrants who are trapped in the nomadland -- no man's land. there were only 32 of them and the temperatures were much warmer. so migrants were in the camp near here, it is hard to understand how they could survive. at the same time, they do not have a choice. the belarusians are determined to not let them back into belarus. >> we will bring you more as it
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develops. as we speak, there are migrants bedding down for the night. in extremely low, cold temperatures. let us change the tone completely. the compensation of a french -- the re--amortization is underway at the international state -- space station. the astronaut is flashing down in the early hours of this morning in the gulf of mexico. -- was splashing down in the early hours of this morning in the gulf of mexico. the director journal of the european space agency, thank you for being with us. -- general of the european sce agency, thank you for being with us. >> the astronaut is doing well.
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he sounds really strong. he is in a good mood and good shape. it is surprising after such a journey in space,lso in e atmosphere and hot temperatures. splashing down in the ocean and being shuttled over to europa. he is doing well. hey is an extraordinary astronaut -- he is a extraordinary astronaut. >> it is a pleasure speaking to you. can you explain why does he have to go through all of these tests in cologne? >> this is standard procedure for an astronaut. there are a lot of medical tests needed. blood tests, simple medical tests to make sure that his body
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is in perfect shape. the blood tests are necessary to see what the changes are compared tbeing in space on the weightlessness and being back on ground. we take every precaution to make sure thahe is peectly healthy and in good shape. physically, the first impression that he is in good shape. is feelin good. much better than the previous mission. the first admission, he did not feel as good. this is a -- in t first admission, he did not feel as good. this is good. >> thank you for showing images of him being placed into it will chair. can you -- wheelchair. >> yes. standard? it is the stanrd procedure. every astronaut is doing that.
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he is following the standard procedure. if you are six months in weightlessness, your body is adjusting to a different environment. it will behave differently. the muscles and other street -- the muscles are strong and the muscle loss, which happens in weightlessness is compensated due to exercise. he does feel well. you can imagine that weightlessness and the blood circulation is a little bit different. if he gets down on gravity, the blood and the gravity was the blood further down in the body and less in the upper part and the brain. there is a dizziness. there could be a risk of fainting because of the blood.
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nothing of this has happened. but that is a precaution to avoid that. that is standard procedure. by the russian cleagues.done it is done by everyone. >> thank you for explaining that. how would you assess the success undertaken?ion that has been >> he h a very successful mission. he has broken records, he has done four spacewalks, almost 40 hours of eba. he has been in space together with this mission and the previous one about 400 days. those are the numbers that characterize his mission. from all of these records and numbers, he has been extremely
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strong in communicating tthe public to read he has a huge number of followers on social media. he has unique in interacting with the community and schoolchildren and with presidents. he had a call with president emmanuel macron. he is at ease with doing all of that. he is a fantastic ambassador for space. more than that, he has done a number of experiments. he was involved in more than 200 experiments at the space station doing all kinds of tests and experiments. his mission was a huge success from what he has done. >> i am old enough to remember neil armstrong walking on the moon. i remember the tv coverage. taking ito another level with all of the things he can do and
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technology has advanced so been much -- so much. >> he is undergoing a number of tests until friday. friday is his day off. he has a press conference in the morning to the international press, talking about his experience at the space station. he will stay about three weeks in cologne. doing a number of experiments and tests on his body, biological, medical tests which after the three weeks he will start his other astronaut life which is working in a team with other astronauts and doing other items on his schedule. he will be quite busy, pretty sure he will be in some locations. after coming back from the space
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station, he is a popular astronaut and he would be much in demand. this is part of his obligation. >> please put france 24 on the list. thank you, director general of the european space agency. thank you for the breakdown of what is going on right now with france's favorite astronaut. we will bring you more as it happens including that news conference towards the end of the week. emmanuel macron since the fifth wave of covid is here in europe. he made his ninth speech at the start of the covid pandemic. he address issues relating to covid-19, the resurgence of cases and boosters. >> if you are vaccinated more than six months ago, i urge you to protect yourselves by making an appointment with your
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vaccination center or pharmacist. this third jab can be done at the same time as the flu shot. starting december 15, you will need to have gotten this third dose to extend the validity of your health pass. >> he was speaking a little bit earlier. let us get the interpretation of what he said from our french politics editor. >> he sounded the incident rose by 40% in the past week. france might be out of the lower levels than germany or the u.k.. it might be a matter of time before it finds itself in the same situation. he told the french that there would be new rules. december 15, if you are over 65 or have certain illnesses, you have to get a booster shot if you want to have this health
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pass. the magic want to go into a bar, restaurant, or theater and have a normal life. he is hoping that what happens when he announces this health pass, the same thing will happen with the booster shot. for those over 65. he announced that for those between 50 and 64, this booster shot would be an option as of december 31. not an obligation. he is hoping that the french will vaccinate themselves. masks are still mandatory at schools. he warned the french to make sure that they keep wearing the masks, washing their hands, keeping their distance because
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he realizes that many people are letting their guard on after months if not years of the pandemic. he expressed confidence that france put in place all of the tools including pills in the near future to fight this pandemic. the fight was not over. the pandemic is not over. those are his words. >> more on his words later in the program. the u.s. vice president touched down in paris to further amend relations with france after the crisis sparked by the cancellation of a multibillion euro summary contract. she visited with the american french scientists working on the pandemic preparedness. this is her third trip in office. she will meet the french president and attend other world -- attend a peace form with
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other world leaders in paris. she will celebrate the end of world war i on thursday. an agreement to take back from france 26 artifacts seized from the former french colony in the 19th century. the artifacts were taken in 1892 from benin's palaces. they have been on display in the museum in paris. alongside thousands of other artifacts taken from africa during loan you'll rule. -- during colonial rule. >> a plus and smiles at the palace as france and benin penned a his work agreement. the transfer of 26 -- an
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essential agreement. the transfer of 26 pieces of art back to their country of origin. four emmanuel macron -- for emmanuel macron, it is improving africa's vision of france, especially in young people. >> their heritage, to be able to admire them in their own country. i hope this process continues. >> taken in 1892 by french colonials, the our work includes real treasures from a kingdom in the south of benin. the president of benin says he hopes that the restitution continues, considering how french museums have more work in their collections. >> we hope that the restitution of these works of art is the
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first step. the process of rectitude and heritage pieces. >> the decision to return to our work follows growing calls from africa for european countries to return colonial spoils from museums. the 26 works are scheduled to arrive in benin this wednesday. >> the artifacts leaving paris and heading back to benin. anger over a regional waste crisis in tunis yeah --tunisian after a man died --tunisia after a man died. he died in theoastal region after weeks of demonstrations of waste and public health crisis. >> another day of protests in aguereb or demonstrators set
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fire to a police station on tuesday. follow the death of a man the previous night, his family accusing police of using tear gas to kill him during the breakout of protests. sparking a denial from the interior ministry. locals remain an impasse about what to do with waste that has been mounting across the province for weeks. following the shutdown of the crash site amid the complaints of a spread of disease. rubbish began piling up for and wide, including in the second largest city. it's municipal authorities halted services with nowhere else to take it. >> on september 27, the landfill closed without any warning from local authorities. we have sent messages to the government since then. >> the country h strgled with waste collection issues.
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it is a major test for the government at the time it is percent of accusations with failure to do with poor publi services and social conditions. only complicated by a labor union's call for a general strike over the waste issue. >> latest on that story, we are watching for all developments. it is time for business. joining us from the business desk, brian. starting with a big shakeup i would've the biggest and best-known industrial giants. general electric. end of an era. >> ge announced on tuesday it will be splitting into three new firms. the first will focus on health care, another focusing on energy to be separated in 2024, once those splits are done the iginal ge plans to focus on
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aviation. this is the culmination of efforts by the ceo to improve the fortunes of the long struggling conglomerate whose financing brought the company down during the global financial crisis. it is intended to help tackle the mountain of debt. the company s been selling to reduce liabilities. l of the newompaniesill have an grossman -- investment-grade credit ratings. u.k. government is said to take part in more than a 400 million pound investment to develop small-scale nuclear reactors. the project will be led by rolls-royce and it comes as london is speaking -- seeking to boost its efforts to reach net zero emissions by 2050. >> nuclear power, but not as we currently know it. rolls-royce is developing many nuclear reactors in a bid to
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corner the green energy market. the british government is backing the scheme. >> this represents a fantastic opportunity for people in the u.k. and throughout the region. reactors, cuing edge, they give us a baseload. they give us the ability to have secure energy supply. it means some of the 40,000 well-paid jobs. >> these smaller stations would take up about a 10th of the size of a normal facility. it could power one million homes. the u.k. government is investing 210 million pounds. rolls-royce is putting up 195 million for the venture. only about 21 percent of u.k. electricity generation comes from nuclear power. the british government wants to up this since its efforts to reach net zero carbon emission
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by 2050. >> this is something we can do today to met -- make an impact today. it will deliver zero carbon electricity. this is something which is going to make an impact within the next 10 years. >> some environmentalists are critical. the government's focus should be on renewable power, no further fundinnuclear energy. >> a check on the day's trading action. investors welcome news of a corporate split. ending the day in the red after the latest u.s. inflation data shows wholesale prices rose in october. prices are up over 8.6% versus one year ago. inflation concerns and hitting the consumer sentiment and
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investor sentiment. -- investor confidence. european indexes ending in negative territories. rolls-royce shares up three point 6% on news of the nuclear project. investors on both sides of the atlantic is watching out for the u.s. consumer price data. in doing inflation. -- continuing inflation. the new technology has been rolled out in the u.s. and u.k., it is now making its way to france. it is unlikely to spell the end of two workers anytime soon. >> this paris supermarket could be a sign of things to come. these black baskets and that are monitored by a system of caras. parts are recognized automatically. there is no need to scan or weigh items at the tail. the customer just has to pay
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before leaving. not everyone is convinced. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> could this mean supermarket cashiers and up out of a job? the role has evolved in many stores to include giving special of ice on products that advice on products and handling internet orders. there are likely to be needed for some time yet. -- they are likely to be needed for some time yet. >> [speaking foreign language] >> in france, some shops have tried similar experiments in
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u.s., amazon has created a store think of one step further. after downloading an app the store will credit your account automatically as you walk out of the door. >> i look forward to sending my robot out to do the shopping for me. stay with us, more to come. a lie from paris. -- live from paris. ♪
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