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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 18, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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♪ >> germany's lower house of parliament approves mandatory health passes in the workplace. this as daily infections hit another record high. meanwhile, poland signals the dismantling of makeshift migrant camps on the belarus side of the border. france's president unveils new
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measures against school bullying. among them, a mobile hotline and tighter parental controls on social media and computers. %-pe unable to bring you our regularly scheduled programming. germany is taking steps to fend off what authorities are warning could be "a really terrible christmas." the lower house of parliament earlier approving mandatory health passes in the workplace, and now german chancellor angela merkel meeting with the heads of 16 different regions in germany. they have just approved that workers and employees in care homes get vaccinated against the coronavirus. they are also discussing new measures such as tightened
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restrictions for the unvaccinated at certain public events. >> just days after getting the go-ahead to set up their stalls, retailers are now shutting up shop. covid cases forced munich to cancel christmas markets for the second year running. >> [speaking foreign language] >> christmas markets are taking the hit as covid cases hit another record high in germany. morehan 65,000 new infections were reported over the is restre who have been vaccinated or tested. new legislation would allow
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individual states to introduce further measures depending on the number of cases reported regionally. coming out a politically sensitive time, the bill led to heated debate. angela merkel's government is set to be replaced by a coalition of social democrats, greens, and the pro-business party. >> [speaking foreign language] >> conservatives have threatened to debate -- defeat the bill on friday when it is set to be appearing before parliament. >> [speaking foreign language] >> separately, germany's vaccine advisory committee has recommended used her shots for everyone over the age of 18.
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>> a possible de-escalation at the border between belarus and poland. polish authorities reported the migrant camps on the other side have been cleared. in the standoff, minsk accused of weaponizing migrants by encouraging them to come to belarus and then move on to the european union. >> escorted by belarusian soldiers, hundreds of migrants step away from the polish border. they were then taken by buses to unknown locations. according to officials, it is a sign that belarus'ler is keen to show he is willing to diffuse tensions with the european union, but some 2000 people are staying at the border even after their camp was closed.
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>> [speaking foreign language] >> the move came a day after fresh skirmishes broke out between the migrants and polish security forces. the refugees, most fleeing conflict and despair in the middle east, have not given up hope of reaching western europe. people rejoice the news that belarus and the eu had agreed to hold talks following another phone call between president lukashenko and germany's angela merkel. while minsk presented it as a diplomatic through, brussels insisted the talks would focus on humanitarian aid and support for migrants. western diplomats have accused lukashenko of using the migrants as ponds to destabilize the
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bloc in retaliation for sanctions against your tory terrien regime. >> the first iraqi airways charter flight home with more than 400 passengers lending before going on to back that. >> these iraqi and kurdish citizens sold all their belongings, maybe even their hous, and now the problem for people coming back is that as far as we know, neither iraqi government or kurdish regional authorities have any plan aiming to take care of these migrants coming back to their country. >> the first stop, many of them are from iraqi kurdistan.
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>> most of them are from iraqi kurdistan. this semiautonomous region usually presented as a safe haven, but the freedom of expression is very important to them. the economic crisis affecting a rack is even deeper in the kurdish region. >> with winter approaching in afghanistan, the new taliban regime struggling. >> these afghans displaced by the conflict have lost everything. to help them get through the winter, the united nations are building these emergency kits. >> this is what the family receives. this is soap, and these are
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plastic sheets. this is a kitchen set for a family set of five. these are blankets. this is a gas cylinder. >> [speaking foreign language] >> more than 100 families are being helped today. outside the center, afghans not registered are crying in. >> [speaking foreign language] >> we are a humanitarian organization. our capacity to assist is limited. nearly 24 million afghans are food insecure.
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10 million are just one step away from arvation. children are at risk of dying, and more needs to be done soon. winter is around the corner and winter in afghanistan can kill. >> in this small room, [indiscernible] family members. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> 24 million afghans are now believed to be in ne of humanitarian aid, 6 million more than when the telegram took power in afghanistan. >> no more kayaks in one sporting goods chain store in a week that has seen a record
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spike in migrants trying to cross the english channel, including some lost at sea when they tried to row solo. >> not an inflatable kayak in sight in this sports store. the shelves have been emptied, much to the regret of this group of migrants who came this morning looking to buy one, but sports brand decathlon has suspended sales of the kayaks in stores along the northern coast, saying it must uphold its commitment never to put its clients at risk. online, the vessels are still available for purchase starting at 140 euros. reaching england by kayak is an extremely dangerous uertaking, but some migrants are ready to take the risk. in this camp, the few migrants we meet say they would not consider trying crossing in an inflatable kayak.
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>> no, because it is so small and so dangerous. >> every week, this lifeguard rescues migrants from the sea. he says decathlon's decision could help reduce the number of tragedies. >> [speaking foreign language] >> removing kayaks from the shelves is a symbolic largely ineffectual step according to ngo's. >> [speaking foreign language] since the start of the desk >> since the start of the year, more than 30,000 migrants have tended to make the crossing from england, more than 10 times the
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figure last year. >> visited -- it is estimated more than one in 10 children are victims of bullying. france's president unveiling new plans to make it easier for parents to keep tighter controls on children's computers and mobile devices as well as hotlines for victims of bullying and one specifically targeng cyber bullying. >> [speaking foreign language] >> more questions than answers after the exoneration more than
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half a century on of two men convicted in the 19 66 assassination of malcolm x. the two had always maintained their innocence in the murder of the civil rights leader. they have been conflicted despite conflicting testimony from eyewitnesses and, as it turns out, by evidence suppressed by authorities. >> two black groups have to fight and kill each other off. >> a charismatic preacher who was one of the most influential black leaders in america. malcolm x had been killed inside a crowded all room in 1965. it was one of the most notorious murders of the civil rights era. two others were convicted before being released on parole in the
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1980's. more than half a century later, they are set to be exonerated following a two-year independent investigation that found the f vi and new york police department withheld key evidence that would have led to th men's acquittal, including documents that pointed to other suspects. the review came as an explosive netflix documentary renewed interest in the case. between them, the men spent more than four decades behind bars, including years of solitary confinement. just one of them is still alive. representatives of the 83-year-old says his exoneration means a lot to him and to his family. >> in a reminder, france 24 is on strike to demand better paying jobs and working conditions, which means we are unable to bring you our
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regularly scheduled programming. thank you for your understanding. ♪ >> the planet is suffering. climate catastrophe is power -- is at our doorstep. scientists, engineers, politicians, disney's leaders, and of course, teenagers, and we give them all a voice here. >> the major driving force is the good that we could do at the end of it. >> "down to earth" on france 24 and
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♪ >> hello and welcome to france 24's weekly music show. earlier this year, our guest released her debut solo album to critical acclaim and has just dropped an exquisite follow-up. she has also recorded a track with back and is currently on tour around france and europe. thank you so much for joining me in the france 24 studios. your first album was absolutely beautiful. i know that was off of a tragic event where your father and
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stepmother were killed in an accident. you after that went into a silent retreat in a monastery in mexico and turned to gospel music. >> yes, a lot to talk to you about that. after losing my father, i realized i needed to spend some time alone, and i went to this monastery in the desert of new mexico. it was right along with chama valley, and it was a quiet pla thatllowed me to think and reflect and process my grief. my ear stages ofaking thein of record. i started coming up with some lyrics there and some tunes that i had and when i got back to los angeles, that's when i started to record these songs.
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>> and faith as well, which is why the gospel music really highlights it. >> i have a friend named warren to fever, who has been a close friend of mine and number of years. he is the mastering engineer at third man records and when i was writing these songs, i was showing them to him. he just loved them and said, i think the label would really enjoy hearing this music, so i sent them the record, and they loved it and invited me to be a part of their family, and it is just the best label. i could not ask for a better team of people to work with. >> how about we check out your new single, which is really fabulous, and very inspired by 1960's musician joe cocker? >> ♪ if i ever get to see you
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again i would never let you go, my friend i would take away the raindrops falling down upon your face ♪ >> follow-up to your first album "mercy." joe cocker really influenced you. >> i loved joe cocker all the time, but i was watching the film "feeling all right," and it is justice this groovy set up. girls are dancing, and there is this kind of parade, and i was like, if he can make this music video, i should be able to make this music video, so right
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before we left the tour, i got the band together rehearsing, and we just remade this just last week. it is fun to go alongside the tour. >> the 1960's obviously had an influence. the video, the music aesthetic, the art-house film in your music video but also a bit of data is him -- of dadaism. >> i love some of those early 1960's artists. this video was very inspired by this none that i love -- this nun that love. she came out of los angeles and was making all this political artwork. she was a radical artist and used lots of sort of large, block print, colorful -- she
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made a lot of kind of propaganda posters, and i just love her so much. i love her spiritual message, and she inspired some of the artwork i made to go along with the album. >> see in van fully embrace it visually. what is it like being back up here after two years of pandemic? >> oh, it feels nice to play these songs. when i was writing the album, it was such an isolated experience, not because of covid but because i needed to go inward. it has been so nice to bring the people with the band. >> what is it like playing france in particular? >> i love france. last night, the mayor of the
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city replayed played brought me flowers. we had not done any laundry on the tour. we had been out for a few weeks, so we had all of our laundry around the green room, and the mayor came in, and i was like, this is so embarrassing. >> what are your next plans after this tour? >> well, we will go back to los angeles, and then we have another tour, a u.s. tour planned for the spring. so we get to play some of our favorite rooms again. >> how about we take a look at some of the other musical acts making headlines? we start with a man who says he has no plans of retiring as he has just turned 70. former police front man staying is just back with a new solo
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record. some tracks are very jazzy and others like this one are pretty upbeat. >> ♪ i remember the story of jona he was trapped in the belly of a whale how many times must he succeed how many times must he nail this is the sound of god's own father calling out your name ♪ >> do you see yourself having a long career like sting? >> absolutely. sting looks good. so handsome. i like the minimalism of that video. are the police a big
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influence of yours? ask the police were a huge influence when i was growing up. in a way, he kind of showed me that you could be a white man that is inspired by reggae music, and he was just a huge inspiration to me. although school, kind of rocksteady scott -- ska songs he was doing, they make my heart beat. >> maybe these songs will make your heart beat, too. and artist in tanzania, started off dancing and playing the drums but is known for playing traditional instruments and singing in both gogo and swahili , producing both ancient and modern music to preserve as heritage. here's one of the tracks taken from his new album "tanzania."
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>> ♪ [singing in foreign language] ♪ >> what did you think of this idea of, like, dynasty and prolonging heritage? is that something you are conscious of in your own music? >> absolutely. i had never heard that music before. thank you so much for sharing that with me. >> thank you so much for coming on the show. a reminderer that your album "mercy" is already available.
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we are going to have to round up the show because the france 24 news is coming up in just a few minutes. remember our website, we are going to play out with beyonce who is back with a new track which is set to appear on the soundtrack of the new will smith film "king richard," where he plays the father of tennis stars venus and serena williams. >> ♪ when we win we'll have pride do you know how much we have pride how hard we have to fight it's still so, so good
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i got all my sisters by my side now we're sitting on top of the world again ♪
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11/18/21 11/18/21 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> it is a sad day in which to sayssuing a depiction of murdering a member of congress is wrong. amy: the house votes to censure republican congressmember paul


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