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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  November 18, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> hundreds of iraqis one home from belarus, even up hope on starting a new life in europe. ♪ >> this is al jazeera live from doha. u.s. president joe biden hosts his neighbors at the white house, the first summit between north erican leaders in years. as another wave of coronavirus suites europe, new restrictions for unvaccinated to citizens to contain the spread. and assessing the damage, severe flooding and landslides laying waste to roads and bridges in
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western canada. ♪ >> there have been signs of an easing in the order crisis on the european union's eastern frontier with a plan from the nation accused of creating big problem in the first large group of migrants returning home. the western bororders of belarus remain sealed with a heavy security presence in lafayette, with the winnie and poland -- latvia, lithuania and poland. some have abandoned their attempt to enter the eu, heading to minsk. they will board a flight heading to baghdad. in the northern iraqi city, most of the passengers were from the region near the border with turkey. many had been stranded at the poland belarus order for more
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than a week before giving up on reaching the eu. reporting from the airport. >> as they arrive you can see exhaustion in their faces. while some are glad to be home, others so they will return. >> i'm going back, i'm ready to try 100 times again. next summer i intended to go. >> they released a statement blaming people for smuggling iraqis into belarus. it is to crackdown. they have arrested 10 members of the criminal smuggling gang in the last 10 days. some turning thursday described a horrific experience. >> the situation is so bad, smugglers are using people. i have seen people dying before my eyes. i will not try to travel again. i will not go. >> a lot of these people have sold everything they own to get to europe. they are likely to come back to less than they had before. the future for them is bleak. 341 people disembarked on this
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flight and another 90 will disembarked in baghdad. there are more flights in the coming days. how many more is a negotiation between minsk and baghdad but helps the real negotiation is how many iraqis will want to get on those flies. al jazeera. >> monitoring these situations on the poland-ella russo order. >> stranded, cold and living in miserable conditions. these people on the belarusian side of the border with poland are getting some help but it is far from what they want and need. belarus as is some in -- houses some in a shelter, but still they try to cross. this would released by polish authorities shows people detained as they cross the border. >> there were 501 attempts of
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illegal border crossings from belarus in the last 24 hours. the total number of such attempts in november exceeds 6000. >> belarusian forces release this footage, and with the radiant order force dog bites into a sleeping bag. authorities say they did not know someone was inside. the eu wants to impose more sanctions and the g-suit -- g7 has condemned belarus. they say they have created the situation a form of hybrid attack. they have offered the german chancellor away forward. >> the eu will create a humanitarian corridor for 2000 refugees in the camp. we have taken it upon ourselves to assist the other 5000 as much as possible in case they're willing to return home. >> something the eu has rejected out of hand but tensions at the border remain high. >> ukraine has deployed national
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guards to its border with belarus and lithuania as as well. belarus says it will not force any migrants to go home with those who are trapped are likely to use just pause -- pons. -- to be used as pawns. >> russia has weighed in, insisting the crisis is manufactured by the west. >> one cannot help but see that western countries are using the migration crisis on the border as a new reason for tension in the region that is close to us and to pressure minsk. they forget their own obligations in the humanitarian sphere. >> president biden holding his first meetings with leaders of canada and mexico at the white house. the canadian prime minister and the mexican president had one-on-one meetings with biden before the summit. it is the first time since barack obama left office that
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the north american leaders of gathered. >> our north american vision for the future draws on our shared strengths as well as three vibrant democracies with an economy wishing to work together. we can meet today and we can meet all the challenges if we take the time to speak with one another and work together. we have to and the pandemic and take decisive actions to curb the climate crisis. >> meanwhile, president biden says he is considering a boycott of the olympics in china. he made the remarks during his meeting with justin trudeau. it will to perform in -- arm of -- it will take the form of diplomats not attending, athletes would. british columbia under a state of emergency as torrential rainfall continues. one person confirmed dead and three missing. 18,000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the westernmost province.
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flooding and landslides have cut major roads, making transportation of goods difficult. >> it is the worst flooding i have ever seen. i come with dust from an area flood plans and this is quite significant. it affects a lot of people it is disheartening to see. >> more from washington state. >> the prairie area you are referring to is the canadian side of the border, british columbia, that has been decimated by this storm. there is a lot of worry because it is an agriculture rich area of southwest canada and with potentially dozens of farms totally underwater, officials are estimating the total amount of money that could be needed to rebuild that area, not only the farms but the homes, infrastructure that has been lost could be more than $1
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billion. where i am now is the town of sue moss -- the town on the u.s. side in the state of washington in the northwest united states. this is a small town of about 1600 residents, they are at the epicenter of this storm that passed through a couple of days ago as well. they are now in a cleanup stage as the cold, wet rain continues to fall. let me step out of frame so you can get a sense of what this cleanup like. there are as i mentioned 1600 residents of this town and it is estimated that about 80% of the homes had some sort of water damage or were totally destroyed. most of the residents have but the few that have stayed our bringing all of their now destroyed possessions inside their home and ringing them here to be taken away.
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to the dump. >> european governments are restricting the lives of unvaccinated people as covid infections in search again. the doctors question if countries have relied too heavily on jobs well -- neglecting other intimate measures like masks and social distancing. >> bars are full along the sea front in this resort town on spain's east coast, popular with u.k. package tourists seeking an escape from the autumn weather back home. but the spike in local covid cases suggests they may have been bringing something with them. >> we don't have proper data on the rise of infections but we did notice as soon as tourism came back to this area, the rise in infections came in, too. this is unquestionable. ask visitors being offered vaccinations. some have not had one at home and most have arrived unclouded discredit -- on crowded planes.
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>> five flights came in at the same time when we arrived in there were thousands of people from manchester, cardiff, bristol, all queuing up together. that is not good if you are trying to keep covid to a minimum. >> spain's infection rate is rising but it is worse elsewhere in europe area angela merkel says the fourth wave has hit germany with full force where infections are worse access to events and restaurants will only be for those who have been vaccinated or have recovered. munich has canceled its christmas market. infections in bavaria -- bavaria have doubled the national rates of 300 or so per 100,000. >> they sent we were allowed to set up monday, and now we have to dismantle and we have to bear the costs. nobody pays us. >> in greece, private doctors
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being drafted into the public health care system for month. hospitals and intensive care wards are being overwhelmed by rising infections. medics are protesting, saying they are overworked and underpaid. many european countries are on a dilemma, difficult best significant part of the population don't want to get vaccinated but nor do people want more restrictions on their day-to-day lives. >> those who are unvaccinated are more susceptible to getting infected and having severe symptoms. they are driving the pandemic. the other issue is that european countries are being reactive rather than proactive. there has been largely a focus on vaccination and less of a focus on other control measures like face masks and i think that is important. >> the death tolls are not what they were earlier in the outbreak but people are still dying and europe is the center of the world's covid-19 pandemic. >> more to come on al jazeera
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including another day with no verdict in the trial of u.s. teenager kyle rittenhouse, accused of killing lives matter protesters. and how this afghan village is protecting itself from the records of war. more on that, stay with us. ♪ >> look forward to brighter skies. the weather, sponsored by qatar airways. >> weather for, the korean peninsula and japan, cloudy skies over japan for the next day or so but with high-pressure in charge, china is largely settled. there will be a change as we make our way through friday. more showers coming into the southwestern corner of the country and they will become more expensive and widespread as we go on saturday.
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not particularly heavy but a great day for a good part of the country. north korea seeing one or two showers but largely dry. south korea fine with 20 of sunshine. as is the case across japan. sunshine and showers across southeast asia. the liveliest shower -- showers in southern vietnam. more heavy showers coming through, a splattering around malaysia, some in the south on the haiti side. this developing system brings more heavy downpours and stews disturbed toward the northwest. more heavy showers appear and into the northern lanes. >> the weather sponsored by qatar airways. x --t is a dirty job.
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but some buddy has got to do it. >> it goes there or here. >> promoted clean, safe sanitation for all, but with a third of the world lacking basic facilities, and the unique style help clean up the mess? >> pop-culture is the fastest thing to solve any patient problem. >> a witness documentary on al jazeera. ♪ >♪ >> welcome back. the top stories this hour, hundreds of iraqis who gave up trying to enter european union have arrived home. there flight first stopped here. the migrants and refugees have
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been stranded at the belarus and poland border in cold wet conditions. u.s. president biden holding his first in person meeting with the leaders of canada and mexico at the white house. it is the first gathering of the three north american nations in five years. they are discussing everything from the pandemic to climate change. several governments in europe are cracking down on people who have not been vaccinated against covid-19. the virus is spreading again in a number of countries including germany where deaths are also on the rise. one of the three men on trial for the shooting of an unarmed black man in the u.s. state of georgia has told a court he saw him as a threat. travis michael is charged with -- mcmichael is charged with killing ahmaud arbery. >> he was coming straight through me. i was thinking he was going to try and get in the truck, attack
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me or my dad. he was acting funny. >> on the third day of the trial of kyle rittenhouse has ended without a verdict. after 23 hours of the liberation, the jurors will return friday with a verdict. he is a charge of killing two and injuring another during racial injustice rallies in wisconsin must year. he says he acted in self-defense. his lawyers asked for a mistrial. outside the court in kenosha where there have been tens scenes. -- tense scenes. >> anticipation outside the circuit court after three days of deliberations in this case. more and more people gather on the steps of the courthouse each day and it has gotten more tense. there been clashes between protesters and counter protesters, some arrests and police have begun to turn away protesters who come armed, not because we are in front of the courthouse but because wisconsin
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has a long that says you cannot carry a weapon within 300 meters of the school and there is a school nearby. inside the courthouse, kyle rittenhouse and his lawyers show up every day anticipating his fate. he faces a range of charges from reckless endangerment up to first degree homicide which comes with a potential life sentence. the lowest charge has a maximum sentence of 12.5 years so at 18, if you were to serve the entire sentence when he got out of prison, he would be 30 years old. >> two men convicted of the 19 65 assassination of malcolm x have been exonerated. they both served around 20 years jail. one died in 2009. an investigation by the manhattan attorney's office and the two men's lawyers concluded that decisive evidence was withheld at the time. a third man was also convicted of the murder and said that the
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other two were not involved. >> protesters in sudan have clashed with security forces a day after 15 people were killed by gunfire. tear gas was fired at demonstrators. there was a refusal to -- over the takeover. the prime minister is still in custody two days after the military said he would be released along with other prisoners. more now. >> a day after the mass protests in which at least 15 protesters were killed, more people took to the streets, started barricading some of the main roads around the capital and some of the residential neighborhoods and they say that is in response to the amount of excessive force shown by the security forces. the police made their first press briefing since the takeover on thursday. they said they did not use any live and -- ammunition against protesters and they used minimal
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force to stop them and only teargas and not fire weapons and protesters. they say protesters attacked police properties and they had to defend themselves. at least 80 police officers have been injured in the protests on the 13th and the 17th. but protesters say that is not true. they say they have video evidence of wide ammunition being fired at protesters, of people in hospitals as a result of those injuries and they say they have been peaceful and not used any kind of violence against public properties or police officers. two opposite statements coming out and the protests have been ongoing late into thursday night with many protesters still barricading men roads. it determined to show the military they are not going to give up in their demands for the military to head over power to civilian rule. >> ugandan police have killed five people connected to tuesday's suicide bombings in the capital. four men were killed in a
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shootout in a town near the democratic republic of congo's border. at this man was killed in what is being described as a violent confrontation with security forces who raided his home outside campolo. a second cleric is the subject of a manhunt, at least three people died and 33 others injured in the attack. a palestinian rights organization has called for a rapid and impartial investigation after a prisoner died in hospital while in israeli custody. he had spent 13 years in prison. the palestinian center for human rights is concerned he did not receive adequate and timely medical care. a report from gaza. >> pictures of him heading at his home in gaza and at his funeral. they were supposed to welcome his return after he was released from an israeli prison. he had been detained since 2008 and sentenced to 19 years on weapons smuggling charges.
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he died in hospital thursday. in israeli custody. members of his family say they have been in shock since being told of his death. >> it is the occupation to blame. they elected him. they detained him and he was partly fine. he did not suffer anything. i have not seen him for long years. they always denied our visit. i just want them to send his body back to gaza. we want to see him. >> he suffered from congenital heart problems. his family and supporters say that was worsened by living in prison. they accused israeli authorities of deliberately collecting his health. >> as a result of medical negligence that the occupational authorities practice on the prisoner where he was left for over 14 hours in the crossing will be in transplant -- transported from the prison to
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the hospital shows the deliberate and intentional neglect by the israeli authorities. >> his family say israeli authorities prevented most and his mother only saw him in prison a few times over his 14 years there. in a statement to al jazeera, israel's prison authority said all prisoners receive treatment according to their needs. it is said his death will be looked into fore-checked. >> almost 5000 palestinian prisoners are in israeli prisons. the ministry of palestinian prisoners says more than 500 of these prisoners suffer medical conditions and some are cancer patients, while 227 of them have died in israeli prisons since 1967. >>'s relatives say all they want is to receive his body, israeli officials have refused to release it until the end of their remaining four years of
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his sentence. al jazeera, gaza. >> croatia commemorating the 30th anniversary of the worst massacre, the four-year war, thousands of people walked through this place captured by fighters in 1991. hundreds of croatian fighters were killed and tens of thousands of non-serbian citizens forced out. colombia's constitutional court will decide whether to fully criminalize abortion. currently it is only allowed on three grounds, if a mother is in danger, fetal deformity or reporting says. otherwise it is punishable by time in prison. >> colombia's constitutional court is set to decide whether to eliminate abortion as a crime in columbia, an issue that is
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deeply dividing this very catholic country people --. people in favor and against have been phasing off in front of the court. >> abortion was legalized in columbia and a 2006 court ruling that allows it only in the case of rape. fetal deferment a and if the health of the woman is at risk. but pro-choice advocates say even in those cases, it is exceedingly hard to access care, especially for rural and poor women. a coalition of pro-choice sued last year, arguing a kind that only criminalizes women is unconstitutional. >> it is unjust and is committed tory and making the most vulnerable women in the country that was criminalized for this offense --discriminatory and is making the most honorable men in the country criminalized. >> the womb is safe, it is where we should all feel the most
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protected. >> 90% leave they should be able to access this and at least 400 women have been convicted or sanctioned since 2006. the court has until friday to make a decision and if they decide to decriminalize, columbia could be joining a state of other pro-choice decisions in the region that showed that attitudes might be changing across much of latin america. >> rival groups of protesters facebook in bolivia's capital wednesday after the repeal of a controversial money laundering law. supporters of the president clashed with demonstrators who accuse him of trying to quash dissent. the law gave authorities power to investigate any citizen's assets without a court order. the president back down after a nine-day national strike. for decades, afghanistan's province was on the frontline of the country's conflict. now groups are trying to clear
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bombs and landmines left from the war to prevent people being killed or injured. neil harding reports. >> instead of learning math and science, these children are being taught how to identify mortars, grenades and signs of landmines. mistaking them for toys could cost them their lives. >> we went looking for water, then an old man shouted at us that there is a big snake nearby and he tried to cover it with grass. it was actually a rocket so we left the area fearing there might be more bombs. >> nonprofit groups like the halo trust are working to prevent casualties. one way is to paint rocks. the whiteside means the path has been cleared, read pointing to areas with potential mines buried underneath. >> yes i'm afraid, but i know when i see white stones we can play there, and when it is read we can't. quantity nine, more than 40,000 people in afghanistan have been
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killed or injured by landmines, and unexploded ordnance according to the u.n.. a few months ago, his wife lost both of her legs in an explosion outside their home. >>'s incident was very painful. i saw it happen with my own eyes. i saw my children screaming and crying. the scene was very painful for me. i feel alone and the stress is too much. >> now others like him are employed by groups to help locate mines before they explode. >> we also give jobs to people who would otherwise be in the fight. we give jobs to young men who are forced through desperation to join the insurgency or the army. we can give peace. we take the rifle off of them and we give them a mine detector. >> over the past three months, about 100 explosive devices have been diffuse in the region,
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including 25 in this village. >> we were there with the russians, who were there for the civil war, where there with the first taliban regime and with maddow -- nato. and we will stay. >> thousands of more landmines are believed to lie undetected, a legacy of war that continues to maim and kill. >> 35 members of afghanistan's women's youth football team have arrived in the united kingdom after fleeing in the wake of the taliban takeover. the plane carrying them and their families among 130 people in all, let it at the airport. it was paid for by kim kardashian west. members of the team had been staying in pakistan. women have not been able to take part in any sports since the taliban seized power. a trial of aid workers involved in refugee search and rescue operations in greece has been adjourned soon after it opened. the group of 24 people including
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foreign nationals raise up to eight years in prison on smuggling related charges. rights groups describe the allegations as farcical and literally motivated. they say the charges should be dropped. officials declared the court not competent to climb
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