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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  November 25, 2021 9:00am-9:31am PST

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- [me] i was good swier boy. was swimng in th oceabefore ias five. we just took breath and oked dow e water s glass ear. the spir of lighcame wn lika cathedl. itas like other wod. ani never rgot it so was hook. i tellou i wasooked.
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(insring mus) - [male]hat was ch a magic me for mas a kid mean i c't even rely descre it. - [femal i just member thking it s so coo how wehtless ias. [male] i forces e much bier thaus. - [lne] at se point, yofeel likyou beco part of it,ot apartrom it. [male] is like aherapy fome when have proems. - ale] forach of u 's our o privatehurch, our n prive temp.
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(insring mus) - if i dn't goiving, we didn'have foo i me really at's theruth. so it s ke pay a babysier or ta her witme. - fiing and ving hav be like thmain actities thaty dad ani would gether sce i wasittle. and evenhen it became sething where ke our fily didn't dend on i
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put fooon the tle, itas just ways our vorite w spendintime togher. - ah, hardo are wh you're der wate aughing) wellwhen sheas littl you knowshe coulonly go downaybe sixr seven et, ani could ve lik50 feet. and so s wanted do erything could d as i thi most ki do and i just kt pressi into her, is just aut relaxg. - always smerizede how my dadould jusdive dee and ju go get ese fishnd ld his bath for long. and so iould alws just actice hding my eath. i'd watch m go dow ani would st see if i could ld my breath on t surface the were dinitely mes where would fe scared or iould reaze how de i was and alize hosmall i felt and i uld get eaked ou
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buthe minu i saw mdad, like justhe minu i ju saw hisilhouett in the dtance, i justnew i wasafe. i used tdive dow and i'd at the bottomnd wave her. anthen when she goin her 2, went ding togethernd she's weoth swamown abou20 fee d then s waved gdbye answam dn anothe50 or 60 i couldn do it anymore. (etheal musi [kimi] iwas just anncrediblworld to be introduc to. it was aorld wheri could y. just bei able toatch all e fishown belome and for ce i washe rd in th world. thereal sic)
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kimi is st kno foher speafishing. d what lot of pele don'tealize is it kes an aual incredle amounof knowlge and thers a lot fferent riables. ere's th physiolical sid just tryg to get your by under contro anactuallylmost rere your by in a l of ways anta things at are supped to be inluntary flexes and beg able to corol them likeetting yr heart te low and acally chaing the y th your bo distribes oxygennd blood then, u have thave the co2 lerance. - as iake a dr and i ve to ki of breakhrough th first brier of aosphere, but i geto thipoint wherthat buoncy chans d it beces negavely buont. and oncehat haens, just sta to nk.
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anthat was feelinghat, en i fst start doing the deeperrops, kind ofcared me becae you fe like you'reetting pled, pulledomewherehat you mighnot be rdy to goet. but the re that i woul just surnder to , it just els like, it's almt like y're ing pull home. thereal sic) - and en when u hit e bottom that'shen you art lookg at thehess boa, you' lookingor cover, u're seeg what other small fish that ually hanaround somethinthat youike, you see fish ofin the distce you want toarget. - she s a way acting ke m just ather fisdown her dot worry out me until e bringser spe gun ouand nailit. st ous are oious humans o there.
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mi's not - [kim there always xed emotns thacome witit. there'a part ome that feels e victorof the cch, thvictory securi this fo and thers anothepart of that wilalwa feel coassion ana bit oforrow fomy prey. - think th when she gured ou e could out and ed herse, that was life changingoment foher. she was always aook. from liksix year old,he wanteto cook. and to gout anget thfish sheants to t and thenook 'em, it jt openedp a ole new rld for r. - imi] to , there'no better w to honomy catch then tshare itith others. i me, i can e it in ople. itakes eve single te mean thamuch morto them en i tl themow deep i h to dive or wt the ocn lookedike,
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how manfish the were swimng throu a cave or t shark tt almostook it, whatev the casis, i know tt when i share th story it becom an expeence, it bomes sething worthonoring - i mean've never rely been likafraid osharks, bui wouldn, when i wld s one, i wouljust actike, you' over the and i'over her and i'doing mywn tng, but i'd ll my fi in they codn't getem. and thenf they'dome at m i woulpu 'em ay, ere kimias soon ashe sees e she' swim rit towardit. i ver t to that point, y know? - imi] whei first stard spear shing ony own asn adult, i wod get prty terrifieif i saw shark i thinslowly i ju startedo get more comrtable wh them. and th one day just rememberomethinghanged ime
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where i s pullin a nice sh that i w gonna bring me for dner and thisig shark came uto take and just swafaster towardmy catch pull it in fter, closero me, everhing thawas brinng is sharkuch clos to me, but i t my han on it and just puld it in wards me and sw at that shark ju to te it like, t today ddy, likeo get yo own nner, th one's me. and the nute i d that, th shark tk off. and at just ught me lot. it tght me tt the ener that i t out the, e confidce and t coage that show in holdi my grou, it'sonna comnicate to theharks what kd of anil i am. (gene music)
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- she'miles ahd of wre i ever damed of ing. i mean y hear pele say, "oh,ou taugh her hoto dive. i coul't teacher hoto do wh she doe that's jt nuts. all i ke credifor is i goter coortable the wat anthat's rlly it. - [kim when yore under water,here's nstreetigns there'no way tling you ich way turn or wch way tgo.
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buin theame reect, thsigns are erywhere everytng allf a dden jusgoes qet. and w that is quiet, i openy eyesnd all iear is my das voice ying, "jusrelax an rember howo swim." (etherl musi - [matah i love . don't kn how to scribe i it's reay scary,ut soood at t same me anthat's w i do it peaking foreignanguage)
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- yohave tbe in thocean. whater you d it has to be ean-related. soooner orater, it surfing (gene music) (speakg in forgn langue)
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- wavefrom undwater, it's totly diffent. looks rlly nice, ke frieny. you thk it's n really pered, but ce you g in it, you ju bring y straightnder it. you know coming om hawaii, ve surfepipeline ve servesome heavwaves he, but the fferencen hiti andhe wave isow mucmore perct it is than a other we i've eveseen. ththing wajust sueal lookg anit lood liket would ki you if u fell. - [matah my grandfher anmy dad alys told to be humb in the ter. fit, y have tohow reect nature d the ocn. when i go surf, i ways maksure i'm 100%ith goodealth, escially wn there'big wave
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- i meant's a rar sharp ef. if youall, youe nna get t to shi - like surng, yeah mostly t fun par like s feet, is fun. the's some daer, buminimal. it a diffent thing when y see youkids on much gger wes. i feel le someti like i' nodoing myob as a rent. (gentlmusic) surfing g waves re like iting thbig swel metimehey co, sometimethey don anthe stss is always the, you go cck the wes and y kn it's goa get bier. and ere's alys th thing iyour min
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telling u you'reonna have tgo for t big one i n't knowhat's how i thk every me, every me befori sleep. if you kw it'sonna big theight befe, u're notleeping ch, unlessou're od at slping. iteels likthe whe ocn is sucng up and e sea lel's channg. (gentle sic) wh it's onthere's nothg like i and he's thi cal ki matah surfing is wave tter ors good aanybody elsen the wod.
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two yearago, wn i was , trieto tell do not rf. didn't sten and weent surfg and at was t st day omy lif entle muc) - so bignd so maive and so fd up, st kind blew everyo's minds to this te, that in my md gottbe the bgest wav anne's everidden o there. - i dn't reaze how b it was le at theoment. i madehe drop. for a ment, i ought i was goa die, but at's whe you feelo alive.
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feel rief, el uncomrtable. somemes you fe like yore st melti in youroat watchinghem. (laughing) (gentlmusic) - i ally thi li if you y to go least o time a dato the oan, it mes youour lifeetter. every ti i come ck d after good seson, a basession en, i ways feebetter (gene music) - [lyn] i play piano foawhile and 's like u arn chorstructur d you len moving your fgers up d down
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anyou learall th stuff, anthen the's a momt ere you tually g to play and the imming ilike plang and u don't ow what the muc's gonnbe until u're outhere. - she presen doing tngs at theimitf human hievemen people s, "well,hy would yoswim in tarctica - she'been stued in e past d has be shown thave a rerkable aptatio - [lynne] e scientts ha figuredut at i'm ae to close e blood ow tohe peripral area my bodyeally qukly and ta that bld and put it io myore. - were ab to confm thathe can mntain stable by temperure with heread out the wat anin wateremperatus as lows 44 fahnheit. 've got e otheperson th we knowan do th.
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- i sw the engsh channel en i was5 and 16ears olfrom ela to ance and i bre the mes and women's rld reco each time. i s the fit persono swim acro the strts of mallan at the t of sout erica, cle. i wathe firsperson tswim around t capof good hope from t atlantiaround to the iian ocea let's se fit woman swim fromhe northsland to theouth isld acrossook stras, new zeald. (insping strg musi myolks srted us imming whene were syoung anit was sething wdid beforee could en walk. coach mbrel ticed right aw that athe end the wkout en everye else w tired, was justicking umy pace. i hed about group ofids
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thatere goa swimcross the talina cnnel. i thoug maybe ii can swimatalina th them, th i can mbe do the glish channel. there we times toughout the im wheret hurt smuch ani wonder if i'd ke it, but aftei succeed that sw, i just kw that i want to do imore. it w where erything gan. (insring strg music) - inpen wateswimming cause yodon't ha a wall thatou have push f of, u don't ve to woy, you'reven more dionnectedrom the rld and even more inteal. - well ie alwaysoved st to gon the ocn because think th the quiet being ithe wate st you a settlin inour own ink tank and u can let in wtever noisyou wa or not. i thk that o of the olest parts ofeing in e ocean is bei able swim through changingea,
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a ace whe u can fe all the ergy surunding y. it's a pce where the are noimits it makeyou thk big. a califoia woman has manad to cro the gap betweethe unit state and the viet uni quitliterall lye cox, aenduranc swimr from cifornia, todabecame t first pso ever to im acros e beringtrait from aska to t soviet ion. the watetemperate s 39 deges. (inspiri string sic) peakinin feign lanage) nspiringtring muc) (speing in feign languag
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udience plauding and 's butiful and 's hard d you wa to stop anyou haveeople on brd the bt at urge u on and ep you gng because may change e way thunited states a soviet ion deal wh each oer and mae we'll able to seeach oth as neigors d not asnemies. nspiringtring muc) noatter whe i go ithe worl gog into t water, feelike i'at home. i coulbe anywhe ytime ofay or nit, 's like m home. (ipiring sing musi - [ray] m imaging m bringi someone li almost o's blinto the oan. it so poweul when i'm the wat.
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you justo wherit kind , it puss you too. harness all the por of thecean d from dp water most bondry in aecond, so is like a derwaterountain. 's insan yeah. id say is like eighteet. thatne lookseally bi yeaho it's gna be on and it a risinswell, so it's nna be ctainly intesting toay the lst. photraphy ki of fell my lap. anthat w through a rkplace cident.
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employment oions are etty limed and inhis areamining is a hugemployer ofveryone ally. it's notike you' trapped t it's jt the we-worn patho peopleollow it you're a miner f life. yore havinrockfalls, u're having gaouts, explions, crh injuri. i ju heard thi like sickeng crunc and it w my knee ani couldn walk and couldn'trive d then i reazed that'm gonna geinto a he here. so i bght a cara, you knowkind of stted workg out thway thatou can manilate themage to h you wt it to be. it felso natur. and by t time i'been doi th for sayight wee, myhysio remmende th ita swimmin so i had camera, i s alloweto go inhe ocean and i bought aater houng. it was kd of a czy purase beuse it'sike veral thsand dolrs and u're kinof trng to ma ends me
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'cau you're jured an you can'really dmuch. and it w single-ndedly the bestecision i'veade in mlife. (dramac stringusic) the joury of phography r me staed as a su photogrher. - wh reallsets him apart om me is thahe went d shot t sa places the samtime. the's loadof diffent other otographs, evenyself cluded
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d we'd ce away wh sothing dierent. as a phographer, yonotice tt when someons got th eye and theyee sometng at you dn't see. - whever youut a surr frame ia surfing pictur u have aiteral ptrayal of wt's happing ther take theurfer ou d you'reonna los threferencpoint. ratherhan havi a faual reprentation u kindf have a fictiol one. you me to it you ing thin to it. and that'shat i findn ray's rk. heeaves a t ofpace tre for peop to brin thingso his work the sh is the st thing in chain of evts. itomes fm lookinat weatr maps, nd, tide where the n isonna line up. somemes i'lllan a singlehot for x weeks. (gene music)
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i quit cl mining ne monthago. threason iind of he onto itor so lo, because offeredike financiasafety n d it was big, scy thing to turn back on a ekly pcheck. i rang mboss a i thankehim for ving me ani told h that i'not gonna back tohe mine, i'm nogonna gemy tools i'm not nna gemy helme i'm not gonna get anhing, i'gonna lee that whollife the and i'never gog back. and i'gonna shoot phot of the ean. nspiringusic)
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(darstring mic)
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- u know ieeded an escapehen i waa kid. it ge me thiamazing ace to eerience fe. i was rais by my m. and mom alws taughte to rlly, reay share y jothat youave in yr life. i maket a poin it's kd of likmy duty do what'm doingow. - he iexceptiolly smart ov and beyd,
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t he's sll 11 yes old. you see woman like gndma shiey, you knowhe took anthony ene was x monthsld. anyou thinabout at the rsons wer foher to dthat. th hits meike an arroin the hrt. i real don't knowhat happed, but i ink my gndma kno. doou know? - him anthe moth got intit and ey were parated d she watrying tget him anhe wasn'letting m go. and shapproaed m in aaltercion. and en aftert was ov with, shcalled t police him d they tk him. anwhile was the, had an thma attk and theyidn't see abo him and at's whe he pass


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