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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 30, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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>> world news and analysis from france 24. i am marco and, these are the headlines. josephine baker interred at the pantheon in paris, honored among the great and good of friends, the first lack woman to receive such an honor. omicron cases in the netherlands predate those in south africa and botswana. more cases are reported around the world, the world health organization says travel bans will not stop the virus crossing borders. eric zemmour declares he is
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running for president, a tv pundit with a criminal record for far right views, he could split the far right vote in france come april. this is live in paris. ♪ mark: thank you very much for being with us. the remains of josephine baker have been reinterred at the place of national honor to the great and good of france. the president pay tribute at the pantheon tuesday. in the words of the president, you were warned an american but deep down there is no one more french than you. reaction, analysis and appreciation of josephine baker will be throughout the program let's start with words on the french president the woman
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recognized as a national treasure. >> war hero, fighter, dancer, a singer. a black woman defending black people, but first and foremost, a woman defending the human race, american and french. josephine baker played in-- she scratched away. she turned them into a form of divine burlesque. it was a period of the enlightenment to ridicule the french and it was a success. mark: the words of ming omicron speaking about josephine baker, an american, french by adoption, she worked during world war ii
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compound -- gathering intelligence. she lived led to the full. olivia with this. ♪ >> she had two legs, two countries and one incredible life. her story is at the center of the play josephine b, which shows how a girl from a poor family in missouri came an international star and a brave, independent woman. >> josephine baker embodied freedom. she was provocative, beautiful and funny. >> she was also a woman of convictions. by 1940, the star had conquered wrench audiences, but she wanted to help liberate them too. >> she was an important part of the french resistance. she said she put microfilms in
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my sheet music in my bra, my dressing room was open to those collecting intelligence. [speaking foreign language] >> she was decorated for efforts and took those metals to washington where she joined another struggle, marching for civil rights in the footsteps of martin luther king. at the same time, her fight against racism in tenured and france and her home. surrounded by family two of children adopted from countries around the world. [speaking foreign language] >> 50 years later, remembering an unconventional and loving childhood. he is the seventh of her 12 children who she called her rainbow tribe. >> we were a multiethnic,
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multicultural family. we were all brought up together in the same way, to show the whole world that when you raise young children together, a truly universal sense of fraternity is possible. it is not a utopian dream. >> committed to her own utopia and to freeing france, her achievements are now carved in stone in the pantheon. mark: we will have more on her drug program. next, the dutch health authorities say the omicron variant was present in the netherlands earlier than thought. before south africa and botswana reported the new strain, the variant was found in two test samples from number 19th and 23rd, one with no travel history, suggesting the variant is already circulating in the netherlands. >> as--health officials -- dutch
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health officials rushed to quarantine officials arriving on friday, the omicron variant was already circulating in the netherlands. the national institute for public health confirmed it found omicron in test samples taken on the weber 19th and the 23rd. that is even before south africa first chair of the variant with the world. officials don't know whether those who took the test had visited southern africa. while the origins of the variant remain unknown, it has not stopped dozens of countries from rushing to impose a new wave of travel restrictions, mostly on those coming from southern africa. spain is the latest to join the list. >> today we have an agreement related to the sections on flights from southern africa. -- restrictions on flights from africa. >> 10 european countries have confirmed ready to cases of the
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omicron variant, including on a french island. as mass committed its return and vaccination campaigns are stepped up, -- as masks return and vaccination campaigns are stepped up, researchers are working to learn more. >> iis more of a frankenstein that others but there is always of the new. the virus keeps surprising us. >> scientists are keen to discover how effective the current vaccines are against the omicron variant. mark: we have the 19th and 23rd reported as in the netherlands, how that got there, no trace of devious trouble is the big question. the first reported case is the 11th of november and botswana. after that, south africa made it public. the question is how did this get to these levels without leaving
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the countries, is it developing in countries other than what we think it was found. many questions, we will have the answers here. next, eric zemmour has declared he is a president candidate in france. he is been criticized for his far right views. he was given airtime on rinses biggest to be straight -- to be station. his position on many issues overlap with other far right candidates. >>'s attention to run for president had been apparent for weeks, but that did not stop him from seeking to create suspense counting down to his announcement. [speaking foreign language] >> in front of a microphone and a printed speech, he took inspiration from charles de
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gaulle's call to join the resistance but the video was peppered with anti-migrant rhetoric and warnings that the friends of joan of arc and louis the 14th was disappearing. the party says his announcement was a nonevent. >> [speaking foreign language] >> the 63-year-olds former entry into the best formal -- formal entry came as no surprise. [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> a former to the commentator, he has twice been convicted for hate speech and warnings in his books about what he calls the colonization of france by muslims. after a rapid rise in opinion polls over the past few weeks, his popularity appears to have
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fizzled recently. this weekend he was booed across marseille and gave the middle finger to a passerby after she did the same. the hopeful now has to round up funding and gather signatures from elected officials necessary to put him on the ballot. he is going to hold his first official campaign meeting sunday. mark: we have the following statement regarding eric zemmour . the france 24 logo was used in one of his campaign materials and we do not approve his use of the logo by a political candidate because we are independent. he requested the removal of our logo from his publicity. if it is not done, we will look at taking legal action against the campaign. the final results of iraq's
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elections have been revealed. there -- a coalition must be formed in baghdad. protesters against military rule in sudan have been tear gassed by troops at devastation. one was release from house arrest arrest a week ago. people will only be happy when the military is out of political life. [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language]
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mark: a former islamic state fighter has been jail for life in crimes against community. this the first conviction of its kind. the 29-year-old committed atrocities against many, including a five-year-old girl, tying her to a window frame, leaving her to die in scorching sun in iraq. other atrocities were carried out in syria under the so-called -- of the islamic state. the verdict in the trial of aung san suu kyi has been allowed another witness.
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myanmar, formerly burma, has been under military rule. it was overthrown in a coup after her party won the election. barbados is celebrating coming a republic -- becoming a republic. the former governor general has been declared as the first president. she declared barbados has set sail on her maiden voyage. they will no longer use the british queen as a figurehead. prce charles was there to endorse the handover and rihanna was honored as a national hero is part of the ceremony. as the clock struck midnight, or bidders shared -- shed its ties with the british monarchy was 400 years after english ships first sailed ashore. >> i do sar that i will well
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and truly serve barbados in the office of president, so help me god. >> she made a call to arms, reminding everyone that their country's future lay in their hands. >> we are are billions -- barb adians. we the people must give barbados its spirit and substance. we the people are barbados >> among the guests, rihanna declared a national hero and more controversial, the british air to the throne. prince charles's presence has stirred emotion with many criticizing the decision to invite a member of the royal family. but he insisted on the friendship with beto's and acknowledged colonial legacy. >> fromhe darkest days of our past and the appalling atrocity of slavery, which forever stains our history, the people of this
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island forged their path extraordinary fortitude. >> barbados was essential part of the transatlantic slave trade for over a century. today's population is overwhelmingly of african descent. barbados hopes to distance itself from its colonial past but the future holds big challenges for the new republic. inflation has driven up prices and covid-19 has wrecked the tourism industry, which is just beginning to recover. mark: congratulations to the republic of barbados. time to turn to business. which means kate moody joins us. inflation hits its highest level on record. >> >> prices are rising sharply around the world. in the u.k., inflation in october hit a 10 year high of 4.2%. in the u.s. it was 6.2% last month. new estimates from the eu
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statistics agency suggests 19 member states of europe saw 4.9% inflation. 6% in germany, 3.4% in france among higher than the governments own estimates of 2.8%, and around 4% in italy. the price of food, goods and services all rose while energy prices soared 27% this month. if inflation outpaces wage growth, -- higher interest rates help stabilize inflation by encouraging consumers to save rather than spend. they have a target of 2%. the head of the u.s. federal reserve has backed off his description of the price surge is transitory. he told u.s. lawmakers he expects inflation to settle next year and that the central ba would likely discuss speeding up its drawl of emergency support at the next meeting in december.
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but he acknowledged that inflation was far beyond the 2% target. >> do think threat of persistently higher inflation has grown. my baseline expectation is still as i mentioned, and most forecasts are so but it will move back down over the course of next year closer to our target. we will use our tools to make sure that higher inflation does not become entrenched. >> i spoke to someone about what he expects from central banks. >> jerome powell removed the term transitory. he says we should no longer be calling it transitory. but one of the difficulty is central banks have had at this point is that a lot of the inflationary pressures we are seeing our the result of supply chains. that is not the type of inflation that central banks have the tools to fight. frankly, the fed raising rates
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does not help get it shipped from china to the u.s. quicker and that is the issue we are seeing. one could argue that higher energy prices, higher food prices might hurt households further down the line and lead to growth slowing. so it is a complex situation for central banks to deal with. in the u.s. in particular, there is the publication of labor market distortions. large government handouts early in the year have short up the help of -- health of balance sheets. we've not seen the same return to the workforce we would have expected. there are a lot of question marks, a lot of uncertainty, and the markets are likely to remain volatile. >> testimony from powell and concerns about the omicron variant have added a layer of concern. losses across the board on wall street, the s&p 500 closer to 2%. dow jones shutting over 650
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points. the tax down over one percentage point, .and .8% in london and paris. in india, is a hugely important part of the energy industry. mines in the northeast highlight challenges the country faces as it seeks to reduce pollution and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2070. >> there are more than a dozen mines and coal-fired power stations in northern india. such an sludge line the roads as trains and roadway cars carry mounds of coal. residents have little choice but to breathe in the air. >> even the cows look like buffaloes here. we have to talk about how we are going to stop this. we are closing down -- but
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closing the coal mines is not the solution. the way to solve this problem is to use new technologies to cut down on pollution. >> as asia's third-biggest economy grows, its hunger for coal is mounting. consumption has doubled over the last decade/ . it powers 70of the electricity grid and under pressure, new delhi said it will be carbon neutral by 2070, though it is a decade after china and 20 years after the other big leaders. >> india said that rich countries have to provide trillions of dollars to help developing countries make a transition. not responsible for thelimateare crisis we face today. it is the emissions from the rich world that have caused the crisis. >> the state run mining fold -- field that runs the coal in the
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country says they are trying to make it less polluting. but they are saying these measures are no -- have no real purpose. the fear is there will be no future without coal. >> is all for now. mark: thank you, kate moody with all of the business. was due some true thing -- thruh and faking. we are looking at the rights and wrongs of what is going on mali. >> misinformation is circulating in relation to the frisian -- french decision to partially withdraw its military presence. russia did bow they would give military support to help the region with terrorism concerns. this sparked outrage in paris and allegations were denied by both sides even though there are different reports on this. the team has found two incidents we will discuss on misleading posts on social media showed the russian military presence in
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mali is stronger than it is. this post from november 10, the photo allegedly showing soldiers being trained by russian -- a russian instructor. there are many aspects of the photo that seem incredible, one of the soldiers has this insignia from the malian armed forces in his shoulder. so many believe it's credible, there are clues that cast a shadow of doubt over these claims. the red flag number one, we found the original photo was posted on facebook of this user. this account is sketchy regarding context since you can see it mostly posts in support of the molly and russian alliance and announces french and western -- denounces french and western influence in mali. you can see that with this picture of michael esch emmanuel macron -- emmanuel macron.
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a number of users have claimed the photo was taken in the central african republic. this user specifies it was in the former palace of an emperor, where russians have been training. but there is this report from al jazeera from 2019 titled russia and africa, inside a military training center and the report this was in marengo. there are striking similarities between the video and the photos were posted as well. so finally, his post was picked up by various anti-french and pro-russian accounts. it is even been picked up by this russian media outlet suggesting there is an element of coronation nation between both countries, but our conclusion is it is an altered photo in a report need effort to make this photo circulate
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online. i can't say -- mark: another example of this information, a photo of an aircraft delivering military equipment in mali. >> this example from november 20, there is a photo of a plate on facebook claiming to show a delivery of russian military equipment in mali, it has gotten 4000 likes and it looks like a plane unloading but it is actually a delivery that took place in 2004 bronte. -- in another area. it belongs to a company that stopped business in 2014 according to this publication. the original publication of this photo was found in the u.n. website on their archived photos detailing that this is the
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arrival of a russian helicopter arriving for men terrien leave operations in around a -- manirian relief operations in around the -- in another area. this is covering be u.n. trolley in the picture. even though russia did help molly with military support, there is lots of details that are unknown and many claims online that are not confirmed. mark: these stories are like onions, there are many lawyers and we usually end up crying. thank you for telling us the truth from the fake. kate for the business, rick to see you and things are watching. more to come live from paris. ♪ >> they are known for their cuisine and saying hello with a kiss.
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they work 35 hours per week when they are not on strike. how true are these cliches about france? every week we tear apart stereotypes. join us for insight into french culture and current events to understand makes the french unique. >> french connections, prese nted by florence on france 24 and >> we are journalists and normally you listen to us but you have things tell us the maybe you experienced an event or have some thing to say. the first up is easy, you get in touch with our team. send us images, tell us what you have seen and it is our job to get your voice out there on social networks, mobiles and tablets, and on tv. you can appear via webcam or we will come to your country.
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we work together report for our show, it is your way to get your voice to the world. >> liberte, egalite, actualite. ♪
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